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BELASTING EN UITTREE-ANNUïTEITE INVESTMENTS – NEW ON THE MARKET!! / NUUT OP DIE MARK!! Sanlam announced the launch of SANLAM CULUMBUS INVESTMENTS, a once-off payment investment solution that gives investors the opportunity to share in the prosperity of a rising market, but with optional protection should the markets fall. Dit word bereik deur in een of meer van die beskikbare Escalating Fondse te belê. Hoe werk die Escalating Fondse? Vir ‘n aantal beleggingsfondse is daar ‘n ooreenstemmende Escalating Fonds met ‘n ingeboude waarborg beskikbaar. Baie belangrik – hierdie waarborg word deur Sanlam Kapitaalmarkte Beperk voorsien. Die waarborg sal verseker dat die eenheidsprys van ‘n Escalating Fonds nie laer as 80% van die hoogste eenheidsprys wat dit ooit bereik het, val nie, ten spyte van wat met die onderliggende beleggings gebeur. Dit verseker dat die belegging ten alle tye ‘n mate van beskerming teen ongunstige marktoestande bied. Vir meer inligting rondom die produk en ‘n allokasie van 105% of meer van u aanvanklike belegging – kontak ons direk by 044 695 1670 0f 0824536827. The new Companies Act, No. 71 of 2008 – reckless trading and the personal liability of directors By Eric Levenstein, Director of Werksmans Attorneys The personal liability of South African directors is an emotive and important issue. The topic has gained momentum with the coming into effect of the new Companies Act, and general concerns about incurring personal liability.

Directors need to be aware of the circumstances in which they can be held personally liable for the debts of a company should it be placed into liquidation. It is incumbent upon directors to ensure that when the warning signs become evident, they immediately take legal and financial advice and, if necessary, place their companies either into business rescue or liquidation or to cease trading. The question to be considered is whether or not insolvency is in fact a real possibility and whether the telltale signs of trading in insolvent circumstances are evident to directors. It is at this stage that directors are obligated to place their companies into business rescue or liquidation. Income protection: Vitally important for younger lives Government and industry statistics point to a very real need in the market for an income protection benefit specifically designed for younger people. The frightening accident statistics from the Road Accident Fund ’s (RAF) 2010 Annual Report reveals just how crucial income protection cover is in South Africa. Sobering statistics: approximately 275 360.


num, irrespective of the actual loss.

three years. There are currently 209 186 outstanding claims. (Source: RAF Annual Report 2010) This means that if one you were injured or become disabled in a car accident, you have to wait approximately three years to receive any sort of financial compensation from the RAF, and this compensation would be capped at R160 000 per year regardless of your actual income. Young people at higher risk But the statistics also point to a more concerning issue: younger people are at a greater risk of falling victim to an accident. Arrive Alive data reveals that younger drivers are four times more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. The RAF data shows that the highest percentage (40.85%) of road user fatalities occur among drivers between the ages 20-35. FMI’s experience has shown a similar trend: Younger people are more prone to a disability caused by an accident than people over the age of 35. Government and industry statistics point to a very real need in the market for an income protection benefit specifically designed for younger people. Cover is crucial, now PLEASE CONTANT JD VAN RENEN TO PROTECT YOUR RISK

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