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Rita has created, sold, and given away thousands of hand-made PocketPeople art dolls to numerous collectors for the last several years. She can no longer sew the PocketPeople fast enough to meet the growing demand of her many fans. Now EVERYONE can enjoy her inspirational, heart felt designs! Find each collection available at a variety of retail stores as well as online. Each new tribe of PocketPeople bring with them a special message to share. PocketPeople are the perfect size to take anywhere. Whenever you need a dose of Love, Peace or Luck, PocketPeople are here for YOU. It’s a World of Pockebilities ...

Introducing our first collection

Oh Echo Oh Echo, your lips of love speak. Again and again your heart of peace, beats.

Here comes our Rita, Here comes a warrior! Of love and of peace and to stand up straight for ya!

Jimmy my Jimmy, so tiny and small. You’re brave and you’re smart and you’re kind best of all.

A sweetheart in pink, a good choice I’d say. After all, that is our dear Lucia’s way.

It’s time to meet Sam, you might think he’d be shy. But don’t let him fool you, he’s bold, my oh my!

Meet our dear Atticus. A farmer, a friend. A guy of few words, but loyal till the end.

Dolls approximately 4 1/2 inches in height

We will offer retail stores a limited run of these Colorful and Reusable drawstring cloth bags! You know you want one ...

Bags approximately 6 by 8 inches

Introducing ...

Soft little friends of The PocketPeople Circumference approximately 9 inches Weight approximately 55 grams





Peaceful Patterns, Sweet Sheets and Wonderful Walls

“Don’t go to bed with a belly full of worry. Tomorrow is new and yesterday is blurry ...” Rita Ross

For PocketPeople Sales Inquiries: For PocketPeople Marketing Inquiries: For all other inquiries:

(213) 596-9680 PocketPeople Avenue Inc. 2445 East 12th Street Suite #B Los Angeles CA 90021 Website:

PocketPeople Catalog  

The “PocketPeople” are an idea originally helmed by their jovial creator Rita Ross, who began assembling these dolls during her battle with...

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