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Sony Bloggie Touch Video Camera Review The Bloggie is an exciting addition to the pocket video camera market. Its touch screen technology and slick design makes it stand out, and with 8GB of memory and a 12.8 meagapixel camera it is sure to be a hit with users. Lets see if it’s worth the price? Key Specs For The Sony Bloggie Touch Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Display size: 3� On-board memory: 8GB Battery Life: 4 hours Dimensions: 2.7 x 4.9 x 2.7

Sony Bloggie Touch: The Pros Touch Screen: The standout feature of the Bloggie is the use of touch technology and users will


love the large 3-inch screen. Bright colors and neat graphics give it the look of a smartphone and Sony have suceeded in producing a camera with great technology as well as excellent design. Just one button on the touch screen starts and stops recordings which means users won’t mistakenly interfere with recordings once started. Internal Memory: One unusual feature is that the Bloggie comes with in-built memory – options of 4 GB and 8 GB are available. Most competitors don’t offer memory with their cameras so this is a definite plus. The 8 GB option is certainly one serious video camera fans will welcome. USB Port: The Bloggie’s USB arm is a welcome addition. It means users don’t need to use cables to connect to their computer when downloading videos for editing or sharing on the internet. Still Images: With the Bloggie users can take quality still images, even in the middle of recording, which is a huge bonus. It means while you’re recording and you see something you’d like a still image of, you can snap the shot without interrupting your recording. While the quality is not as good as a specialist digital camera, it will still appeal to video camera users. Superior Design: Design is always a key feature with Sony, and the Bloggie is no exception. With its brush metal finish and modern style, it has a sleek, sexy look about it. The large touch screen will certainly be a hit with fans and lets the Bloggie stand apart with comparing it with other similar cameras on the market. Extended Battery Life: The Bloggie doesn’t fall short in addressing one of the most important issues for video camera fans: battery life. The claim of 160 minutes of battery life is fairly accurate and this gives users over two and a half hours or recording time in normal situations.

Sony Bloggie Touch: The Cons Similar to most other pocket video cameras, the Bloggie suffers in poor light conditions, with some dullness and fuzziness. In good conditions, images are good but the quality suffers because the camera auto-adjusts for lighting. While a good idea, the adjustment occurs too often and contrast and brightness for the resulting images seems to be constantly changing. Interface: In what seems to be a common complaint for Sony products, the user interface on the Bloggie is difficult to learn and not really intuitive. It’s disappointing for Sony fans that this issue hasn’t been addressed as yet. Sound Quality: There is an annoying hissing sound during playback of recordings and overall the sound quality on the Bloggie is a disappointment. This means users can’t rely on good quality sound, so recording of musical events for example will yield poor results. Image Focus: Another important issue for video camera users is focus, and Sony falls short in this area. Focus is slow to occur on the Bloggie and sometimes images never really come into


focus. This will be annoying to Sony fans, especially from a company that prides itself in producing top quality cameras. Touch Screen Issues: In an era where touch screen technology is becoming the usual design, the Bloggie is slightly below par. Users would expect touch screens on video cameras to match the performance achieved on touch phones, but sometimes buttons need to pushed repeatedly to get a response, and the screen itself lags. No HDMI Cable: Most pocket video cameras don’t come with HDMI cables, so the Bloggie is on a par with its competitors, but with in-built video and a USB port coming as standard you would think a HDMI cable would be part of the mix as well. No Memory Upgrade: While the in-built memory of either 4 GB or 8 GB is generous, once you’ve decided on memory, you’re stuck with it, with no facility for increasing memory later. This is mystifying and most other competitors do offer memory slots for expanded memory.

Is The Sony Bloggie Touch Worth Buying? The selling points of the Bloggie like the touch screen and extended battery life struggle to overcome the problems. The touch screen, despite the hype, fails to live up to expectations and other niggles about the Bloggie make it hard to recommend as good value.

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Sony Bloggie Touch Video Camera Review  

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Display size: 3” On-board memory: 8GB Battery Life: 4 hours Dimensions: 2.7 x 4.9 x 2.7 The Bloggie is an exciting a...