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Samsung HMX-W200 Samsung claims its latest offering in the pocket video camera to be dust-proof and waterproof. In direct competition with the Kodak zx5, the HMX-w200 claims durability combined with a low price. Let’s see how it stack up.

Key Specs For The Samsung HMX-W200 Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Display Size: 2.4” Built-in Memory: 8GB Battery Life: 1 hour Dimensions: 1 x 2 x 4


Samsung HMX-W200: The Pros Video Quality: The camera produces reasonable video footage but can’t compete with high end cameras like the Olympus LS-20m. The plus is that the HMX performs well in low light because


of its large aperture. Waterproof: A great feature of the HMX is that it’s waterproof. It extends to three meters and so it’s great for basic snorkelling up to 30 minutes at a time. After being in salt water, like any device, it should be soaked in fresh water. Good size: The HMX is small, and lightweight. It’s size is such that it can be taken anywhere, perfect for those unexpected moments when you wish you had a camcorder! Pause button: The unique pause button is a handy feature. On most cameras, users can achieve the same result with the start and stop buttons. But this creates a new file, and with the pause button, recording recommences using the same file. A small but worthwhile enhancement. Durable and tough: The camera can stand a drop of 5 feet, which means users don’t have to worry about damage and can concentrate on video technique. It also means the camera is reasonably safe with kids. No fuss software: No editing software needs to be installed. When the HMX is plugged into your computer, the software starts straight away which saves time and complicated installation procedures.

Samsung HMX-W200: The Cons Durability: Although the camera has waterproofing and can withstand drops, the dust proofing is not as effiective. This means you can’t take it to the beach or offroad with risking damage to the microphone and speaker. No fast frame recording: Most pocket video cameras offer a higher frame rate option at higher resolution. This is an advantage for users wanting to capture motion scenes in detail with smoother footage. By omitting this feature, Samsung has conceded some ground to its rivals. Poor results in low light: Even though performance in poor light is on a par with competitors, it is still below average. Fuzziness and reduced sharpness is the result, meaning users will be disappointed in the performance of the HMX in low light conditions. Sound quality: The sound on HMX is below average. There is a strange background hiss and a lower level noise which is quite annoying. Users hoping for good quality audio will be disappointed. Memory Compatibility: The HMX is only compatible with microSD/SDHC cards which is annoying as most devices support SD and SDHC cards. Even then users will need at least class 6 microSD/SDHC cards. Micro cards are a little fiddly and it will irritate users that they have to invest in non-standard media storage.


Inferior Still Image Capture: Although the HMX offers still image capture, the quality is poor and not much improved from the average smartphone quality. The actual functionality of capturing still images is also poor, with poor response and time lag.

Is The Samsung HMX-W200 Worth Buying? Considering price, the HMX-w200 is worth a second glance. Despite the negatives including image quality and issues with dust-proofing the camera is still a recommended buy in terms of value for money.

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Samsung HMX-W200  
Samsung HMX-W200  

Key Specs For The Samsung HMX-W200 Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Display Size: 2.4” Built-in Memory: 8GB Battery Life: 1 hour Dimensions: 1...