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Friday, August 4, 2017

Red Arrows visit Poacher 2017

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Making a splash Could this be the best Poacher yet?

by Abigail McFarlane Shooting, diving, baking and zip lining, it’s all going on at Poacher 2017. The zipline has become a proven favourite with Ella, 10, from 1st Loftus Guides, Historical Legends subcamp. “I love it, the feeling is amazing,” said Ella who has been down three times. Kieran, 14, from 28th Kirkburn Scouts, Movie Legends subcamp, said: “I have a

fear of heights so I’m a little nervous but I can’t wait to conquer my fear.” Amelia, 11, from 2nd Middle Rasen Guides, Story Book Legends, was hoping for speed. “It looks different to other zip wires because there’s a big drop. I’m an adrenaline junkie,” she said. Instead of zipping, participants can dive down at the Sub Aqua

activity base. Flo, 12, from 15th Lincolnshire Scouts, Movie Legends subcamp, said: “It’s really fun despite the cold water. When you walk up the steps you can feel nervous because the mask feels like you can’t breathe but it’s really exciting”. Making Mary Berry jealous are young people taking part in the Great Poacher Bake off. Amongst

cupcakes and icing sugar, Scouts and Guides are decorating cupcakes. Erin, 14, and Lily, 13, from East Lothian Guides, Movie Legends, were looking forward to getting stuck in. “I haven’t done cake decorating before,” said Erin. Other participants have been taking up target practice with air rifles, paint ball guns and nerf guns. Outside the air

rifle base Jamie, 12, from 1st Kibworth Scouts, Comic Book Legends subcamp, was hoping for a bullseye. Amy, 17, from West Yorkshire South Senior Guides, from the same subcamp was excited too. “I’ve been a few times and you get to keep your target card to see how you’ve improved,” she said. Over at the paintball activity Lucy, 16, from Grantham

Division Guides, Comic Book Legends, was waiting excitedly. She said “I’ve never done this before so it’s a good experience to have here at Poacher”. Suzanne, 11, and Nicole, 13, from Kirton Lindsey Guides, Movie Legends, said: “The nerf guns look so cool, It does look hard but we have nerf guns at home so I’m looking forward to it.”

2• Thursday, August 3, 2017

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Clowning around

by Abbie McFarlane

It’s your chance to clown around and be yourself without having leaders telling you what to do. That’s how Doody, Chief Clowner Around at the I.CIRCUS team described his circus skills base near the Epic Centre.

He said: “Young people can come down and pick up whatever equipment they like and have a go. It’s all about having fun. We’ve had hundreds of kids through and they’ve learnt skills they can take back and carry on after Poacher”.


Cameron from 2nd Bangor, Story Book Legends, has been coming to the balance board all week. In fact, he says he thinks he has spent ten hours at the I.CIRCUS area, most of which has been on the balance board. He said: “When I first came

I wasn’t very good. I’ve been here so much and now I think I’m good at it. All the pressure of everyone watching has forced me to improve.” He added that he wanted his own set so he can show his friends and family at home. Ella and Thomas from

2nd Urmston, Story Book Legends, were both hula hooping although Ella was finding increased success. “I’m teaching him and he is slowly getting better. Mostly though it’s just funny to watch.”

Been to every Poacher camp

Two subcamp chiefs from the very first Poacher have a special reason to celebrate its 40th birthday. Mary White, of 32nd Grimsby Guides, was in charge of the Trout subcamp at Poacher 1977. Dave Wilson was chief of the Mallard subcamp. The two have both been to all ten Poacher camps and have shared great memories together.

Donations pour in for foodbank by Abbie McFarlane

Keeping in line with the strong Robin Hood theme apparent on Story Book Legends subcamp, the subcamp team have organised a donation of cans of food to The Nomad Trust. They asked every camper to bring a can with them to donate to the local charity who look after homeless people in Lincoln. On Wednesday they were able to present around 800 cans to Rachael, a representative from the trust. The Nomad Trust provides an evening meal every night, 365 days a year, to homeless people in Lincoln. They also have a 20-

bed emergency shelter and some longer-term accommodation which helps people to get out of the cycle of homelessness. In 2014, they teamed up with the YMCA to work together on looking after homeless people which increased the number of people they could help. Rachael said that this donation was absolutely amazing. She said: “The trust relies on donations so the more food we get at events like these means less money we have to spend on buying food. I would like to say a massive thank you to you all, it makes a

big difference.” The Nomad Trust are currently fundraising for a day centre in Lincoln and would welcome all donations. The staff on Story Book Legends would like to say: “Thank you to everyone who donated.” If anyone has opened food leftover at the end of the week, please don’t throw it away! Story Book Legends will happily accept food which they will pass on to The Nomad Trust. The Global Development Village is also accepting unwanted food which it will be giving to the Lincoln Food Bank.

4•Friday, August 4, 2017

Daily Arrow

Freddie crowned the winner by Holly Sloan and Abbie McFarlane All the practicing, voice warming and stretching has come down to this. With a supportive crowd of around 600 people the final of Poacher’s Got Talent was an amazing end to over 350 auditions. All the acts were fantastic and Freddie (right), 14 from 1st Grassby Scouts, Story Book Legends subcamp, was crowned the winner. He performed a mesmerising version of George Ezra’s ‘Budapest’ and will be performing at the closing ceremony

tonight. When asked about how he feels about performing at the closing ceremony, he said: “It makes me very nervous but I’m going to enjoy it.” The crowd decided between the judges’ final three: Freddie, Lucia (bottom right) and Ellie (bottom left). The winner was determined by how loud the audience screamed as measured by the decibel counter. Freddie’s cheer reached a whopping 115.5 decibels. Fellow finalist Lucia, 14, from 2nd Brooklands Scouts, Comic Book Legends said: “It feels amazing

because when I auditioned I didn’t think I’d get through at all but Freddie deserved to win and I’m so happy for him.” The crowd was also treated to a performance by the winners of Pocher’s Got Talent: The Adults. Joe and James performed ‘I wanna be like you’ from the Jungle Book and ‘Me & My Shadow’ by Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra. They received a delighted standing ovation from the audience. A massive well done to the finalists, semifinalists, and all those who auditioned.

Encaustic wax art and armpit fudge at creative tent by Jake Dixon With around 40 different crafts to try, the creative tents provide a space to release your imagination. Found in the Village Green, the tents house everything from Encaustic Wax Art to CD Clocks, tea bag folding to glass

engraving and everything in between. Olivia, Chloe and Beth from Grantham Division Guides on Comic Book Legends thought the glass painting was really fun because you can be really creative with it. It takes a while to do

but is worth the time because they look nice and you can take them home, they said. With such a broad range of hands-on activities you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll enjoy. Lexie and Haley from St Albans Guides had made loads of

different things. They had even made some armpit fudge! One of their favourite things was the Japanese bracelets as they said looked really pretty when they’re finished and it’s really relaxing to make them as well. The best thing about the

creative activities is that you have something to show for your hard work, which you can take home to show your friends and family. Ben from 4th Denton on Story Book Legends made a spinning top by woodturning. He said: “It was fun and a lot

easier than it seemed. When I looked at it at first it looked really hard but it wasn’t that difficult. My spinning top turned out really well and I’m going to use it to decorate my room along with some of the other crafts I’ve made.”

Friday, August 4, 2017


High ropes and Harriers by James Traynor

As your week begins to draw to an end, I’m sure you’ll reflect on the ups and (hopefully not too many) downs of your Poacher 2017 Experience. The same applies for the activities. Fin and Daniel from Runnington District Scouts, Historical Legends tried out tree climbing. “It is good but really tiring. You have to use your arm and leg strength to pull you up.” For both boys it was their first time doing this. “It was really cool when we got to the top. The wind made the rope and the tree swing which was scary at first but then really exciting.” Laura from 1st Market Deeping on Comic Book Legends was impressed

with the high ropes. She said: “It was easier than you’d think to walk around. You know you’re secured safely which gave me confidence in the wind to walk around. It helps that they let us go around at our own pace.” She also praised the team as “very friendly”. The flight simulator

takes ‘up’ to a different level, soaring to thousands of feet above the ground in a Harrier Jump Jet. Summer, Lily and Stephanie from Derbyshire Dambusters said it was scary when they flew near the headlands. “We thought we were going to crash,” they said. They all agreed that the take off and

landings were the best parts. Caving was “a really good, fun way to learn how to cave without having to travel a long way,” according to Anna, Anna, Katie and Rebecca from 1st Kibworth, Comic Book Legends. They said: “None of us were that bad but we are definitely better now!”

Underground caving experience Bishop stops by for quick tour All week some of you have been leaving site for an underground adventure. Here’s a selection of pictures from their visit to the subterranean environment on Wednesday.

The Bishop of Grantham visited for a whistlestop tour of Poacher on Wednesday. Stopping for dinner at his home district of Grantham, the Bishop said: “The hospitality was great and I had a good chat”. Anna from 1st Ancaster, Story Book Legends

said: “The bishop was kind and asked what was going on camp.” Ethan said: “The bishop told me that on his last camp there were no showers and they had to dig drainage ditches as it was so wet. Overall the Bishop was impressed by how full and yet how organised the camp was.

6•Friday, August 4, 2017

Daily Arrow

Jumps and big ramps by Abbie McFarlane

The catapult base has proven to be very popular this week. After aiming at traffic lights and bricks, Holly, 11, and Cameron, 13, from 3rd Sefton Scouts, Historical Legends subcamp, said: “It’s really fun and competitive”. Ross, 10, from 1st Snaith Scouts, Comic Book Legends, said: “I keep coming back because I want to improve. By setting different goals I’ve got other things to aim for.” Slack lining has been a new activity to most participants. Jess, 16, from 10th Airdale Scouts, Movie Legends described it as walking on ‘bouncy rope’. “It is

quite challenging but I’m excited and ready to have a good laugh” she said. Fire by friction has also been very popular with Guides and Scouts learning how to make fire with basic tools, including charcloth. “The charcloth was really cool. It’s good to learn these skills for if you’re camping without matches,” said Sophie, 11, 9th Lincoln Guides from Movie Legends. Sam, 14, from 1st Wivenhope in Movie Legends thought the flint and steel was the best tool. Charlie, 10, from 1st Kibworth Scouts, Comic Book Legends, was pedalling fast at the BMX Racing base. After

choosing your bike and fitting your helmet, participants start on a ramp. “The ramp start gives you a speed boost and makes sure you start together,” said Charlie. “I really like the competition too”. The course is a grassy straight and only a few metres long so participants have to push themselves to race. Also racing around on bikes, Tom, 11, from 2nd Cramlington, Movie Legends, has been nicknamed ‘downhill boy’. “I’ve come back every day because I like to learn new skills. I got the nickname because I like the adrenaline rush.” Xander, 10, from the same group, said: “I like

all the jumps and big ramps. I keep pushing myself to try and get better each time.” Staff at the base said they’ve been really impressed with everyone who

has had a go. Some participants have come back more than once to master new skills. Others have improved dramatically during one session,

going from wobbly and unsure to confidently pedalling around the course, all showing true Scouting and Guiding spirit.

Captain Underpants among storybook legends? by Hamish Arnold We all have times when we want nothing more than to sit down, and get stuck in to a good book. And books are being celebrated on Story Book Legends subcamp, so who does Poacher think are legends from our favourites novels? Roald Dahl is one of

the biggest names in literature, known for his intriguing stories and loveable characters, chief among which being the BFG. The Big Friendly Giant starred in a book as the title character, in a world of evil giants, he stands alone as being friendly and kind to the protagonist, Sophie.

The BFG loves to spread good dreams to children and towards the end of the story, he gets international recognition for the work that he does. Captain Underpants is the star in the book series of the same name by Dav Pilkey. When a hypnosis trick on their headmaster

goes wrong, George and Harold end up turning him into their comic book character; Captain Underpants. In this comedy series of books, the reader will be hooked on every vent to see how Captain Underpants gets into all sorts of trouble and how George and Harold manage to keep the

secret of their principal’s alter-ego. We can’t talk about Story Book Legends without mentioning the world-renowned series by JK Rowling – Harry Potter. The books have sold over half a billion copies worldwide, and have been translated into 73 languages, showing the global

reach that a great story can have. Harry starts off being like any other 11-year old boy, until his world is turned upside when he finds out that the is a wizard. He saves the wizarding world on countless occasions throughout his teens and is deservedly a Story Book Legend.

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Friday, August 4, 2017


Lifesavers put on a show by Hamish Arnold

A live action demonstration by the emergency services and Lincolnshire LIVES provided yesterday’s lunchtime entertainment. They staged a road traffic incident in which a Vauxhall Corsa with three passengers attempted to swerve to avoid a cyclist, but hit them and a second person who was pinned up against the wall by the car. Narrator David Hickman from LIVES described the events as they happened, and told the crowd that many of their demonstrations are based on real situations that they have dealt with, adding a sense of realism to the demonstration. There are many procedures to be followed, and

everything is done cautiously and meticulously, to prevent the state of any of the casualties from getting any worse. The fire service arrived at the scene after the first responders, and immediately got to work on stabilising the car with chocks under the wheels. Next, they used a tool called the jaws of life to remove the tailgate and the roof off the car to allow easier access to the casualties left inside. The passengers are extricated from the car in the safest way possible, using medical equipment as necessary, to ease the pain that the casualties may be in. The team are constantly communicating with each other to work in the most efficient way possible, and to make

sure that they are keeping an eye on the whole situation, and not getting focussed on their own job. Sam Reilly, a paramedic involved in the

demonstration said: “We like to show people the work that goes on and how we deal with situations such as these.” She also advised anybody who

is a witness or involved in a road traffic incident to keep yourself safe, call 999 as soon as you can, give as much information as you can to the emergency

services when they arrive, and follow their instructions, to make the work of the emergency services as easy as possible.

World-famous aerobatics team wows the crowds The Red Arrows delighted the thousands of people at Poacher

yesterday with a spectacular display above Lincolnshire Showground. The

world-famous team is based next to the Showground at RAF Scampton.

8•Friday, August 4, 2017

Daily Arrow

Thanks to all the staff by Holly Sloan

Poacher 2017 has been a fantastic event, and as we near the end of the week, recognition needs to be given to the brilliant staff teams who have worked hard to make Poacher a safe and enjoyable event for everyone. Without the many teams who have been involved in the organisation of Poacher for nearly three years, from Activity Team to Commercial Team, Technical Services and Security, Poacher 2017 would not be able to happen. We’ve been out and about chatting to just a few members of those teams, to see what their roles involve. Chris Dutton, a member of the Technical Services team, told us: “I’ve been on traffic management for last Saturday and for Junior Poacher, I’ve cleaned and maintained the toilets as well as litter picking”. When we asked him what it had been like to do a variety of different jobs during Poacher, he said: “It’s rewarding in many ways. It’s not the first time I’ve done it and I do it because I love seeing the Young People enjoy themselves.” Heather and Richard Maltby, who are

quarter-masters for the Technical Services team explained their roles. If there is anything you need but you don’t have, you can almost guarantee that the quarter-masters can sort it for you. Talking about their week, they said: “We’ve been handing gas out, 40 bottles a day approximately, making sure there is enough toilet rolls on site and we do the diesel for the buggies”. They also said: “We make sure there is hand-soap, bin-liners, everything like that. Nuts, bolts, screws, fencing, and if we’ve not got it, we can source it from somewhere.” Emma Robinson is a member of the Welfare team. A large part of her role is ensuring that the participants and the activities remain safe for everyone to use. Chatting to her about her Poacher experience, she said: “I’ve been doing risk assessments on all the activities, trying to help the people running the activities with any issues they’ve got… we’re not here to shut down activities, we are here to make sure they are running safely.” The tuck shop has been one of the most popular places on the Poacher site, and along with the Poacher clothing,

souvenirs and other popular shops, all of these were provided for and set up by the Commercial Team. When we asked if

he felt it had been a worthwhile experience, Adrian Jones, Commercial Team Manager said: “I think it certainly has, and I

think the campers have enjoyed what has been provided for them”. We want to say a huge thank you to every team on Poacher

International Jamboree 2017; without their hard-work, dedication and hours volunteered, this week would not have been possible.

Birthdays, anniversaries and announcements Hope all Trefoil who are at Poacher are enjoying it as much as we are, from Ceila Goodband Necia Redfern and all at Grantham Trefoil Guild. Madeline and Euan, of 1st Forest Town Scouts, are

enjoying their first weeklong jamboree and are being invested as Scouts today. Happy 27th birthday to Tom Haire, camp chef for Lincoln District Explorers, from Alyshia Harris.

Your newspaper was brought to you by:

Congratulations to new young leader Emily Hudson, of 32nd Grimsby Guides, who received her leadership award at Poacher. She completed her qualification at camp, taking her Guides to find out about the next section.

Newspaper Team Leader - David Parker Deputy Newspaper Team Leader - Sarah Paget Reporters: Holly Sloan, James Traynor, Hamish Arnold, Jake Dixon and Abbie McFarlane.

Happy anniversary to my husband, from Sam Roberts on Historical Legends. Happy 20th anniversary to Megan Young on the Bushscout team on Rock Legends.

Happy 13th birthday to Oscar, of 3rd Winchester, on Historical Legends. Happy 12th birthday to Ned of Ashby and Cleethorpes District. Happy birthday to Levi on the Hot Air Balloon crew.

Happy 21st birthday to Daniel on Movie Legends. A big thank you to Chris Cole and his medical team for all their hard work.

Photography Team Leader - James Hage Photographers: Graham Sprought, Stephen Way, Ellen Tack, Ben Dearden, Victoria Lamb

Daily Arrow, Friday 4th August  

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Daily Arrow, Friday 4th August  

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