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2nd Annual Bball Tournament Application

2ND ANNUAL C.A.T. BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT 2011 ACOMA PUEBLO, NEW MEXICO CONGRATULATIONS! Your team is invited to enter the 2011 C.A.T. Basketball Tournament on October 20-22, in Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico. This tournament will be run in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Policy of the Community Action Team. LOCATION: Community Center Building:25 Pinsbaari Drive Acoma Pueblo, NM 87034 Exit 102 5 miles South ROSTER: Your official team Entry Form, along with your Entry Fee MUST be paid by the first game. If roster has all 10 players no one can be added or changed. If roster has less than 10 players 2-3 players maybe add or changed with the approval of the tournament director. All teams must turn in their rosters BEFORE THE FIRST GAME. ENTRY FEE: $225.00 NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN All players must be over the age of 18 and check in with their valid I.D. before receiving their players pass. Late entries will be required to pay an additional fee of $25.00. We cannot expect entries after October 17th. No Exceptions! TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Nolan Valdo (505) 552-7500 ext 346 or (505) 263-8374 CONDITIONS: The Community Action Team Officers along with the Tournament Director reserves the right to rule on matter as they occur, including any deemed necessary to complete the tournament. The Officers and Tournament Director assumes that all players are competing at their risk and will not be liable for any accidents or injuries. Entry into this tournament constitutes agreement to these conditions. CAPTAIN’S MEETING: Wednesday October 19th. starting promptly at 5:00 p.m., all teams must have a representative present to receive their tournament packets, and official game times. *If you cannot make the meeting please call prior to the schedule date. GAME SCHEDULES: Game times will be announced in Captain’s meeting. All teams must be prepared to play on Thursday October 20, 2011. Please do not enter the tournament if you cannot play on Thursday. No grace period will be allowed unless deemed necessary by the C.A.T. Officers or Tourney Director due to an emergency.

2nd Annual Bball Tournament Application

2ND ANNUAL C.A.T. BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT 2011 - RULES ACOMA PUEBLO, NEW MEXICO 1. Teams MUST be prepared to play 30min. prior to schedule game time. 2. Lineups are due 10 minutes PRIOR to game time. 3. All players MUST carry picture ID, surrent driver’s license at all times (Including players pass.) All players shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Any player found ineligible will be barred from further play. Teams using an ineligible player will be issued a technical foul and loss of possession. 4. All players are playing at their own risk and Pueblo of Acoma and the members of Acoma Community Action Team are NOT LIABLE for any accidents or injuries. 5. Foul Language will NOT BE TOLERATED! 6. A full 10 Team roster will be frozen when the first game is played. If roster has less than 10 players, 2-3 players maybe add or changed with the approval of the Tournament Director. No player may appear on more than one (1) roster. 7. The tournament is double elimination with the Championship Game being single elimination. 8. Games will be two (2) twenty-minute (20) running halves with stopped clock last 2 minutes of the second half. With the exception of the Championship Game on which the clock will stop on all foul shots. 9. Technical Fouls are $20.00 and MUST be taken care of before next game. 10. Foul Shots are played on the release of the basketball. 11. Mercy Rule – If a team is up by 50 points or more with 5 minutes or less the game will be called. If a team is up by 40 points or more with 4 minutes or less the game will be called. If a team is up by 30 points or more with 3 minutes or less the game will be called.

12. Teams will be allowed to start with four (4) players but will be assessed a two-shot technical foul. 13. Uniformed shirts with numbers are required. Teams without matching uniforms or numbers or numbers will be assessed a two shot technical foul at the start of the game and the loss of the ball. 14. Referee’s Decisions are FINAL! Please be respectful of all referees. 15. Any player who initiates or becomes involved in any act of unsportsman-like conduct with other players, fans, or officials will be suspended from further tournament play. 16. NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS ALLOWED ON COMMUNITY CENTER GROUNDS. NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED ON COMMUNITY CENTER GROUNDS. ANYONE DEEMED TO BE INTOXICATED OR UNDER THE INFLUENCE WILL BE REMOVED FROM COMMUNITY CENTER GROUNDS. 17. No outside food or beverage allowed. Remember the Community Center is allowing us to be there as their guest to raise funds for future Community Events to come.

2nd Annual Bball Tournament Application


TEAM INFO: (Circle One)


TEAM NAME: _________________________________________________________ TEAM CAPTIAN: ________________________________________ Email ___________________________________________ Cell # _______________________ Hm Ph: ___________________Wk Ph:__________________ ADDRESS: _________________________________________ City/Zipcode ______________________________________ 2ND CONTACT: ____________________________________ Email ___________________________________________ Cell # _______________________ Hm Ph: ___________________ Wk Ph: __________________ ROSTER: 18yrs – over. Minimum of 6 players, max is 10. Fill in first & last names.

1. ______________________________________________

6. _____________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________

7. _____________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________

8. _____________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________

9. ____________________________________________

5. ______________________________________________

10. ____________________________________________

ENTRY FEE: $225.00 (CASH ONLY): -- No refunds after acceptance --

CONTACT DIRECTOR: Nolan Valdo (505) 552-7500 ext 346 or (505)263-8374 We assume responsibility for knowing all rules, dates, and places; and for abiding by all rules. We will have applications turned in at specified times and places, and will be ready to play and referee at specified times and places. We understand that failure to abide by rules in a cooperative manner will be penalized by forfeiture of playing privileges. IN consideration of our entry being accepted, we, intending to be legally bound; do hereby waive, release and forever discharge all rights and claims for damages, which we may have, or which may hereafter accrue to us against COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM, and all officials concerned or their respective officers, agents, representatives, successors and/or arising out of traveling to, participating in, and returning from said COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM activities. I further agree that my photographs, pictures, slides, or movies taken or made by C.A.T., their employees, officers, and directors, in connection with my participation in the C.A.T. Tournaments, or any reproduction of the same, as well as my name, may in any manner be used by C.A.T., or any person, corporation, or association authorized by Community Action Team.

SIGNED BY: ____________________________________

DATE: _____________

Note – Teams forfeiting first night will be dropped. If you don’t have confirmation one week before the league starts, call Nolan Valdo

Official Use: Date: ___________ Amount $ ____________, Paid __________ Note:

2nd Annual Bball Tournament Application

2nd C.A.T. Annual Basketball Tournament Application  

C.A.T.'s 2nd Annual Basketball Tournament Application 2011 -men's/women's

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