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Portland 2014

The UN-conventional District Convention

Summer 2014

97th Annual

Pacific Northwest District Convention August 21-24, 2014 Portland, Oregon

For information or to register online:

Reserve your hotel room today! Red Lion on the River - Jantzen Beach




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Cleve Parker Secretary/Treasurer Pacific Northwest District

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Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time.

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VOLUME 86, NO. 4

PNW Kiwanis District Convention Special for New Kiwanians! Please make certain that your newest club members (those who have joined since the District Convention in SeaTac last year) are made aware of the convention and the fact that the District is offering a discounted registration fee to first time convention attendees who have joined their very first Kiwanis club since August 18, 2013. Kiwanians who meet this criteria are being offered a discounted registration fee of $100.00 USD (instead of the normal $208.00 USD). As we must verify their eligibility for this special, they will need to call the District Office at (503) 305-7635 in order to register. The “Brand New Kiwanian” rate is not available on the registration forms or in the online registration system. Please make certain that your newest members, that is to say - the members who may be the most excited ones to be a Kiwanian right now, are aware of this special offer and encourage them to attend. I think you will find it will pay dividends in making them vital and active members of your Kiwanis Club!

Get more information about Kiwanis International and Pacific Northwest District projects: Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine 3

2014 – 2015

Transitions Leadership

Centennial Celebration

As we approach the end of the Kiwanis year, we begin the many transitions necessary to progress into the 2014–2015 year. There will be leadership transitions at all levels of Kiwanis: club, division, district and international. It is fundamental to our success as an organization that from Club President to Kiwanis International President, the outgoing and incoming officers must work closely together to assure the succession of leadership goes smoothly. In that same light, the past leaders must remain actively engaged in Kiwanis activities to ensure that new leaders succeed and continue the ongoing work of the organization’s programs and objectives. In short, there must be a continuity of leadership between this year and next.

The transition from one century into the next would suggest that we celebrate the occasion. We will be doing precisely that in 2015. We begin with the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, California on New Year’s Day, followed by the excitement of celebrating 100 years of service with the Detroit #1 club, and culminating with our Kiwanis Centennial International Convention in Indianapolis in July. Here in our Pacific Northwest District, we will make our own celebration by helping the Redmond Oregon club renovate Sam Johnson Park and build a new playground. On the heels of that, we will host a gala event in February in the Seattle area and welcome our Kiwanis International President, Dr. John Button. But more than that, each club can host their own parties using celebration ideas posted on the web site and obtaining a celebration kit provided free by Kiwanis International, also available through the web site.


This year transitions not only to a new year but to a new century of Kiwanis service. With that comes the realization that to continue our 100-year legacy of service into the next 100 years, we need more Kiwanians at work in our communities. In order to do that we need to reach out to people by sharing the Kiwanis experience and providing the opportunity for others to join us in that experience. The way to do that is called THE FORMULA. Simply put, if we love our clubs, we will share the joy with enthusiasm, and we will continue to enjoy the experience by living it through community service in our communities. So, as we transition into the New Year and a new Kiwanis century, we will be following THE FORMULA: LOVE IT, SHARE IT, LIVE IT as a guide for building new clubs and strengthening existing clubs to bring new members into Kiwanis.

4 PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine | Summer 2014

So as we transition into the New Year, let’s welcome our new leaders, reach out and bring new members into our clubs, and celebrate the beginning of the next 100 years of Kiwanis making a difference in our communities. Yours in service, Bob Munger PNW Governor-Elect 2013-14

A message from Governor Pamela

Happy Summer to all Kiwanians! It is nice to feel sunshine on your shoulders... mmmm sounds like a song! We are a little over half the year in, amazing things have been happening across the PNW. Membership-wise we are over 500 brand new Members!! My goal is to finish the year with 1000 brand new Members. We are in a race to beat the CalNevHa District, I know we can finish number 1! Remember the secret is to show your pride, wear your K and show your passion for what Kiwanis does in the communities and in the world. Ask people to join you in a service project, show that thumbprint your Club leaves behind.

The KCCP luncheon on Saturday is going to be awesome, we will be hearing from kids and young adults who have won their fight against cancer. Saturday’s Governor’s Banquet is going to be a hoot! The Krazy Kiwanis Karnival! All kinds of Krazy activities will be happening, a fun time for all. So come one, come all to the 97th Pacific Northwest Convention! See you there!

Regional Conferences are all finished, all of them were different and effective. It was great to see everyone that attended. These conferences are so important to share District information and to fellowship and to take away at least one new idea that will better yourselves and your Clubs. Please, for next year’s regionals, encourage your Members to attend and especially new Members. Thank you Team 212 for your time and great leadership to make these regionals happen. It is coming up on Convention time!!! I am so EXCITED, this is my Convention and I have been having a blast coming up with some different ways to make convention a fun experience. I am calling it the Unconventional Convention. I feel like I am the unconventional Governor, you never know what to expect to happen around me! Plus Portland’s unofficial motto is “Keep Portland Weird” so at this convention we are going to keep “Kiwanis Weird”, I LOVE it! We have a FUN opening session on Friday and some super speakers throughout the weekend. Governor Elect Bob Munger has set up some fabulous forums.

Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine 5

“Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

6 PNW  PNW  Kiwanis Kiwanis builder buildermagazine magazine| Summer | Summer 2014 2014

There are math formulas that solve complex problems. There are science formulas that cure disease. There are formulas that fuel cars and feed people. And there’s a formula for improving lives. It’s a formula for Kiwanis. The Formula is a multi-year initiative that focuses on Kiwanis members, investing in the Kiwanis experience and ultimately strengthening membership. It’s an opportunity for Kiwanians like you to shape the future of their clubs and the service that impacts their communities. The Formula is based on a simple premise: When you love something, you want to share it. When something really matters, you want other people to love it with you. You want it to be more than something you “do”—you want it to be part of your life.

What is The Formula? It’s this: 1. Take something you love. 2. Share it with others. 3. Make it a part of your life.

The Formula is created from the love we feel for our clubs. It’s energized by the pride that inspires us to show others how much we love Kiwanis. And it’s powered by our eagerness to share our experience with others. Ultimately, that’s The Formula: the motivation to make Kiwanis a part of peoples’ lives. And to keep it strong in our own.

This is your opportunity. To shape the future of your club. To do more of what you love. More fellowship. More service. More for your community. More Kiwanis.

Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine 7

The Formula: Love being a Kiwanian. Love your club. Share it with others. Live it. LOVE IT Why did you become a Kiwanian? Was your father or grandfather a Kiwanian? Did you see the impact that your club had in your local schools? Did you visit a Kiwanis park or pancake breakfast and want to learn more? What do you enjoy about your experience? Why do you remain committed to serving the children of the world? What would make your experience better? What are your club’s aspirations and what would it take to reach them? Do you need to think about trying some new fundraisers? Is there an unmet service need in your community that even more hearts and hands working together could solve? How could you help make your community an even better place? “Love it” addresses the fact that Kiwanians have unique reasons why they became and remain members. It asks members to draw from what they love about Kiwanis to talk about Kiwanis with others. The “Love it” concept also applies to clubs that need resources to address challenges and opportunities to ensure the club experience is the best possible—to ensure they can, indeed, love their club. This is a win for members and for the communities the club serves. The Formula picks up its “Love it” component from the early “I Love My Club” campaign, which will be continued throughout the initiative.


PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine | Summer 2014

SHARE IT Have you ever shared your Kiwanis experience with others? With your colleagues, friends or family? Would you proudly post pictures from a Bring Up Grades ceremony on your Facebook page? Would you invite someone you witnessed performing a random act of kindness to visit your club? If not, what would it take for you to want to do so? What would it take for you want to spread Kiwanis not only to others in your community, but to other communities without clubs? “Share it” is what happens when members love their clubs. It’s human nature to tell others about great experiences we’ve had with products, services—even Kiwanis. The “Share it” component of The Formula encourages members to spread the word about their clubs. This applies to word-of-mouth communications, including person-to-person invitations to club meetings, social events, fundraisers and service projects. It also applies to external tools and campaigns that help clubs strengthen membership— and it applies to opportunities and resources for opening clubs in communities that don’t yet benefit from Kiwanis.

LIVE IT Be proud! Serve others. Talk about the impact that working with other committed club members has made. Show others that committed, passionate individuals with a heart for children can make an impact. Be a spokesperson for that impact--and have energy for Kiwanis that is contagious. “Live it” is what happens when Kiwanis members love their Kiwanis experience and, by sharing it with others, strengthen their clubs and, subsequently, increase opportunities for incredible community service. The “Live it” component of The Formula includes everything from proudly wearing a Kiwanis pin or logo to engaging in club activities—especially community service.

LOVE IT. SHARE IT. LIVE IT. Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine


OSO Strong On Saturday, March 22, 2014, at 10:37 a.m. local time, a major mudslide occurred 4 miles (6.4 km) east of Oso, Washington, United States. A portion of an unstable hill collapsed, sending mud and debris across the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River, engulfing a rural neighborhood, and covering an area of approximately 1 square mile (2.6 km2). As of April 30, 2014, the slide had killed 41 people; 2 more remained missing.

10 PNW  PNW  Kiwanis Kiwanis builder buildermagazine magazine| Summer | Summer 2014 2014

President Gasser visits scene of Oso disaster On Monday, April 7, 2014 Past Kiwanis International President Sylvester Neal escorted current KI President Gunter Gasser to visit the Oso Slide Disaster Area, 15 miles east of Arlington, Washington. Arlington Kiwanis Club member George Boulton arranged for security at the area for the group as well as an escort to the site provided by the Washington State Patrol, so the trip to the area was flawless for the nine Kiwanis Club members from Snohomish County who joined President Gasser and his wife, Christiana.

The view from the observation area was one of total destruction, filled with tons of mud, trees and other debris pushed from the area that was the former Stillaguamish Estates housing development, next to the north fork of the Stillaguamish River. The area is a beehive of activity now with back-hoes, graders, search dogs and several hundred people searching for victims and other items of significance from the devastated homes and property. President Gasser words “The magnitude of the devastated area is incomprehensible and a sobering realization of how quickly our lives can be changed in a heartbeat” were shared by all.

The recovery effort is still a work in progress and is being funded by U.S.Government agencies of FEMA, Snohomish County and Washington State Search and Rescue Units, Fire and EMS Personnel Departments from all over the United States. Funding to cover the costs of recovery is being paid for by donations from hundreds of sources in and around Puget Sound.

The Kiwanis Clubs of Division 22 and 20M have made significant contributions for relief efforts; other donations from several clubs in Washington State and across the United States have been sent to the Arlington Kiwanis Club Foundation. The PNW District Foundation donated $2500.00. As of April 10, 2014, $15,554 dollars have been received by the Arlington Kiwanis Club Foundation. Donations to the Arlington Kiwanis Club Foundation can still be sent to P.O. Box 356, Arlington, WA 98223. All funds are being distributed to the families of those affected by the disaster, or the agencies directly responsible for helping victims and their families, including the Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation.

“The magnitude of the devastated area is incomprehensible and a sobering realization of how quickly our lives can be changed”

For more information contact: Arlington Kiwanis Club George Boulton, Secretary

The slide occurred on Saturday morning, March 22nd at 10:37am without warning. Many of the victims were caught totally unaware because the time lapse of the slide was no more than 15 seconds; it immediately covered more than one square mile of the earth with mud up to 50’ deep. Forty five homes were destroyed, and 41 lives were lost, with some of those still unaccounted for. Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine


Caring for volunteers, Lesson 1:

recognize the efforts of outstanding members

2014 Foundation Honors Reception Friday, August 22nd • 5-6 p.m.

Purchasing a Fellowship is an excellent way to honor an outstanding officer, member or community partner! Plaques and other recognitions that your club may

Fellowship recipients are honored with a reception at

purchase to honor an individual usually have to be paid

each Pacific Northwest District Convention. Fellowship

for out of administrative funds. Fellowships offer a more fitting way to honor someone who has contributed to the club or to the community because, as a Foundation

pins and medallions can be worn with pride at Kiwanis events and other special occasions.

donation, the full amount can come from the club’s

PNW Kiwanis Foundation awards begin at just $100 for

project account. The recipient knows that the funds

the Distinguished Service Award. Other awards include

donated will support the work of your Foundation to

the Helping Hands Fellowship, the Joan “Rusty” Clutts

positively impact young people in the Pacific Northwest.

Fellowship and the J.N. Emerson Fellowship.

For more information about Fellowship awards and the PNW Kiwanis Foundation, visit

Pacific Northwest District Foundation

Welcome to the City of Roses Official Call to the Pacific Northwest District Convention The Bylaws of the Pacific Northwest District of Kiwanis International establish a requirement for the District Secretary to issue a call to the Annual District Convention. This notice is published to satisfy this requirement.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Pacific Northwest District of Kiwanis International, I hereby issue this call to the 97th Annual Convention of the Pacific Northwest District. The Convention will be held in Portland, Oregon during the period of August 21 - 24, 2014. Each chartered club, in good standing in the District, shall be entitled to three (3) delegates, two of whom should be the President and President-elect. Each club may choose one alternate for each delegate. The forms for the certification of delegates and alternates will be available download from the Convention & Meeting Resource page on the PNW District website (http://kiwanispnw. org/events.html). The district website will also have full registration and housing information for the convention when it is available. The purpose of the District Convention is: to elect officers for the coming administrative year; consider amendments to the Bylaws; adopt resolutions; provide education and training; and conduct any other business as may properly come before the delegate body. Clubs who wish to propose amendments to the District Bylaws, and/or resolutions, must have them in the hands of the District Secretary at least sixty (60) days prior to the convention (June 23, 2014) in order for them to be considered by the House of Delegates in 2014. Our Convention Committee have been working hard to insure that we have a successful District Convention as well as a fun and exciting weekend. We sincerely hope that all clubs in the Pacific Northwest District will be represented by at least one delegate. Cleve Parker District Secretary & Treasurer

Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine



Every member of a Kiwanis Club who attends the District Convention must be registered. If your spouse/partner is also a Kiwanian, each of you must complete your own registration. Online registration is preferred. If you choose to register using a registration form (for mailing or faxing), please use one (1) registration form per Kiwanian. Individuals registering as Guests may not be members of a Kiwanis Club. Photocopies of the registration form are acceptable. The registration form may be downloaded from the district website at Full Registration payment must be made online or accompany the registration form when it is submitted to the District office. Registrations and extra meals will not be processed or ordered without payment. We are required to give our meal guarantees to the caterer at least 72 hours prior to the event. Because of this, space at some events may be limited and extra meal tickets at convention are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot guarantee extra meals will be available and sold on-site. If you FAX or EMAIL your registration, please DO NOT send another copy through the mail, as this may cause duplicate credit card charges. All faxed or emailed registrations are to be paid by credit card and are processed in U.S. DOLLARS. The District accepts both Visa and MasterCard payments for registrations submitted through the office. Registrations made using our online registration program may be paid by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Registrations made online may be paid by check only if mailed within 24 hours of online registration. Please include a copy of your online registration confirmation.

Your registration will be processed during the week it is received and a confirmation will be sent back to you. KIWANIAN REGISTRATION – The Kiwanian’s registration fee includes ALL meal functions on Saturday – the Awards Breakfast, Kiwanis Family Luncheon, AND Governor’s Banquet. It also includes Sunday Breakfast. Please do not order meals on Saturday and Sunday unless they are for your registered Guest. Thursday and Friday meal functions are not included in the basic registration and may be purchased separately. GUEST REGISTRATION – There is a small registration fee for guests. Guest registrations are ONLY accepted in conjunction with a full Kiwanian registration. All guest meals are purchased separately on the registration form or in the online registration program. SERVICE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM MEMBERS REGISTRATION – Registration for members of Aktion, K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, and Circle K clubs should also be made on this form. The SLP registration fee does not include any meals. Meals may be purchased separately, if desired. LATE REGISTRATION, CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICIES: Late registrations – ALL Convention registrations are to be received before 5:00pm on Thursday, July 31, 2014. After this deadline, all registrations are subject to a late registration fee of $25.00 USD.

Canadian members may pay by Canadian Dollar check, using the current Kiwanis International Exchange Rate of $0.97082847 Canadian Dollars to $1.00 U.S. Dollar.

Cancellations – Cancellation requests are only accepted if in writing and sent via the Postal Service, FAX, or EMAIL. Phone cancellations WILL NOT be accepted. Cancellation requests received by 5:00PM on Wednesday, July 31, 2014 will receive a full refund. Cancellations received after that date will incur a $35 USD processing fee. No refunds can or will be made for cancellations received after 5:00PM on Friday, August 15, 2014.


Please acknowledge receipt and understanding of these policies by placing your initials in the proper box at the bottom of the Registration Form.

Payment by check is acceptable only for registrations received via the Postal Service or hand delivered.



PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine | Summer 2014

stories to inspire you...

KCCP Luncheon The Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program, KCCP, will be featured at the Pacific Northwest District Convention on August 23rd at the Saturday Luncheon. Featured will be three young adults who have survived children’s cancer, they will share with us their battle and eventual victory over a horrible disease.

BC Children’s Hospital Matthew Williams from Victoria, BC is 16 year old 10th grader enjoying a very active life. Matthew was 11 when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Matthew was admitted to the hospital in 2009 and is now cancer free. Matthew will talk to us about his road to recovery.

Seattle Children’s Hospital From Seattle, Skylar Hamilton is a very active 14 year old. Skylar’s battle began in 2006 when he was 7 years old. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor. The tumor was removed and this started what was to be a very long road of radiation, chemo and other therapies to solve many issues. Today Skylar is leading a very active life and looks forward to sharing his experiences with us.

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital KDCCP will be providing a speaker as well. Unfortunately I do not have that name at this time. These young people have made it through some of the toughest medical treatments there are. With the money you donate the three teaching hospitals are able to train the next generation of care givers and researchers.

Saturday at Convention 12:30 pm – 1:50 pm Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine


Convention at-a-glance


Friday 8:00 am - 8:45 am

Opening S featured sp Past Gover

8:00 am - 11:00 am

CKI Board M

8:00 am - 5:30 pm

District Sto

10:00 am - 3:00 pm PNW Kiwanis Foundation Board Meeting

8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Exhibits Op

8:00 am - 6:00 pm


12:00 noon - 5:00 pm District Store Open

8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Registratio Info Desks

8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Exhibit Open & Set Up

8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Registration & Info Desks Open

9:00 am - 4:00 pm CLE Training 9:00 am - 12:00 noon Finance & Fundraising Committees

12:00 noon - 6:00 pm Credentials Desk 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Board Meeting

9:00 am- 11:45 am

5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

District Chairs & Program Directors

Past Lt. Go Board Mee

9:00 am- 11:45 am

Morning Fo

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

No-Host Team Reception

12:00 noon - 1:30 pm Kickoff Lun

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Team Dinner

1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Past Gover

2:00 pm - 3:45 pm


4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Meet the C

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Honors Re

7:00 pm

District Off at the PNW Gladstone,

August 21–24 2014 16 PNW  PNW  Kiwanis Kiwanis builder buildermagazine magazine| Summer | Summer 2014 2014


Session peaker: rnor Greg Holland


ore Open


s Desk Open

on & s Open

overnor’s Association eting



rnor’s Meeting Forums

6:30 am - 4:00 pm

Registration Desk Open

7:00 am - 8:30 am

Awards Breakfast

7:30 am - 9:00 am

Credentials Desk Open

7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Information Desk Open

7:30 am - 5:00 pm

District Store Open

8:00 am - 11:00 am

CKI Board Meeting

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Exhibits Open

9:00 am - 12:00 noon Opening Delegate Session 12:30 pm - 1:50 pm

Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program Luncheon

2:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Afternoon Forums

5:15 pm - 6:15 pm

Outreach Reception

6:15 pm - 7:15 pm

No-Host Social

7:15 pm

Governors Banquet



fice Grand Opening W District Office in , OR

Sunday 7:00 am - 8:15 am

Kiwanis Family Breakfast

7:00 am - 8:30 am

Credentials Desk Open

7:30 am - 10:30 am

Information Desk Open

8:30 am - 11:00 am

Closing Delegate Session

(Schedule is subject to change - Rev. 6/10/2014)

Summer Summer 2014 2014 | PNW  | PNW  Kiwanis Kiwanis builder buildermagazine magazine 17

Club leadership is an awfully big role. CLE can help you fill it. If you’ve taken a leadership role in your Kiwanis club, take a little time to ensure your success – with Club Leadership Education. Sessions are available online or in classroom settings. To complete your CLE training online, go to To take the training at District Convention this year, visit to find information and registration forms.

CLE at the District Convention: Thursday, August 21st 9 am – 4 pm Every incoming club president and secretary is expected to complete CLE by September 1.

Make your experience as an officer more enjoyable. Make your leadership more effective. 18

PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine | Summer 2014

Kiwanis International Foundation

Making a difference in the lives of children. Through the Kiwanis International Foundation, you can help make the future better for children around the world—and for members of Kiwanis’ youth programs. You can join the fight to eliminate a deadly disease like tetanus, and you can join the immediate response to disasters that threaten families’ health and welfare.

The foundation’s programs offer you a range of ways to make a difference— today and tomorrow Your Kiwanis club’s annual gift to the Kiwanis International Foundation helps support scholarships, disaster grants and project grants for the Pacific Northwest District Kiwanis clubs. Look around and you will see the impact of your club’s contribution in our district. Support next year’s projects with club gifts. Ask your officers if your club has made its’ annual contributions. Every club’s contribution makes a world of difference; from the Oso, Washington landslide disaster support to the Honduras projects and continuing success in eliminating Maternal-Neonatal Tetanus internationally, Pacific Northwest District Kiwanis clubs support Kiwanis’ global and local efforts.

Be a part of the success of Kiwanis International Foundation projects with contributions in your club’s name.

Show your appreciation Kiwanians are inspired to give. But sometimes it’s not just a matter of what inspires them, but who. The Kiwanis International Foundation gives individuals and clubs alike a chance to make a gift that honors or remembers someone special.

Kiwanis Leadership Society If you’ve been inspired by someone who has made a significant difference, show your appreciation with a US$250 Kiwanis Leadership Society gift. When you make the gift in his or her honor, you or your club will induct the honoree into the society. Consider outgoing club presidents or other officers, district governors or lieutenant governors, charter club members—or any friend, family member or fellow Kiwanian who deserves recognition.

Tablet of Honor Honor or memorialize someone with a gift of US$2,000 or more. When you do, honorees (or their family members) receive the Tablet of Honor, which notes that a gift was made in their name. Pay tribute to an individual, couple, club, company or organization. It’s a particularly effective show of appreciation in the event of a death, anniversary or other significant occasion.

The George F. Hixson Fellowship was named in honor of the first Kiwanis International president. A Hixson Fellowship recognizes a gift of US$1,000 The Walter Zeller Fellowship is available for a gift of US$1,250 or more to The Eliminate Project

For more information on the many ways the Kiwanis International Foundation benefits the Pacific Northwest, contact: Derek Valley Kiwanis International Foundation PNW District Chair (360) 951 9151

Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine


Kids’ safety is in your hands. Are you ready? Kiwanis is committed to protecting children—and your club members. Is your Kiwanis club ready to act according to the highest standards? Youth Protection Week is the perfect time to make sure. Start planning now, so you can: • Review the Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines • Offer youth protection training • Complete criminal-history background checks Learn more. And make Youth Protection Week come alive in your club. 20 PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine | Summer 2014

Key Club makes a difference for Portland teen PORTLAND, OR — Twenty-one Oregon high school seniors, nine of them from Portland, have won prestigious full-ride Gates Millennium Scholarships, which are designed to allow promising low-income minority students to attend college and graduate for free. Leroy Brandon from Roosevelt High School Key Club was one of the winners. His club was charted on November 1st, 2013 with 54 members by the Kiwanis Club of Montavilla. Here Leroy shares his personal essay with us.

Leroy shares his story . . . As I opened the door my mother welcomed me with open arms, her eyes glowing with delight. “Oh my gosh Leroy I’m so excited to see you!” She exclaimed. “Yeah, me too.” I replied nervously. “Oh I almost forgot, your sister is here and I’m pretty sure she will be excited to see you too.” Just hearing that boosted my sense of excitement. I panned the room for a little 4-year-old girl anxiously waiting for the return of her older brother, it had been years since I’d seen her and I was anxious for the day to come. What I actually found was a scared little girl waiting for this black figure to disappear. She stared at me with disgust and fear, her face darkening as I entered her presence. As I ran towards her I realized that she was running away and when I picked her up she started to cry and attempted to escape my hands. I put her down and she ran out and hid behind my mother. It was at that moment when I realized that my very first sister, my sole reason for continuing on with my life, my flesh and blood, did not remember her only brother. I exited the house with extreme dissatisfaction, disappointment, and discomfort. My mother tried to raise my hopes but it was no use, my sister forgot her brother. I still remember and feel the cold tears running down my cheeks. I wish I knew then, but that moment would be the last time I ever saw my sister. That moment made me feel as if I had failed as a person, a family member, but most importantly, a brother. I should have visited more often, but I just couldn’t find the courage to do so. I was pervaded with so much rage and vexation that I couldn’t find the courage in me. That moment saddened me and devastated me in a way that I can’t really explain. It was the worst moment in my life. This experience shaped my belief that family is important and family always comes first no matter what. As I walked out the door that day I stood motionless outside, looked to the sky and made a promise; a promise that I will do something so great that it will be impossible for my sisters, or anyone, to forget my success. That’s why I try my hardest to succeed. That moment created a new mindset in my head. That moment was the genesis of a new Leroy Brandon.

Leroy and the Roosevelt High School Key Club on charter day!

Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine


You’re part of our history. Be part of our celebration.

In 2015, Kiwanis will turn 100. A celebration this important requires preparation. Is your club getting ready? Add your inspiration to our global celebration. Get ideas and information on the 100th anniversary website!

Get ideas and information at 22 PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine | Summer 2014

Newsletter contest seminar to be offered at District Convention in August

First tower completed in new Kiwanis housing project for seniors in British Columbia

portland, oregon

richmond, british columbia

At the District Convention on Friday, August 22nd, Margie Swanson will be giving a seminar on newsletters and the importance of newsletters. A “dummy” newsletter has been prepared as an example of what is expected. She will be covering the criteria for newsletters as set forth by the PNW District.

Remember the old wooden buildings? We are topping the first tower in June. When this 60 million dollar project is complete we will have a modern housing complex for close to 600 seniors of limited income.

Margie was the recipient of the award for the best club newsletter in the District when she was the editor of The Kiwanian for the Kiwanis Club of Cedar Hills in Beaverton, Oregon.

How many is a “bazillion”? [Just ask the Kiwanis Club of Salem!]

“As this year’s Newsletter Judge I have enjoyed reading the many newsletters I have received. However, though entertaining and informative, many are lacking contacts and/or calendars,” said Swanson.

salem, oregon

The club newsletter is a way of communicating with members and potential members. It is very important that the information suggested by the District is in your newsletter.

In 2013-2014, Kiwanis members collected, sorted, and distributed books to 8,916 elementary, pre-school and Head Start children in 95 local schools for a total of 43,366 free books.

If you haven’t checked out the criteria for award-winning newsletters, go to the PNW website under resources; then go to awards and the newsletter competition criteria will be there. PNWKIResources/awards.html The criteria has not been updated for the 2014-2015 Kiwanis year as yet, but it will probably be the same. See you at convention! Margie Swanson District Newsletter Chair

Congratulations to the Kiwanis Club of Cascade Park in Vancouver, WA for recently chartering a new Key Club at Hela High School! 23

With the sale of ¾ of our property in downtown Richmond and housing credits from the City of Richmond, we will end up with a small mortgage of around 13 million.

PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine | Summer 2014

The Salem Kiwanis Club, in association with the Bazillion Books for Kids Program of the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation, donates thousands of books to Oregon school children. Kiwanis Towers, apartments for seniors, is located on Minoru Park in Richmond

Owned and operated by the Richmond Kiwanis Senior Citizens Housing Society, the Kiwanis Towers consist of two 16-storey concrete apartment buildings with a total of 296 onebedroom apartments. The Kiwanis Towers are located in the Brighouse Village neighborhood in Richmond, adjacent to Richmond Shopping Centre and the Minoru Park. As part of the overall City Centre area, this neighborhood is the heart of the City and features a mix of commercial, retail and residential development. The first Kiwanis Tower is expected to complete in spring 2015, followed by the second tower in the fall. It has taken every member of our club to pull this redevelopment off. You may not hear much from us, but we are out there and very busy!

Bazillion Books for Kids is a statewidewide effort to end book poverty and foster a life-long love of reading in Marion and Polk Counties and throughout Oregon by putting free books into the hands of every child. Led by the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation and funded by a volunteersupported bookstore, private donors, community partners, and various grants, the program’s goal is to give away more than 500,000 free books every year. A recent National Literacy Trust study of 18,000 children found that, “The presence of books in the home has a profound effect on all families, irrespective of parental occupation or social class.” Students who do not read proficiently by third grade are four times less likely to graduate from high school than proficient readers. Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine


Kiwanis Club of Shelton celebrates 90 years! shelton, washington Back in 1924, the Olympia Kiwanis Club sponsored the Shelton Kiwanis Club. In 2014, eight members of the Olympia Kiwanis Club went to help celebrate the Shelton Kiwanis Club’s 90th birthday on May 23. Lynn Urvina, current president of the Olympia Kiwanis Club, spoke about the history of both clubs and their service to their communities.

Past Governors in the PNW and Kiwanis International President Gunter Gasser at the Past Governors Committee meeting at Mid-Winter Boards in Seattle, April 2014. Pictured from left: Loren Lee, Steve Emhoff, Claudell King, Patrick Ewing, John Chelson, Lisa McCoy, Sylvester Neal, Gunter Gasser, Greg Holland. Photo by Gary Beller.

NVHS Key Club receives prestigious award grants pass, oregon On April 12, 2014, before a modest crowd, the North Valley High School Key Club, sponsored by Caveman Kiwanis, received an award for their fine work in the area of non-violence.

Mr. Kiwanis, Ron Pannell

Ron Pannell was named “Mr. Kiwanis” by the clubs in Division 38, for his 40+ years of service in Kiwanis in Mason County! Ron was president of the Shelton club in 1971, and again in 1990! He is a past Lt. Governor, and also the Vice President of the Board of the Washington State Kiwanis Law Enforcement Youth Camp. He has been active in the Shelton Forrest Festival, and is also a member of the Kristmas Town Kiwanis Club. Happy Birthday Shelton Kiwanis!

Their hard work and dedication to eradicating bullying in their school earned them the Gandhi-King Nonviolence Peacemaker Award in the youth category. This is the 17th Annual Award. Receiving the award were Rosemary Bruggeman, president, and Rochelle Banta, vice-president. Notably, two Kiwanians also received awards: Rev. Alan Little, in the Spiritual Center category, and George Agundez, for his lifetime achievement in working with the youth in the community. Both Alan and George belong to the Caveman Kiwanis club of Grants Pass, OR.

Your club is doing great things . . . why not share your story? Submission deadline for the Autumn issue of the KiwanisBuilder is

August 20

The Autumn issue will be available online only. 24

PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine | Summer 2014

“Everyday Hero” awards presented to Lori Santamaria and Byron Hiller federal way, washington Our Kiwanis Club has a tradition of giving an “Everyday Hero Award” to individuals who stand out in our community through their actions and activities, giving of themselves and sharing their talents and time for good causes, especially those related to helping children. “Everyday Hero Awards” were presented by Carole Abernathy to Lori Santamaria and Byron Hiller for their outstanding community service. Lori and Byron both give many volunteer hours with many organizations, including Kiwanis, throughout our community, and absolutely meet the requirements for the “Everyday Hero Award”. It was our honor to give this “Everyday Hero Award “ to Lori Santamaria and Byron Hiller for giving of their time and talents to our Murder Mystery Dinner Show on February 15th. The profits from this fundraiser will go back into our community to help with many causes focusing on children of all ages. Thank you for giving of your time and talents to our community and to our Kiwanis Club.

Fairbanks Kiwanis Club members assist with Artic Winter Games

Kiwanis Club of Bridgetown honors first recipients of new scholarship program

fairbanks, alaska

portland, oregon

This past March, Fairbanks was host to the 2014 Arctic Winter Games. The Arctic Winter Games is a highprofile sports competition for Northern and Arctic athletes that bring the circumpolar world closer together. The Games provide an opportunity to strengthen and showcase young people and communities through international games and sports development.

An “Ice Cream Social” on Tuesday, May 20th set the stage for club prresident Andy Jones and Jim McAllister, our Service Leadership Program Chair, to award $500 scholarships to our three inaugural “Bridgetown Scholars.”

Held once every two years, the Arctic Winter Games represent a high level of international opportunity for aspiring athletes, cultural artists, and performers from the circumpolar world (For more information: The Arctic Winter Games provided a great opportunity for the Fairbanks Kiwanis Club to show their support by logging over 364 volunteer hours throughout the weeks leading up to the Games and the during the week long competition. Each volunteer who logged more than 12 volunteer hours at the Games was given a “uniform” jacket. Because Fairbanks is known as the Golden Valley, the volunteer jackets were a golden yellow color.

Members of the Kiwanis Club of Fairbanks model their jackets. Back row, left to right: Heidi Giles, Wayne Miller, Ray Miller, Dan Foltz, Michael Wenstrup, Aaron Hines, Cassie Toth and Tyler Toth Front row, left to right: Marci Ward, Lisa Foltz, Jeff Rogers, and Sarah Swartz 25

PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine | Summer 2014

Perry Yazzolino is a member of the Grant High School Key Club, National Honor Society, Zoo Teens, and the school’s tennis and mock trial teams. Perry is headed for pre-med at Gonzaga University and plans to become a physician. Simon Chau is a member of the Benson High School Key Club, National Honor Society, Chinese Kung Fu Association and the Red Cross Club. A gifted student, Simon is headed to the University of Portland to prepare to become an engineer. Helen Dressa is a member of the Benson High School Key Club, Honor Society, Red Cross Club, Class Vice President, President of the Prom Committee and HOSA Representative. Her talents are many and she plans to share them with others as a Registered Nurse after attending the University of Oregon. The scholarships were awarded for academic and personal growth, outstanding leadership and caring service within the school, the club and the community. Eligibility requirements included an active involvement in Key Club or a nationally recognized leadership and community service organization, a 3.00 unweighted GPA or better, and enrollment in a College, University or Vocational training program. Application also required high school transcripts, two essays and at least one letter of recommendation from a teacher or advisor.

KIWANIS Kiwanis isn’t just a club Where old friends come to meet, Nor get away from office woes – Some “secret lunch retreat”. Our members have a common cause That binds us all as one, A willingness to share our time So projects can be done That benefit this world of ours And give a “hand” to others, Whose road is not as smooth as ours, ‘though they are still our brothers. Some members only give their time, While some can help with money, And working as a close-knit team Make other’s days more “sunny”. We help to build our public parks, Support our nation’s youth, We help the bell of freedom ring For liberty and truth. We give assistance to the old, The homeless and the poor, In ways that help them bear their load Of troubles they endure. We stand for family values, High morals, honor, truth; A strong belief and faith in God That’s passed on to our youth. Now these are not just empty words, Not just something we say – It’s by our actions that we prove The right to wear the “K”. T. C. Lyster Bend Kiwanis Club Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine


The photo shows Adam Wolotira, Head Counselor, explaining the scavenger hunt to the children. Adam is in the center of the photo, dressed in dark blue with the number 75 (for 75 years of Camp Casey) on his back.

Kiwanis Camp Casey holds annual bonding picnic seattle, washington Kiwanis Camp Casey is an annual camp provided each summer by the North Central Seattle (NC-S) Kiwanis club for 90 children who have physical disabilities. The club works year around to raise the $45,000 needed to put on the camp each year, which is held at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island. Barbara Williams, a member of the NC-S Kiwanis club, is the volunteer Director of the Camp Casey program. On May 17, 2014, the annual picnic was held at the North Seattle Alliance Church in Seattle. The picnic is held to start the bonding process between the 90 campers and the 60 volunteer high school and college age counselors, many who are Key or Circle K members. The picnic also provides an opportunity for parents of the campers to meet members of the sponsoring Kiwanis club. Head Counselor, Adam Wolotira, a member of the NC-S Kiwanis club, led the campers through activities at the picnic, including making greeting 26

PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine | Summer 2014

cards, decorating cookies and going on a scavenger hunt. Members of the NC-S Kiwanis club prepared the hot dogs and potato salad lunch. Volunteer Head Nurse Alena Lomax, a third generation NC-S Kiwanis member, answered questions for parents of new campers, giving reassurance to leave their children in NC-S Kiwanis care. Many of the children, parents and Kiwanis members stayed long after the announced 2 pm closing time to bask in the fellowship. “The thing I Love about this amazing camp is that I couldn’t be identified as ‘the kid in the wheelchair.’ ’’ Here is what Macy, a recent camper alumni and now a student at the University of Washington, had to say about our camp: “By the age of eight, I was well aware that I was different. I was happy, I had friends, but I was definitely different. My friends ran, jumped and skipped to get wherever they wanted. I on the

other hand sat in a wheelchair and pressed a button every time I wanted to go somewhere. I had seen kids like me before, but only in hospitals and therapeutic settings. It seemed as though these kids’ lives revolved around getting better. They looked as if they desperately needed to be fixed. I was different from disabled kids because of my ability and desire to be around able-bodied kids. I felt like I was stuck in the middle of two different worlds and I felt like I was one in a million because I had never met a kid like me before. And then, when my parents dropped me off in a parking lot to go to summer camp, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wasn’t one in a million. I saw kids who didn’t need to be fixed. They were completely normal, and they just happened to be using wheelchairs, walkers and crutches. They were kids exactly like me! With a smile from ear to ear, I remember thinking, ‘my life will never be the same.’ The thing I love about this amazing camp is that I couldn’t be identified as ‘the kid in the wheelchair.’ ”

Key Club DCON 2014 Kiwanis International President Gunter Gasser with Division 62 Key Club Lt. Governor, Tran Hoang from Benson High School in Portland, Oregon

Summer Summer 2014 2014 | |PNW  PNW  Kiwanis Kiwanis builder buildermagazine magazine 27

to benefit their communities wherever they live and work through grants in aid of further education.

Kiwanis Clubs share time and talents for Kiwanis One Day

The 2014 scholarships were awarded as follows:

These activities were held as part of Kiwanis ONE Day, a global volunteer action day uniting the entire Kiwanis family, including Kiwanis, Circle K, Key Club, Builder’s Club, Aktion Club, K-Kids and Kiwanis Junior.

$1,000 awarded to Jewel Denney who plans to attend Mt. Hood Community College.

Capital City Marathon benefits from Olympia Kiwanians & Key Clubbers olympia, washington The Milepost 25 water stop at the Capital City Marathon on May 18, 2014, was a success thanks to the efforts of the Olympia Kiwanis Club and their main work force - Olympia High School Key Club members! This water stop sees the folks from the “5 mile fun run” (is there really such a thing as a fun run?) (484 runners), the “Half Marathon” runners (1,005 runners), and the full “26.2 Capital City Marathon” runners (274 runners). Six Kiwanians and 15 Key Club members provided the staffing to insure these healthy runners had a fun day from 7 am to 1 pm. Just another way to support our community! – Jan B

$1,000 awarded to Tadeusz Dlugolecki who plans to attend the University of San Diego. $500 awarded to Marina Clark who plans to attend Oregon State University. $500 awarded to Jamie Layton who plans to attend Biola University in La Mirada California. $500 awarded to Kailyn Hooley who plans to attend the Pacific NW College of Arts. Scholarship candidates must attend a college, university or trade school during the upcoming academic year, have a cumulative high school GPA of 2.5 or better, are asked to write a 400 word essay with an emphasis on their community service and leadership qualities, as well as solicit two recommendation letters. The Kiwanis club raises the scholarship money through a 4th of July pancake breakfast every year at the Corbett Fun Fest.

On this day, nearly 600,000 volunteers around the world joined in devoting a few hours to hands-on volunteer service – nearly one million service hours around the world in just one day!

Trauma dolls for Doernbecher portland, oregon On May 5th, 165 trauma dolls and 35 fleece blankets produced by the Ross Island Early Risers, Montavilla Kiwanis and Bob and Sue Smith representing KDCCP, were presented to Doernbecher Hospital’s Child Life Director, Sandy Westfall. The dolls were a project for Kiwanis One Day in April. The project was organized by Evelyn Chapman and John Flaherty; Governor-elect Bob Munger participated in the presentation.

CRGKC presents scholarships to five area high schoolers corbett, oregon The Columbia River Gorge Kiwanis Club has awarded $3,500 in scholarships to Corbett High School graduates, said Michael Orelove, member of the Kiwanis Scholarship Committee. As a service organization, Kiwanis seeks to encourage students who have been actively in service to others, and who therefore will be likely to volunteer their time and leadership skills in the future 28

PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine | Summer 2014

Canned food drive (from left) Pat Haffner and Sylvia Maly, from the Columbia River Gorge Kiwanis Club of Corbett Oregon, present scholarships to Corbett High School graduates. Standing next to Sylvia is Nicole Philpot the President of the High School Key Club. The graduates are Tadeusz Dlugolecki, Kailyn Hooley, Jamie Layton, Marina Clark, and Jewel Denney.

seattle, washington For the past several years, West Seattle Kiwanis, alongside members of local high school Key Clubs and Scout Troops, have focused their efforts on Kiwanis One Day to help feed local families by hosting a canned food drive to benefit the West Seattle Food Bank at several area stores All items collected went to the West Seattle Food Bank.

Spaghetti for seniors

Fighting the wild blackberry

federal way, washington

portland, oregon

The Kiwanis Club of Greater Federal Way provides free “Spaghetti Luncheon” for Federal Way Senior Center members for Kiwanis One Day.

The Kiwanis Club of Bridgetown, Grant High Key Club and Benson Polytechnic High Key Club and their friends spent three (very wet) hours along Johnson Creek in Gresham removing invasive blackberry plants and other weeds.

Members of the Club made their own “delicious” version of Spaghetti Sauce and served approximately 100 seniors on Kiwanis One Day. Great time had by all, including comments: “Best Spaghetti Sauce” ever tasted. It was a fun day with our community seniors. Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell and family attended along with State Representative Linda Kochmar and City Council member, Susan Honda. Activities included dancing with music provided by the Senior Center’s own band. Beautiful fresh flower bouquets on each table made for a wonderful event. Thomas Jefferson High School Key Clubbers helped, always doing a GREAT job!

We all wore our new Kiwanis in Action club t-shirts and posed pretty for the professional photographer sent by Kiwanis International*.

Park beautification yakima, washington

olympia, washington

Kiwanis One Day was one special day in Yakima. Members and friends of West Valley Kiwanis, Yakima Kiwanis, the newly forming K-Kids at Barge-Lincoln Elementary, Yakima Valley Aktion Club, Apple Valley Kiwanis, and Kamiakin Kiwanis beautified four city parks in Yakima.

Members of the Olympia Kiwanis Club spent Saturday morning and afternoon, April 5th, at the Briggs YMCA Kids Fun Fair! Eighty children were fitted by Kiwanians for bicycle helmets to keep them safe while riding their bicycles, scooters, and skateboards.

Rubbing shoulders, they cleaned up grounds, painted tables and other structures, spread new chips on play areas, and generally experienced the joy of service. Following the work opportunity, we gathered for a picnic to share the benefits of our work.

YMCA Fun Fair

This project was tackled alongside the Johnson Creek Watershed Project, whose mission is to promote restoration and stewardship of a healthy Johnson Creek Watershed through sound science and community engagement. Following the project, the club provided a pizza lunch for volunteers. * Bridgetown member Kathryn Arnone is featured on page 33 of the July issue of the Kiwanis magazine. Not sure how she managed such a wonderful smile in all the rain and mud!

The bike helmets were donated by Safe Kids Thurston County at a value of $800! It was a real joy to see the children and their parents walk away with a properly fitting bike helmet!


PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine | Summer 2014

Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine




Please mail the form with your check payable (US Dollars) to PNW Kiwanis • c/o Cindy Crowther at PO Box 2144 Sisters, OR 97759 Questions? - call 541-419-9890 The bricks will be placed in a patio at the entrance to the new complex Name: ___________________________________________

As part of our landscaping, we are going to make space for a couple of commemorative brick patios that will enhance the grounds. We are offering to you the opportunity to leave your legacy at this new facility with the purchase of a personal brick that will form part of the patios. Proceeds from this project will help us maintain the grounds and facility, ensuring that we keep our new face fresh and inviting. We hope you will want your name to be etched in brick as well!

Team Pamela / 212

Phone:___________________________________________ Email: ___________________________________________

4x8 Brick – $100 each (Red Brick with black block lettering) Each box below represents a character – Please Print Clearly 14 characters per line, 3 lines maximum (will be centered on brick) Characters include letters, numbers, commas, periods, dashes, spaces etc.

Team Holland


8x8 Brick – $250 each (Gray Brick with black block lettering) Each box below represents a character – Please Print Clearly 14 characters per line, 5 lines maximum (will be centered on brick) Characters include letters, numbers, commas, periods, dashes, spaces etc.


HAVE YOU MOVED? If you have moved, or are planning to move, please print your name and new address: Name_____________________________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________________________ City_ _____________________________ St/Prov_______ Postal/Zip Code____________ Send this form, with the address label from the back cover, to: Member Services Department Kiwanis International 3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 46268

Fax: 317-879-0204 Email:

The Community Partnership Program is an Awareness campaign that

exposes what we do every day in every community to new people and businesses that WANT to participate and be partners with Kiwanis. Please support these businesses and individuals currently supporting kids and their communities through the PNW Community Partnership Program:

USKH Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Anchorage, AK

Nancy’s Floral . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gresham, OR

Aon Reed Stenhouse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kamloops, BC

Sweet Betty’s Bistro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gresham, OR

CIBC Wood Gundy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kamloops, BC

State Farm Insurance-Roland Havens . . . . . . . . Portland, OR

Colin Noble . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kamloops, BC

Eastside Dental Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Troutdale, OR

Dr. Felian Cabael . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kamloops, BC

Space Savers Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tualatin, OR

Kamloops Hearing Aid Centre Ltd . . . . . . . . . . Kamloops, BC

Henery Hardware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kingston. WA

Kipp Mallery Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kamloops, BC

Wetter Family LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kingston, WA

Scott’s Inn & Restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kamloops, BC

The Grub Hut . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kingston, WA

United Steelworkers 7619 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kamloops, BC

M&K Consulting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Redmond, WA

Summer 2014 | PNW Kiwanisbuilder magazine 31


Kiwanis International 5427 Glen Echo Avenue Gladstone, OR 97027 USA

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