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north sound living vol 4 #1

Recreation Boredom is never an option if you live in Skagit or Whatcom County. Whether it’s wagering on the roll of the dice, or retracing the colorful path of the founders who carved this area from the wilderness, the opportunities for entertainment in Skagit and Whatcom counties can satisfy any need for diversion. Gambling Skagit Valley Casino Resort /%BSSL-BOFt#PX 360-724-7777, 877-275-2448 Operated by the Upper Skagit Tribe on land adjacent to I-5 at Bow, halfway between Everett and Bellingham, The Skagit is one of the region’s newest destination resorts. All the fun and excitement of a 28 million dollar Las Vegas-style casino in a friendly atmosphere, with concerts and events, more than 650 slot machines, table games and a generous player reward program.

Save money while loving and caring for your pet (ARA) - Pets are members of our families. They are our best friends and love us devotedly.

Pet care can be a major line item in the family budget, as food, medicine, grooming tools and toys aren't cheap. But there are ways to save money on pet supplies while keeping your pet North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1

healthy, happy and looking good. Âť Check the mailbox for fliers, inserts and community newspaper ads from pet stores in your vicinity. You may score a discount on food, treats or grooming from a neighborhood merchant or a national chain. Âť Look in the back of your local area phone book for coupons, which are typically valid for a long period of time. If you check the phone book when it first arrives at your house, you may have an entire year to redeem some of the discounts. Âť Contact the companies that manufacturer your favorite pet brands and sign up for their mailing list. Be sure to include your e-mail address. That way, you'll be able to receive coupon codes to use online as well as coupons for preferred products to bring to your local brick and mortar store. Âť Keep up with preventive maintenance, and shop online for prescription pet medicines through Most online pet pharmacies offer free shipping, and you can save even more with pet prescription coupons that are valid for heartworm medications, flea and tick preventatives, and more. Âť Use the power of the Internet to save on most pet items. 33