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APRIL 26, 2019

Healthcare & Medical Expo



e invite you to attend the Healthcare and Medical Expo May 4th from 11AM-4PM at the Kitsap Mall. (in center court) Kitsap has state of the art medical services and we want our community and outlying counties to be aware of the gem we have in our own back yard! Currently in Silverdale, Harrison has an expansion being built to meet the needs of tomorrow. In addition, there are many Surgery Centers, Clinics, Naturalists, Eastern Medicine, Stem Cell, Specialty Medicine and Preventative Care! We have a VA Clinic under construction! There is no need to go any further than Kitsap for all your medical needs or concerns. You can stay in our local hotels, bed-and-breakfasts or Airbnb’s while you or your loved ones are recovering from a procedure.

All while enjoying beautiful inlets, bays, or just walking the shores of the Kitsap Peninsula, or other land trails. We are truly a place to relax and heal. We have many Kathleen Gordon amenities in Kitsap including shopping at our malls, Mom and Pop shops, destination shopping, and businesses for the arts. Experience great food from a tiny diner, to large restaurants, authentic restaurants and eateries. Our goal is for Kitsap and outlying Counties to see what Kitsap has to offer and bring business tourism to Kitsap County, which promotes a healthy prosperous community. At the Healthcare and Medical

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Dr. Robin Fiscus, Audiologist, as owned and operated Simply Hear in Bremerton, Washington since 2013.

Expo, you will be able to hear from and ask the expert’s in their field questions in addition to finding resources. Speakers will begin their topics at 11 AM in center court of Kitsap Mall and be available to speak with you at their booths. Kitsap has a focus on Health and Wellness that offers the best of care. We will provide multiple booths with medical representatives and doctors, for you to reach out and speak to the specialists on site! This will include Oncology, Orthopedic, Cardiac Care, Family Medicine, and so much more. There will be hearing and eye testing and much more! This event is sponsored by CHI Franciscan, Acupunture and Wellness, Equilibrium, and Kitsap Physical Therapy. Thank you to our organizers, Silverdale Chamber of Commerce, Kitsap Mall, Kitsap News Group, and Kitsap County for your efforts in promoting our medical community! If you are in the medical profession or a medical support business and wish to be a part of this expo, please contact Silverdale Chamber of Commerce at 360-692-6800


Harrison Hospital, CHI Franciscan Dr. Peter Lundbad Concussion Care

11:30 AM

Acupuncture and Wellness Bob Doane Secret of Longevity


Kitsap Physical Therapy Dave Damon Assistance Getting Back to Work After Injury or a Condition

12:30 PM Equilibrium Dr.Fisher Anxiety and Depression 1:00 PM

Harrison Hospital, CHI Franciscan Dr. Peter Lundbad Concussion Care

1:30 PM

AM Acupuncture and Wellness Bob Doane Most Important things for Vitality


Kitsap Physical Therapy Dave Damon Assistance Getting Back to Work After Injury or a Condition

2:30 PM Equilibrium Dr.Fisher Anxiety and Depression

Kathleen Gordon President, CEO Silverdale Chamber of Commerce

We are the region’s top source of custom hearing aids and we take immense pride in tailoring our solutions around each individual. At Simply Hear, we understand the challenges associated with hearing loss, and we’re here to help you work through them, to live the fullest possible life. Our primary goal is always to provide you with the hearing solutions that allow you to continue doing the things you love. We emphasize custom hearing solutions no matter what type of lifestyle you lead or what your level of hearing loss may be.

Many Veterans are affected by hearing loss and tinnitus. Simply Hear is the VA Choice Preferred Provider for Kitsap County. If you have served in the military, you may qualify for hearing healthcare benefits and disability compensation from the VA. Dr. Fiscus is an outstanding Audiologist, recognized by the American Speech and Hearing Association, and she also has an exceptional penchent for helping people hear better while saving money. Paid for by: Simply Hear

The staff at Simply Hear will be happy to help you navigate the paperwork required to apply for the best hearing instruments - whether it is filed through an OWCP claim for PSNS workers, or a Washington State Labor and Industry noiseinduced hearing loss claim, or renewing your old VA technology. She is also very fun. Her business is her passion, however, when not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband while cooking unique new recipes with hard-tofind ingredients from her enormous library of wild and off-the-wall cookbooks.


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