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For more information, contact director@ or 360-374-2531. Forks High School, 261 S. Spartan Ave., is where the characters attend school and where Bella met Edward. Forks Police Department, 500 E. Division St., is where Police Chief Charlie Swan, Bella’s father, works. Forks Community Hospital, 530 Bogachiel Way, is where Bella — a selfproclaimed klutz — is a frequent visitor, and where Dr. Carlisle Cullen — Edward’s “father” — is employed. Forks Outfitters, 950 S. Forks Ave., is considered the “Newton’s Olympic Outfitters” store owned by the Newton family and where Bella works. Stop at the welcome to Forks sign, located at the north entrance to Forks, to take a photo. Don’t forget about La Push About 15 miles west of Forks on state Highway 110 is La Push, another town with Twilight fame. La Push may be off-limits to vampires, but werewolf fans — and yes, vampire fans, too — can visit the Quileute reservation where Bella’s friend Jacob lives. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Quileute reservation while checking out First Beach, where Bella first learned of “the cold ones” from Jacob, who later is revealed to be a werewolf. The cliffs where the werewolves and Bella are said to have gone cliff diving are visible from La Push — but visitors should know that cliff diving is illegal and dangerous. The Quileute have a connection to wolves in legends, but no werewolves and vampires actually exist in them.

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More to see in Port Angeles The former Lincoln Theater, 132 E. First St., is considered the same cinema where some of the characters see films. The theater closed in 2014 and is in the process of undergoing renovations to become a performance venue. The first three film adaptations were shown there. Just down the street from the theater is Bella Italia, 118 E. First St., where Edward and Bella have their first date (called La Bella Italia in the novel). The bookstore where Bella goes to shop after her friends look for dresses has two possibilities. It could either be Odyssey Bookshop, 114 W. Front St., or Port Book and News, 104 E. First St., which are within walking distance of Bella Italia. Bella would have flown into quaint William R. Fairchild International Airport, located off Airport Road on the outskirts of Port Angeles.



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Special Sections - Olympic Peninsula Visitors Guide Summer 2018  


Special Sections - Olympic Peninsula Visitors Guide Summer 2018