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Elders in the garden by Gretchen M. Krampf

Our summer 2017 “Elders in the Garden” program comes to a close this week. We have had 11 to 14 participants each week and together we have harvested from the Orcasong garden and worked together to create delicious, healthy luncheons. Maura Lynn, our market gardener, created a beautiful book of weekly recipes and she was assisted by our summer WWOOFers (willing worker on organic farms) Leila, Rachel, Amy and Travis. Many thanks to you, our generous supporters, through Orcas Island Community Foundation’s spring program. Your donations have enabled us to outfit and provision our garden teaching kitchen, including a three compartment sink and prep counter, a gas grill with side burner, knives and utensils, cutting boards, prep/cooking/serving settings as well as resourcing program design and delivery. Orcasong Institute and Farm

will continue to develop and offer programs to members of our Orcas community – for all ages! There is continuing interest to offer programming with our islands’ elders and we are connecting with early childhood programs and the Funhouse Commons to see what 2018 can bring for our youngsters. I hope you will come out to Orcasong Farm sometime soon and see what we are growing. Our fields will soon be planted with acres of lavender and our garden is still producing a bounty of fall vegetables. And thank you, again, for your commitment and support of our Island community. Krampf is the director and community catalyst for Orcasong. She can be reached at gretchen.krampf@ or 360-317-8220.

Right Care. Right Here. When you need health care, it’s nice to know that you can get the care you need, right here on the island. PeaceHealth Peace Island Medical Center is San Juan County’s only critical access hospital.

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Primary Care Specialty Clinics

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Hospital Services Emergency Department

Find the care you need at

Pictured above: Kristen R., PeaceHealth caregiver

Senior Resource Guide


Making a plan for your possessions By Margaret C. Langlie

Law offices of Goddu, Langlie, Loring, Sandstrom

Fred and Ethyl are aging gracefully in place in their own home on San Juan Island. In the attic of the home are boxes of old photographs of family and friends and ancestors they never knew; more boxes of greeting cards dating back to their first year of marriage; more boxes with school projects, ribbons and trophies they’ve been saving for their kids; still more boxes with some vintage clothing and toys. In the spare bedroom Fred has a lifetime collection of National Geographic magazines on the floor; Ethyl has 50 years of accumulated quilting fabrics and partially completed sewing projects piled on the bed and dresser. In the master bedroom is the heavy dark walnut five-piece bedroom set they inherited from Fred’s parents; in the dining room is the slightly tarnished silver tea service Ethyl inherited from her grandmother. Walls are filled with family portraits, prints of varying quality, and a few stunning pieces of Northwest carvings. You can paint your own picture of the basement and the garage.

Ending #1 Fred and Ethyl have invited their three children to come to the island for Thanksgiving this year, divide these treasures among them, and take it all home with them when they leave. Dutifully, the children agree amicably among themselves to a fair division of the “stuff” and they board the ferry Sunday morning with all of it in tow. (Luckily, there was a large utility trailer in the garage!) And they all lived happily ever after.

Ending #2 None of the children were available to come for Thanksgiving that year. Years later, after both Fred and Ethyl had died, the children gathered in the family home to divide these treasures (“equitably” said their wills) among them. None of the children wanted the contents of the attic; they all wanted the Northwest carvings; no one had room for the bedroom set or any desire to polish silver. One sister took a box of family photographs and promised to digitize and share them. The brother took a few tools from the garage. The children dutifully arranged a garage sale, and then used the utility trailer to haul everything else to the Thrift Store and various consignment shops in Friday Harbor. And, after all of that work, they lived happily ever after.

Ending #3

How will you write the ending?

Magazine writers and bloggers are touting the importance of simplifying, downsizing and letting go of personal possessions – often referred to rather cavalierly as “stuff.” In my professional practice I work with clients who are planning an orderly transition of their assets to their children. There is no single best way to accomplish the transition, but the discussion begins with a frank assessment of the nature of personal property (“stuff”), its monetary and/or sentimental value – and the practical solutions for finding a home for the family piano or the tarnished silver or the valuable original art. Let’s be honest, some stuff is easier to let go of than others.

Excellent care for your loved one offers you great peace of mind.



Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Senior Care.

Our trained volunteers focus on the needs of people trying to cope with the reality of death as an approaching part of life’s journey. Your tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated! Hospice of San Juan PO Box 1434 Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Call us at: 360–472-0322

State Licensed


Quality, personal care including dementia care and care for those recovering from falls or stroke. We offer a comfortable and safe, beautiful home setting with experienced, fully trained and Washington State Certified staff. We administer resident care with love and respect. Reasonable rates. Four residents maximum. References available. You are welcome to visit us anytime. 360-378-2705 or 360-378-7848 80 Wildflower Lane, Friday Harbor WA 98250

Senior Resource Guide


To your good health

simple things help make healthy aging possible Have you noticed that the numbers in the phone book seem to be getting smaller? Do you find it harder to get down on your knees to look under the bed—and to get up again?

Orcas Community Resource Center facilitates referrals and identifies available resources to improve quality of life with the help of local, county, and state agencies.

• Veterans Assistance • Energy Assistance • DSHS Applications • Transportation Voucher Program • Medicaid Transportation

• Apple Health • Social Services & Advocacy • Community Wellness Program • Weatherization And so much more!

Please call 360.376.3184 for an appointment at our new office, 374A North Beach Road next to Wildlife Cycles!

There’s no question that age brings changes to our lives. And yes, some of them we’d prefer to avoid. Physically, for example, stiffening joints can make it harder to get around. And many people find that their short-term memory just isn’t what it used to be. Often, difficult personal situations, such as the death of a spouse, can add to the negative changes. But age can bring positive changes too. One survey found that many older people say they have less stress and more time for family, interests and hobbies than they used to. In fact, the vast majority of older people report they are satisfied with their lives. To a great extent, what older age will be like for you depends on how you live now and how you cope with the changes that come your way.You may not be able to turn back time, but you can move in a direction that may make getting older easier and more pleasant. Here are a few pointers: Decide to have an active mind and body. Remember the adage “Use it or lose it.” Opt to be involved. Isolation can contribute to depression and other health problems. So keep connected to family and friends. Social connections can help ensure that you have physical and emotional support for what comes your way. Choose a healthy lifestyle. The advice you heard when you were younger still applies: Eat well, maintain a healthy weight, get enough rest, don’t smoke, do what you can to stay safe and see your doctor regularly. Relish your leisure time. Do things you enjoy, and allow yourself some downtime. Too much stress can contribute to a host of health problems. Practice healthy ways to cope. Believe in yourself, and remember:You can handle whatever comes your way.

A client-centered law firm experienced in guiding seniors through the legal and the practical aspects of planning well for life, disability and death.

Senior Resource Guide


Lopez Hamlet Cottages Leased Garden Cottages for Active Islanders Ages 55+

Interested in downsizing or simplifying? Check out The Hamlet Cottages, a beautiful, vibrant, connected community in the heart of Lopez Island.

Your 1-year lease includes: • Personal Assistant’s help with housekeeping, errands and chores, twice monthly • Spacious laundry room with washer/dryer in your cottage • Airy, bright rooms with skylights, cathedral ceiling, zone heating • Large kitchen with full-size refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher • Concerts, art openings, performances and cultural events • Reserved parking • Building and grounds maintenance • Water, sewer, trash pick-up Our 1-bedroom cottages are reserved for those with modest income. Rates begin at $997/month Two bedroom cottages, $1787/month For more information please call The Hamlet at 468-2620 or visit our website

San Juan Island’s Favorite Corner — Since 1920 —

San Juan Physical Therapy, Inc. Offers Specialized Comprehensive Treatment in: Orthopedic Injuries, Neurological Conditions, Pain Management, Foot Care, Athletic Training, Balance and Cancer Rehabilitation, and our newest program for Parkinson’s:


Painted by Lanny Little, the front of the store features the interior of the original pharmacy based on photos from Al Nash Jr. Art donated by A&H Stores, owners.

Prescriptions • Souvenirs T Shirts & Sweatshirts • Cosmetics Hallmark Cards & Gifts, Gift Wrap Candy • Party Ware Art, Office & School Supplies Pictured L to R; Tyler Cornell, Cindy Lonsinger, Cammie Sink, Suzie Lefever, Julia Thompson, Donna Miller

Contact the team at

San Juan Physical Therapy 570-B Spring St, Friday Harbor • 360-378-4112

210 Spring Street, Friday Harbor •


Mon.–Sat. 9 a.m.–7 p.m.; Sun. 10 a.m.–4 p.m.



Fun and games for seniors at the Mullis Senior Center

Mullis Center news

by Rita Weisbrod

The Mullis Senior Center in Friday Harbor has been busy expanding programs and events to better serve San Juan Island seniors. In March 2017, the operating committee hired Debbie Haagensen as center manager to help coordinate their vision and keep important programs in place, including the pancake breakfasts, coupon book fundraiser and senior lunches. Debbie is helping the center move forward with other exciting events and programs, including adding more exercise classes. There are now three yoga classes and a balance class available at the center with more being planned. Upcoming new events that you are welcome to attend include Seahawks Sundays and Fun Friday Lunches and Bingo – see the story at left. Debbie is interested in hearing about more activities of interest for the 55 plus population and establishing more partnerships with local businesses and organizations, so please let her know

Vice-Chair Woman, Mullis Senior Community Center

Sometimes you just wanna have fun! This fall, the Mullis Senior Center on San Juan Island is giving seniors lot of opportunities for that. First, we have Seahawks Sundays at the Mullis Center, starting Sept. 17. For the first time this year,  we are opening the center for Seahawks Sundays. Remaining games are: Oct. 1: Indianapolis, 5:30 p.m. kickoff Oct.  29: Houston, 1:05 p.m. kickoff Mullis Center doors open at 12:30 p.m. for pre-game chatter.  Tailgate rules: Bring your own snacks or the grill is open for you to buy food at the center. Bring a comfortable chair or use one of ours. Cheering is encouraged, but we don’t yet have a designated cheerleader. (Maybe there’s an opening here!) Also new this fall: Fun Friday Lunches. Starting Oct. 13 from noon to 2 p.m., we’re planning on making it a monthly event. First we’ll eat, then we’ll play. We’ll have sandwiches, soup or salad followed by BINGO! The price is $6 for lunch plus the cost of your bingo cards. We appreciate the help of our partners, the Soroptimists, for helping us offer this new fun time.

Submitted by Mullis Center Staff

NOW OPEN ON LOPEZ & ORCAS ISLANDS We’re delighted to announce new primary care choices for Lopez and Orcas Islands. Right now we’re accepting appointments, including same-day availability– or you can choose to receive care from our Virtual Clinic. Whichever choice you make, you’ll receive comprehensive primary care, right here at home.

UW Medicine Lopez Island

UW Medicine Orcas Island 360-468-2245 360-376-2561

your ideas. You can also contact her if you are interested in renting the center for an event, want to volunteer, or want to join any of the groups – knitters, quilters, mah jongg, painters, garden club, duplicate bridge, caregivers support, etc. – that use the center facilities and we can put you in touch with their coordinators. Become a center member for only $20/ year and receive a free monthly newsletter that highlights upcoming events and programs. Interested in playing an active role in the planning and operations of the senior center? Elections for committee board members are in October so contact us asap if you are interested! With weekly activities, rentals and events increasing at the center, the committee is also looking at options for expanding the facilities and would love community input. For more information, visit the center, call us at 360-378-2677, visit our website at or contact Debbie Haagensen at 360-378-9102 or

Senior Resource Guide


Aging gracefully

Functional movements are necessary for independent living

by Angela Douglas

Orcas Athletics and Crossfit

We would all love a world were we could eat and drink whatever we wanted without the health issues that usually come with that lifestyle. Most of us battle some sort of health problem or will at some point in our lives. There are those among us, however, who manage to age gracefully. What are their secrets? Proper diet, proper exercise and proper lifestyle choices are the keys. Nutrition is the first step to setting your foundation of a healthy life. Staying away from processed foods and sugars are a great start. Strengthening the squat, deadlift and press will allow you to stay independent longer. How are you going to continue to use the restroom without help if you can’t go from a seated position to a standing posi-

tion (squat)? When you’re alone and drop your keys, how are you going to unlock your door if you can’t bend down and pick them up (deadlift)? And those groceries you just bought – who is going to put them away on the shelves if you are not strong enough to lift them over your head (press)? We do these movements everyday; why not strengthen them to ensure that we can continue to do them longer? Commitment to health will allow you to live your life to the fullest. Let us help you live a long healthy life! Angela and Thaddeus Douglas own and operate Orcas Athletics and Crossfit in Eastsound. For more information, visit or call 360-376-6361.

We are not just protecting your assets; we are protecting your way of life!

365 North Beach Rd, #106, Eastsound | 360-376-5707 office | 360-722-2802 direct

Madrona Point Insurance is proud to have Judi Madan (right) and Alexis Beckley on its team. Our reciprocal partnership for health and life with Harald Schot and Kimberly McCann has rounded out the services we provide and helped us to provide information and keep up with the ongoing changes in the ACA. We are very proud to be a locally owned business and offer you insurance service here on Orcas Island!

Hamlet House Adult Family Home

A Great Place To Be!

Attentive, professional 24-hour care in a home-like setting Our nurturing staff creates a welcoming, homelike environment where those needing assistance with the activities of daily life feel safe and valued. Six private rooms are located on the first floor. The large, sunny living room overlooks the gardens and Hamlet Green. Residents enjoy three home cooked healthy meals a day. Days are enjoyable and interesting. Sit and Be Fit exercise, afternoon movies, porch gardening, bingo, and help connecting with family and friends are just a sampling of the sweet flow of life at Hamlet House.

Monthly rate: $5,433/month; lower rate may be available for those with limited resources More information, please call Administrator Becky Smith at 468-3800

Senior Resource Guide


Supporters of Orcas Community Resource Center impact lives Submitted by Orcas Community Resource Center

The Orcas Community Resource Center advocates for individuals and families in need of services and assistance. Through partnerships with multiple organizations, we ensure islanders have access to health insurance, mental and physical health services, heat for their homes, essentials for their families, assistance when faced with eviction, clothing, dental and vision care, veterans’ benefits, programs for parents of young children, kindergarten readiness, and more. Just as importantly, the staff and volunteers of the resource center are committed to providing help that is caring, confidential, and focused on helping people solve problems and accessing the resources that they need for

their well-being. The resource center could not do this work without friends, neighbors, businesses and like-minded organizations who partner with us to help meet the needs of our fellow islanders – including support and practical assistance during a crisis. A gift of rental assistance can help save a family’s home. Ferry tickets allow Orcas islanders to receive timely medical treatment. Island Market and Orcas Food Co-op gift cards help put food and essentials on the table. Counselors help people weather a crisis or a run of bad luck. “The winter season is a very busy time for the resource center. Please join us in our mission to promote the well-being of our Orcas Island neighbors,” say staff members.

Adopting a pet later in life Companion animals bring great joy to their owners. The unconditional love cats and dogs provide appeals to people of all ages. While many people associate pets with kids who can’t wait to welcome the first cat or dog into their homes, pets can benefit aging men and women as well. It’s not uncommon for seniors to feel lonely or depressed when they retire, their children move away or they lose a spouse or close friend or friends. The American Humane Society states that studies show pets help seniors overcome loneliness and depression by providing affection, company and entertainment. Pets also provide much-needed mental stimulation, and many pet owners find their pets help them become more physically active as well. Seniors who adopt pets may also feel a sense of purpose when helping animals who may not have anywhere to live – this is particularly true of older companion animals. It’s important that seniors carefully weigh the benefits of adopting a pet against any limitations they may have. Having a backup plan for care is advantageous as well. When seniors are looking to adopt a pet, there are various reasons why older pets or particular animals might be the perfect fit for them. • Adult pets may already be house trained, saving seniors the trouble and effort of training them. • Seniors may find cats fit their lifestyles more than dogs, as cats are less active and do not need to be walked or played with as much as dogs. Cats also are small and easily maneuverable, meaning even seniors who have arthritis or other physical limitations can easily care for cats. Many cats are also content to spend long periods of time sleeping on their owners’ laps. • Small dogs that can be active within the house might be a good idea as well, especially for seniors with mobility issues. They’re also easily transported to and from vet appointments. Visit local shelters to see if there is a dog or cat in need of a home:, and

Orcas Senior Center

Age Well on Orcas We Sincerely value your involvement with the Orcas Senior Center. Thank you Yes, I/we want to join the Orcas Senior Center for 2017/2018 (8/1/17-7/31/18) [ ] Individual Membership ($25) [ ] Dual Membership ($40) I/we wish to make an additional contribution to support the Orcas Senior Center [ ] $25 [ ] $50 [ ] $100 [ ] $250 [ ] $500 [ ] $____

Member Name: _________________________________ 2nd Member: _________________________________ Mailing Address: ________________________________ Phone: _______________Email: ___________________ How would you like to receive our newsletter? [ ] Mail [ ] Email [ ] Do not send me one Please make check payable to Orcas Senior Center and mail with completed form to: PO Box 1653, Eastsound, WA 98245, or bring it in to our front desk. Thank you!

Senior Resource Guide

How older adults can reduce their risk of falls Falls are one of the biggest contributors to fatal and nonfatal injuries among seniors. Such accidents not only threaten safety, but they also can compromise a person’s independence. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says every 13 seconds an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall. In addition, every 20 minutes an older adult dies from a fall. One-third of Americans age 65 and older falls each year. Falls do not have to be an accepted side effect of aging. With some balance training and other techniques, older men and women can avoid falls. The National Council on Aging and its National Falls Prevention Resource Center have implemented fall-prevention programs. By following these guidelines, individuals can remain safe and upright. • Get a vision check-up. A decrease in visual ability and perception can increase risk of falls. Impaired vision can cause people to trip over items they can’t see, miss steps or bump into obstacles. Make

sure your vision has been checked recently and you are using contact lenses or glasses as prescribed by an eye doctor. • Know your medication side effects. Ask your doctor about the medications you are taking and whether they can contribute to dizziness or decreased balance. Medicines that affect blood pressure can lead to light-headedness as well. Your doctor may be able to substitute a medication with an alternative if your existing prescription is affecting your balance. • Begin a regimen of strength training. The National Institutes of Health suggests strength exercises to keep muscles strong. Strength training also can impact the strength of bones, as well as increase metabolism. • Engage in specific balance exercises. Balance exercises can improve stability. Balancing on one foot while standing for a period of time is one such exercise. Stand up from a seated position without using your hands, then shift your

weight from the left to the right while standing on the respective leg on that side. A physical therapist can work with you to ensure you are using correct form. • Try tai chi. Take classes at a gym or senior center. Tai chi is a form of movement training that can help strengthen the body, improve balance and improve flexibility. • Be aware of posture. Try to maintain weight over the ankles. Do not lean too far forward or


backward, which can cause you to topple over. Keep your feet in a wide stance while standing. • Don’t make quick movements. Always stand up and sit down slowly. Jarring motions may affect equilibrium or blood pressure, leading to unsteadiness. Always consult with a doctor before beginning any balance exercises or if you suspect balance issues are stemming from an illness or condition.

ZUMBA GOLD with ORCAS DANCE FITNESS! Odd Fellows Hall, Wednesdays at 10:30, Thursdays at 9:30

A fun, low-impact, 45 minute dance workout. Easy-to-follow, great for all ages. Come dance with your friends, to great Latin and world music. Join us! $5/class, first class free for locals! Alyson Stephens, 376-5868,

LAHARI Questions About Caregiving on Orcas? · What are the organizations that provide support and resources for family caregivers? · Is there a list of professional caregivers on the island? · How to bring additional help into the home? · What are the best caregiver interview questions? · How to do a caregiver background check? · What are the financial and legal considerations of hiring a caregiver? For answers to these questions and more, visit: A Lahari Aging on Orcas Resource

Physical fitness is just as important in your 60s as it is in your 20s. Orcas Athletics & CrossFit has so much to offer to our senior population, such as, Water Aerobics, Focus on Fitness and Pilates on the Ball. Not to mention our personal trainers who are willing to help you reach your goals and much more! Stop by today! 360.376.6361 188 A Street • Eastsound

Services for Seniors

Over 500 Large Print titles Audio books on CD Downloadable ebooks and audio books, Friendly assistance with your mobile devices, Deposit collections at Orcas Senior Services and Orcas Longhouse, Home delivery service available, and more! Call us 376-4985 Call us at at (360) (360) 376-4985


Senior Resource Guide

Senior Services of San Juan County

Submitted by Senior Services Staff

Do you have questions about how Medicare works? Need home delivered meals while recovering from a surgery or hospital visit? Want to pursue a yoga class to increase your flexibility and overall health? Chances are Senior Services of San Juan County, housed at the senior centers on your island, can help you with any of these goals. Senior Services programs are offered under contract with Northwest Regional Council through the San Juan County Health and Community Services Department in partnership with the nonprofit organization that oversees the three senior centers. This enables Senior Services to offer a wide array of services and enrich-

ments: affordable rides off-island for seniors to medical appointments and shopping, senior lunches, talks and workshops that address health and legal issues, support groups, wheelchair and walker loans, foot care services, swing dance classes and many other opportunities. San Juan Island, Orcas Island, and Lopez Island each have their own senior center, which serve as resource and information centers for all programs affecting those over age 60, and those adults with disabilities. The senior centers on all three islands serve congregate hot lunches. The lunches are served twice weekly on San Juan and Lopez, and now three times weekly on Orcas. There is a suggested donation to cover the

cost, but those in need pay what they can. Meals are also delivered to homebound seniors through the program commonly known as “Meals on Wheels”. Our job at senior services of San Juan County is to assist seniors in remaining independent and in their homes for as long as possible, attempting to postpone or eliminate the need for residential or institutional care. All our services are geared towards this focus, including respite care for caregivers, caregiver support group and classes, case coordination and information, food and transportation assistance and social events. Community-based care is what we are all about and is crucial for those in need and caregivers of

all ages, especially in our small island community. Volunteers are a huge part of keeping programs at the centers going. The Meals on Wheels program relies on volunteer drivers and helpers in the kitchen to get the meals out. Each senior center has a volunteer board that manages the building and events and assists with fundraisers to keep senior services prospering. Each center has volunteer opportunities available year round. For further Senior Services information, contact any of the three senior centers: Lopez Senior Center at 360-4682421; Orcas Senior Center at 360376-2677; Mullis Senior Center at 360-378-2677.

Orcas Door to Door is Supporting Lopez meeting older islanders’ Island seniors transportation needs Submitted by the Lopez Island Family Resource Center

Orcas Door to Door, the assistive transportation service launched by Lahari in the spring, has been helping our older and disabled residents get to medical appointments, shopping trips and social and community events throughout the island. “This program has taken so much stress from my life already” “I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t get rides from Door to Door” These are some of the testimonials from Orcas Door to Door members that are receiving rides. Some members have signed up because they had an accident or a medical procedure that has left them temporarily unable to drive. Others will be using the service on a more permanent basis. Membership is free at this time and 25 members have signed up. Orcas Door to Door provides rides with volunteer drivers using their personal vehicles. The drivers have passed both driver record and criminal background checks as well as completed a required driver training and orientation session. Volunteering to become a driver is quick and easy: apply online and drive as little or as much as your schedule permits. Complete member and volunteer information can be found at or call 360-622-2929. Membership and volunteer information packets are also available at the Orcas Senior Center.

The Lopez Island Family Resource Center builds trusting relationships with seniors to help them meet their needs. LIFRC provides four primary activities that support seniors: 1) household supports, 2) case management, 3) food programs, and 4) mental health supports. Household Supports: Staff assist senior clients by helping them complete and submit applications for rental, utility and transportation assistance. Once approved by transportation programs, staff provide seniors with ferry tickets typically for medical appointments off island. Case Management: Staff help seniors connect with medical care and other important support services they need. This includes developing goal plans to help them achieve what is important to them. Food Programs: Staff help seniors apply for and receive Basic Food benefits. They also coordinate a fresh food bank which is open 24-

7. Additionally, a Thanksgiving program provides seniors with a turkey, vegetables and pie. Mental Health Supports: Staff coordinate the Community Wellness Program which is funded by San Juan County and provides crisis mental health visits. This includes enrollment paperwork, connecting seniors with a therapist, and ongoing follow-up and referrals. Additionally, LIFRC has many volunteer opportunities for seniors such as being a mentor to youth, helping with fundraising activities, and many other programs. LIFRC offers a wide range of classes for learning enrichment that seniors can participate in. A computer lab in the LIFRC office is available for seniors to use and access the internet. Please stop by the LIFRC offices at 160 Village Road, on the second floor of the Children’s Center building or call us at 360-468-4117 to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

Senior Resource Guide

A look into hospice services by Marie-Luz Villa, MD, AGSF

Hospice of San Juan, Main Operations Manager

When I did house calls, my patients frequently told me that the best service I could provide them was to “carry [them] out on a plank!” As an internist, that ran against my training. However, as a geriatrician and hospice physician, it made a lot of sense. Many elders somehow knew that hospitals were dangerous places to spend time, and that institutional care frequently fell short of their quality of life goals. The extra training in hospice and palliative care taught me that good palliative care well before someone was “within six months of death” not only vastly improved quality of life, but also somehow added precious good time onto an otherwise limited and potentially painful horizon. We in San Juan County are deceptively well endowed with resources to help people stay at home until they, in my mom’s words, “wake up dead.” Peace Island Medical Center provides palliative care and house calls, as does San Juan Healthcare. UW Medicine has partnered with Lopez and Orcas Island clinics; my most recent home visit service was based out of Harborview Hospital (run by the UW) and staffed by some of the best geriatricians in the country. That expertise soon will be available in our county! Above and beyond those medical entities, community-run volunteer groups provide services to help people stay at home for as long as possible (even up to and including that “plank”) while helping their family stay calm. Lopez Island Hospice and

Home Support’s trained volunteers provide great home care. On San Juan, Waldron, Pearl, Henry and Brown Islands, Hospice of San Juan delivers an amazing level of care, entirely provided by trained volunteers and supported by community donations. And of course, the ferry-served islands have access to highly professional nursing care provided by Hospice of the Northwest (based in Mt. Vernon) and primarily funded by Medicare. Folks seem to think that enrolling in hospice means giving up hope. Or that hospice will take over care and their beloved primary care provider will get cut out of the loop. Or that some drugs or care will be forced on them even though they don’t want it. Happily, none is true! Hospice, based on the word “hospitality,” aims to make people feel better when it seems that cannot be possible. So it actually provides hope – hope for better care; hope for quality time with friends and family; hope for living in comfort; hope for making sure personal wishes, in the face of life-limiting conditions, are respected. When I practiced medicine in the greater Seattle area, I had a hard time finding the type of amazing volunteer services and resources that we have here in San Juan County. What joy to find and become part of this caring community! My wish for people living and dying here is that they access palliative care and hospice services early in the course of declining health, enjoy life and have the best hope for quality time up until they take that very last breath.


Bradbury Chiropractic Clinic

Timothy K. Bradbury D.C.

Gentle, Low Force Spinal Care 33 Urner Street #2, Eastsound Accepting Medicare, Personal Injury, Labor and Industry 22 years experience

Open Mondays and Saturdays

(360) 224-6220

Islanders Insurance Serving the Insurance Needs for Islanders Since 1983

Insurance Products For Your Personal, Commercial and Health Needs

(360) 378-2195 • Toll Free 888-322-2195 PO Box 1160 • 545 Spring St., Friday Harbor, WA 98250 In Lopez Village, Next To Isabels’ 468-2232


Senior Resource Guide

Sleep Wellness for Seniors By Robert Reyna, MD Medical Director Island Hospital Sleep Wellness Center The lack of quality sleep on a regular basis can have serious health and quality-oflife implications. In fact, chronic sleep loss is now being linked as a risk factor to a growing number of disorders including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, stroke and more. Research shows that 75% of people report a lack of sleep but only 10% tell their physicians. IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP FOR SENIORS Seniors tend to fall asleep more slowly and awaken more often during the night. An increase in night awakenings can lead to other problems such as falls and injuries among seniors. This concern increases when the person is on sedating medications. Healthy seniors should have no or very few problems sleeping as they age. TYPES OF SLEEP PROBLEMS The more common sleep disorders include sleep apnea, insomnia and restless-legs syndrome. Symptoms for sleep apnea include snoring or gasping for air during sleep, morning headaches, memory problems and others. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a common sleep-related breathing disorder which has serious quality-of-life and work-performance implications, also can cause acute cardiovascular problems. It is estimated that only 10% of patients with OSA are being treated, and while the remaining 90% may know they have a problem, they choose not to pursue treatment. Poor quality sleep or insomnia is the sleep problem most frequently reported to physicians. Causes of insomnia are many: excess drinking of caffeine or alcohol, overactive bladder, jet lag and certain medications to name a few. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to be a more effective therapy than any of the currently available sleep medications. A disorder of the part of the nervous system that causes an irresistible urge to move the legs, restless-legs syndrome (RLS) usually interferes with sleep onset. Those with this condition have an uncomfortable feeling in their legs which worsens when at rest. HAVE YOU TALKED TO YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT YOUR SLEEP? If you feel you may have sleeping problems, let your healthcare provider know. Few can offer the state-of-the-art technology, the staff experience and expertise patients find at the Island Hospital Sleep Wellness Center, located at 1110 22nd Street in Anacortes. For appointment or information, call (360) 299-8676.

San Juan Island Family Resource Center services Most services provided through the San Juan Island Family Resource Center have income qualifications. Contact the SJIFRC office to find out about program-specific eligibility requirements. • Transportation assistance (ferry tickets, taxi service) • Household Essentials (Cleaning supplies, personal hygiene supplies)

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Lopez Island Library District Central Library 2225 Fisherman Bay Rd, Lopez Island, WA 98261 (360) 468-2265 We value our island elders and are always working to make your library experience great! Here’s how: Free classes and programs that we provide, year-round. Stay engaged with talks on local history, genealogy, science, art, world affairs and more. Attend a literary event, catch a movie or learn a new skill! Monthly Literary Salon (3rd Tuesday of the month) Free computer help. Take advantage of our drop-in computer help or reserve a free 30-minute oneon-one assistance by appt with library staff. Homebound Delivery Service We offer a delivery service for ANY patrons who are unable to come in to the library because of a physical condition. Pre-loaded 10 oz. Kindle readers to checkout - light weight, adjustable font size and brightness level;text to speech for people who enjoy being read to or people who have special needs like poor eyesight, Arthritis, Muscle problems, etc We offer a wide collection of fiction and non-fiction books in audiobook and large print formats. A host of volunteer opportunities at the desk or behind the scenes.

Senior Resource Guide - 2017 SENIOR GUIDE  


Senior Resource Guide - 2017 SENIOR GUIDE