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City steps back from move to put pot farms on residential lands

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Bainbridge beaches grow during extreme low tide

BY CECILIA GARZA Bainbridge Island Review

Aspiring marijuana growers on Bainbridge may have to move their work indoors. The Bainbridge Island City Council proposed Monday to limit marijuana growing operations to indoor facilities in the business/industrial area near Day Road. If given final approval after a public hearing later this month, the council’s proposal would reject the Bainbridge Island Planning Commission’s narrow 4-3 recommendation to allow marijuana growing in select residential areas. Not everyone on the council was eager to ditch the commission’s advice. “I am inclined to give some weight to the planning commission decision, because the process and time they put into it,” said Councilman Val Tollefson. “But I am also sensitive to the fact that, although the planning commission usually tries to do these things by consensus, they

weren’t able to this time,” he added.

“I’m inclined to give some weight to the planning commission decision ...” Val Tollefson Bainbridge City Counci

Beyond allowing marijuanagrowing operations on residentially-zoned properties of more than one acre, the commission’s recommendation also suggested allowing retail pot shops within Bainbridge’s existing commercially-zoned areas, placing marijuana processing in the business/industrial area near Day Road and banning collective gardens for medical marijuana. The new regulations would also require businesses to follow state-mandated conditions that marijuana businesses cannot be within 1,000 feet of turn to pot | A21

Division remains on city hall’s proposed marijuana regulations BY BRIAN KELLY

Bainbridge Island Review

Luciano Marano | Bainbridge Island Review

A couple and their dog take advantage of the additional walking space on the beach. Extremely low tides on Wednesday had a visible affect on the size of the beach, especially at Fay Bainbridge Park. According to, the low tide reached its lowest point of -1.5 feet at 12:28 p.m. Friday, April 18 also saw a low tide of -1.5 feet, making Wednesday tied for the month’s lowest tide.

Bainbridge Island residents remain divided over where — or even if — the city should allow businesses on the island to grow, process and sell marijuana. The Bainbridge council has again taken up the issue of legal marijuana — made possible in Washington state by voters with the approval of Initiative 502 in November 2012 — as it moves forward on approving new regulations to allow the growing, processing and sale of legal marijuana.

A public hearing will be held in two weeks on the new rules. So far, Washington has received applications from Bainbridge Island for six producer licenses, four processor licenses and five retail licenses. A map of marijuana business locations based on the pending applications that was produced by city staff show potential producer/processor businesses north of Northeast Torvanger Road, near Miller Road, on Northeast Old Mill Road, and near Ferncliff Avenue turn to DIVISION | A21

Bainbridge Island Review, May 02, 2014  
Bainbridge Island Review, May 02, 2014  

May 02, 2014 edition of the Bainbridge Island Review