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Shoultes Elementary on the mend BY KIRK BOXLEITNER

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Marysville School District Maintenance Manager John Bingham, left, and Cobra Construction owner Jack Walkley discuss the remaining repairs to the library of Shoultes Elementary.

Interim special ed directors discuss direction of program BY KIRK BOXLEITNER


Vol. 120, No. 36 Kirk Boxleitner/Staff Photo

Marysville Special Education PTSA Secretary Michele Olson, left, and President Amy Sheldon welcome district officials to their meeting on March 11.

MARYSVILLE — The Marysville Special Education PTSA meeting on Tuesday, March 11, featured appearances not only by Marysville School District Superintendent Dr. Becky Berg and Assistant Superintendent Ray Houser, but also by interim Special Education Services Executive Director Dave Gow and Director Dr. Bob Gose. “We’re learning a ton from them,” said Houser,

who acknowledged that he and Gow still need to identify a specific vision and priorities for the district’s special education program. “We know that we need a vision for the direction of this program, as well as transparency of decisionmaking and clear communication, especially given the complexities of special education,” Berg said. “I’ve been very impressed with the dedication of your staff,” said Gow, who’s already conducted site visits to five schools in the dis-

trict, in addition to meeting with several parents individually. “We do need to identify those communication issues. We also need to look at our materials, training and staff development, to see where the holes are. Hopefully, we can help provide a framework that our successors can follow.” Gow agreed that it’s vital that para-educators are properly trained to respond to students with special needs, which Berg pointed out is additionally comSEE DIRECTORS, PAGE 2



MARYSVILLE — Although the library of Shoultes Elementary suffered significant water damage in the wake of burst pipes just before winter break, the Marysville School District and Cobra Construction expect to have the impacted library space open for business later this spring. Shoultes Elementary librarian Nancy Hammer recalled how a frozen pipe in the ceiling burst in her back office two weeks before Christmas and flooded about half her library. She credited maintenance worker Troy Sappingfield with coming into the school on a hunch on a Sunday, and cutting the flood short before it could do more damage. “If he hadn’t been there to shut off the water, it would have destroyed more than

14,000 books in our library,” said Hammer, who noted that only about 100 books were lost instead. Unfortunately for Hammer, virtually all of her belongings in her office were ruined, from her computer to the supplies for her annual Shoultes Elementary plays. “When I came back to school after that weekend, I was an emotional wreck,” said Hammer, who was joined that day by MSD Superintendent Dr. Becky Berg. “She asked me if it was okay for a superintendent to give me a hug.” One item that just so happened to survive the flooding, which reached a depth of five inches, was a scrapbook which Hammer had kept, which she then lent to Berg. That very night, another pipe burst directly over where Hammer had

Marysville Globe, March 15, 2014  
Marysville Globe, March 15, 2014  

March 15, 2014 edition of the Marysville Globe