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COMMUNITY | Mayor names Andy Hwang new police chief [2]

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OPINION | Safe streets: New chief outlines police priorities [4] Roegner: City attorney made two bad calls [4] BLOTTER | Stranger scares children at elementary school [7] BEST OF FEDERAL WAY | The Mirror recognizes winners of 2014 [See insert]

SPORTS | Beamer snags fifth-place FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2014 | 75¢ trophy [8]

Fire chief’s complaint prompts investigation

Eide won’t run again

By Carrie Rodriguez

From staff reports

Sen. Tracey Eide, DFederal Way, announced on Monday that she will not seek re-election this November in the 30th District. “Shortly after my reelection in 2010, I decided that this term would be my last and that I would pour myself into this term and then open the door for someone else. That time is here,” Eide wrote in a statement. “After 18 years in the Legislature, including 16 in the Senate, I leave with mixed feelings. I’ve taken joy and satisfaction in every successful effort on behalf of my constituents and my state, and I’ve agonized over those that came up short. It has been a point of privilege and honor to represent my district. I wish I could have done even more, but I’m sure every legislator feels that way. Eide came to the Legislature as a PTA mom and “never lost my passion for fighting to improve opportunities for our students. From leading the fight for simple majority legislation to eliminate the supermajority voting requirement to pass school levies, to funding the Digital Learning Commons, I’ve never stopped fighting that fight ...” Former state Rep. Mark Miloscia announced on March 6 his bid for Eide’s seat. The former Democrat is running as a Republican.

COUNCIL | Council reviews plan for federal entitlement funds [13]

Mark Freitas

The South King Fire and Rescue board reprimanded a fellow commissioner Monday night after an investigation found he made “age-related”

comments to fire Chief Al Church. The board hired an outside investigator, Russ Ferigio, last December after Church filed a complaint in October against Commissioner Mark Freitas. The 10-page complaint alleged that Freitas urged the chief to retire

in Freitas’s Feb. 15, 2013 evaluation of Church — a request that Church interpreted as “age discrimination.” Church also accused Freitas of stalking him, making personal snipes to Church, staring at him during meet[ more FIRE, page 6 ]

Federal Way residents find ‘The Price is Right’ One woman wins big on show; another woman’s show to air soon by Greg Allmain


wo Federal Way residents, Jackie Jarvis and Mimy Evans, got chances of a lifetime recently, with the two friends both getting the opportunity to participate in a taping of that classic American gameshow “The Price is Right.” While Evans episode won’t air until April, which restricts her from being able to talk about it much for now, Jarvis’s episode aired on Wednesday morning. Jarvis truly did find the price to be right, as she won in every round she participated in, including the Showcase Showdown, netting her a total of $34,899.36 in cash and prizes. “It’s always been a dream, so I got some tickets online and wanted to make sure it would happen,” Jarvis said. She and her husband, along with a friend, went to the taping to try and fulfill that dream. A big part of trying to make sure you get selected is answering a brief interview question posed to audience members and potential contestants while everyone waits to file into the studio. For anyone who knows Jarvis, her effervescent energy was probably not hard to notice, and it seemed that the show runners did indeed notice. “Finally, the producer moves on to me, and goes alright, ‘What do you do then?’” Jarvis recalled. “So, I’m like moneybags over here needs a trophy wife.”

Jackie Jarvis, and her husband Matt, celebrate Jackie’s successful appearance on “The Price is Right.” Jarvis was a big winner on the show, netting approximately $35,000 in cash and prizes. Jarvis’s friend, Mimy Evans, also made it on a couple of weeks later. contributed Jarvis’s husband Matthew is a financial advisor in Federal Way, and had alluded to such in his short interview. Jarvis then said the next question was, what was their favorite game on the show? “I said my favorite game is ‘Swap Meet,’ and they’re just stunned. I know everybody says ‘Plinko,’ but (for me) it’s ‘Swap Meet.’ And he’s like, ‘That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,’” she said. “I didn’t want to tell the true story, but he called me out and said, ‘It’s an easy game.’ I said, ‘Yes, that’s the real reason. It’s an easy game and there are lots of prizes.’” Jarvis shared the experience of

being in “The Price is Right” audience, saying that one of the show’s requirements is that everyone in the audience has to keep a high level of energy. Because of this, the sound inside the studio is “deafening,” according to Jarvis. So much so, that she was uncertain if she heard correctly when her name was called. “Drew (Carey, ‘The Price is Right’ host), sends it over, and goes, ‘Alright, who’s our next contestant?’ And I hear, ‘Jackie Jarvis, Come on down, you’re the next contestant on ‘The Price is Right,’” she said happily. “I’m cheering with Matt, and I’m like, ‘They just said Jarvis!’ I had to rewind in my head to figure out RIGHT AUTO SALES Quality Cars 33333 Pacific Hwy S • 253-839-4701

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which Jarvis they just said. I think it’s Jackie! And I’m looking everywhere, and it’s so deafening loud so they hold up signs with your name on it, and I’m just in this panic wondering where the sign is.” Jarvis said she stood up and realized she was the only one doing so for a moment. She decided to roll with it, saying, “I guess I’m just going down!” “I’m jumping up and down, I pass Matt, who was still sitting down apparently, and hug everybody else in my row, I’m already down there, hugging the most random strangers,” she said. [ more PRICE, page 2 ]

Federal Way Mirror, March 14, 2013  

March 14, 2013 edition of the Federal Way Mirror

Federal Way Mirror, March 14, 2013  

March 14, 2013 edition of the Federal Way Mirror