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City opts to pay for green energy

Wet, windy and wild

BY CECILIA GARZA Bainbridge Island Review

Lessons from the deep

Luciano Marano | Bainbridge Island Review

At top, budding naturalists got up-close and personal with the creatures of the waters around Bainbridge at the IslandWood Community Critter Drive Saturday, Feb. 15 at Fort Ward Beach Park. Divers from Exotic Aquatics Scuba & Kayaking brought the critters to the plastic wading pools on the beach where IslandWood educators and members of the Bainbridge Island Beach Naturalists (part of Sustainable Bainbridge) could help identify them with the children. The naturalists demonstrated safe and respectful ways to handle the wildlife, which were all returned to the wild unharmed. At right, Stephen Wong, 8, experiences an umbrella malfunction as the wind picks up at the Community Critter Drive. Wong was visiting along with his parents from Denver for the long weekend.

Bainbridge Island has taken its first step in tapping green energy for its public utilities. At Wednesday’s meeting, the Bainbridge Island City Council voted unanimously to make a $3,000 investment in Puget Sound Energy’s renewable energy program. “This is a way of demonstrating with our public money, being responsible stewards of those dollars. And I like the idea of making that statement, reinforcing our belief in ourselves as an island and a community that supports environmentally sensitive and sustainable behavior,” said Mayor Anne Blair. The opportunity to opt into the program came just after the city was awarded a $20,000 grant from Puget Sound Energy to install solar panels at the Waterfront Park Community Center. The grant was presented to the city in a short presentation earlier this month for the community’s success in promoting “green power” energy. Bainbridge entered PSE’s Green Power Challenge against four other cities last year. As part of the challenge, participating communities encouraged residents and businesses to purchase PSE’s renewable energy service, an option that’s been available to customers since 2002. By meeting or surpassing its goal for new subscribers to the service, communities had the chance to win a $20,000 grant for a solar installation project in their community. Bainbridge’s original goal was to enroll 1,250 new customers by the end of 2013. With support from Sustainable Bainbridge, the city exceeded their goal turn to green | A6

Family, friends bid bon voyage to island’s cherished Professor BY BRIAN KELLY

Bainbridge Island Review

Doting and devoted father, war hero, selfless friend and neighbor: The man known and loved around the globe as the Professor was remembered last week for much more than his iconic role in one of television’s most popular comedies ever. A large crowd of family and friends gathered at the Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo on Saturday, Feb. 15 to pay loving tribute to Russell David Johnson, the actor who shot to fame as one of seven castaways on the hit sitcom “Gilligan’s Island.” Johnson, a Bainbridge Island resident, passed away on Jan. 16 at the age of 89. At his memorial celebration, Johnson was fondly remembered

for his role in the 1960s television show that left him forever typecast as the shipwrecked scientist who could make a helium balloon out of raincoats or a pedal-powered sewing machine from bamboo, but couldn’t fix a boat to save the stranded seven. Frank Buxton, his longtime friend and fellow actor, recalled the gentle man, and gentleman, and said what many were thinking. “The professor has left the island,” Buxton said, his voice nearly breaking. Buxton said Johnson accepted his fame as the Professor as both a blessing and a curse. He recalled the story Johnson often told about being recognized after going to pick up a take-out order from a Chinese restaurant.

“The proprietor looked at him and said, ‘I know you. You were Professor.” “Russell said yes, and the proprietor said, ‘Boy, you old!’”

A hesitant castaway Johnson reluctantly took on the Professor role at a critical point in his career, after movie roles in science fiction films now considered classics, including “This Island Earth,” “It Came from Outer Space,” and “Attack of the Crab Monsters,” the last from B-movie genius Roger Corman, and appearances on such television shows as “The Twilight Zone,” “Outer Limits,” “Gunsmoke” and “Black Saddle,” where he played U.S. Marshal Gib Scott. Johnson played the Professor in

98 episodes of “Gilligan’s Island,” and famously was left out of the opening theme song and credits with fellow castaway Dawn Wells, who played the farm girl from Kansas, Mary Ann. At last weekend’s memorial service, she fondly recalled “my Professor.” “It’s really hard to be sad when you sit back and think of the things that you did together, and the wit and the humor that he had,” Wells said. “His intellect, his sensitivity, his honesty, his respect, his confidence, his sensibility, his talent, his incredible sense of humor and wit captured not only my heart but millions of fans worldwide,” she said. Wells also remembered how turn to professor | A8

Russell David Johnson

Bainbridge Island Review, February 21, 2014  
Bainbridge Island Review, February 21, 2014  

February 21, 2014 edition of the Bainbridge Island Review