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City council approves interim marijuana regulations


The Review visited Ordway Elementary to talk turkey — and Thanksgiving — with some of the school’s first-graders.


MORE INSIDE: Get more Turkey Talk with Bainbridge kids inside on Page A22.

Bainbridge Island Review

The Bainbridge Island City Council heard from a flurry of passionate people over the course of a 40-minute public hearing on legalized marijuana Monday. But with a 5-1 vote, the council approved a temporary ordinance to establish rules on marijuana retail stores, and processing and collective gardens — plus a six-month moratorium on grow operations. Some expressed their disappointment in the council for considering a moratorium at all. Others used the word “genocide” to describe the impact the interim regulations would have on the community. The interim regulations will limit processors, retailers and medical marijuana “collective gardens” to business industrial zones. The Day Road industrial park has been identified by city planning staff as the potential location for such businesses. One resident spoke up on the necessity for many community members to be allowed to self-medicate and that the identified location off of Day Road would limit medical users to just one

Nicole Culver, 7 Do you like Thanksgiving? “Yes! I like it because I like eating a lot of food. It’s so good. I love the mashed potatoes. That’s my favorite part.” Do you help make the mashed potatoes? “Yes. And I made up this recipe called Willies. It’s where you put meat, mashed potatoes, and corn, and you put them

together in layers. Across the top, put butter on top. And it’s really good.”

Sounds very elaborate. “It’s delicious. I made it up.” What’s your secret for making it taste so good? “Well, my secret is ... [Whispers] It’s the mashed potatoes.”

[Whispers back] It’s the mashed potatoes. Do you have turkey, too? “No, there’s no turkey in the mashed potatoes part.” turn to turkey | A22

turn to council | A19




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Bainbridge Island Review, November 29, 2013  

November 29, 2013 edition of the Bainbridge Island Review

Bainbridge Island Review, November 29, 2013  

November 29, 2013 edition of the Bainbridge Island Review