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Public Works restructuring Mayor creating new positions from director vacancy By RICHARD D. OXLEY

Richard Koven of Dahlquist’s Fine Jewelry presents Dave Frederick of Coffee Oasis with an oversized check for $10,000, Tuesday. Coffee Oasis won a grant from Jewelers for Children. Richard D. Oxley / Herald


Continued from page A1 nonprofit in October to receive the money from the Jewelers for Children Local Grant Program. “My business is about emotion,” Koven said to a crowd gathered at Coffee Oasis Tuesday afternoon. “It is sometimes thought of as a luxury item,” he said. “It is not about food, or shelter, or other needs for survival. But on rare occasions it can help facilitate those needs.” Ten causes received $10,000 grants from the program, but they had to earn enough online votes to get the money. Coffee Oasis made the top three. But it wasn’t easy. Koven and Coffee Oasis received word from the grant program on Oct. 15 that it was accepted to be among 30 other good causes from across the United States to compete for the grant. “We now had only two weeks to convince as many people as we could that their vote counted and we needed it,” Koven said. Koven and Coffee Oasis supporters directed anyone they could to the Jewelers for Children Facebook page to vote. “Our grassroots campaign started with myself, most of the first day spamming as many personal and business pages as I could,” Koven said. “Eventually, the Facebook police realized

it, and banned my account from posting on anyone’s wall for four days.” Three days before voting closed, Coffee Oasis was in first place, beating out national charities for the grant. But on the last day, the coffee shop fell to ninth place. There were only four hours to go to secure a place on the top 10. “But we didn’t quit and we ended the night back in third place,” Koven said. “We didn’t lie down, we kept fighting.” Koven presented Coffee Oasis director Dave Frederick with an oversized check for $10,000 on Tuesday in the company of supporters, Mayor Becky Erickson, Kitsap County Commissioner Rob Gelder, and Miss Poulsbo. The money will help Coffee Oasis assist youth in North Kitsap. The cause is close to Koven’s heart. “My newest stepson Daniel is one of those youths,” he said. Koven took Daniel into his home one year ago. “I watched the wonderful people of Coffee Oasis help him not only get food and clothing, but they helped him get on his feet,” Koven said. “They helped him make a resume, they helped to get him his first job.” Daniel is now also headed to Olympic College. “Coffee Oasis is more than giving these youths food and a bed, they give them the skills to achieve their goals on their own,”

Koven said.

POULSBO — In the wake of losing its public works director, the City of Poulsbo is responding by not replacing him but, rather, restructuring its Public Works Department. “We are flattening this (organization) chart,” Mayor Becky Erickson said. “We aren’t going to have a big manager in Public Works, we are going to have two managers that manage other people.” Erickson revealed a new structure for the department Wednesday. It involves a new set of titles and hierarchy. Currently, the Public Works Department is headed by a director, who oversees an assistant director for operations and main-

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tenance, and an assistant director for engineering. Instead of replacing Public Works Director Barry Loveless — who is leaving this month for the same job on Bainbridge Island — the mayor proposes a new position of public works superintendent. Alongside the superintendent will be the city engineer, both equal on the city's hierarchy and reporting directly to the mayor. Assistant Public Works Director Dan Wilson becomes superintendent, alongside City Engineer Andrzej Kasiniak. The mayor will hire an assistant engineer/project manager and a project administrator to work under them. An assistant superintendent may also be hired after six months. The cost of the change will be $41,365. In other words, that number plus the former public works director’s salary will pay for the new salaries.

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“Some money will come from the general fund,” Erickson said. “A good portion will come from the projects themselves.” The city will begin the process of hiring the assistant engineer and project administrator immediately. “My guess is that it will probably be about six weeks,” Erickson said. “To get it listed, have interview committees and go through the interview process.” The mayor said she hopes to have the positions filled by Jan. 1. Erickson said that the new management will be more hands on than the previous structure afforded. “Right now we can’t afford to have any nonworking managers at Poulsbo, people who only manage,” she said. The mayor said the city faces considerable projects in the coming years, and that Public Works has been overwhelmed with work for about a year.

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North Kitsap Herald, November 08, 2013  

November 08, 2013 edition of the North Kitsap Herald

North Kitsap Herald, November 08, 2013  

November 08, 2013 edition of the North Kitsap Herald