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Local police reach out to islanders Guns, bicyclists and more discussed at public meeting by CALI BAGBY Staff reporter

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Last year, the Seattle Shakespeare Company performed “Hamlet,” pictured above, during the first annual Shakespeare Festival on Orcas. Now the troupe is performing “Julius Caeser.” See what other activities are planned for this year on page 9.

Around 30 members of the community gathered to discuss issues of concern on the island, such as gun safety, speeding cars, bicyclists breaking rules and mental health concerns. The San Juan County Sheriff ’s Office and Undersheriff Bruce Distler hosted the forum at the Orcas Senior Center on Tuesday. Deputy Doug Maya and Sgt. Scott Taylor were also in attendance. “We are trying to keep the community alive and actively engaged and talking to each other,” Distler said. At the start of the meeting, the undersheriff passed around gun locks to distribute to the audience because firearms are a hot topic in counties across the country. “These are meant to make the weapon inoperable for children in the house,” he said. He told the audience that firearms do not have to be registered with the Sheriff ’s Department but firearms are registered in a database once they are purchased. As for how many guns are in the islands, Distler said because they don’t collect gun registrations there is no way to tell the exact number, but according to the Department of

Truths and myths about dry, winter skin by CALI BAGBY Staff reporter

It’s not life-threatening, but can cause serious discomfort and self-consciousness. Whether you suffer from dry patches on your elbows or have white flakes dusting your shoulders, dry skin can be irritating. Here’s how showering less, apple-cider vinegar and a little bit of sun could come to your rescue. Dr. Frank James, San Juan County health officer said “dry skin” is a garbage can word, meaning it’s not an official medical term and could fall under many different categories. Run of the mill dry skin, which is usually genetic, he said, can be treated with emollients in moisturizer or by limiting your skin’s contact with water, which can cause dryness. “People think if you put water on skin it will moisturize it, but water evaporates and skin

becomes drier in the long run,” James said. His wife’s hands have a tendency to get dry so she uses simple techniques of washing dishes with gloves and using moisturizers. According to the Mayo Clinic, limiting your bath or shower time to about 15 minutes or less, and using warm, rather than hot water can also help to reduce drying out. Immediately moisturize your skin after a shower with an oil or cream to help trap water in the surface cells. It’s a common assumption that the changing seasons are responsible for dry skin, but James said that is not the case. In the winter there is more humidity outside, according to James, but inside where wood stoves or electric heat blast the moisture content is lowered. Get a humidifier or buy a “steamer” for your

wood stove, both add moisture to the air and can help prevent your skin from drying out. A common myth is that drinking water helps your skin stay young looking, Mayo Clinic staff say this is not true – though drinking lots of water can never hurt. Other common skin issues are eczema, dandruff and psoriasis. Eczema symptoms include patches of dry flaky skin and can be treated with mild steroid creams. Psoriasis causes flaky, dry skin on elbows or knees and sometimes all over the body. It’s not caused by the dark days of winter, but sunshine can help with symptoms. “It’s one that responds positively to sunlight,” said James.


Licensing there are 981 concealed pistol licenses in San Juan County. Distler said this number is not cause for concern to law enforcement because to register for these permits a person has to undergo federal background checks and the licenses can be revoked at any time. Other questions throughout the evening focused more on the road. One woman voiced her worry about drivers speeding in Moran State Park, especially in areas where pedestrians frequent. “If you’re looking for a place to write tickets, this may be the place,” she said. Distler said he wanted to make sure the community is driving correctly, but also urged citizens to call him if they see any deputies not following the same rules. Morgan Meadows asked if the Sheriff ’s Department was going to teach any bike safety classes at the school. Distler said they would be available to help facilitate a course if the school was interested. Another citizen wanted to see the department release a official report on the rights of bicyclists. Distler


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Islands' Sounder, March 06, 2013  

March 06, 2013 edition of the Islands' Sounder

Islands' Sounder, March 06, 2013  

March 06, 2013 edition of the Islands' Sounder