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Pacific Northwest District Division 64 Classy Mice Tualatin| Lakeridge| West Linn| Tigard| Wilsonville| Sherwood| Lake Oswego


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Key Dates------------------------------3 Meet your LTG----------------------- 4 LTG Greetings------------------------ 5 International Trustee----------- 6&7 About the PNW---------------------- 8 Key Leader---------------------------- 9 April DCM Minutes------------10&11 May DCM***------------------------- 12 International Convention-------13 Redlight Traffic--------------------- 14 Service Project Recap-----------15 Food Drive Challenge**--------- 16


ELIMINATE-------------------------------17 Kiwanis Clubs------------------------ 18 Key Club Essentials---------------- 19 More Key Club 101---------------- 20 Divisional Scoreboard------------ 21 Social Media---------------------------22 Divisional Positions-------------------23 Portland Rally--------------------24&25 March of Dimes--------------------- 26 Pictures-------------------------------- 27 New Officers------------------------- 28 District Contact -------------------- 29 Meet your Exec Board------- 30&31


May 5th – SECRETARY AND PRESIDENT REPORTS DUE President reports: b5jopqF1C_YK4Vei_eCe34SxZinUh6AOc/viewfor m?usp=send_form Secretaries: Email to:,,

Link for report:

May 17th - Divisional Council Meeting Time: 1:30-3:00 pm Location: Lakeridge High School May 18th – ALL INCOMING OFFICER CONTACT INFORMATION DUE: Fill out the following form please!  XySyKa7rC9NqCaRv6wkfX9cKO5wGLWS Vw9Eauj4/viewform?usp=send_form June 20th or 21st (more details out soon) – Portland Rally!

June 30th-July 6th – International Convention

October 24th-26th – Key Leader


Meet your LTG: Dorothy Wang

Dear Key Clubbers,

I am BEYOND excited to be working with you guys this year and serving as your Lieutenant Governor! We have a lot of room to grow this year as a division but I know we can do it! In order to help strengthen our division and up the spirit, I’ll need all of your help and support as officers and club members. After all, Key Club would be nothing without all of its members, you guys are the most important! My main focus during my term will be to improve communication within clubs and the District level, to get more participation and involvement in divisional and district events, and to increase the amount of spirit and passion for Key Club within our members and clubs. Also, I would like to expand our division by adding more clubs after strengthening our current clubs. I hope everyone in Division 64 will have the opportunity to experience how amazing Key Club is by forming lasting friendships and unforgettable memories throughout this upcoming year. Key Club is truly an incredible organization that has impacted millions of lives.

The incoming lieutenant governors being installed at DCON Photo Credits go to Bassel Hamieh Photography

We have a lot of work to do this year to help strengthen the Division, but with your help, we can achieve those goals! Always feel free to call me beep me if ya wanna reach me (or find me on Facebook!)! No matter if you’re a club member or an officer, I’ll always be here if you need anything Key Club related or even if you just want to talk and hang out! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you! This is going to be an amazing year for our Division 64 and we are going to do amazing things, so get pumped!  In Love and Service, Dorothy Wang 503-545-6886 More about me: School: Lakeridge High School Grade: Junior If you have any questions about who I am and what I do as LTG, please feel free to contact me! I am always here to help! 


Greetings from your LTG Hey Key Clubbers! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month since I was inducted into my position as Lieutenant Governor – time flies by too quickly! If we haven’t met yet, please feel free to introduce yourself! I would love to get to know all of you. First off, I would like to point out that as Key Clubbers, we have the privilege and opportunity to interact with Kiwanians! Without Kiwanis, Key Club would not be where it is today, and Kiwanians are some of the sweetest and most caring people you will ever meet, I promise! So officers, I highly encourage that you connect with your local Kiwanis Clubs and attend their meetings. I have included more information about each of the Kiwanis Clubs on page 18. I can also assure you that communication with your Kiwanis Club will help you greatly in building your club, and they are always willing to help out Key Clubbers!  I would also like to thank the 12 members that came out to my DCM th on April 27 – it meant so much to me! I promise that the next DCMs will go more smoothly, and I want to emphasize discussion time during my DCMs between members because I believe it will be greatly beneficial to everyone. Please remember to promote the District Project (ELIMINATE)! Ideally, each club will be doing a service project regularly to help fundraise. Please contact me if you need fundraising ideas or if you have fundraised ELIMINATE money so that I can help you send it to the District! I will be visiting all of the clubs soon, hopefully. Officers, please send me your advisor contact information and your own contact information if possible! I would like all officers to fill out the Google form (linked on the previous page) by May 18th!  “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Ghandi Dorothy Wang LTG Division 64 503-545-6886



Dear Key Clubbers, What makes Key Club unique? Key Club is the largest high school service organization in the world, but what makes it so special and what enables it to continue to grow? It can’t be the ability to volunteer because no matter where you go, you can find a way to give back to your community. You can even volunteer globally through UNICEF, Rustic Pathways, and other worldwide organizations. What makes Key Club is different from every other organization out there is the tight-knit community that it creates between people who live on opposite sides of a city, a state, a nation, or the world. To fully seize the opportunities that Key Club provides high school students, it’s important for everyone to be involved with their divisions, their district, and international. You can get involved with Key Club International by attending Key Club events, joining social media sites that are created to link together Key Clubbers from all over the world, and talking to your district leaders! In terms of the division, your Lieutenant Governor should be having Divisional Council Meetings every so often in order to bring the entire division together. Your division is composed of the schools around you that have Key Clubs. At these meetings, take advantage of the close distance between you and the other Key Clubbers in attendance. Arrange meet-ups, socials, and joint volunteer projects to increase your impact on your community and meet people who you otherwise would have not had the chance to meet!


In terms of your district, the Pacific Northwest District is composed of all of the Key Clubs in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon, as well as some of the clubs in western Idaho, northern California, and Canada. There are rallies in the summer for all Key Clubbers in a specific region to attend and meet new people. At these rallies, you’re bound to have an amazing time while also learning about Key Club International through educational forums. Each year, PNW also hosts District Convention: an exciting weekend in

which Key Clubbers from all over the district unite to celebrate the end of a wonderful year of service and prepare for the next one. If you have the chance to attend District Convention, I highly recommend it! Yours in service, Roshni Chandwani

International Trustee


More About the Pacific Northwest District “In the midst of serene nature and fluctuating weather conditions lies the great Pacific Northwest District (PNW). The Pacific Northwest is geographically the largest district of Key Club International. The district spans from Western Canada to Northern California: with Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and the pan-handle of Idaho in between.” “The Pacific Northwest encompasses nearly 1.8 million square miles and includes over 330 clubs that operate under 44 divisions. Through rain or shine, snow or hail, Key Clubbers in the Pacific Northwest dedicate countless hours to their communities and internationally, and are always Proud 'N‘ Willing to serve!” “The mascot of the Pacific Northwest District is the “Mighty Moose,” also commonly called “Mortimer the Moose.” Known for our spirit yet incredible dedication to the service that we do, the PNW District continues to be a leader in the Key Club world, and it is all thanks to our members and excellent leadership throughout the district. It would not be far from the truth to say that yes, we’re one of the best, with over 11,300 members proudly shouting out in accord when they hear: “Hey PNW! How do you feel?”” Division 64 includes Tigard High School, Wilsonville High School, Tualatin High School, Lakeridge High School, Sherwood High School, West Linn High School, and Lake Oswego High School. We are one of the smallest and newest divisions in the District, but we are working towards becoming a bigger and stronger division over the next year! Our divisional mascot is the “Classy Mouse,” which is tentative to change- we will put this up to a vote at our next DCM!  Our divisional colors are currently teal, white, and black. We are happy to serve and blessed to be able to experience how rewarding being an active member of Key Club can be. Yay Key Club!!


Keys of Excellence:

What is Key Leader?

Key Leader is a life-changing weekend retreat that emphasizes and helps develop student leadership skills, especially through service.

• Personal Integrity - Doing the right thing. • Personal Growth - Developing in mind, body, and spirit. • Respect - Showing consideration for self, others, and property. • Building Community - Developing relationships to achieve positive goals. • Pursuit of Excellence - Expecting and achieving the best Mission Statement: To inspire young people to achieve their personal best through service leadership.

This year’s Key Leader: - October 24-26, 2014 - Location: Camp Collins (Gresham, OR) - Located on the Sandy River - Zip line and a giant swing!

Costs: - Key Clubbers: $175 - Student-facilitators*: $115

REGISTER AT *If you are interested in being a student-facilitator, more information can be found here (apply online): de.sflb.ashx And also at


April DCM Meeting Minutes (part 1) April 27th, 2014 3:30-4:30pm Club attendance: • Lakeridge: Max Chiu, Davey Li, Gabby Quintana, Grace Lee, Murray Bartho, Joshua Lee • Tualatin: Jorge Reyes, Lily Folk, Rachel Kahn, Bhargavi Korlipara • Sherwood: Tammy Chau, Katie Munk • Special guests: Lakeridge Key Club faculty advisor Terry Shlaes, Key Leader chair Alan King, Lieutenant Governor of Division 66 Brian Le, Lieutenant Governor of Division 62 Tran Hoang 1. I need pictures for my next newsletter!! Email them to me at or message them to me on Facebook! Every picture sent in will give your club 2 points. 2. ICEBREAKERS YAY 3. Divisional Position 4. Key Leader: October 24-26 - Camp Collins, Gresham, OR - Costs: • Key Clubbers/student participants: $175 • Student-facilitators: $115 For more information or to register, please visit, or contact your LTG or Alan King

Link to my April Newsletter: Link to my Issuu account for more newsletters:


5. Divisional Points System! For the upcoming year, I am implementing a points system to help motivate clubs to become more active within the district!! The highest scoring club and members will earn rewards. You can get points by: +50: All officers from a club submit contact information by May 14th +20: President reports completed and submitted by the 5th: h6AOc/viewform? +5: President reports submitted late +5: All late secretary reports that are sent to the emails listed above. +20: Secretary reports filled out online completely by the 5th of every month of every month to :,,, and the future divisional assistant. +10: DCM attendance (per member) +15: Regular club updates (via email) +5: Pictures from service projects, DCMs, meetings, etc. (2 points per picture sent in) +0-100 points, depending on quality: Coming up with divisional cheers 6. THE ELIMINATE PROJECT 7. Miracle Minute!! 8. Mascot change? Our current mascot is the Classy Mouse. Brainstorm new ideas for different possibilities if we want to change the mascot! 9. Officer roles 10. Key Club chant 11. Pie your LTG if we raise over $20 for the ELIMINATE project!



Date: May Location: Lakeridge High School Time: 1:30-3pm


Each club is responsible for bringing snacks! It will be a mini-potluck. I will provide utensils, cups, plates, napkins, etc. and drinks. 

Agenda: 1) Icebreakers 2) Portland Rally 3) Mascot change 4) Miracle minute 5) Club Discussion 6) Divisional Goals 7) Other questions

All incoming officers are required to attend this DCM! Each club must send at least TWO other club representatives (members) to participate at the DCM, but it would be awesome to have as many members there as possible. Officers, please let me know if you are unable to attend and I will try to change the date to accommodate as many of you as possible! • Having good attendance from clubs at the DCM is key to our success this year as a division, because besides my newsletters and occasional club visitations, our DCMs are our primary method of communication throughout the division. Please plan on being there!  Also, the more people you send to your DCM, the more points your club gets!  • UNLIKE last DCM, there will be more talking from you guys instead of from me!! I want to hear how your clubs are doing, and we can share ideas on how to improve our clubs. I know many clubs are wrapping up as the school year ends, but please remember to stay connected and to continue volunteering and doing service projects throughout the summer!  We have Portland Rally coming up the week after school ends which will be AWESOME!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• Please bring your spare change to our DCM! We will be hosting a Miracle Minute to raise money for ELIMINATE, the Pacific Northwest District’s District Project, which focuses on eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus globally. • Our current mascot is the Classy Mouse, so during this DCM we will vote on whether or not we want to change our mascot, and if so, what we should change our mascot to! Feel free to brainstorm and suggest ideas for potential mascots leading up to the DCM. • We will be celebrating our seniors!! Please plan on attending and RSVP! Contact me for information. There will also be a Facebook event so you can RSVP through that as well. 


International Convention         -

July 2nd-July 6th, 2014 Located at the Anaheim Marriott Close to Disneyland!! The PNW ICON Tour leaves on June 30th for Anaheim and includes: 2 days in Disneyland and California Adventure District Dinner ICON FUN!! Estimated cost: $895

Why should you go? Registration passed on May 5th but Meet Key Clubbers from all around the world if you are still interested, it wouldn’t Travel around Anaheim, California hurt to contact District Experience Key Club at the international level Administrator John Jay ASAP if you are interested in attending!  Elect the International Board Represent PNW!! Form lifelong friendships Explore Disneyland and California Adventure Celebrate service and everything that Key Club has accomplished within the last year Have fun!!


Slavery was abolished in 1865. But it still exists, not only in thirdworld countries, but within America too.

There are an estimated 5.5 million children in the trafficking industry.

To learn that over 900,000 fellow Americans and countless others worldwide are lured or recruited into human trafficking is appalling. People that we know, our next door neighbor, our friend from high school, and those whose names go unheard, who will most likely celebrate only two more birthdays while in the sex trade, before their tragic and untimely death…As shocking as much of this is, it is reassuring to know that there is an organization out there, in Redlight Traffic, who is standing up for those innocent individuals, and we as Kiwanis Family Members must rally behind our motto of serving the children of the world.” - Raeford Penny, 2013-2014 International President of Key Club International

Check out for more information on how you can help! “Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Human trafficking is the world’s second largest criminal enterprise, after drugs.” –US Department of State

Join other Key Clubbers and #riseup against human trafficking



Service Project of the Month: Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp Auction “About 500 people attended the 2 events and we raised about $238,000. It was a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun.” - Kathy Werschkul, President Elect of Tualatin Kiwanis Club.  “The Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp hosted an auction to help raise money to send disabled children to its amazing summer camp. The camp has a 1:1 ratio of counselors to camper. Through the belief that every child should experience the joy of summer camps, the camp offers a variety of exciting activities, such as zip-lining, swimming, and other fun activities. The camp organized a Gatsby themed auction to help raise money for this cause. It was a lot of fun to volunteer!” –Joshua Lee, Co-President of Lakeridge High School Key Club 

Food Drive Challenge! •

• • •

I would like to challenge all 7 clubs in our school to a COMPETITION to see how many cans of food we can raise for the food bank! The total number of cans raised by each club will be divided by the member count. The club with the most cans per member will win a trophy and other rewards ;) so stay tuned! More information will be released shortly, so check our division website (, Facebook group page (PNW Key Club Division 64), or send me your email so I can update you with more information! You may start fundraising and collecting cans, I will release more information soon about when the collection period is over!  Be creative in the ways you fundraise! There are so many ways you can do this.  More information will be released at the DCM on the 17th… so COME!!!


THE ELIMINATE PROJECT - The primary goal of the ELIMINATE project is to “eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease steals the lives of nearly 60,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch.” - It takes $1.80 to get three rounds of vaccinations for mother and child - In order to essentially eradicate the prevalence of neonatal and maternal tetanus globally, we must still raise $110 million for our cause. - As of February, the Pacific Northwest District raised a total of $80778.40 for the ELIMINATE project, which means our district saved 89,754 lives as of February. - An easy way to raise money for the ELIMINATE project is through Miracle Minutes! During Miracle Minutes, everyone donates as much spare change as they can during the span of a minute. Even a couple pennies can go a long way! - Please promote the ELIMINATE project throughout your communities!

- For more fundraising ideas, please contact your


LTG. We will also discuss ELIMINATE in more detail at the May DCM. - Visit the ELIMINATE website for more information regarding what ELIMINATE does and Key Club’s role with that project.


Kiwanis Clubs of Division 64

Tigard Kiwanis Club, Café Allegro, 12386 SW Main Street, Tigard, OR 97223 - Meetings every Wednesday 12-1pm - Clubs: Sherwood, Tigard http://www.tigardkiwanis.c om/

Tualatin Kiwanis Club, Tualatin Island Greens, 20400 SW Cipole Road Tualatin, Oregon 97062. Meetings 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 6:30pm Clubs: Lakeridge, Tualatin, West Linn http://tualatinkiwanisclub. org/

Southwest Hills Kiwanis Club, Otto’s and Anita’s, 3025 SW Canby St, Portland, OR 97219 - Meetings every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 6:307:30am - Clubs: Lake Oswego http://kiwaniss

Wilsonville Kiwanis Club, Wilsonville Public Library, 8200 SW Wilsonville Rd, Wilsonville, OR 97070 - Meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 12pm in the Rose Room - Clubs: Wilsonville


I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the objects of Key Club International; To build my home, school, and community; To serve my nation and God; And combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.


Key club essentials


Leader: Hey, Key Clubbers! How do you feel?!?! Key Clubber(s): I (we) feel good! Oh! I feel so good! UH! (two fists, elbows tucked, downward arm thrust) Double it up, UH!UH! (two fists, elbows tucked, downward arm thrust) x2 Triple it up, UH! UH! UH! (two fists, elbows tucked, downward arm thrust) x3 One long UH! UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (right arm extended and outward, up and down, wave-like motion.) Rapper style, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH (fingers extended, elbows bent and un-tucked, arms form an “A” shaped wedge, sharply chop air, alternating between right and left arms.) *Note: At the end of the cheer, throw up your D64 hand sign! And scream “64” loudly to promote divisional spirit.


More Key Club 101 Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Leadership||Character Building||Caring||Inclusiveness

WHITE: purity GOLD: service BLUE: unwavering character Caring – Our Way of Life

About the Pacific Northwest: “It’s raining, it’s pouring, and PNW is soaring, above the rest, ‘cause we’re the best, PACIFIC NORTHWEST!” Mortimer the Moose

Proud ‘N’ Willing to Serve”

About Division 64: Lakeridge|| Lake Oswego|| West Linn||Wilsonville|| Tigard|| Tualatin|| Sherwood

Classy Mice

Teal, Gray, Black


Divisional Points Scoreboard

Scoring Breakdown:

The club with the most points will win an AWESOME AND FABULOUS reward (SHHHH IT’S A SECRET) at the end of the year (March 2015)!! So keep it up guys!  WHO’S GONNA WIN?!


Social Media Pacific Northwest: 

   

Website: Facebook: Twitter: @PNWKeyClub Instagram: @PNWKeyClub Tumblr: Email:

Division 64:   

Website: Instagram: @pnwkeyclubd64 Issuu account (all of the newsletters):

My contact info: Dorothy Wang, LTG Div. 64  

Email: Phone: 503-545-6886


Divisional Positions I am appointing an executive assistant for the division! Main duties as Executive Assistant:

Promote Divisional Events and District Events through social media (as well as Division 64 Instagram, Facebook page, and Website) Photograph every Division Council Meeting and other Divisional events and projects, along with District-wide events such as DCON and Portland Rally. Send photos to your LTG and post photos on the Divisional Website regularly and help maintain the site Assist club secretaries with their monthly reports if needed Perform secretarial duties such as taking minutes and attendance at DCMs Essentially help the Lieutenant Governor promote effective communication throughout the division

More information on the appointees will be announced at my next DCM! So stay tuned 



25 More details on Portland Rally:   

    

For those that didn’t go to District Convention, this is your chance to experience a bit of what it was like! Connect with Key Clubbers from 10 other divisions in the Portland area!! Our theme for Portland Rally is SUPERHEROES OF SERVICE! It’s going to be awesome, so get ready for some awesome Key Club spirit! All officers are required to attend because the Executive Board will be there for officer training There will be forums, fun workshops, food, and lots, lots more! Members should go too, so we can represent Division 64 and it will be a ton of fun!!! More information is going to be released shortly. Tickets will be $7 for the Earlybird price and $9 at the door. STAY TUNED!! 

Also… Would you like an ELIMINATE lanyard? Please contact your LTG! They are priced at $5 each  There are also ELIMINATE shirts for sale at $15. If you are interested, contact your LTG to see the designs!!


March of Dimes Key Club’s Service Partner

 

 

Mission: “to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.” 1 in 9 babies in America are born mature. The United States has one of the highest rates for premature babies for more developed countries. The March of Dimes funds lifesaving research and programs and works to end premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality. In 2011, Key Clubbers globally raised $116,000 for March of Dimes On April 26, there was a March for Babies in Portland. The organization raised a total of $450,000 to help raise money for mothers’ and babies’ health. Several Key Clubbers from the Portland area attended! Yay, way to represent, Key Clubbers!

Thanks to Kayla Gadd, Grace Lee, and Josh Lee for sending in pictures! 

27 APRIL DCM(thank you so much to everyone who came!!! ) and other service projects this month (Send in pictures to me if you would like to be featured in my newsletters !)

Congratulations to our 28 new club officers! Lakeridge High School

Presidents: Davey Li Joshua Lee Vice President: Gabby Quintana Secretary: Bridget Delaney Treasurer: Murray Bartho K-Family Relations: Jack Bolen Editor/Public Relations: Max Chiu Fundraising: Kavya Sreedhar

Lake Oswego High School


West Linn High School

President-Kaylene Lim Vice President- Kayla Gadd Secretary- Bo Ahn Treasurer-Brigid Young EditorAnna Maria Hartner Note* if you have any updated information, please fill out the contact info form online (ask me for the link if you need it!) and let me know through text, email, or Facebook. ď Š

Tualatin High School

President: Lily Folk Vice President: Jorge Reyes Secretary: Rachel Kahn Treasurer: Daniela Mai Activities Coordinator: Bhargavi Korlipara

Sherwood High School

COMING SOON* Tigard High School

COMING SOON* Wilsonville High School




District Governor: Lisa Antonio, Division 28 Email:


District Secretary: Ik Hoon Jung, Division 65 Email:


District Treasurer: Aneesh Pappu, Division 56 Email:


District Bulletin Editor: Jenny Zhang, Division 32 Email:


Convention Chair: Cleo Tsang, Division 32 Email:

International Trustee: Roshni Chandwani • District Administrator: John Jay • Assistant District Admin Tom Saunders: • Finance Administrator: Kevin Buyer •


* Dear Pacific Northwest District, The ending of District Convention is always hard, but it also marks the beginning of another Key Club year, and another year of service. If you have not already met me, I am Lisa Antonio, and I am honored to have the chance to serve as your District Governor for the next year. I am so privileged to be leading such a diverse and enthusiastic district, and I am excited to start building upon our strengths and creating new solutions for our district’s weaknesses. In this upcoming year I want to focus on clubs and members. I want to make sure clubs are thriving and increasing not only membership, but active membership. I want each club member to know the District Board is there to serve the members. I am inspired by the love and passion each one of you has for the act of service. and remember that ever single minute you spend serving the community is changing the world around you in a positive way. Remember to always keep service in your heart, and no matter what is going on in life, if you are serving, you can always find love. Keep in mind that in hard times, you always have your Key Club family to lean back on, and depend on. Know that the things you have done in Key Club, and the people’s lives you have touched along the way will never be forgotten. Once again I am so grateful to have the chance to serve all of you. I am looking forward to meeting all of you, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email, Facebook, or telephone! In Love and Service, Lisa Antonio Pacific Northwest District Key Club Governor

To the Pacific Northwest District, Hi, everyone! My name’s Ik Hoon Jung from Southridge High School in Beaverton, OR (Div. 65), and I’m excited beyond words to serve as your District Secretary this coming year. I’ve been an enthusiastic member of Key Club since freshman year, and it is truly a dream come true to be in this great position. I hope my term can bring about great positive personal growth in both myself and other Key Clubbers, and I won’t let you down! In Love and Service, Ik Hoon Jung Pacific Northwest District Secretary


* Hello Key Clubbers! My name is Aneesh Pappu and I am the incoming District Treasurer. I am so honored and grateful to serve you all for the 2014-2015 term and I look forward to what we will accomplish together! One of my main goals is to actively educate club treasurers so that dues collection is easy and efficient for all clubs in our district. I also plan to effectively monitor the budget of the board and to oversee all fundraising efforts for the district project this year. In addition, I intend to play a very active role in working with growth committees on the district board to increase membership within our district. I want you all to know that I am always available to assist you with any and all problems that you may have in your clubs. Feel free to give me a call anytime, even if you just want to chat, and add me on Facebook! I look forward to meeting you all this year. In Caring & Service, Aneesh Pappu Pacific Northwest District Treasurer Key Club International (509) 432 9908

Hey Pacific Northwest Key Clubbers! This coming year for our district is going to be a legendary one, and it’s an honor to be a part of it as your 2014-2015 District Editor. I’m so excited to be involved in your newsletters and giving THE ESPRESSO, our district newsletter, the publicity it deserves. I will make it as inclusive, informative, and exciting as possible. This position combines my love for service and design and I can say confidently that this year, not only will we Key Clubbers feel good, but we will also look good in all of the publications in our district! In love and service, Jenny Zhang, Pacific Northwest District Bulletin Editor A note to officers: If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your clubs, you can either contact your LTG (that’s me!) or these district officers! These are the people you want to contact because they definitely know what they’re doing and have lots of experience with solving all types of Key Club issues. And they’re all super nice and awesome and friendly! 


Thanks for reading! Questions, comments, feedback? Please email me at


or message me. ď Š