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August 2018

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Table of Contents A Letter From your LTG…. Pg. 3 Announcements…. Pg 4 DCON Workshop…. Pg. 5 SUMMER MADNESS…. Pgs. 6-7 What Does Key Club Mean To You?.... Pgs. 8-9 BEE Connected….. Pg. 10 Buzz Points…. Pgs. 11-12 Key Club 101…. Pg.13 Why Should I Join Key Club?.... Pg.14 PNW Social Media….Pg. 15

A Letter From Your Lt.G Hey Bumblebees! Hope everyone is having a great summer so far! Whether you are exploring the world, or even just staying in the shade and taking a relaxing nap on your bed. I personally had such a exciting month as I went to Chicago for ICON and Japan with friends! As this can be slow with no club meetings but just a reminder to keep promoting Key Club since freshman orientation is coming up and fundraise for the thirst project as our goal as a division is $6,000. Let’s make a difference and help our community as much as possible. Anyways hope you enjoy this issue of Buzz Feed! In Love and Service,

Shirley Kim

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August 2nd: Squats for Swazi August 5th: President and Secretary Reports Due August 10th: Buzz Feed Newsletter August 26th: Key Club Day North Registration Due September 1st: PNWOF Application Released September 8th: Key Club Day North

Buzzin’ Out!

Division 21 | August 2018 Newsletter  
Division 21 | August 2018 Newsletter