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ower Ng Pinoy is a weekly 30minute TV program that will feature success stories of Filipino movers and shakers. Produced in a documentary format, the show introduces and salutes successful individuals, groups and corporations that continue to make a difference in the lives of Filipinos in the U.S. and in the Philippines. Power Ng Pinoy also features other entertaining side stories that would strengthen and further solidify the bond of the Filipino community in general.


ur mission is to empower and provide inspiration to fellow Filipinos in their continuous perseverance and sacrifice to realize their American dreams and, more importantly, give back to their community.

The show intends to educate people on some of history’s significant achievers, some of the world’s best assets and some of our nation’s greatest treasures.

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Program Schedule §



Airs every Sunday night in US and Canada with a weekday replay Additional airings globally via GMA International network § UK, § Middle East § Asia Pacific Season2 consists of 13 episodes and airs beginning September, 2012

Target Demographic

§ 18 to 55 Years old Filipino-American

The Show’s Philosophy: Success is Giving back to the Community Power ng Pinoy puts the primary emphasis on the giving back to the community. It is the show’s philosophy that true success is not only just about achieving your goals and dreams. It is about sharing what you got with the society and paying it forward. At the end of each episode, our objective is not only to inspire our audience but also to make them realize that giving is part of being successful.

The Format This is a Half-Hour Program presented in a documentary-magazine style. It is divided into: ü 22 minutes of content featuring : v Profiles of Filipino Achievers v Tidbits Segment – Quick Q/A education segment about various topcs relaed to Philippine culture, arts, lifestyle, travel, etc ü 8 minutes of Ad Spots (30-second spots) Seasion 2 Media Kit

Past Season Guests Name


Dado Banatao

Entrepreneur – Technology (managing partner) Entrepreneur – Technology (President) Senior Manager, Cisco Systems (A mother and daughter survival story) Entrepreneur and Artist, Founder of Classical guitarist; Producer Harana the Movie UC Berkeley Professor ; Discovered “Lunasin” cancer-preventive medicine Teenage Tennis Champions Psychoteraphist

Jerry Paraiso Carina Reyes Anita Reyes Olivia Ongpin Florante Aguilar Ben de Lumen Perkin Twins Paulita Malay Jessica Coxe Lawrence Lipana Christia Cabuay Cheryl Burke Rich Cabael Victor Elizaga Allan Manalo Al Perez Joe Millares Jose Esteves Jay Sario Denise Dy Romy Protacio

Fil-am pilot flying with just her feet UC Davis Medical Student Baybayin Artist, Keeping alive Dead Filipino Script Celebrity Professional Dancer; “Dancing with the Stars” multi-winner Entrepreneur, President VuQo Holdings Entrepreneur, President Pacific Food and Beverage, Inc ( President Bindlestiff Production; Stand-up Comedian SF Commissioner Fil-Am Arts Exposition; Founder and Organizer Annual “Pistahan” Gawad Kalinga Board Member Mayor of Milpitas, California Fashion Designer, Finalist “Project Runway” TV Program Wimbledon and French Open tennis player; #1 Filipino Tennis Player Educator/Journalist/Businessman

The show also incorporates the following contents: “Man on the Street” Interviews To add variety to our show, we have included short MOS soundbites to get oncam answers from people and share their personal thoughts about success and their own journey.

Show is endorsed by the Philippine Government

SF Consul General Paynor at the Premiere Launch of Power ng Pinoy

Jessica Cox: The Armless FAA-Certified Pilot

Dado Banatao in Silicon Valley : Son of a Farmer turned Engineer and Venture Capitalist

Rich Cabael and VuQo, Inc. : How he started his Premium Vodka company

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Season 2 Media Kit

Power ng Pinoy is more than just a TV Show. It is an advocacy which promotes the great values of the Filipinos. We organize and produce events for the Community. We need your help to sustain our show so we can keep on helping the Filipino community.

Paertnership with Philippine government

Promoting the show with GMA Pinoy TV

Entrepreneur and Networking Seminar Series

Supporting local artists and Philipine culture

Giving back to the Community

Filipinos in America In the midst of economic uncertainties, Filipinos continue to migrate to the land of the free, stepping out of their comfort zones and leaving families back home in pursuit of their piece of the American dream.


y the end of 2008, nearly 3 million Filipinos are accounted living in the US, making them the 2nd biggest immigrant bloc, next only to Mexicans.

Filipinos have a median annual income of $76,874, more than 50% higher than the nationwide average of $50,740. This is the second-largest Asian American group with a population of 1,864,120 in the U.S. Between 1990 and 2000, the number of Filipino-born immigrants to the United States grew by 34%. Overall, the Filipino community population grew 30.3% from 1990 to 2000 and 81.6% from 1980 to 1990.

The Filipino Acculturation Ø

Because of the presence of American culture in the Philippines, the community does not experience a culture shock after moving to the U.S.The ease of integration and assimilation of Filipino Americans into the American society has gained them the label of an “Invisible Minority.”

Ø Filipinos are overwhelmingly in favor of featuring

Filipino role models, and having Filipino values being reflected in the advertising targeted to them

Education ü

39% of adults age 25 or older have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Occupation ü

36.7% work in a technical, sales or administrative capacity


26.6% are classified as managers and professionals


16.8% work in the service


Highest employment rate of any U.S. ethnic group at 68.9 percent compared to 64.8 percent, nationwide

Economics ü

Filipinos are among the biggest spenders in the U.S., second only to Indians, and spend an average of $88.6 billion in goods and services annually. .

Season 2 Media Kit

The Unique Filipino

C ulture

• • • • • •

Filipinos maintain their cultural identity and heritage. Filipinos keep close ties to their homeland Filipinos worldwide are passionate for news and entertainment from back home Filipinos value their relationship with their families and friends Filipinos put great importance on religion and education Filipinos are influenced by Spanish, Chinese, and American cultures

Filipino Viewing Habits v The majority of Filipino adults both inside and outside of California would prefer advertising directed to the Filipino community to be in a combination of Tagalog and English rather than in English or Tagalog exclusively. v Filipinos are overwhelmingly in favor of featuring Filipino role models, and having Filipino values being reflected in the advertising.

Season 2 Media Kit

Power ng Pinoy Airs Globally GMA Pinoy TV is enjoyed by over 271,000 cable subscribers across the US, translating to an almost 1.8 million viewers as of December 2010. The flagship international channel of the leading network in the Philippines, GMA Pinoy TV provides the best in Filipino entertainment and news. GMA Pinoy TV's top-rating soaps, comedy, talk, reality, game, variety shows and awardwinning and credible newscasts offer a sense of home with television content that keeps viewers one in heart with the

Nam lobortis felis sed est commodo posuere.


Power Ng Pinoy is a partnership production between GMA Pinoy TV and Prowave Media, LLC, a 100%-pinoy owned media company based in the Silicon Valley, California area. Prowave Media is an award-winning creative marketing and corporate communications company integrating creative minds, seasoned project management, technical expertise and Internet prowess. For information about the company, please visit

Power ng Pinoy TV Won 2 Awards in 2012

GOLD WINNER 2012 Hermes Creative Awards

BRONZE WINNER 2012 Telly Awards

Contact Us For advertising and sponsorship opportunities, or just any feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call us. 510.378.0887

Power ng Pinoy Season2 Media Kit  
Power ng Pinoy Season2 Media Kit  

Season2 airs on September 2012