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Project Proposal for LTDGlobal July 14, 2012

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Overview §  LTDGlobal has recently planned on initiating an enhancement to its current Marketing strategy. It has indicated the need to revamp the current website to integrate social media marketing as part of the long-term campaign. Prowave Media is happy to be part of this project. §  This document presents the proposed project plan to meet the requirements.

Document Coverage This project proposal is broken down as follows:

§  Overview §  Assesment – Current Scenario §  Project Goals §  Scope of Work / Pricing §  Project Engagement §  Proposed Timeline

Assessment – Current Scenario Below are the findings of our initial assessment. While the current website is full of information to provide the site visitor, we had identified the following: •  Existing website is currently built on web1.0 model: Ø  Mainly static content Ø  No media was utilized Ø  Lacks social media components •  Not optimized for search engines •  Needs improvement on user experience Ø  Navigational menu items need to be categorized •  The company does not currently have FB, Twitter, and Youtube pages, nor e-Newsletter.

Assessment – Present Website

Project Goals The project to redevelop the new website has the following objectives: •  Redesign the website to take advantage of the Web2.0 model •  Incorporate multimedia to the design •  Make the website SEO-enabled •  Integrate with social media functionalities (blogs, web videos, etc). •  Increase branding and awareness by creating customized FB, Twitter, and Youtube pages.

Scope of Work And Pricing

Proposed Scope of Work – In a Nutshell Website Re-design


§  Overall Concept §  Content Copywriting §  Artwork & Photography §  Web Development §  Content Management System §  30-sec Promotional Video

§  Tri-fold Brochure §  Company Profile §  Business Card §  Flyers §  E-Newsletter

Scope of Work Social Media

Maintenance Agreement

§  FB/Youtube/Twitter Customization §  Web Video Series §  Viral Marketing Campaign

§  TBD

Website Redesign

Detailed Scope Description Deliverables


LTDGlobal to Provide

# days

Overall Concept and Design

Based on the pre-production questionnaire and meeting with LTDGlobal, PM will submit a proposed design concept of the website including color scheme and overall look-and-feel. This is the most crucial aspect of the redesign project. In addition, a proposed SITE MAP will be presented to LTDGlobal.

•  Color scheme requirement •  “Peg” (or sample) of other existing websites •  Completed Questionnaire •  Review and approval


Content Copywriting

PM can provide a content writer based on the inputs from LTDGlobal.

Draft content either from existing materials or talking points; Review and approval


Graphics & Photography

Graphics include any artwork associated with the website such as buttons, icons, etc. Photography includes actual shooting on location and/or combination with purchased stock photos.

Models for photoshoot Revew and approval


Web Development including SEO

Actual coding and building of new website

Review and approval


Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is an important feature of new website designs. CMS is an “extension” of the main website which serves as a backend tool that allows the Site Owner or Admin tosdo a self- update the content of the website (ie. Without aid from the web developer)



Short Video

For the initial launch of the redesigned website, there has to be at least one 60- to 120-sec profile or welcome video.

Actors and other props if necessary


Social Media Integration

The new redesigned site will include blogs and abilit to integrate to FB or Twitter.



Total number of man-days to complete 46 days

Website Redesign Pricing





Content copywriting








Coding with Search Engine Opt


Video Profile


Social Media Integration

$320 Total


Marketing Collaterals Detailed Scope Description Deliverables


LTDGlobal to Provide

# days

Create the following: •  Tri-fold Brochure •  Flyer •  Logo •  Presentation Folder

Prowave Media to create: •  Concept •  Content Writing •  Final ready-to-print design

•  Marketing copy •  Review and approval


Setup e-Newsletter

Prowave Media will present options and recommedations of various e-Newsletter service providers (e.g. ConstantContact, IntelliContact, BrontoMail, etc. Once selected, PM will do the setup and customization.

•  Content


Total number of man-days to complete 23

Marketing Collaterals Pricing



Tri-fold Brochure Flyer Logo Presentation Folder


E-Newsletter Setup




Social Media Campaign Detailed Scope Description Deliverables


LTDGlobal to Provide

Customize the following: •  Facebook Business Page •  Twitter Page •  Youtube Channel

Prowave Media to customize pages for FB, Twitter, and Youtube that is based on LTDGlobal branding (see appendix for sample custom pages).


Web Video Series

Prowave Media can create a series of web video to promote (e.g video testimonials,etc) or educate (eg. “howto’s”, tips, demos, etc).


Viral Videos

These are creative marketing videos that will promote the company through social media networks


Total number of man-days to complete

# days

Project Engagement

Project Team §  Onshore •  Project Manager •  Media Producer •  Photographer / Videographer

§  Offshore – Manila / India •  Team Lead •  Graphics Artists •  Writer •  Video Editors

Engagement §  Media producer to work on-site §  Project assets uploaded online for collaboration §  Weekly face-to-face status update meeting with Project Manager §  Layout and graphics work to be performed offshore §  LTDGlobal communicates with On-shore producer

Proposed Timeline

Proposed Project Timeline Milestone


Aug 1

Contract Signing and Planning Website Redesign









Oct 4







Sign Contract

Finalize plan Soft Launch

Design / Development Main Launch

Acceptance Testing

Marketing Collaterals Social Media Customization


Design and Development


Appendix A Sample Branding*: Website and Social Media Customization

(*Disclaimer: The content of the sample pages in the succeeding pages are for design illustration purposes only. The copyrights of all the illustrated images are still owned by CocaCola, Inc)

Company Website

Facebook Fan Page

Twitter Page

Youtube “Home” Page

Youtube Channel Page with Videos

Proposal for LTDGlobal, Inc  

This document covers the proposal for the revamp of its existing website and also incorporate social media contents in the redesigned websit...