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Program UD4: Sustainable Urban Transport Mobility to and in the « cœurs de ville »: Old town centers and medina

Thematic workshop Marseille (France) – 29 November 2010 / 1st December 2010 Auditorium of the Palais du Pharo


Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Olivier LAVINAL Urban and Institutional Specialist CMI/WORLD BANK

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2010 13:00 REGISTRATIONS 14:00 OPENING SESSION  Mr. Claude VALLETTE Member of the City Council in charge of town planning CITY OF MARSEILLES  Mr. Guy FLEURET Senior economist of project Medina2030 EIB  HE Mr. Yarob BADR Minister of Transport SYRIA  Mr. Etienne VIARD Director of Mediterranean Department FRENCH AGENCY OF DEVELOPMENT (AFD) < < < coffee break > > > 15:30 THEMATIC OPENING Forum: Transport issues in the old town centers and medina  Strategic and Planning View Mr. Thierry GOUIN International Project Manager CERTU  Issues of medinas in Mediterranean cities Mr. Jacques ROUSSET Medina2030 Project EIB  Evolution of urban transport in the old town centers of Mediterranean cities:  Cases of French cities Mr. Marc LE TOURNEUR Expert TRANSDEV  Reactions Mr. Xavier HOANG Transport & Environment Project Manager AFD

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2010 SERVICE AND ACCESSIBILITY OF THE « CŒURS DE VILLE » Coordinator : Mrs. Marine MILLOT Head of Service Network Planning and Urban Transport CETE MÉDITERRANÉE 09:00 HOW TO MANAGE ACCESSIBILITY TO THE OLD TOWN CENTERS? Presentations  Mr. Maurizio TIRA Professor BRESCIA UNIVERSITY Italian experience of the limited traffic zone  Mr. Abdullah ABOUD & Mr. Amal HADDAD Head of Traffic And Transport Engineering Directorate DAMASCUS GOVERNORATE Example of Damascus: the accessibility of the medina  Mr. Pierre-Dominique GUERIN Project Manager GRAND LYON Lyon: Presqu’île Project: a study about parking and traffic regulation  Mr. Mohamed DHIBI Professor SOUSSE UNIVERSITY Transport policies in Sousse, Tunisia and their roles in maintaining the attractiveness of the medina Debates < < < coffee break > > > 11:00 WHICH ACCESSIBILITY OF THE ACTIVITIES IN THE OLD TOWN CENTERS? Presentations  Mr. Chiheb BEN YOUSSEF Head of Traffic Service TRANSTU What services by public transport to the downtown of Tunis, which connection between public transport and the doors of the old city?  Mr. Vincent MEYER Head of Mobility Service CITY OF MONTPELLIER Delivery to the town center of Montpellier: freight, touristic activities, town centers inhabitants…  Ms. Andrea BIANCI Infomobility CITY OF PARMA Service and accessibility of the old town center Testimonials  Mr. Patrick CARLES General Manager SARECO Parking and emerging cities : limitation of automotive flow to the centers  Mr. Daniel BOUDOUIN General Manager of Jonction CRET-LOG How to integrate the issue of urban logistic Debates < < < Lunch > > >

SOFT MODES AND PUBLIC SPACES Coordinator : Mr. Philippe VALLOUIS Transport Project Manager BLUE PLAN 14:30 WHICH MODES IN THE « CŒURS DE VILLE »? Presentations  Mr. Samuel MARTIN Group of Users and Transport Security CERTU Speed down and sharing the road: a necessity. The case of ZCA (quiet traffic area)  Mr. Alberto CROCE Consultant, former manager of transport CITY OF FERRARA The strategy of mobility on bike and non-polluting modes  Mr. Fouad SERRHINI General Manager of ADER CITY OF FEZ Means to help the soft mobility and horsedrawn waste collection  Mr. Angel LOPEZ Director of Mobility Service CITY OF BARCELONA A policy to direct the two-wheels vehicles  Mr. Erhan ENBATAN General Manager of ESTRAM CITY OF ESKISEHIR Reduced vehicle intensity in the centrum of Eskisehir Debates < < < coffee break > > > Coordinator : Mr. Sylvain HOUPIN City Project Manager BLUE PLAN 16:30 MOBILITY IN THE OLD TOWN CENTERS: HOW TO DEAL WITH PUBLIC SPACES? Presentations  Mr. Martin STUCKI Manager of activities outside Europe TRANSITEC Methodologies of interventions in the public spaces in Morocco  Mr. Charbel CHALLITA EGIS and Mr. Fouad AWADA URBAMED For a peaceful accessibility: the case of the medina of Tripoli – Libya  Mr. Riadh HAJTEIB President TUNISIAN ASSOCIATION OF TOWN PLANNER Urban Transport in the heart of the city of Sfax, Tunisia  Mr. Christian BRUNNER General Manager Marseilles Metropolitan Agency (AGAM) Issues of downtown Marseilles pedestrianization Testimonial  Mr. Yves MORAINE Deputy Mayor CITY OF MARSEILLES Shared governance for downtown Marseilles pedestrianization Debates


WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1 , 2010 09:00 TAKING INTO ACCOUNT CITY CENTERS IN PLANNING APPROACHES Coordinator : Mr. Jacques LEGAIGNOUX Head of Division Transports, Roads and Urban Mobility CETE MÉDITERRANÉE Round table  Mr. Mohamed N’GADI Head of Division Urban Mobility and Transports MOROCCAN MINISTRY OF INTERIOR  Mr. Christos TAXILTARIS Professor UNIVERSITY OF THESSALONIQUE  Mr. Martin STUCKI Director of activities outside Europe TRANSITEC  Mr. Patrice BERGER Director of Foreign Affairs PLANNING AGENCY OF LYON < < < coffee break > > > 10:45 GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CONCLUSIONS Mr. Xavier GODARD Expert on Urban Transport CODATU 11:15 BOOKS REVIEW Mr. Xavier HOANG Transport & Environment Project Manager AFD 11:30 CLOSING SESSION, PROSPECTS AND FOLLOW-UP  Mr. OP AGARWAL Senior Specialist in Transport WORLD BANK  Mr. Gabriel JODAR Expert on Urban Transport MEDCITIES  Mr. Mario AYMERICH Economist EIB  Mr. Rémi GENEVEY Strategy Officer AFD