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““Climate Change and Migration: Evidence from the Middle East and North Africa” June 20, 2013” Villa Valmer, Marseille Participants list

REGIONAL POLICY LEVEL ALGERIA (TBC) Ms. Hafida Lameche Deputy Director Ministry of Land Use Planning, Environment and City EGYPT Mr. Mohamed El Said Advisor to the Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Ministry of State for Environment Affairs Mr. Mohamed Ismail Ibrahim El Sehamy Vulnerability and Adaptation General Director Climate Change Department Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency

MOROCCO Mr. Slimane Maliki Head of the Foresight Section Department of Environment Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment Mr. Abdelrhani Boucham Climate Change Senior Executive

Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment Mr. Benjaber Mohamed Head of Consular Conventions Directorate of Consular and Social Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Ms. Khadija El Houdi Head of Economic Infrastructure and Environment Division Department of Planning Haut Commissariat au Plan Ms. Nadia Lkholf Researcher Center for Demographic Studies Haut Commissariat au Plan

TUNISIA Mr. Salah Hassini General Director of Environment and Quality of Life State Secretariat for Environment Ministry of Equipment and Environment

YEMEN (TBC) Mr. Hussain Al- Gunaied Deputy Minister Ministry of Water and Environment Mr. Khaled Saeed El Shibani Chairman Environmental Protection Agency Mr. Anwar Noaman Coordinator Pilot Program for Climate Resilience

ORGANIZATIONS AGENCE FRANCAISE DE DEVELOPPEMENT Ms. Nathalie Bougnoux Project Officer Migration and Demography Division of Animation and Foresight Ms. Christelle El Sabahy Mediterranean and Middle East Department CEFEB WORLD BANK/ CENTER FOR MEDITTERANEAN INTEGRATION Mr. Andrea Liverani Senior Social Development Specialist M. Quentin T. Wodon Adviser Human Development Network Mr. Dominique Rojat AFD Projects coordinator at the CMI Mr. Hadrien Michel Program Officer Green Growth Program Ms. Cynthia Faure Program Assistant Ms. Sophia Benhaddou Program Officer Green Growth Program GIZ Ms. Hanna Viuhko-Penther Advisor Competence Centre for Climate Change Environment and Climate Change Division


UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE FOR ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN SECURITY (UNU-EHS) Mr. Tamer Afifi Associate Academic Officer Section Environmental Migration, Social Vulnerability and Adaptation

PLAN BLEU Ms. Nathalie Rousset Climate Change Officer INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MIGRATION M. Franck Laczko Head of Research Ms. Agata Chrzaszcs Head of Sub-office Mr. Bastien Lambert Project Assistant AGENCE DE DEVELOPPEMENT ET DE MAITRISE DE L’ENERGIE (ADEME) Representative from ADEME


Climate Change and Migration Workshop June 20, 2013