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MEDCITIES Type of institution: Network of Mediterranean Cities

Missions: The network originally comprised one city in each country, with a preference for cities other than the capital. The objectives are to:  Reinforce the awareness of interdependence and common responsibility regarding the policies of urban environmental conservation in the Mediterranean basin.  Strengthen the role and the means (institutional, financial and technical capability) of municipalities in the implementation of local sustainable development policies.  Develop awareness and involvement of citizens and consumers on urban sustainable development.  Set up a direct cooperation policy in order to implement the partnership between coastal Mediterranean cities Medcities also develops multi-partner projects with specific impacts on sustainable urban development following either a comprehensive approach, as Strategic Urban Plans design and implementation, or a sectoral approach, regarding waste management, air quality, mobility, local economic development, urban renewal, integrated coastal zone management, water management, poor neighbourhood upgrading, etc. The participation of other cities is possible through each specific project circumstances. Medcities is currently initiating the ENPI/CBC project “ Mediterranean Network for the promotion of Sustainable Urban Development Strategies and three news UDS “ in order to create an open Mediterranean network of cities interested in using the Strategic Planning approach for managing its medium and long term city development. Mediterranean cities are all invited to join this network during the project development phase( Sept. 2011 - Sept. 2013) by:  Participating in a new Technological Platform 2.0 for exchange of knowledge and networking activities.  Participating in the Knowledge Transfer Platforms meetings and initiatives based in Sfax (Tunisia) and Tripoli (Lebanon) for cities which start the Strategic Planning process and Malaga (Spain) for cities which already use Strategic Planning approach.

Mode of funding: Medcities is not a funding institution, except through the project participation. Nevertheless Medcities provides support in financing searching of its members’ projects.


How to submit proposals: Mediterranean cities can propose new projects on sustainable urban development contacting Medcities Secretariat.

Criteria to be highlighted: The project proposal shall be of interest to a relevant number of Medcities members.

Website: Contact: Joan Parpal Anna Almirall Phone: +34 93 22 34 169

Date of entry: June 2011