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The Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) is a multi-partner collaborative arrangement to facilitate access to best knowledge, practices, and support among public and independent institutions, in order to improve cooperation, enhance sustainable development, and converge policies towards greater integration in the Mediterranean Region. The CMI organizes its activities and programs around three integrational themes: Integrated Economies, Sustainable Growth and Participatory Governance. The CMI’s member governments (Egypt, France, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia) and two international financial institutions active in the region (the World Bank and the European Investment Bank) cooperate through an organizational apparatus managed by the World Bank. The Center hosts programs led by a variety of institutions—among them the Agence Française de Développement, the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (France), the European Investment Bank, the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, Germany’s Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Plan Bleu, and the Forum Euroméditerranéen des Instituts de Sciences Économiques (FEMISE). Solid partnerships have been developed with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Islamic Development Bank, the Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), UNDP, Cities Alliance, and the Union for the Mediterranean. The Activity Matrix provides a snapshot of activities in accordance to our three integrational themes and the CMI’s added value is embodied in a range of knowledge products and good practices shared through (i) knowledge products; (ii) coordination of partnerships; (iii) high level dialogue; (iv) capacity building; (v) upstream project support.

April 23, 2013

CMI Activity Matrix - Integrated Economies Program Economic Policy, Trade and Investment

IE 1


Knowledge Products

High Level Dialogue

Multi-Partner Support


Publication of Trade and Investment Report

Conference in Marseille (Nov 2011), Conference in Tunis, (March 2012), G8/DP Amman (April 2012), G8/DP Washington (April 2012)

World Bank, Islamic Development Bank

1) Translation (into French and Arabic) and publication of High-level interactions on a new developmnet Transforming Arab Economies: Traveling the Knowledge and model based on knowledge and innovation Transforming Arab Economies - Traveling the Knowledge and Innovation Road (Overview and Main Report). 2) Dissemination (Rencontre Valmer Events: Oct/Dec 2012); Innovation Road of report at a high-level KE seminar in Rabat with ISESCO. 3) Morocco and Tunisian country consultations (April 2013); Egypt (TBD); Lebanon (TBD) Country consultations. 4) Launch of the KE website

Knowledge Economy

IE 2

Innovation Capacities

IE 3

Building on the deliverables of the 'Fostering Innovation' program

i) Benchmarking studies on arrangements for business incubators and intellectual property systems. ii) Study of professional qualification system as related to innovation. iii) Preliminary study on the development of technology platforms.

Higher Education

IE 4

University Governance Screening Card

Follow-up to the FY12 report on UGSC to present findings for Algeria, Iraq & Lebanon

International Labor Mobility

Public-Private Partnerships

IE 5

IE 6

World Bank, EIB, ISESCO

i) Workshop on Innovation and Commercialization for Economic Development, Nov 12-13, 2012, EIB, EC, FEMISE, CDC, AFD, IRD, ISESCO, Amman. ii) International conference on CNUCED, ESCWA, JCI, World Bank, ANIMA technopoles/science parks (2013)

Rabat Conference on December 11, 2012.

Making bilateral labor arrangements work

1) Analyzing design and implementation gaps in existing labour arrangements. 2) Diagnosing institutional capacities for labor intermediation and building better migration systems. 3) Convening multi-stakeholder dialogues to build a more coordinated appraoch. 4) Participating in pilot projects for labor exchanges in promising economic sectors.

Balancing mobility with worker protection

1) Benchmarking recruitment regulations and 1) WB-AFD-CGD Migration and Development practices in the Euro-Med region and beyond Conference in Ifrane Morocco, May 18-19, with the to develop a guide on good practices aimed at 1) Comparative survey and analysis of public and private Minister for the Moroccans Abroad under the High increasing migrant protection. 2) Exploring Patronage of the King Mhd VI. 2) North-South services for international labor intermediation in Tunisia and the feasibility of specific social insurance Morocco. 2) Comparitive corridor study on portability of social dialogue through CMI platform on portability of schemes for a mobile workforce. 3) Assessing security rights. social security rights. 3) Rencontre Valmer event practical ways to make pensions and health (Nov 2012) also on portability of social security insurance portable in select Euro-Med rights. corridors.


Capacity Building

Upstream Project Support


World Bank

Use the high level conference as a platform to launch a vibrant community of practice of policymakers/practitioners from the Arab world engaged on the KE, supported by a website for interaction

Developing the KE approach with Morocco, Tunisia, possibly Egypt and Lebanon

World Bank

Pre-feasibility study on an innovation portal for dissemination of information and promotion of collaborative projects


Web-based platform for the exchange of experience in introducing higher-education reforms

World Bank

1) WB-AFD-CGD Migration and Development Conference in Ifrane Morocco, May 18-19, with the 1) Policy note based on the diagnostic of the French-Tunisia Minister for the Moroccans Abroad under the High Deauville Partnership, GIZ (Germany), Pole Technical assistance to the government of Tunisia BLA and lessons learned from other prominent schemes. 2) Patronage of the King Mhd VI. 2) Rencontre Valmer Emploi International (France) and pilot projects with France and Germany. Upcoming discussion note exploring topic of how to generate Dec 11. 3) Interministerial seminar with Tunisian, successful BLAs. French and German representatives in Tunis Jan1516.

World Bank


1) Sharing of regional practices and policy options with Tunisia and Morocco. 2) Technical assistance to the governments of these two countries.

World Bank

E-community to promote an exchange of information and experiences among migrant organizations (starting with Moroccan and Tunisian organizations in France)

World Bank

1) Promoting dialogue on the movement of health care workers and facilitating the adoption of new mechanisms to improve health care service delivery in the Euro-Med Turning brain region. 2) Outlining cooperative drain into brain arrangements between sending and receiving gain countries to link training and mobility. 3) Convening South-South consultations on the role of public policies in harnessing the human capital potential of the diaspora.

Dissemination note to highlight international practices in the domain of diaspora engagement

1) Consultations with Moroccan and Tunisian government representatives and migrant organizations 2) South-South Learning workshops

To be developed

A study on accounting, statistical treatment, and budgeting for PPPs in the water sector. ii) a study on PPPs and climate change mitigation and adaptation, including a readiness assessment in each pilot country. (tbc)

Workshop on governance issues for PPPs in the water sector. (tbc)

EIB, FEMIP, OECD, GWP Med, CDC, UfM, PPP units in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia


CMI Activity Matrix - Sustainable Growth Program

Green Growth

SG 1


Knowledge Products

High Level Dialogue

Multi-Partner Support

2012 Med Report

2012 Med Report

Dissemination and Launch of the report (October 2012, Mediterranean Economic Week, Marseille)

OECD, AFD, EIB, FEMISE, FFEM, FAO, GEF, World Bank, Plan Bleu

Green Growth Platform: UNEP, UNDP, World Moroccan Development Policy Bank Loan follow up and integration

World Bank

National COED update (Morocco and Tunisia)

Natural Capital Accounting for Green Growth in MENA, March 26-27, 2013

UNEP, UNDP, World Bank

50:50 campaign: Technical assistance in candidate countries communication tool that Technical meetings; WAVES engages the signing countries, private sector and NGOs

World Bank

Natural Capital Accounting

Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) partnership

Physical Capital


Human Captial

Jobs and Trade

Regional study on COED in the solid waste sector Policy report on green trade

Water re-use

Water Resources Management

SG 2

Waste COED restitution workshop Green trade opportunities workshop

National (Tunisia) case studies on green labor intensive sectors Publication: Treated wastewater reuse in the Mediterranean: Lessons Learned and Tools for Project Development - Handbook available in hard copy

High-level dialogue during the 6WWF in March 2012

International Trade Center

National COED update Regional benchmarking / training workshop

World Bank

AFD, World Bank, Plan Bleu, EIB

Technical peer to peer meeting

AFD / Plan Bleu

Technical peer to peer meeting

World Bank / ISESCO

Regional workshop (January 22-23, 2013, CMI)


Technical meeting and regional seminar with Second Phase Road map (2013-2014) coordinated by Working Group on Water Losses Reduction

World Bank

Water demand management

Regional Synthesis Report (FY13)

Conference in Egypt (December 2013)

AFD, CEFEM, Plan Bleu

Training in Morocco


AFD, African Development Bank, WHO, Plan Bleu (UNEP/MAP)

Regional Seminars

Developing regional resources, (i) Publication focusing on environmental health policy in (i) Dissemination workshop for publication on EH strengthening capacity and building SEMC; (iii) Development of a Regional Charter of policy September 2013; (ii) Presentation of Charter political commitment for Environmental Framework Convention on EH at regional conference at ministerial level in FY15 Health in SEMC (FY13-FY15)

Integrated Risk Management

SG 4

Integrated risk management activities in Morocco

Global knowledge exchange/ study tours

Climate change adaptation and 1- Study on climate change adaptation (CCA) and Disaster SG 5 promotion of climate-appropriate urban Risk Management (DRM) in Algiers 2- Study on CCA and development DRM in Jordanian intermediate cities

Skills network on urban transport in the SG 6 MENA region

Medinas 2030 Sustainable Urban Development

GIZ / World Bank

Five Case studies from Mediterranean countries & Regional Synthesis Report

SG 3

Sustainable Urban Transport

Waste sector COED kick-off Workshop - Cairo, May 2013


Efficient management of utilities / reducing water losses

Environmental Health Initiative

Cities and Climate Change

Upstream Project Support

International Labour Organisation

Two Regional Seminars: Marseille (March 2012) and Beirut (May 2012); High-level Dialogue on the WB Partnership with ISESCO (co-sponsor of May report "Renewable Energy Desalination: An workshop with young CEOs) / Participation of Emerging Solution to Close the Water Gap in the IFC Middle East and North Africa" (MENA Development Report) and technical notes for decision makers (Planned - dates TBD)

Water innovations & entrepreneurship (cross-cutting)

Capacity Building

SG 7 Urban Projects Finance Initiative (UPFI)

Strategy on IRM in Morocco and dissemination; possible Rencontre Valmer

Dissemination of the Strategy

Regional conference building on results of the studies (Second Semester 2013)

Dissemination of the recommendations made by Egis on DRM and CCA in Casablanca at local level, with Youth involvement, May 2013

Methodological toolbox on urban transport policies tailored for Mediterranean cities

1/Tunisia National Urban Transport Days, December 2012; to be followed by similar events in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and possibly Jordan in 2013 or 1st semester 2014 2/Mediterranean wrap-up conference planned for the second semester of 2014

Pre-Operational Study

1/Medinas Workshop, Marseille, November 2012 2/Dissemination of the study, 2013


Codatu Certu WB CETE Plan Bleu


Establishing a regional community of practice - online platform for knowledge sharing

World Bank

Leverage potential financing of the Action Plans implementation

1/Singapore Leaders Urban Transport Programs, January 2013 2/Marseille Leaders Urban Transport Programs, June 2013

Knowledge and best practices exchanges events, 2013

World Bank



1/Meknès medina pilot study 2/Identification of 15 projects to be funded


Identification and preparation of sustainable urban development investment projects


CMI Activity Matrix - Participatory Governance Program


Strategic Urban Development

Cities for a New Generation

MUDUN (Joint Work Program)

Multi-Partner Support

Capacity Building

Upstream Project Support


Tunisian-German Mayors’ Conference on local democracy, December 2012; Linking of thematic networks at the regional level for broader exchange between cities in the Maghreb (late 2012 through end 2013); Sub-regional dialogues in Morocco and Tunisia, March 2013.


Study trip on public transport, 7 Moroccan cities, Germany, November 2012; Incorporation of approximately 30 cities into thematic learning networks for regular exchanges of experience

Technical Assistance in the development of innovative solutions in the areas of: waste management; mobility and transport; rehabilitation of medinas; energy efficiency; and local governance


1/Dialogue on land policy reforms, Lebanon, February 2013 2/Network of Urban Developers Conference, June 2013 followed by workshops, 2013-2014

Euroméditerranée MedCities WB AFD EIB City of Marseille AGAM

1/Pilot city projects under way in Tripoli and Sfax: (i)Design “quick win” projects; (ii)Support the local development office; (iii)Prepare project portfolio in order to facilitate funding and mobilize donor financing 2/ Knowledge sharing events within the Network of Urban Developers 3/Dissemination of the CDS Guidebook

Network of Urban Developers (potential coordination with UPFI)


4 municipal diagnoses in three cities: 1/Human Resources 2/Municipal finance and assets 3/Social Accountability 4/Urbanization Reviews

Regional Forum to disseminate the outputs of the activity to a wider audience of local and national officials of the region, possibly leading to replication of the approach with other countries/cities

CDC MedCities

Elaboration of city-by-city syntheses and regional lessons learned; Coordination with CEFEB for training sessions dedicated to local technical and administrative staff

Leverage potential financing of the Action Plans implementation


(i) Tunisia Country Project; (ii) Regional Projects

3 diagnostic studies on Tunisia: (i) an urbanization review, (ii) a review of the status of decentralization; and (iii) a study of local and municipal tax and finance

Projected dialogue on regional and country level urban policy reforms

CMI and Cities Alliance members and partners

CMI-Cities Alliance


League of Arab States, Arab Youth Observatory, AFD, City of Marseille

World Bank


Strengthening municipal PG 1 structures in the Maghreb

Knowledge Products

High Level Dialogue

Series of toolkits for local decision makers

1/Review of Urban land public policies in Regional and urban Lebanon planning; Urban land PG 2 2/Review of urban land policies in the city of management; urban Marrakesh expansion and renewal 3/Atlas City-Port

Economic and social PG 3 development in 3 pilot cities

PG 4

ART (Articluation des Reseaux Territoriaux)-Local Empowerment

PG 5

Triangular and southsouth cooperation

WB Formulation of operations to expand new 1/Training workshops on the use of the ART-ISI@MED City of Tripoli applications to meet specific needs in the 1/Africities - Workshop on South/South and triangular handbook to support local decision makers in 1/Dissemination of the handbook on ICTs for City of Marseille city of Tripoli such as (i) tax collection for cooperation for local empowerment, Senegal, December implementing local development projects through the use local empowerment City of Malaga better accountability and efficiency and (ii) 2012 2/ Consultation on a new UNDP-CMI of ICTs innovative mobile phone applications for 2/Regional consultation conference on partnering for Region Champagneguidebook on local economic development 2/South-South and triangular best practices exchanges territorial marketing and economic local empowerment, Cairo, June 2013 Ardennes and capacity building development French MoFA

Arab Youth Initiative

PG 6

Arab Youth Initiative

Implementation and dissemination (2013) of youth inclusion study and data collection

Employment and Social Protection

Open Government Initiative


Platform for reform of E-community of practice on social measures PG 7 social contracts in the October 2011 MENA region

Open government reforms that promote PG 8 greater transparency and accountability

PG 9

to be developed

Workshop in Tunis at request of Tunisian employment ministry (June 2011), Workshop in Cairo at request of Ministry of planning & international cooperation (Oct 2012), Workshop in Beirut (May 2013).

Design of budget aid in Employment an,d WorldBank, ILO, EU Research working group to discuss research commissioned social protection (Egypt) or project fuènding Tunisian and by program partners. in technical and vocational training Egyptian offices (Morocco, Lebanon) OECD, INSTEA, Council of Europe, Basel Insitute on Governance, Open Society Institute, Ministry of Justice of Spain

Dissemination of study ‘Justice Sector Service Delivery to the Poor: How Are Middle East Governments Addressing Gaps?’

Presentation of the report “Opening Doors: Gender Equality and Development in MENA

Workshops for the youth stakeholders targeted in one region of Morocco and of Tunisia

1/ Targeted technical assistance to accountability institutions, starting with the public sector complaints hotline established by the Government of Tunisia 2/ TA to enhance access to justice for the poor


World Bank

World Bank