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CMI / UD4 Barcelona Workshop

Citizen, Taxpayer,

User, Customer: How to involve the people in the definition and implementation of urban transport policies? Thierry Gouin CERTU 18 Oct. 2011

Ministère de l'Écologie, du Développement Durable, des Transports et du Logement

Some thoughts

What about the participation of the people in the development and implementation of urban transport policies, in both North and South of the Mediterranean?

How to consult the people about a local or national policy or about an urban transport project (eg France: public debate, public inquiries, Grenelle Environment ...)?

How to involve the people in a reflection process, as well as other stakeholders (eg France: concertation about Urban Mobility Plans...)?

2 CMI / UD4 Barcelona Workshop – 18 Oct. 2011


Some thoughts

How to involve citizens in the ongoing evaluation of the functioning and performance of the transport service (eg France: Line Committees for Regional Rail, Advisory Commissions for Local Public Services...)?

How to adapt the concertation to the changing of the behaviors ("social networking" vs. "mass individualism")?

Citizens, taxpayers, users, consumers, customers...: where to go?

What role for the associations?

3 CMI / UD4 Barcelona Workshop – 18 Oct. 2011


3 local feedback

“Mobility Pact” in Barcelona Clara de YZAGUIRRE (Directrice des Relations Externes Prévention, Sécurité et Mobilité de la Mairie de Barcelone, Directrice du Pacte pour la Mobilité de Barcelone)

The case of Nantes Christine LASSALLE (Sales Manager of TAN, Nantes, Fr)

The case of Quito Sandra BONILLA (Distrito Metropolitano de Quito, EC)

4 CMI / UD4 Barcelona Workshop – 18 Oct. 2011


3 key-questions


3 key-questions:


Jean-Charles CROCHET (Senior Expert, World Bank)

1. How to ensure that the participation of citizens is constructive, based on facts, not influenced by politics, and sustained over time? 2. How to take account of financing constraints and, among all desired improvements, focus on those with the highest benefit/cost ratios? 3. How to reconciliate and find the right balance between citizens’ participation and technical analysis? 5 CMI / UD4 Barcelona Workshop – 18 Oct. 2011


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6 CMI / UD4 Barcelona Workshop – 18 Oct. 2011


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