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Tales & Tails Carolina Canines for Service, Inc. Providing people with disabilities enhanced independence through the gift of a quality trained service dog Christmas 2008


Carolina Canines for Veterans

Just short of the twelfth anniversary, Carolina Canines nearing $2 Million in service provided to people with disabilities with the gift of quality trained service dogs including two placements from the new Carolina Canines for Veteran program. Wounded Warrior Cpl. Chris Gray was the recipient of Rocio on October 17, 2008 at a ceremony and reception at the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune for the first placement from the Carolina Canines for Veterans program. Cpl. Gray was injured in Iraq in February 2007 when two rocket propelled grenades struck the tank he was in igniting the bulk of ammunition and causing an explosion. Gray suffered severe burns along with the tank commander. Because of these injuries, Cpl. Gray is not able to do everyday tasks which once were simple for him. Rocio, a Labrador Retriever mix, was trained by Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune prisoners to assist Cpl. Gray with his needs. The dog came from Cpl. Gray and SerSouthport Oak Island Animal Shelter, a local non-kill vice Dog Rocio facility in Southport, North Carolina after passing a rigorous temperament and health screen by Carolina Canines staff. Rocio was in training for 10 months. The second wounded warrior, Cpl. Zachary Briseno, received his service dog Eve in midNovember. Cpl. Briseno was injured in Iraq in November of 2007 and sustained wounds that resulted in the loss of both his legs below the knee. While he has regained mobility through the use of prosthetics, his mobility remains limited, and at times he cannot wear his prosthetics; Eve will assist him with many daily tasks he has not been able to achieve. “She is my legs”, says Cpl. Briseno. “Not only has she been a great help in things I have to learn all

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Cpl. Zachary Briseno and Service Dog Eve

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A Message from the President Volunteering, One Stitch At a Time Help Us, Help Others Funding News Volunteering from the Heart Walk For Those Who Can’t Contributor Acknowledgement Celebrating Good Times Corporate Sponsors Changing Lives, One at a Time Fat Tony’s Italian Pub Domestic Violence Animal Assistance Animal Assisted Therapy

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A Message from the President At this time of thanksgiving, I try to take time and think about the meaning of the holiday as well as the blessings I have to be thankful.

I am thankful that we are able to provide our Domestic Violence Animal Assistance program, this service allows a domestic violence victims the opportunity to get out of the violent situation without having to fear that harm will come to her animals. We simply house the animals, removing them from the situation at the same time battered person leaves, and thereby providing safety for all concerned.

I am thankful that we have been successful in starting the very first program training military prisoners to train the service dogs for the Wounded Warriors that we have asked to keep us safe and free.

I am thankful that we have the privilege and the honor to be providing this service free of charge to the Wounded Warriors that need our service dogs.

To date we have now provided two (2) Wounded Warriors with service dogs from the Carolina Canines for Veterans Program valued at $76,000. Their lives have been forever changed by the work of many people including the inmates at Camp Lejeune.

I am thankful for all of our Animal Assisted Therapy teams that meet hundreds of people every week and bring a moment of sunshine to their lives. And I am thankful for all our volunteers that put in over 1900 volunteer hours each and every month so our programs can continue to function.

Now, with that being said, we NEED your help to continue to offer the services we provide now. We need your financial assistance. In this newsletter, there are a number of ways to assist us in our mission. Won’t you please help us? God Bless!

Rick Hairston President and CEO



Board of Directors Board Chair Betty Ann Sanders Board Members Jon Evans John Fogg Melisa Gallison Clayton Gsell Heidi Messina Kirsty Piper Janet Rodger Ginny Spencer Justin Queen

In Memory Larry Curtis Advisory Council Members Betty Cameron Rick Catlin Doragene Gurganus Shelia Hanby, D.V.M. Anita McDaniel, Ph.D. Dave Mickler Ashley Miller Randy Reeves Britt Taylor, M.D.

Website Design & Management David Mickler Staff Rick Hairston President & CEO

Pat Nowak Exec. Assistant / Grant Writer Amie Granbois Community Outreach Coordinator

Victoria Wilcox Carolina Canines for Veterans, Trainer

Trainers Rick Hairston Stephen LeQuire—Volunteer Caroline O’Brien—Volunteer Beth Shepherd—Volunteer Donna Sweetman—Volunteer Marianna Thompson—Volunteer Newsletter Pat Nowak

Tales & Tails, Christmas 2008

Volunteering One Stitch at a Time

Help Us Help Others!

Over 18 months ago, Joan Powell started out on a pro-

Consider a gift to Carolina Canines for Service, Inc. to honor a relative, friend, co-worker, newlyweds or a memorial for a relative, friend, your beloved pet or the pet of someone you know, to the general or building fund. With a minimum donation of $10.00, a personalized card will be sent to the contributor, recipient or recipients family acknowledging the gift you have made.

ject using her gifts and talents dear to her heart. She began a quilt project with the goal of presenting the quilt to Carolina Canines to use as a fundraiser. Many hours of cutting, piecing and sewing later, a beautiful quilt was presented to Rick Hairston and Pat Nowak in August. Joan, from Ohio, is familiar with Carolina Canines because she is the sister of animal assisted therapy team Dee Maier and Kobi.

Joan Powell (right) presents Rick Hairston (center) and Pat Nowak (left) a hand made quilt for Carolina Canines fundraiser.

“We are overwhelmed with the gift of this quilt,” says Pat Nowak. “Anyone who quilts knows the hours of work for a beautiful piece like this.” The picnic size quilt made with dog print material is being raffled for a donation of $5.00 per raffle ticket. The winner will be announced on March 28, 2009 following the 3rd Annual Walk for Those Who Can’t.

You Decide!

Honorarium  Memorial

Pet Memorial

Animal Assisted Therapy

Building Fund

 Paws for Reading!

Carolina Canines for Veterans

Domestic Violence Animal Assistance

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Please send the acknowledgement card to: Name:_________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________ City________________ State ______ Zip ___________

Funding News

Please include this special message: ______________________________________________

THANK you to our funders who continue to make our mission possible!

Honorarium or Memorial From:

Bonner Family Private Foundation, Inc. Catherine Kennedy Home Foundation Cape Fear Area Combined Federal Campaign CJB Foundation Friends of NCVMA Foundation Harris-Legacy Foundation Hueston Foundation Jared C. Fox Foundation The Landfall Foundation Marino Family Foundation within the Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund North Carolina State Employee Campaign Novartis, Sentinel® product donation Paws of North Carolina PetCo Foundation The Harris-Legacy Foundation ThreeSpokes Fund of Triangle Community Foundation Triangle Community Foundation, Inc. Triangle United Way—Progress Energy VFW-Ladies Auxiliary Post 10401 Wilmington Woman’s Club

Tales & Tails, Christmas 2008

Name:________________________________________ Address:______________________________________ City________________ State ______ Zip ___________

All gifts are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.

Please return this form with your donation to: Carolina Canines for Service, Inc. PO Box 12643 Wilmington, NC 28405 Or donate on-line at via PayPal!



Volunteering from the Heart

Walk for Those Who Can’t

By Nancy Barkalow

Be A Sponsor— We are seeking Corporate Sponsors When I discovered my new hometown had a parade every year, I couldn't wait! Off we went that fateful morning six years ago to our $10 grandstand seats. We cheered each group on with hoops and hollers that left me nearly voiceless. Then came a group of folks with physical disabilities, in wheelchairs, on crutches, whatever worked. Everyone had a dog. They were the staff, clients and volunteers of Carolina Canines for Service. One little dog wearing a flowered straw hat, sunglasses, and carrying a basket of flowers in her mouth stood out. As she neared our seats, she spit out the basket, as if she were saying, 'Phooey! I'm not carrying that anymore,' and gave us a good laugh. The door to our new life here was opened by that little dog. As recently retired newcomers , we hoped to find some hobbies or volunteer work to keep us active. We contacted Carolina Canines and are longterm volunteers and donors with them. We've helped set up the new office as clerical volunteers. My husband did the "Vet" run, supplying veterinary offices with Carolina Canine brochures. Long ago, I attempted to organize the schedules of Paws for Reading volunteers and took Delta AAT training so as to be able to fill-in in case of absences. There were many more tasks, some small and some unimaginable in size and scope. Although it began because a little dog spit out her basket of flowers at our first Azalea Festival parade, our admiration for the work that this group does and its dedication to its goals have kept us involved as volunteers and supporters since we made North Carolina our home. To learn more about volunteering with Carolina Canines, visit

NC State Employee Campaign #3602 Federal Combined Campaign #16373

for our 3rd Annual Walk for Those Who Can't, and would like you to consider helping us. Call or email for a Sponsorship Application or visit

Form A Team—It is easier than you think to form a team. Talk to your family, friends, coworkers or congregation members. Dedicate your team to someone special or just walk for fun, exercise and a great cause! Remember, the more people walking, the greater support we have to provide service dogs for those who can't. Call or email for a Team Captain Packet or visit to registered your team online.

Walk As An Individual -You don't need to be part of a team to participate in the Walk. You can solicit pledges by asking your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to support you; or make a personal donation (a minimum donation of $30.00 is required to receive a t-shirt). You don't need to be part of a team to participate in the Walk. You can solicit pledges by asking your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to support you; or make a personal donation (a minimum donation of $30.00 is required to receive a t-shirt. Call or email for a Individual Registration form or visit Walk With Your Dog Pets are welcome, but here are some guidelines:

■All pets must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet. ■All pets must be current on all vaccinations. ■All pets must be under control of walker at all times. ■Please clean up after your pet! ■Water will be provided for both you and your dog along the course.

■Special Walk bandanas will be given to dogs walking Thank you to all the state and federal employees for your support! Page


with registered walkers while supplies last!

Tales & Tails, Christmas 2008

Special Thanks to Our Contributors from April 12—October 31, 2008 Honorariums

KARL DAVIS Elizabeth Cushing

MR. & MRS. CHARLES BELL, on their 65th Anniversary

Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce

Evan D. Watts, Jr.

Cheryl Olsen

Joe, Donna, Mary & Anthony Repicky

Charles Huber’s Co-Workers Frederick & Barbara Osborn

Cheryl & John Beall

STEVE PENDLETON Dot & Rusty Pendleton

The Lewis Family

WILLIAM SCHERERE Caroline & Don O’Brien

Stephanie & Greg Collins PETE & JANE NOWAK


Pet Memorials In memory of: LADYBUG RICHIE

David Burr Stephen Liberty

Elizabeth Alm CASEY DELAN

Eleanor & Bobby Rankin Jack & Melissa Thomas

Margaret & Edward Burdick LUCY

Sherry & Henry Troscianiec Amma Dell Zinn

Stephanie & Greg Collins DUCH Gurganous Dineen Animal Hospital

domestic violence animal assistance In honor of:

Pet Honorariums In honor of:

Mrs. Doris M. Pickard MORGAN Jo Anne Fox CHELSEA Glee


FRED Payne LADY Thomas

LARRY CURTIS Susan Beale Nancy Jenkins Joseph Kelbus Debra Lingle J.R. Miller Leslie Stannard

Mary Jane Normile SQUIRT & CRYSTAL ROSE Nowak Joe Nowak DOG of Jean Kelly James & Frances Parnell BERK Davis Beth Shepherd

Lindsey Brasser David Dickson Kristine Ratayczak

Puppy Pal Bob Checkaneck—SC Greyhound Adoption Program Pamela Donahue John Ensign Winifred Harrison Robin Jackson Brenda Kent Frederick Osborn Guy Prosper Tony Stone

Top Dog Renee Wells & Paula Zabkar


In memory of:

Arlene Nazario OAKLEY

Furry Friend


Sally Meserole HAM

Evan D. Watts, Jr.

Joe Nowak Martha Purvis

Jennifer & T.B. Kitchens SASHA Heinberg




Kingsbury Animal Hospital Inc. WINSTON & LIBBY DILL

Southern Cruisers Riding Club HANK GAYLOR




Jo De Lucia-Berkley


Victor Frederiksen

Rhonda Jones

D.J. Becker

In honor of:

Joe Nowak


Foster Puppy Partners St. Andrews on the Sound Melissa & Jack Thomas

Dineen Animal Hospital


MILO Mary Jo Giammaria Lemuel Johnson, III LOVEY Brown Rick Hairston & Pat Nowak

Ashley Abrams Pam Adair Pamela Aherne Jay Alders Mark Alman Sylvia Angel Liddy Ann Wayne Batson

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Tales & Tails, Christmas 2008



Celebrating Good Times

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over again, but she’s a great addition to the family, and a friend.”

In 2007 and early 2008 we found ourselves dealEve started her life in a shelter in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and began her training in our civilian program in Myrtle Beach then completed advanced training in the care and guidance of the prisoners at the Brig.

Cpl. Briseno and Eve; photo by Dick Parrott

The opportunity to work with military prisoners to train service dogs for wounded warriors is incredible. In the Carolina Canines civilian training program, the training takes from 2.5 to 3 years. The Carolina Canines for Veterans program reduces the training time by about 2/3 of the time without comprising the standards. The reasons for our ability to reduce the total training time is the use of older dogs and the ability for the prisoners to train

more hours per week. Just what does it take to run a program like Carolina Canines for Veterans?

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Over 150 dogs were initially screened Over 50 dogs were evaluated for temperament and working aptitude 30 dogs had hip evaluations by radiographs at local Veterinarian offices to select the dogs in the program. 1600 pounds of dog food and 400 pounds of high level treats consumed 3200 waste bags used Prisoners worked over 11,000 hours training the dogs Volunteer trainer, Stephen LeQuire has given over 1200 hours of time Staff has spent over 858 hours (Continued on page 10)



ing with the loss of some very special friends. But

L-R: Rick Hairston, Pat Nowak, Mary Phelps and Abram, Carolina O’Brien and Judah, Mr. and Mrs. Brinkley, Ed Pridgen and Issachar, Mike Malina and Tamara, Abigail Lanier and Garbiel, and Karen Malina and Dena

as 2008 has unfolded, we have experienced the joy of friendship as well. On May 24th, Foster Puppy Parent Lori Gurganious wed Andy Brinkley in a beautiful ceremony including many of the service dogs in training in attendance. The 10th annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic was held on September 27, 2008 at Hugh MacRae Park. Sponsored by our Board of Directors, he event was well attended by over 70 volunteers and their families including service dogs, service dogs in training and animal assisted therapy team. Volunteers feasted on food donated from Jersey Mikes—Independence Blvd., Harris Teeter—Lumina Station, Toscano’s and Angie at Chris’s Restaurant. Volunteers were recognized for their contributions to the organization and Presidential Service Awards were awarded at the following levels to our volunteers: Bronze Awards: Cynthia Andrews and Katherine Engle; Silver Awards: The Antonelli Family, The Malina Family, The Roskows’, Dana (Continued on page 7)

Tales & Tails, Christmas 2008

(Continued from page 6)

Swanner, Marianna Thompson; Gold Awards: The Brinkley Family, The Lanier Family, The Morrison Family, Carol Burns, Donna Sweetman, Ed Pridgen, Kathleen Custer, Mary Phelps, Stephen LeQuire; Lifetime Awards: Caroline O’Brien, Stephen LeQuire, and Donna Sweetman. Every year Carolina Canines for Service recognizes volunteers that give above and beyond in helping us to continue our mission. This year, the contributions of three volunteers were celebrated. Mary Phelps was recognized for her work as a therapy team as Therapy Team of the Year. Mary visits multiple times a week at a local nursing facility and is an team for Paws for Reading durRick Hairston presents Mary Phelps ing the school year. with the Animal Assisted Therapy Countless times Mary Team of the Year Award. was called upon to substitute for a team and each time she met the need with a smile in her voice. While the Foster Family of the Year was off touring the countryside of Italy, Carolina O’Brien was acknowledged for her work raising and training Judah. With her work with Judah, Caroline was a frequent volunteer at the many booths and events and started assisting us with presentation in Brunswick County as well as taking in various dogs for fostering while their families were on vacation. Caroline has recently given up Judah for advanced training, but has not Rick Hairston presents Carolina stepped far from the proO’Brien with the Service Dog gram as she began adTrainer of the Year Award. vanced training with Is-

Tales & Tails, Christmas 2008

sachar. Caroline received her award at the office after she returned from her vacation. The Volunteer of the Year for 2008 was Stephen LeQuire. Stephen saw the first service dog he trained, Maya, placed this past summer and Rick Hairston presents Stephen LeQuire completed adwith the Volunteer of the Year Award. vanced training with the first dog, Conway, that he did the advanced training with. In addition to his work as an advance trainer, Stephen assists with instruction in the Carolina Canines for Veterans program traveling to the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Brig several times a week. In October Stephen was awarded New Hanover County Volunteer of the Year Award and the North Carolina Award for Volunteer Service for his work with the Carolina Canines for Veterans program. Volunteers are the cornerstone of the Councilmember Jason Thompson presents organization and Stephen LeQuire with the New Hanover donate an average County Volunteer of the Year Award. of 1900 hours each month in helping Carolina Canines serve our community. All our volunteers give an enormous amount of their time and we truly appreciate every ones help in meeting the needs of our clients and community.



Special Thanks to Our Contributors from April 12 —October 31, 2008 (Continued from page 5) Bill Bayliss Kemmie Bayliss Rebecca Bell Rick Biesiadecki Glenn Blackwood Mary Ann Bowers Julianne Boyer Linda Braund Jeanine Brawn Wally Brewer Jane Brown Linda Brown Jean Burkholder—Beach Genie Thrift Shop Diane Butler Phillip Caldwell Betty Cameron Gretchen Campbell Katherine Cheatham Bob Checkaneck Jennifer Clark Noel Clay Madelyn Clow Teresa Colwell Carolyn Connell Marilyn Cormany Ken Cox Roy Creasy Rick Crocker Deborah Crowder Jim Currier Suzanne Davis Suzanne Davis Maynard Davis, Jr. David Dickson Elizabeth Dixon Pamela Donahue Maureen Donovan Trey Dowdy Liz Durham June Allison Eason Debbie Elliott Katherine Engle Wanda Everett Paul Farley Edward Fields Linda Fitzpatrick Gail Fleisher William Fleming Joan Fracalossi Julia Gaillard Melisa Gallison Carol Gardner Robyn Godfrey Michele Godlevski Lyle Graff David Greene Susan & Marvin Greer Bill Grossman Clayton Gsell Doragene Gurganus Jan Gustafson Rachel H. Rick Hairston Robert Hajduk Matt Hall Susie Hall Debbie Hayek Wayne Hill Karen Hines Raymond Horwath Amber Houser-Green Kay Hovious



Jennifer Hucks Margot Hurley Rachael Hutchinsow Barb Jaco Marge Janusek David Johnson Myrna Joseph Lynne Kane Kaley Kempisty Brenda Kent Stanley Kilpatrick Elaine Lanz John E. Laurino Renee Leitch Stephen LeQuire Dale Lockwood Christine Lopata Claudia Lowe Ann Lowman Mike Mahon Dee & Rick Maier Cheryl Mallard Deana Kay Martin Ed Massey Kimberly McBride Melissa McCarty Linda McCoy Clara McCrary Dan & Alyse McDonald Phil McKenna Phyllis Meole Michael Mero Shelton Merrill Heidi Messina Rosalba Meta John & Diane Molchan Peggy Moore Kimberly Morrison Joanne Napier Susan & George Nixon Elizabeth Norton Joseph Nowak Caroline O'Brien Frederick Osborn Debbie Overbeck Jennifer Owens Barbara Pack Charlotte Parker Tom Parmenter Rusty & Dot Pendleton Joy Pereira Sharon Perez Matthew Perry Addie Peterson Robert Peterson Judith & Robert Petterson Diane Pierce Charles Pierce Kirsty Piper Carl Plotzke Edward Pridgen Cynthia Prince Adam Printz Chuck Reimel—Veterans Fire Inc. Rebecca Repaire Floyd Rifenburgh, Sr. Jennifer Riker David Robison Amy Rodger Lindsay Rodger Janet Rodger Ann & Bob Roskow W Mercer Rowe Edwin Russ

Martha Russ Drew Scarff Emil Schmitt Joel Shackelford Sharon Smith Alice Spells Ginny Spencer Nicholas Spirakis Gerry Steele Lacey Ann Struve Jane Suits Donna Sweetman David Swink Dorothy Syme Marianna & Greg Thompson Richard Truax Patricia Urion Andrea Veri Sharon Wallace Ed Whittey Katherine Wicker Gail Wilkins Jeanette Williams Sean Wilstien Carol Wohlner Kay & Scott Woodard Nancy Yerby

BEQUESTS Estate of Hecky Stelligs


Organizations & Businesses Calabash Presbyterian Church Girl Scout Troop 957 Ornamentea and Panopolie Rotary Club of South Brunswick County Sharpwright, Inc. SunTrust Talbots—Mayfaire Tidal Creek Cooperative Food Market Wilmington Rotary Central

Veterinarian Services Four Oaks Pet Hospital Murrells's Inlet Veterinary Hospital Port City Animal Hospital Scott’s Hill Animal Hospital Waterway Animal Hospital Wilmington Animal Healthcare Wrightsville Beach Pet Hospital

Matching Gift Programs Exxon Mobil Foundation Merrill Lynch Co. & Foundation Inc. Nationwide Progress Energy

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Tales & Tails, Christmas 2008

Corporate Sponsor—Saint

Corporate Sponsor—Partner

Corporate Sponsor—Hero

Want to stand out in the community as a business that cares? Ask us about being a corporate sponsor and help change the life of a person with a disability?

Tales & Tails, Christmas 2008



Changing Lives, One Dog at a Time Entering our twelfth year of business and having served clients with the first service dog nine years ago, many of our early service dog teams are finding it is time to retire their canine partner. While these are always difficult decisions for the person to make, Carolina Canines hopes Randall meets Conway for the first time. to provide the opportunity for a second service dog to those we have previously served. “Retiring Jacob was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. I knew it was time, but knowing he would not be with me everyday was difficult. The thought of getting a new service dog was exciting and scary at the same time. I knew that it was going to be lots of hard work transitioning to a new a dog. The first time I saw Conway, I fell in love with him. He looks so much like Jacob, yet he is so different.

Fat Tony’s Italian Pub

Jacob and Conway get along great. Conway helps by picking up my clothes and unloading the dryer. These two things Jacob never did. Conway is there to help me in so many ways. I cannot THANK Carolina Canines enough for providing Conway and Jacob to me. My life has truly been enriched by having Conway and Jacob. Thank you for all of your support and love.”— Randall and Conway

TOP:L-R: Catherine & Dave Sweeney, breeders who donated Conway, Randall & Conway, Glenn & Pam Adair, Foster Puppy Parents, Stephen LeQuire, Advanced Trainer BOTTOM: L-R Catherine Sweeney, Susan and Maya, Dave Sweeney

Partnering a new team is exciting and energizes all involved. Maya, the littermate to Conway, was also partnered with her person this past summer. Susan, lives locally in Wilmington. Her team training was completed by Donna Sweetman.

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Thank you to Eric Rylander and the staff of Fat Tony’s Italian Pub on Front Street for selecting Carolina Canines for Service as their beneficiary for the 6th annual ChowdaFest held on November 8, 2008. The crowds were steady and the chowda flowed while local musicians added a festive air to the event. Held each November, this year Fat Tony’s Italian Pub selected a local organization to benefit. What better way than a community business helping a community non-profit by serving up great food including New England Clam Chowder, Manhattan Chowder and Down East Chowder.



Travel time to and from Camp Lejeune is just over 350 hours

The service dogs trained in the Carolina Canines for Veterans program will only be provided to veterans. There is no government or military funding for the program and based on discussions with Congressman Walter Jones (NC-3), the appropriations committee would not even consider funding until 2012. With the needs of our veterans, waiting an additional four years to begin a program to benefit them is too long. All program costs including veterinary care, dog food, training equipment and instructional material, adaptive equipment (e.g. harnesses) and team training are the responsibility of Carolina Canines for Service. Help us help our wounded warriors by assisting us with this incredible win-win-win program.

Tales & Tails, Christmas 2008

Domestic Violence Animal Assistance The Domestic Violence Animal Assistance program began in December 2007. The program works with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s office, Domestic Violence Shelter and Services and local law enforcement agencies to provide a safe shelter for pets of people experience domestic violence. Since beginning, 7 clients have been served providing shelter for 11 dogs and 4 cats with an average stay of 38 days. The services provided are valued at slightly over $9,000. All of the individuals have been reunited with their animals. The objective of the program is to allow a victim of

domestic violence to leave a situation and have their beloved pets cared for up to 90 days. All services are administered through law enforcement agencies or Domestic Violence. Staff at the Domestic Violence Shelter and Services tell us several clients would not have been able to leave their situations if it were not for our program. The services are provided by Carolina Canines for Service at no cost to the client. Funding for the program is through the generosity of individual supporters.

Animal Assisted Therapy What does it take to get your dog ready for therapy work? Every dog needs strong and reliable basic obedience which includes sit, down, stay, come and walking nicely on a leash. The dog needs to be at least one year of age and if recently adopted needs to be in your home for at least six months. The dog needs to be a social animal liking people and new places. The bond between the owner and its animal is essential. The stronger the relationship the better the team interacts and will develop their working style.

Raising and training a service dog for

Carolina Canines is not the only way to get involved. If you have a dog that is well trained, likes people and likes to visit new places, why not think about being an animal assisted therapy team. You and your dog will participate in a comprehensive training program which provides classroom work for you and hands-on training for you and your dog. Eli and Therapy Dog Jackson at Once trained and registered the team is the Northeast Library Paws for able to visit at local nursing, assisted Reading program Participants can be as young as 10 years of age living, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, with parental participation. Classes are held in Wilminghospice care center, schools and the library through the ton with a new session beginning in February 2009. Paws for Reading program.

(Continued from page 8) Wachovia Corporation Foundation

Gifts In Kind Lori Love

Puppy Donors Kelly Schultz

Carolina Canines for Veterans Contributors: B.E. Newton Bradley Kampa Cinna Hatcher

Tales & Tails, Christmas 2008

Hansen Matthews Neil Barber Suzanne Goree Thomas Schutt Calabash VFW Post 7288 SNCO Wives Club Thrift Shop Vet Tech Club Vietnam Veterans Of America Gateway Chapter 776 Gifts in Kind: Cardinal Laboratories Carolina Animal Rescue Carrabba’s Italian Grill Chick-A-Fil, Mayfaire Color Pet Products Frank Puccio, DVM—Flannery Animal Hospital Four Oaks Pet Hospital Hope for the Warriors

Jameson Inn Ladies Auxiliary of VFW, North Carolina Sarah Liners Living Water Ministries LM Restaurants Michaelangelos Pizza Pets Pal Inn PetSmart—Newburgh, NY Pine Valley United Methodist Women Old Chicago Olive Garden—Wilmington Southport Oak Island Animal Rescue Step Up for Soldiers TFH Publications, Inc. / Nylabone Products Wolfe Creek Kennels Wilmington Animal Health Wounded Warriors Barracks



Carolina Canines for Service, Inc.

Mailing Address: PO Box 12643 Wilmington, NC 28405

Telephone:910-362-8181 Email:

Member of:


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Cuddles for Canines

We’re work hard along with our corporate sponsor Talk to update our website. A new look is coming in 2009!

Win a beautiful handmade quilt! Just click on our website,, and donate for a raffle ticket via PayPal – it’s quick and easy.

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Drawing March 28, 2009

Carolina Canines Tales & Tails  

Carolina Canines for Service newsletter, Christmas 2008

Carolina Canines Tales & Tails  

Carolina Canines for Service newsletter, Christmas 2008