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THE PRAIRIE NEWS 3710 S. Jefferson Springfield, Missouri 65807

February 28, 2011

Vol. 40 Iss 6

K4 incense becomes the new legal version of K2 story by Cinton Pamperian photo by Courtney Hamilton and Clinton Pamperian

After K2 was ruled illegal in

Missouri and five other states, it didn’t take long for other herbal incenses (know as “synthetic cannabinoids”) to flood the market.

Just like K2, K4 can be purchased in many stores that are located in and around Springfield, like Mr. Eddie’s, Cosmic Fish and Incense and Peppermints. K4 is the newest version of K2, and

it is quickly gaining popularity for being more potent and less harmful than its predecessor. “I prefer the real thing, but this is almost as good and I enjoy the fact that it’s legal,” said an anonymous senior student.

“K4 is a high like weed, but it doesn’t last as long,” said an anonymous smoker. This smoker is also a previous K2 user, “I like it a lot more than K2, because K2 always gave me headaches.” Common side affects of

K2 are headaches, blurred vision, hallucinations, and an upset stomach. A reason for K2’s shortlived legal status in Missouri was the strong opposition from lawmakers such as Missiourian Representive Ward Franz.

Distracted pedestrians come under fire story and photo by Emily Cowan

U.S. Lawmakers have decided to takepublicandpersonalsafetytothe next level. In the senate, decisions are being made about whether or not the use of personal electronic devices should be made illegal to pedestrians while exercising. The decision to push for these bills was made because pedestrian death rates have increased significantly in the past decade. According to, “” 60 percent of parents and children encountered at least one serious hazard on their way to school or work. California Senator Joe Simitian, andAnneTeigen, a policy specialist for the National Conference of State Legislatures, which monitors legislative developments, are in agreement that technology is now a distraction which is endangering not only pedestrians but people around them. For example, when a person is distracted by their phone, loud music, etc. then they aren’t as aware of their surroundings as they should be. English teacher, Mrs. Nancy Bright-Kaufman wonders why pedestrians don’t use good judgment while traveling on

streets and sidewalks. “No one is that important that you have to text them [back] that very second” English teacher, Mrs. Nancy Bright-Kaufman said. Although this is a movement about the importance of public safety, this is a bipartisan movement, based on personal opinions not political opinions. Senators, regardless of where they stand politically, have joined together to push for these bills. Public speakers and supporters of this movement are bringing to light the argument that “technology is a distraction.” The catch phrase is being used to push bills that are attempting to ban the use of mobile phones, iPods and all other electronic devices, which can be considered “distractions”, while pedestrians are running, jogging, walking, biking, etc. Recently in New York, three pedestrians were killed and one was seriously injured while crossing the street with both headphones in. At first, distracted driving was made illegal. i.e. texting, talking on the phone, reading, etc. while. Now lawmakers are attempting to reduce the risk of pedestrian deaths by eliminating the “distractions”.

“My biggest concern is this is getting in the hands of our children. There have been multiple cases where young people have been taken to the hospital after smoking this. They think because it’s legal, it can’t hurt them,” he said

in February of 2010. So far, there has not been as swift as a push to outlaw K4. This is largely due to that unlike K2, K4 is being marketed as “not for human consumption” to help protect it’s legality.

The Kickapoo Tipline is up and running story and photo by Jon Heran

Junior, Hunter Pack, demonstrates the dangers of being a distraced pedistrian in a busy parking lot. If current legislation passes, the use of personal electronics Track athlete, Kia Pierce disagrees with this movement. “iPods, and mp3 players should be legal while running, but if it’s illegal to text and drive then there’s a good reason for it, you shouldn’t be able to walk around distracted,” junior Kia Pierce said. Now New York, Virginia, Oregon, California and many other states are inagreementwiththisideatoincrease public safety. State lawmakers are beginning to feed into the idea that pedestrians are “too distracted” by technology and are “Doing

something that could be detrimental to yourself and others around you,” State Senator Carl Kruger said, who was quoted in the New York Time. Some pedestrians take little precaution in being safe, and need to take responsibility for their actions. They are “under the influence” of distractions. Kruger, Simitian, Teigen and other supporters want people to understand that when they don’t pay attention to what they are doing, they could be putting not only themselves but

the people around them in danger. “You have to be responsible, I couldn’t run without music playing, but I don’t have it so loud that I can’t hear a siren or a horn. You have to use your judgment as to how high the volume should be. It’s common sense” Bright-Kaufman said. Although some pedestrians don’t have the “good judgment” on volume control, lawmakers are stepping in and taking into consideration the public wellbeing, and taking it into their own hands.

“Kickapoo Tip Hotline,” formally known as “Poo Tips” is now available to use. The number for the tip line is (417) 268-7988 and will be monitored by the school police. The tip hotline can be used for reporting instances such as; students under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, students possessing illegal substances, and weapons at school. “After I receive a text on the phone I collaborate with administration and we proceed from there,” School Police Officer Ramon Seelye said. Filing a report with the tip hotline is confidential, not anonymous. This means that the name of the reporter will not be told to the student in question but can be used to further investigate the incident. If a false tip is reported,

disciplinary action will occur in accordance with the handbook in sections 11 and 12. All school cell-phone rules still apply while making reports to the tip hotline, so texting the tip line will not be an excuse for using a phone during class time. Texts may be made during designated times such as passing periods, lunch, and before and after school.

> What’s Up

compiled by PN Media Staff

Art club, on an undecided date in March, is having an organ donor drive. This will be for all people who have a driver ’s licence and want to sign up to donate an organ upon their death.

DECA had 21 students compete at district level competition with 11 qualifying for state on March 13-15 at Lake of the Ozarks. For continuing coverage logon to PNToday. com, keyword DECA.

At the Region VII (SW MO) Science Olympiad, many students placed in first, second, third, fourth, and fifth. These students took the 3rd Place trophy in Region VII, which earned an invitation to compete at State in Jefferson City in April.



Februrary 28, 2011

Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” is better than expected A fter watching the Ellen Degen-I mean Justin Bieber

by Kate Hundley and Spencer Price

Though people may turn their noses up at his musical career, JB’s concertmovie was undoubtedly biebtastic. Image by Paramount Pictures/MCT.

movie, I came to the realization of a few things. One: I don’t hate JB. He is actually quite cute. I wouldn’t mind wrapping him in swaddling blankets and pinching his cute little cheeks. Two: All of his fans are ugly, fat little girls. Three: He is my age. He has, in fact, hit puberty, and he might actually deserve all the fame he has received. The Biebs is motivated, talented, and possibly a deserving kid. Plus he is biebdorable. Never Say Never is a mix between a concert video and a documentary. It starts out talking about JB’s humble beginnings in Canada. I would say that the grass roots start was inspiring but really, what artist didn’t start from nothing and struggle to get where they are? Come on. He put a few videos on youtube

and the rest was handed to him. Once Usher decided to endorse him, the rest was chocolate cake. This movie was a fairly good use of 3D. During the concert scenes it almost made it feel like he was right in front of me. During parts he even stared directly at the camera making it seem like JB was staring directly into the depths of my soul. I almost began to weep quietly to myself. My absolute favorite part of this movie was the soundtrack. I would have been content closing my eyes, listening to the music, and recreating the entire movie in my mind. A large chunk of the movie was just fans of JB’s talking about how much they love him. All of them had at least one article of clothing that had his name on it and most of them needed treatment. More than

half swore that they were going to marry him. The Biebonic Plauge hit preteens hard. Honestly I have to support the Biebs. He realizes that this is the height of his career. As soon as he loses sex appeal to preteen girls, he will be nothing. He is riding the wave as long as he can with the movie, book, and merchandise. At the rate he is going, Princess Biebercup should have plenty of money to retire on at the ripe ole’ age of 18. Spencer: While Kate makes some good points concerning both the positive and negatives of the movie, she is overanalyzing it a bit. I feel that there is one important thing to be taken from watching this movie, and that it is never too late to catch Bieber Fever. Kate Hundley says - 3/5 stars Spencer Price says - 4.5/5 stars

ì The Mechanicî offers nothing new by Emily Cowan, right image by Paul Gonzales/MCT Direct

movies as the hot, bald guy who’s dangerously good-looking when shooting people. And although people may criticize, I was secretly excited to see him rip his shirt off. When I read the description I was expecting this movie to be thrilling, actionpacked and something that would lead to a good conversation later on in the night. It wasn’t. According to “”, a website that has pretty much everything you need to know about movies and their stars, describes the movie as something that “follows an elite hit man as he teaches his trade to an apprentice who has a connection to one of his previous victims.”

When I read the review I expected something along the lines of Oceans Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, whatever, or something that involved a hot bald guy shooting people. I enjoy suspenseful assassination missions and explosions just as much as the next person, but I dislike it when ten minutes into the hour and forty minute long movie I can tell exactly how it will end. It was just like every other assassination Jason Statham stars in the lackluster movie: just one bad guy who “Mechanic.” Photo by Lionel Hahn/ kills everyone. Needless to MCT Direct say, I was not impressed. A couple of scenes really got effects like all of the explosions, my heart pumping and had me some beastly “fight to the death” on the edge of my seat. There scenes and halfway through the were some intense special film I was totally wanting to jump

into Arthur Bishop, the main character’s, cool car. But most of the time I was more interested in finding the Milk Duds in the bottom of the popcorn bucket. Regardless of my opinion, my boyfriend, John Fenwick, a junior at Greenwood, loved it. “It kept you on your feet, and the assassinations were creative and original, definitely unlike any assassination in a movie, I’ve ever seen.” I’m stubborn but I’ll agree with him partially. One of the few great things about this thrilling, action movie was the way people were killed. The way it’s stated sounds gory and completely inappropriate for school but it was interesting and had an unexpected twist

Editor-in-Chief: Chase Snider News Editor: Courtney Hamilton Feature Editor: Allie Kane Opinion Editor: Ashley Dun Sports Editors: Spencer Price and Alex Brown Copy Editor: Elizabeth Roberts Ad Manager: Clinton Pamperein Pollster: Emily Cowan Columnist: Kate Hundley Staff Reporters: Mike Baker Matt Chamberlin Preston Hawn Adrienne Parnell Cody Carroll C.J. Tice Clayton Allison Nick Kessler Jon Hearn Adviser: Leslie Orman

Principal: Dave Schmitz

Double Feature erutaeF elbuoD Jskilled ason Statham. He’s attractive, and has starred in many

The Staff

ending which was great considering it was predictable. For example, in action movies people can always just pull out a gun and nonchalantly blow off someone’s head. Yet in director Simon West’s movie, the killings are more than just a regular shoot up. The assassination scenes were by far the best parts and some of the only reasons to watch it, besides seeing Statham shirtless. This is a mans’ movie, entertaining but predictable. Other than the fact that this put a smile on my date’s face, this movie was not worth the $8.50 ticket my boyfriend paid for me to see it. Emily Cowan says: 3/5 stars

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This Publication is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association


Februrary 28, 2011


Opinion Ramblings of an insomniac Legal consequences of sexting are too harsh

11 things

high school stereotypes

by Kate Hundley, photo courtesy of Katie Day Photography

Sex offender. What a dirty word. It just sounds dirty. It goes hand in hand with pedophile in my mind and every time I hear it I immediately think of old men with brown hair, full beards, thick rimmed glasses, and white janky vans. What crimes can get you this title? Rape, indecent exposure, kiddy porn. Sodomy, child molestation, and……sexting. In the state of Missouri, this is exactly what you can be if you are convicted of the horrendous and vile crime of sexting. Sex offenders must register with the police, making that information available to the public. Sex offenders must also notify their employers and neighbors that they are convicted of a sex crime. Does the punishment fit the crime? I don’t think so. Just because a 17-year-old girl sends a picture to her boyfriend should she really have to go door to door in her neighborhood and say, “Hi I live next door, and I am a registered sex offender. Just thought you should know. Need a baby sitter?” Sexting is sending inappropriate or revealing and erotic pictures via text messages. Few people understand that this is in violation of child pornography laws and can result in felony charges including exploitation of a child and creating, possession and distribution of child pornography. Ignorance is not a defense

against these laws so kids should become familiar with what they can and can’t do. According to USA Today, one in five teens have sexted and 11 percent of them have sexted strangers according to the study by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Cox Communications. Of those teens 80 percent were under 18 and therefore, sex offenders. Yippee. Some people view sexting as child pornography while others view it as flirting. I personally believe that it is wrong, but that teenagers should not be penalized for the rest of their lives based off of a stupid decision made in high school. I think that there should be a strike policy put in place. One racy picture to a boyfriend shouldn’t have more serious consequence then community service. Now I am not suggesting kids should get 40 photos a month, or that people should have to buy a sexting plan from Verizon. I just mean that one picture to one person shouldn’t affect the rest of people lives. I do believe that after three strikes, you’re out. If there are three different nude photos circulating then they should be convicted of distributing child pornography. That’s just nasty. Another problem with sexting is that those receiving pictures can also be charged for possessing pornography. I am not quite sure this is fair. If a boy breaks up with his girlfriend and decides to send her nudes to his whole algebra class, are the classmates really at fault? Of course not, nor should they be held accountable. There is still a lot of gray area in the law, and there has not been a procedure or law set up specifically for texting. I feel that initiative needs to be taken to protect naive teenagers from becoming registered sex offenders. Lumping a child molester and a sexter in the same category seems wrong to me..

How do you form your political opinions?

41% I actually pay attention to current events

27% Chase Snider keeps me updated

17% I just use whatever my parents tell me

15% I don’t care; there’s actually an outside world?

Poll compiled by Emily Cowan. Results based on 10% of the student body. Image from MCT Direct.

by Ashley Dun, images by MCT Campus, except for the photographs accompanying the “Emo” and “Bro” descriptions. Those pictures were taken by yours truly, and feature the lovely Clinton Pamperein and C.J Tice respectively.

The following is a harmless satirical interpretation of common, often overlapping high school stereotypes. However, if you feel like I am attacking you personally and take deep offense to these descriptions, feel free to complain loudly and obnoxiously to yourself or others in a public area-because that would be hilarious.

7. Bro “Bros” are seen as repugnant, oftentimes chauvinistic males who can almost always be spotted making an idiot of themselves at parties while clutching a classy red plastic cup. They take pleasure in being obnoxiously loud, driving trucks or other types of douche-mobiles, and spiking their hair and primping their appearance to distract people from their repulsive personalities.

Personally, I think I classify as a mixture of Goth and Gangster, perhaps with a little Bro thrown in.

11. Emo The term’s conception is commonly thought to be sometime around 2004, but many say that a proto-form was used in the underground-hardcore-scene of the ‘90s (whatever that means). Emos enjoy showing off their unenthusiastic and melodramtic personas with tight, dark clothing and worn-out Converse sneakers. They may also glorify self mutilation, fabricate lies about being lost in a whirlwind of misery and despair when in reality they lead relatively comfortable lives, partake in the listening of bands whose lead singers sound like Justin Bieber on barbiturates, and neglect washing their hair for weeks. The actual prevalence of Emos seems to have decreased after the mid2000s, since “Original Emos” realized that they appeared to the normal population not as tragic and tormented figures but whiny d-bags, and the term is now often used in a humorous context.

Their usual mode of dress is a Hollister polo with a popped collar or Ed Hardy T-shirt, matched with tacky True Religion jeans and massive Nikes.

6. Skater Though this one may seem selfexplanatory, those who label themselves “Skaters” may not actually know how to skateboard, but simply tell everyone they do. In addition to this, Skaters also enjoy wearing skinny jeans that sag low enough so that one is able to see an ample portion of their boxers and sporting brands such as Element and Vans.

5. Jock

10. Scene

“Jock” is a broad term that has been around for quite a while and generally refers to a person, usually male, who is unable to mentally process anything that is not related to sports or competition. Jocks enjoy wearing jerseys, shorts, sweats, and virtually anything else with their favorite team name on it. As far as interests go, many Jocks share personal tastes with Bros and Gangsters (see below).

This stereotype evolved from Emo, and exhibits similar traits but differs in the fact that people who consider themselves “Scene” are not necessarily abysmally depressed and merely enjoy wearing jeans that obscenely constrict their crotch areas. Scene kids also like sporting several neon colors at a time, gaudy jewelry that was most likely purchased from a dollar store, various Hello Kitty paraphernalia, and hideous self-cut razor hairstyles of multiple hues.

4. Gangster This stereotype used to bring to mind a black male who listens to rap music, wears extremely baggy pants, and hails from “the ghetto,” but can nowadays be associated with a white male who does almost all of the previously listed things but lives in a pleasant suburban neighborhood.

They are also known to be immensely vain, taking pictures of themselves in filthy bathroom mirrors at awkward angles and changing their Myspace (because they’re the only ones who still use it) profile pictures up to 400-500 times a day.

3. Prep

9. Goth “Goth” is a stereotype that is thought to have emerged in the late 1980s in England with the gothic-rock scene. It has grown to be associated with such things as the macabre, chains, baggy black pants, horror films, paleness, and an intense loathing of society. Goths are often confused with Emos, but many distinguish the two with the fact that, while Emos may want to kill themselves, Goths want to kill everyone.

8. Hipster These individuals draw influence from the counterculture movement of the 1960s and perhaps even the Beatniks of the ‘50s. They value indepenent thinking, appreciate art and creativity, vintage clothing, skinny jeans, oldfashioned sneakers, liberal politics, and oversized, thick-rimmed glasses which may or may not have lenses. Hipsters frequently develop superiority complexes in regards to music and fashion. They might flaunt the fact that they listen to Indie bands you’ve never heard of and/or don’t even exist yet. They might also criticize that shirt you bought at American Eagle and tell you that the retro blazer they purchased at a crappy thrift store looks much better, even though it was probably still made by the same Malaysian sweatshop worker.

Perhaps the most ambiguous term on the list, a “Prep” was originally coined to label rich individuals who went to lavish prepatory schools. This term is now more commonly used to loosely describe the “popular kids.” Preps have garnered much negative attention from Non-Preps, who seem to despise them for various reasons, but mostly because they have no lives and enjoy spouting unadulterated hatred towards people they don’t even know. They will often complain that Preps oppress and are unfairly judgmental of Non-Preps, when in actuality Non-Preps are being equally judgmental towards Preps. It’s a vicious cycle.

2. Potheads

1. Normal

This stereotype is not limited only to people who partake in the recreational use of marijuana; it can be used broadly to describe mostly white males with dirty-looking goatees and greasy dreadlocks who have an affinity for tie-dye, hemp necklaces, and the “Three Wolf Moon” T-shirt. They may seem like they are reviving the hippie counterculture of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, but it is most likely that if you asked them about the Vietnam War, Kent State Massacre, or other events from that period, they would just stare blankly.

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, this one isnt a stereotype--you can’t define ‘normal!’” On the contrary, my friend. Normals are simply the people who don’t share any of the traits included in the previous descriptions. They are the quiet, unimposing, quaint people who seem to do nothing. At all. Ever. They are of fairly neutral dress and behavior, and may even seem pleasant. However, many of them are likely to be homicidal sociopaths bent on destroying humanity.


This may very well be the most terrifying stereotype of all.

Images are credited as following: 9. Goth, MCT Direct, 6. Skater, Paul Weber/Provided by Target/MCT Direct, 5. Jock, MCT Campus, 3. Prep, Photograph by Chris Walker/Chicago Tribune

Just Touchin’ Base: New Out-of State school travel policy unnecessary by Chase Snider, photo by PN Media


tudents now have to pay for administrators to go on school trips. This is the news that club sponsors across the district are finding out as they prepare for upcoming out-of-state activities.

A recent policy change by Springfield Public Schools means that out-of-state travel for clubs and activities will require a site administrator to travel with the group, at the club’s expense. In my opinion this policy is an asinine decision and based off no practical or logical thinking. Students and their sponsors have been able to travel under existing guidelines for years. What is causing this change in policy? How many sponsors were consulted on how these changes will affect their programs? Here at Kickapoo, out of ten surveyed club sponsors, only three even knew about the change. This new policy not only sends a message to teachers

that their is a lack of trust in their ability to continue to supervise but it also creates financial burdens on students. So if a sponsor takes a group of students to Kansas City, farther away than say out of state, Harrison, Arkansas, students are clearly less likely to do drugs, drink, or be at risk from a lack of supervision. Officials at other area districts such as Nixa Public Schools say they do not require administrators to attend out-of-state trips. On top of this, Springfield Pubic Schools has decided the burden to pay for this administrator to attend will be up to the club and its members. So out-of-state trips that already flirt with prices near

a $1000 will have to soar a little higher to accommodate them. Of course, let’s not forget that this change is coming in the middle of the school year, when many trips have already been planned, flights booked, and hotel rooms reserved. Common sense is nowhere to be found in this recent decision and I encourage the district to suspend the new policy immediately pending a thorough review of its effects and discussions with additional panels of sponsors.


Custom Flash Facial

Februrary 28, 2011


Februrary 28, 2011


Sports Into the Wilderness > Senior a life ter

Josiah Durhamm experienced a once in time oppurtunity by spending last semespreparing for a future as an outdoorsman

“I live outdoors.”

According to senior Josiah Durham, this statement sums up who he is. Whether it is hiking, climbing, backcountry skiing, canyoneering, hunting, or just plain surviving, Durham spends the majority of his time outside. “I love being outdoors and doing what I do because it requires you to depend on your human instincts and natural skill to survive in untouched areas,” Durham said. This passion has led him to a senior year like no one else, spending last semester in the wilderness,

through a program called the National Outdoor Leadership School. Along with 13 other students, the spent 3 months in the great outdoors, learning survival and leadership skills. Including how to find water in desert regions, how to navigate narrow slot canyons, efficiently keep warm, and catch fish with his bare hands. The adventure consisted of 21 days in Wind River, Wyoming backpacking and hiking, rock climbing throughout the Wyoming, 32 days in the Grand Canyon, and 9 days back country skiing. “By far my favorite thing was the scenery, from mountains

to canyons, plus the stars at night were amazing,” he said. The experience wasn’t easy for Durham and the group. “Our toughest day was when we did a 12 hour, 22 mile hike from our camp to the Colorado River. Eleven miles in, we hit bad weather and had to turn back,” Durham said. The semester resulted in 16 hours of college credit for Durham and certification in Wilderness First Aid and a “leave no trace” master educator license, as he learned to only take into the wild what he can bring out. With this license he has the ability to teach and certify others in the

“leave no trace” principles. This experience is only the beginning of Durham’s devotion to the outdoors. Locally, Durham is avidly involved in rock climbing, whether it is at Big Rock Gym or at Horseshoe Canyon in Jasper, Arkansas. “He’s a really good climber and outdoorsy person,” senior Taylor Baker said, who enjoys climbing with Durham and taking photos. Josiah often takes the opportunity to explore locally in forms of hiking, caving, fishing, and hunting with friends. “It’s crazy being outdoors with him,” senior Korey Kivett said. “He doesn’t think before he does something. He’ll take risks that we don’t usually take.” Durham looks to his ancestors as motivation for his interests. “I am an eighth Cherokee and an eighth Delaware Indian,” he said. Living the way of his Na-

tive American heritage is valuable to him because it is: “how we used to live at one point in time.” He adds, “Technology is great, but we should be able to survive off of only what we can carry on our backs.” Upon graduation, Durham will continue his education next year at Northwest College in Wyoming, where he is pursuing a degree in Outdoor Recreation and Education to become a guide in hiking/backpacking. There he plans on traveling often to places such as Yellowstone National Park and being outdoors as much as possible. While one of his major dreams is to one day explore Patagonia in South America, Josiah Durham has one major goal to keep exploring the world. “I want to discover what people haven’t seen or tell about to preserve the natural beauty.”

Above: Josiah Durham shows-off his climbing skills. Right: This photo sequence of the progression of a Dyno demonstrate an advanced climbing skill. Photos by Taylor Baker

Winter Sports Update Wrestling By Alex Brown

As regular seasons wind down, the post -season begins for the Chiefs Winter Sports teams. Heres whats happening on the mat, in the pool, and on the court for the Chiefs.

The wrestling team had their hopes of a state run ended a few weeks ago after losing in districts in Jefferson City. The boys finished the season with a 3-5 dual record after having a couple of duals canceled and never made up. Seniors that are departing from the squad include Clayton Allison, Dustin Trebbe, Chris Green, and Daniel Trout.

Girls Basketball

Daniel Trout (12)

Photo by Spencer Price

After finishing up the regular season against Waynesville the girls basketball team will be heading into districts on the 22nd. The girls will play against Nixa and the winner will move on to play Glendale, who Kickapoo beat earlier in the season.

Boys Basketball

The boys finish the year with a 21-3 record heading into their senior night against Waynesville. Their first district game is the 21st against Ozark, which was an easy win earlier in the year. The winner of that game will move on to face Glendale and then most likely Nixa in the district championship.

Zoë Allen (11)

Photo by Chase Snider

Girls Swimming

Cody Anderson (12) Photo by Bridgette Wells

The ing na and

lady swim team went on up to state, sendseniors Merideth Swain, Hallie Roach, and JenHarmison as well as sophomore Megan Miller freshmen Kelsey Messner and Maddie Marshall.

Merideth Swain (12) Photo by Lyndsi Molz



Show raises controversy

Americanized rendition of British show, Skins, has been seen as vulger and unrealistic story and photo by Mike Baker

Skins, a British TV show, is about teens going through life problems such as dysfunctional families, mental illnesses, eating disorders, sexual orientation, substance abuse and death. The show follows the lives of 8 teenagers as they go through school in “sixth form,” a transition between High School and College in Britain. The plot of this show focuses on a group of British teens growing up and learning about love and life with little or no adult supervision. The show, created by the father/son team of writers Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, raised much controversy since its American adaptation began airing in early 2011 on MTV. The show can be viewed on Monday nights at 10/9 central. The show was “beautiful and sad and poignant and perfectly hurtful” Online critic Marieke Hardy said. Nicholas Hoult, who plays Tony in the series, defended the shows extreme storylines saying they would not reflect “everyone’s teenage life.” He added that “it might be heightened for entertainment purposes, but it is all believable.” Since the show’s debut in America, many have been speculating on the differences in culturally acceptable material in Britain and America. Mary McNamara of the LA Times said that “The pilot, which involves, among other


Reality television shows have become a staple in our society, almost mirroring what culture has turned into: young adults doing pretty much anything and everything to become rich and famous. If they have to run around naked on national television, then so be it. Reality television is a genre of television programming that presents purportedly unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events, and usually features ordinary people instead of professional actors, sometimes in a contest or other situation where a prize is awarded. Nowadays less and less of these shows appear to be unscripted like originally

things, crashing the party of an Christian right in your culture all-girls school and a scared- really has embedded itself straight assembly, is not so in the (American) cultural much shocking — that teens have ill-advised sex and smoke weed is hardly news — as it is ridiculous.” Many people see this show, more specifically the Americanized version, as inappropriate. A few unnamed sources in MTV feel as though the subject matter Junior Adam Suthoff thinks it’s important for in this show people to look into the show before watching it. “crosses the line” when it comes to landscape,” McCabe said. Junior Adam Suthoff feels inappropriateness and, more specifically, child pornography. as though you should go Junior Whitney into this show with some Nelson feels the same. sort of prior knowledge. “Skins is a show you should “Skins is inappropriate for television, but I personally do research on to decide if it’s like it and I believe it teaches for you before you watch it. It’s people lessons about the very different,” Suthoff said. Despite controversy over realities of life,” she said. Janet McCabe, a professor he subject matter of the story, at the Birkbeck University MTV plans on finishing up of London and expert on TV the current season of Skins at drama, suggested some of the the very least, but there has Skins controversy is rooted been no news on whether or in the difference between not they’re going to continue how people watch TV in the series for a second season. America compared to their compatriots across the pond. “It seems the moral

Ed Hardy Februrary 28, 2011

3 ways can improve your life by Ashley Dun

“Vintage Tattoo Wear” is how designer Christian Audigier describes his now easilyidentifiable clothing line, with its abundance of skulls, flames, and seemingly every other emblem of all things classy and elegant. Some might say its chic style puts the brand right up there with Chanel and Versace. But it just doesn’t look good; here are some reasons Ed Hardy can be just plain good for you!

1. It can allow you to carry your pets in style. You might think that carrying shivering, rodent-sized canines around in your oversized Prada bag was cool, but Ed Hardy-lovers would probably put that fad to shame. Seriously, look at that photo! That dog is in a bag with a picture of another dog on it. And that dog is wearing a diamond-encrusted collar. It seems that Audigier is capable of making even man’s best friend look insanely posh.

Fist pumpin’ reality shows

Look at that. Doesn’t that just make your heart melt? Thank you Ed Hardy, thank you. Photo by Jose A. Inglesias/MCT Direct.

2. It can boost your sexiness ten-fold.

by Clayton Allison

thought. Whether the shows are scripted or not doesn’t really matter to the audience watching. Reality television saw an explosion of global popularity starting in the summer of 2000, with the successes of Big Brother and Survivor. Thanks to the triumph of these first two shows, reality television managed to break into the mainstream and began airing on networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX, MTV, and CBD. According to, the top ten list of the most popular reality TV shows looks something like this:

1. Top Gear 2. Jersey Shore 3. American Idol

Ohhhh yeah. A good portion of you readers might be melting from the immense attractiveness of the photo to the left. Frills, ribbons, and an image that seems like a complete bastardization of a Japanese geisha. If that doesn’t scream ‘hot as hell,’ you might very well struggle to figure out what does.

4. America’s Next Top Model 5. America’s Funniest Home Videos 6. American Chopper 7. Survivor 8. Mythbusters 9. Ghost Hunters 10. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Their shows helped to shape America’s culture today and has shaped the next generation into reality television fanatics. They also helped turn completely useless and talentless people into millionaires.

Who wouldn’t want to date the beauteous female who’s sporting this under her pants? Photo by Ross Hailey/MCT Direct.

3. It can help you be more like the upstanding members of American society.

Because of the uprise of reality TV, American Idol was bumped to number three on the lost of most popular reality television shows. Photo by Michael Becker/Courtesy FOX/MCT Direct.

Ed Hardy seems to have become the uniform for individuals who are positively shaping the America of tomorrow. Instead of telling a child to stay in school and excel academically, dress them in colorful Ed-Hardy tees and slap a trucker hat with a flaming skull on their head. Tell them to look up to the rolemodels in the photo to the right. That may do more for them than any college degree ever could.

One might think Martin Luther King Jr. and the U.S presidents are completely undeserving of the holidays named after them in comparison to esteemed Ed Hardy-wearers Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Jenni “JWowww” Farley of MTV’s hit-show “Jersey Shore.” photo by Rebecca Cooney/MCT Direct.



Februrary 28, 2011

Feature Profits from school store benefit students by Preston Hawn

At the school store, students can buy a variety of snacks and drinks for fair prices. The store is open every morning and every afternoon during third block. photo by Preston Hawn.

Welcome to my world:

Cheap prices and variety: that is what the School Store offers to students and faculty. With over 90 products, the store has become a change of pace from the vending machines located sporadically around the school. The idea came about a couple of years ago, between teachers Mrs. Kelly Prude and Mrs. Toni Palmer, as a way to assist Community Education students. The program provides training in real work situations at nearby businesses in exchange for high school credits. “Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Prude did it for the Community Education Project and to help train [students] and learn how to deal with other people,” said Mrs. Linda Linegar who oversees operation of the school store. “It’s also a good thing for the school.” Items

such as Gardetto’s brand snack mix is 75 cents at the store while the same portion is 95 cents in the vending machines. “We try to buy it that way,” Linegar said. “Instead of paying nearly a dollar for a cheap bag of chips at the vending machines, they can get the same product and save money.” On average the store makes around $500 a week. “The school supplies really keep us going,” Linegar said. “Especially around test times and the start of new quarters.” So where does all that money go? “Don’t ask me,” Linegar said. “I’ve never asked and never been told. I have heard it goes to a mutual fund.” How about the students who work there, do they know? “I’ve heard it goes back to the people we got our loans from,

but I’m not really sure,” junior and Community Education student Jacob Napier said. In fact, the money goes back to the Community Ed. and Transitional Internship programs. “It provides funding for various Transitional Internship needs as well as other Special Ed. activities,” Mrs. Palmer said. “It has also provided for students who can’t afford to buy things such as gym clothes and other school needs.” Despite not knowing where some of the money goes, the students and teachers at the school store. “It really helps me learn about basic business knowledge and how to handle cash flow,” junior Trevor Lien said. “It’s also fun to interact with the other students in a business way.”

Car of the month story and photo by Spencer Price


tio i d E e Bik

“I pierce people” by Mike Baker and Allie Kane

“Don’t be afraid to go after what you believe in and what you want to do with your life. Have your confidence and your self respect and just go for it.”

photos by M

ike Baker

That’s what senior Hannah Thomas says and lives by. Thomas recently obtained her piercing license and is in the proccess of getting her tattooing license. As much fun as that sounds, what does one go through before getting a license to poke holes in people’s bodies? Thomas said that she got her license by going to a tattooing and piercing business downtown. She then had to prove that she had what it takes and had enough experience, she did this by paying a $200 fee and demonstrating her skills. “I had to go through 300 hours of apprenticeship with my mentor and show him what I could do. I had to practice a lot,” Thomas said.

She also said that after graduation, she is planning on getting her tattoo license and eventually opening up her own shop. “I’ve always been fascinated with piercings and tattoos ever since I was little. When I was referred to by [the tattoo shop] by my mentor, I knew that piercing was for me.” Thomas already has one employee for her future business. Senior Skyler Sullivan assists Thomas when she’s on the job, “After she washes her hands she can’t touch anything but her gloves in order to stay sanitized. I help her by getting her anything that she needs,” Sullivan said. Although the two are good friends, business is business and they split the profit 60/40. “I have my own business card and I’m trying to get into a piercing place in order to save up some money,” Thomas said. While Thomas and Sullivan may not have their own shop yet, they’re still in business and are available for any of your piercing needs. For more information, you can contact Hannah Thomas at 417-8612624.

“Rolling on 28’s” owner: Alex Harris

nickname: The Octagon


rywhe e v e e k i b “He l:

2010 Felt Brougham: Fixed Gear and some “good ol’ Taiwanese steel” “It gives me a sense of superiority because I am saving the e? world when I ride it.” k i b y a reen? “No, I still litter.” whn g g goi

de mo

“Infinite MPG.” rt: a p “Sometimes it gets a little cold. The other day, I went when it t bes part: was 15 degrees Fahrenheit.” st wor d: “Downhill with some back wind: 35 mph.” e e sp : “I could probably get $500 off of it.” top value : “I’m planning on biking to Kansas City this summer with a friend.” l goa

“I’m like Jim from the office, riding my bike to work.” -Alex Harris

Tickets (4)- $800 Cup of Beer- $15 Warm Clothing- $50

Me laughing at people who spent $200 to watch TV:


Nick Kessler talks NFL Lockout >

With the season in conclusiong, the league faces the challenge of satisifiying its players.

by Nick Kessler

This NFL season was packed 18 regular season games. This Mawae is on record saying with a series of exciting story 18 game schedule is popular that he strongly believes that a lines. We all saw the reemer- among the owners because it deal will be made. However, gence of Michael Vick as an could bring in more revenue for on February 10, the Owners elite quarterback, we saw once the league and for the teams. walked out on a meeting and fallen teams the, Kansas City However the 18 game schedule ultimately the meeting was canChiefs and the Tampa Bay is not popular among the play- celed. Sources say the owners Buccaneers, prove themselves ers and the NFLPA. With all side walked out of the meetas contenders for years to the research on the effects of ing because of disagreements come, and on how the we also NFL’s 9 saw the billion dolGreen Bay lars in revPackers enue would overcome be split. a plague The two of injuries sides have and bring not yet the Lomcome to an bardi Troagreement phy back on a new h o m e . meeting However, and from if the NFL the looks of Players things there Associawill be no tion and agreement the ownmade beers canfore March NFL Comissioner Roger Goodell shakes hands with a refnot come 4, when eree before the Superbowl. Goodell faces the possibility of to terms the current a lockout as the leagues schedule change causes conflict with on a new collective the salary cap. Ron Jenkins/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT collective bargaining bargainagreement ing agreement, these sto- concussions and head injuries expires. If no agreement is rylines may be put on hold. on NFL players, the NFLPA is made by then, the NFL will If a new collective bargaining worried that a 18 game sched- lockout and all games schedagreement can’t be made, there ule would only raise the risk of uled for 2011 will not be will be no NFL season and mil- more concussions and injuries. played. However even if no lions of fans will be left without The rookie salary cap would deal is made by March 4 that anything to watch on Sundays. limit the amount of money does not mean no deal could be Commissioner Roger Good- a rookie could make when made by the start of the 2011 ell and NFL Players Asso- drafted. In last year’s draft, season. If there were to be no ciation (NFLPA) executive the St. Louis Rams drafted 2011 NFL season, millions of DeMaurice Smith have met quarterback Sam Bradford fans would be upset and posmany times with the owners OU. Bradford signed a con- sibly abandon the NFL, and to come to a new agreement tract with the Rams worth 78 thousands of NFL employees and to make sure there will be million dollars (50 million would be without jobs. A NFL games played in 2011. Issues guaranteed) over six years. lockout would be a huge travthat would be apart of the new This made Bradford the high- esty to the nation. However agreement are a rookie salary est paid rookie ever. The new any rational sports minded cap and a new 18 game NFL collective bargaining agree- person would realize that the schedule. The current sched- ment would have a cap to keep chances of there being no seaule layout of the NFL is four rookies from making so much son in 2011 are quite small, but preseason games and 16 regu- money. However a set cap has with the new developments in lar season games. The new not yet been agreed upon with the collective bargaining meetschedule would be made up the owners and the NFLPA. ings, the chances of an NFL of two preseason games and NFLPA president, Kevin lockout have greatly increased.

Catch all of the postseason action

at Photo by Chase Snider

Congrats ning that You tions

Nick game

should to



on winof knock-out.

send us locker




?’s Winter Sports MVP Favortie NASCAR car Alex

would come on the screen, my dad would yell about how stupid they were,” senior Ben Boatwright said. It’s not often that one would spend $200 for the lowest level tickets available, yet there always seems to be an exception when it comes to the Super Bowl. People will sacrifice most comforts in order to enjoy the experience of simply being at the Super Bowl, even if it does mean freezing in order to enjoy it. So, let us go over this again:

Trebbe going heavyweight and hard

Travis Kvapil Long John Silvers


Like millions of other people across the globe I got to watch Super Bowl XLV from my couch in my own home. But for some watching the big game on TV, for free, it wasn’t enough. They would rather spend $200 to get the same experience. Fans had to sit on the grass on the East Side of Cowboy Stadium and watch the game on the huge outside HD TV screens. These tickets were only extended to Cowboys Club Seat season ticket holders and had to be purchased in sets of four. Those who pur-

chased the block receive a free parking pass, four Super Bowl programs and four scarves. These scarves would definitely come in handy since a rare cold front swept through the Dallas area with temperatures reaching into the 40’s. At one point ice that had settled on the roof of the stadium fell off and injured a journalist on the ground, and sent him to the hospital. Tickets prices ranged from $600 to $1900 at face value. Yet some ticket brokers’, such as StubHub, prices are considerably higher. With these types of prices who wouldn’t want to go to the game, when you could get to stay in the comfort of your own home and watch for free? Apparently a lot of people. “Everytime those people


Student Coach Nick Kessler and his sweaters

Bobby Labonte Busch’s Baked Beans


Is the Super Bowl worth the price?

Prairie Panel

Ryan Rippee and his under 30 points a game avg. Tyler Hall and his



by Clayton Allison

Februrary 28, 2011




4-point against Waynesville

Tyler Hall, Double Tree Classic MVP

Mario Kart Driver



Cal Naughton Jr. Old Spice


Ricky Bobby Wonder Bread

Diddy Kong

Ricky Bobby Wonder Bread


Text ‘PNMedia’ to 41411 for Live Updates and Scores > NASCAR points change to simplify sport by Matt Chamberlin

NASCAR is one of the fastest growing sports in popularity in the United States. Now the league is trying to attract more fans by simplifying their sport. Not many people outside of the fans understood the old points system in NASCAR. The points system was confusing and unclear for a lack of better words. Then the

since the sport had changed, many questioned the accuracy of the points system. In the old NASCAR point system, the winner of the 43 car race would earn 185 just from coming in first. Second through sixth place would earn 150 points (sixth) through 170 points (second) going by five point increments. Seventh place through eleventh place earned 130 points (eleventh) through

you get 43 points. From there, it goes down by one point. For example if you finish in second place, you get 42 points, third place 41 points, and so on. In other words, take 44 and subtract the driver’s finishing position in the race. That will get you the number of points the driver earned in the race. From here comprehending the Top 35 Rule, qualifying for races, and the Race for the Chase

sitioning. In the Race for the Chase, the top10 drivers in the point standings will qualify. Then two more drivers outside the top 10 will claim the wild card spots. The two drivers that get the final two spots have to one, finish in the top 20, and two win the most races of any driver who did not finish in the Top 10. If there is a tie, the league will determine a tiebreaker based on points.

Jeff Gordon (24) edges past Trevor Bayne (21) in the Gatorade 150 leading up to Daytona, which is the first points race of the season with the new scoring system. Photo by Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer/MCT

new points system recently put in place raised some questions in areas like the qualifying for races, the Top 35 Rule, and the Race for the Chase Wild Card system. “I felt [the old system] was pretty easy to understand. There is more complication with the (new) wild card.” junior Ryan Rutherford said. To understand these though you have to understand the new points system compared to the old points system. The old point system was in some ways was considered outdated in its rules. The old system had not been updated since 1975 and

146 points (seventh) going by four point increments. Then to continue with the points system, twelfth through fortythird place would get 34 points (last place) through 127 points (twelfth) going by three point increments. If that was not painful enough to understand, drivers can also get five extra points for leading a lap and/ or five extra points for most laps lead. For people who do not understand NASCAR this is a difficult concept to grasp. Now NASCAR has put in a new system that seems much simpler and can be understood better. The new system is simple, if you win the race

Wild card system gets easier. For the most part, the Top 35 Rule will stay the same. Basically if a driver finishes in the top 35 in the points standings after the first five races, then they will be assured a starting spot in their next race. The qualifying was also modified so that the order in attempting to qualify is based on practice speeds. So this way the slowest car will go first and the fastest car will go last, essentially giving the fastest driver an advantage. Finally, maybe the most important change because of the new point system is the Race for the Chase Wild Card po-

Since the new system was just announced in the end of January, not all NASCAR fans have had time to fully understand the new system. NASCAR officials may have to start explaining the system more because of the lack of promoting the points system. NASCAR has already had two non-points races this season, the Budweiser Shootout and the Gatorade Duel. The first points race of the season is at Daytona February 20, as Jimmie Johnson will begin his race to his sixth consecutive championship.

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