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That’s how many feet (lengthwise) of space fans lost in a domino effect that moved the student section to the west side of the gym. It was a safety hazard according to Athletic Director Brandon Clark, that led to other issues such as less referee walking space, room in the coach’s box, and media workspace that eventually caused the student section to be moved. The Missouri State High School Activities Association rules state, “The student sections shall be placed in locations that minimize the obstruction of other patrons when the students stand in unison.” “Several factors, including overall safety issues with our building being 40 years old led to the domino effect.” Clark said. Fans say they first found out about the move from members of the basketball team, but they weren’t aware of where the new location would be. “I heard about it a couple days before the game from some of the basketball guys because they knew the team benches were moving, but they didn’t say anything about where we were going to be,” senior Patrick Nace said. 

Tuesday December 21, 2010

Administration said there was an ongoing plan to communicate the change with students, however it could have been done more effectively. “We put a notice out in Chief Chatter about the move to section E and also had met with student council on how to communicate the changes with students. However I will admit that Chief Chatter may have not been the most effective manner,” Clark said. At the December 3 Tip-off Classic, students decided to approach Principal Dave Schmitz about why the changes had occurred and find a solution. “We went up to him very calmly and asked why we couldn’t stand in our other section,” senior Dillon Steele said. Schmitz then moved that conversation to the hallway. “It wasn’t a private issue, we wanted it to be an open discussion, I think the administration just didn’t want other people to hear about it,” senior Connor Steele said. Clark thought that the way involved students communicated at the game was not as effective. “Right before the start of a big tournament is probably not the best time

Story and photo by Chase Snider

Vol. 40 Issue 4

or place to have these types of discussions, they are discussions we want to have but the students that night did not choose the most effective time,” Clark said. Some of the fans claimed that administrators weren’t giving clear answers. “We never really got a clear answer and he kinda danced around the issue the whole night,” senior Connor Capps said. Students were eventually allowed to stand in the rest of Section D after the administration reviewed how much visibility would be lost by the section. “I assessed how much of a management issue it would be as well as how much of the line of sight would be lost. Mr. Schmitz and I felt that we could deal with it at the time and did let them stand after the first quarter,” Clark said. Students involved in conversations that night found it confusing that they were told by administrators they were not going to be allowed to stand in that area, only to later be told that they could then stand. “It was our plan all along to let them stand there, we just had to wait until Mr. Clark could evaluate the situation,” Principal Dave Schmitz said. Looking back on the evening Clark feels it was also a matter of

choosing the right time to release the information. “If we were not ready to make the change and would have told students it was ‘in the works’ it would have created a hornet’s nest; we have to be very strategic about releasing information,” Clark said. New chains and a sign have arrived and the student section is clearly marked at each home game. “I think if people knew why they moved them it wouldn’t have been an issue.” Nace said, “Any sign that they are working with us is progress because they have never done that before.” While a gap in effective communication between students and administrators may have caused tension during one game, Clark wants to make sure students understand that the changes were made as the result of a domino effect, not to punish students. “The purpose was not to change student seating or limit them in anyway, there was a domino affect that resulted from a change needed for safety; I don’t want them to think this was to hurt them, if I didn’t care about them I would have made the decision two months ago,” Clark said.  

Contributing reporter: Courtney Hamiliton

Jefferson’s lane improvements aim to lessen traffic congestion story and photo by Emily Cowan

Even though students have 39 less spots to park, they are now able to cross Jefferson in a safer manner. The sudden additions to Jefferson Avenue have created an easier and less stress-filled environment for students making them able to enter the school building from the west side of Jefferson. The City Traffic Engineering Department of Springfield met with Hunter Chase and associates, the R-12 faculty, and Kickapoo Administration to discuss solutions for Jefferson about the congestion caused during the school week. The administration and city traffic engineering department came to the conclusion, with

the help of Hunter Chase and Associates, to make several additions in which would help create a safer way for students to enter the parking lot. “[It was] not a big priority, just a solution to a problem that we could fix at the time,” CoInterim City Traffic Engineer, Martin Gugel said. The construction project was under contract and happened more quickly than expected. The time and resources were available, and the construction company was concerned about completing the project over the holiday break due to the possibility of drastic changes in the weather. “It’s a lot safer now. Instead of having students dodging in

From left to right: senior Amanda Golden, sophomore Aaron Moore, freshman Andrew Ramsey, and junior Julia Rhodes. “It’s a lot safer now,” Seeley said. “They have a specific place to cross the street.”

Taking a look at the #’s

compiled by PN Media Staff

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6 -

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<<< Blankets made by Pay It Forward for Isabel’s House, a safe haven for kids 12 and under when their home l i ves are in a crisis situation, including drugs, abuse, l oss of hom e, and m uch mor e

Amount over the course of two months that

Am ne st y Int e r nat ional

has raised for Invisible Children’s Schools for Schools program.


Number of Chief Times adopting holiday families this year as part of Key Club’s annual program. See a full story coming up online @

$5 223. 5 3 graphics by MCT Campus

and out, between the cars they have a specific place to cross the street, and they have signs which tell drivers to really pay attention to pedestrians in this certain area,” School Police Officer Ramon Seeley. The additions helped to make it safer for both students and drivers. The center median, the center turn lane, the crosswalk, and the signs indicating the cross walk were some of the many additions added by The City Traffic Engineering Department of Springfield. Due to the additions made to Jefferson up to 39 parking spaces were eliminated, making the students who would usual park on the

west side of the street now left to park in an area with less than one third of the space on the east side of Jefferson, near the practice football field. As most students noticed, a majority of the construction happened during the day while students were in school. “[We] tried to do the construction during the day to make less of a “fuss” to not disrupt the general public,” Gugel said. Workers did this in order to make the construction as little of a problem and disruption to the students and administration as possible.

Mrs. Butcher nominated and selected as 2010 SPS Starcather recepient photo by Chase Snider

Mike Butcher (left) helps take part in surprising wife and English teacher Deana Butcher by bringing in roses for her birthday, before she was presented with the Springfield Public Schools Starcatcher Award by nominator Principal Dave Schmitz and SPS Superintendent Dr. Norm Ridder.

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December 21, 2010

Opinion Ramblings of an insomniac

Confessions of a wheelchair-bound student by Kate Hundley

Photo courtesy of Katie Day Photography


ecently my doctor informed me that I was, in fact, an eighty year old woman, and required a second surgery on my right hip. I’m sixteen. I get to endure a few months of my senior year in a wheelchair, slowly graduating to crutches, a walker (I clearly need grandchildren), and eventually a cane if deemed necessary. So naturally, I’m stoked as I think about all the fun activities I can do while temporarily handicapped. The wheelchair I rented after my first hip surgery last December had no way of self propelling so my brother unfortunately pushed me most places. As he was pushing me out to his car he decided it would be a wonderful idea to stop pushing me in the middle of Jefferson and walk away leaving me unattended and immobile in the middle of a busy street. Lucky for me, a driver got out of their vehicle and pushed me onto the side walk while my brother stood by and watched. Needless to say, I got the one with the big wheels this time. The first week I was deemed eligible to leave my house, I ended up going to a church called The Table, located on Commercial Street. This was of course the week we had to do a lot of standing and moving around including communion. This is where I really got the first taste of how extremely awkward normal tasks are when I am stuck in a wheelchair. Afterwards, my friend had his longboard in the trunk, so naturally we decided to race down the slightly slanted Commercial street. I unfortunately lost, but luckily a heroin needle did not get caught in my wheel and I rolled away unscathed. This, unfortunately was the only fun activity I got to participate in thus far.

Now school, however, is quite a different story. First, I’ve had to acquire an elevator pass from the nurse. I found this odd since I was in a wheelchair. I highly doubt any faculty member would question my use of the elevator. After this I started rolling to my morning rendezvous spot with my friends. As soon as I rolled up, senior Alex Harris yelled, “Quick, everyone turn away. She is handicapped.” I was immediately shunned from my usual group of friends. After some coaxing, they eventually turned back around including me into the circle. The five minute bell rang and I started rolling towards the elevator. Along the way I noticed there are two kinds of people at this school. The first kind stares at me relentlessly like I have three eyes and are kicking a baby. The other kind completely avoids all eye contact and basically acts as if I am not there. My least favorite part about being in a wheelchair at school is having to be at everyone’s crotch level all day. As I moved on to my first class, I was ostracized. Since I could not make it to my normal seat, I was forced to sit a on the end far away from everyone else. Eventually some friends were allowed to move closer with helped a bit. Near the end of class, the teacher had a game planned where the class separated into two teams. When an English word was called out people ran to the board and slapped the Spanish equivalent. Obviously I was not allowed to participate in this game. I kept score. All throughout the day I was greeted with rude nicknames, ostracized, and neglected. Junior Ainsley Acuff responded to seeing me by pointing and laughing as she walked away. Even my own parents shun me in public. My dad and I went out to eat. I tripped on the curb. The rest of the meal my father tried to pretend as if he did not know me when people where around. What I thought would be a fun filled and exciting new experience turned out to irreversibly lower my self-esteem. The only good news is that I am no longer an insomniac. Now I just cry myself to sleep every night. Just kidding. I am totally kidding.

11 things

by Ashley Dun

Holiday frustrations

Not to be a Scrooge, but there are a select few things about the Holiday season that irk me. The Prairie News Staff and I have dramatized these situations for your viewing pleasure:

5) Stale TV Specials

11) Christmas music played three weeks before December even starts

4) Close-minded people who think charities that use the holidays to garner aid for the disadvantaged are “corrupt”

November 4, 2010 Chase: *turns on radio* Radio: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Chase: D:<

10) Writing cards to people you might not necessarily know very well

Nick Kessler is not amused.

Ashley: Hey Kate, do you want to watch A Christmas Carol with me on ABC Family? Kate: I can’t. I’ve seen that movie so much that the last time I watched it I was driven insane with rage and ritually sacrificed a small child. Ashley: Nice. Kate: It made me feel good.

Dear Person Who Lives Next Door, During the 365 days of each year, I probably talk to you a total of five times. I’m not really even sure what your last name is. However, due to these accursed unwritten rules of etiquette, I am compelled to write you this card. So. Merry Christmas! Unless you’re like Jewish or something. Sincerely, Your Neighbor.

Cody: Hey Ashley, do you have any spare change to donate to this children’s orphanage? We’re trying to raise enough money toAshley: What have children ever done for me? I’m not giving any of my hard-earned cash to stupid, lazy bums that are milking the system. ALL POOR PEOPLE DESERVE TO STARVE AND DIE ALONE IN MISERY. Cody: Sigh.

3) Aggressive Shoppers Spencer Price, a mild-mannered everyday citizen, was just casually browsing the aisles at Wal-Mart a few days before Christmas when he was viciously ambushed by Clayton Allison. Price desperately clutched onto his item, a toy kitty, while Allison proceeded to mercilessly beat him continuously with a Play Skool lawn mower. Price narrowly escaped on a toy tricycle. Just another example of…

9) The pressure to buy the perfect gift Courtney: Just get him a gift card. Ashley: That’s so unoriginal. I’m trying to choose between the Twilight Box Set and a book of Miley Cyrus’s memoirs. Courtney: Um. Ashley: Ed Hardy cologne sounds nice too!


2) People who are offended by the phrase “Merry Christmas”

8) Not seeing SPS on the morning list of “schools that will not be in session” after an overnight snow

I hope the SPS District knows that for every potential snow day they take away from us, a baby seal dies.

7) Fruitcake

Self-explanatory. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Allie: Merry Christmas, friend! Ashley: How dare you? Did it ever occur to you that not every person on earth is a Christian? Stop trying to shove the Gospel down my throat, you ignorant jerk. Allie: Oh, sorry. I forgot that your religious values strictly consisted of being an arrogant jack— Ashley: Uh, I’m actually an Atheist and don’t practice a religion, because doing so would imply that I have no free will and am incapable of thinking for myself. You really need to be a little more sensitive to other people.

6) People who make the holiday season overly religious Emily: Hey, I got you a Christmas present!

1) The Countdown to Winter Break

Ashley: Aren’t you a Muslim? Emily: Yeah, but I just thought it’d be nice— Emily: I can’t accept this. You’re not a Christian, so you don’t get to enjoy this holiday because it would be wrong. Burn in hell, you filthy heathen. But remember, Jesus loves you. Emily: :(

Thank goodness it’s almost over. As you suffer through the next day, just know that the Prairie News Staff wishes you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Winter Solstice, Obscure Pagan Festival, or whatever the heck you choose to celebrate during this time of year. Hey. We tried to be politically correct. Image courtesy of MCT Campus. All photos courtesy of the extremely hot Prairie News staff

Students are unjustly confined in school

She is totally just kidding. Photo by Ashley Dun.

Photo by Ashley Dun

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tudents are treated like prisoners in an environment that is supposed to encourage thought, free will and learning. School systems in this country are actually going in the opposite direction by sacrificing education for safety. In September of 1998, The Department of Education in New York City transferred all responsibility regarding student safety to the New York Police

Department. The NYPD was to take over as school security officers and officials. Seems like a smart move right? While it might have helped keep students “safer”, that decision forfeited the students time in a classroom in order to do searches, mandating all students to pass through a metal detector and even banning cell phones completely from school grounds. This preposterous decision by the Department of Education and the uncalled for actions by the NYPD show just how little the DOE care about our education. I for one am able to do my school work better and faster if I am wanting to leave the school. Here at Kickapoo, we are all herded around during the day and expected to follow along without so much as a bad thought

by Mike Baker about it. During lunch they even go so far as to put up gates in order to aid in this herding. This is ridiculous and absolutely demeaning to me as a person. So what? Just because I can’t vote and own my own house I’m not a person? Does my voice not matter? Why is it that the district expects us to all follow this ridiculous treatment and be ok with this? I for one am fed up with this. Not just the herding, but almost everything else that goes on during the school day regarding the students. This needs to end. We need to feel as though we are free to be open during our time at school. If there are others out there who are as against this as I am, we need to begin protesting our dislike. Voice your concern with your teachers, administrators and

In exchange for “security,” students are treated like imprisoned animals. Photo by Mike Baker.

even other students. People need to know that this is an issue with us and we do not like it anymore. Why can’t we leave during lunch and Chief Time? Why must we always have a teacher watch us? Why must teachers harass us if we are randomly wandering the hallways? We are all people. We have individual thoughts, emotions and ideas. Biologically and in

some cases physiologically, we as students and adults who get to vote and live alone are the exact same. We are all people and deserve to have our voices heard at work, school or anywhere we have an issue with. That is our constitutional right as American citizens.

December 21, 2010


Just Touchin’ Base

Forks and Knives

Students should open their minds to nationwide college options by Chase Snider

Spencer Price andClayton Allison give you the stats of the best wing places in town by Spencer Price and Clayton Allison


sually when one thinks of wings, two places in Springfield come to mind: Buffalo Wild Wings a.k.a “Bdubs” and Wingstop. There are numerous pros and cons to both of these fine establishments, and we are here to help shed light on which place you should spend your parents’ money.

Buffalo Wild Wings


Wing Stop

900 E Battlefield

303 E Battlefield

11 AM - 12 AM Mon-Sun

11 AM - 1:30 PM Mon-Sat Sun 11 AM-12 AM



-Sports bar atmosphere that serves as a great social gathering

-You have to pretty much yell to hear each other because there are almost always a lot of people there

-Lots and lots of TVs of all different sizes.

-Everything is sold seperately, so it can get a little pricey

-Depending on what night you go, you will normally receive a table in a reasonable fashion

-Drunken idiots still wearing Tim Tebow jerseys on Saturdays watching College Gameday.

- Short drive from school



-Cheap. Ten wings, fries, and a drink for under $10

-Small space, not exactly ideal for a large group of people

-A quieter environment makes for a more laid back and casual atmosphere

-The service is a little disappointing, because all they do is take your order and you are required to do everything else

-The food is very good, with their french fries surprisingly being a customer favorite

-In comparison to Buffalo Wild Wings, there are very few TVs

- While the fries cannot be compared to Wing Stop’s, they have Buffalo Chips with Cheese In the end both places have major selling points. If you want a better atmosphere and a place to go with friends, then go with Buffalo Wild Wings. But if you want better food at a cheaper price, then Wingstop is the right choice. Avoiding Tim Tebow imposters is also a plus.

Next Month’s Releases by Ashley Dun JANUARY

Jan. 14

Jan. 18 New Album

Social Distortion Not too much New Movie Hard times and on the list for The Green Hornet Nursery Rhymes this month. Jan. 21 But enjoy New Movie that cut out No Strings of James Attached Seth Rogen/Jay Chou Ashton Kutcher/ Blunt. Natalie Portman


Jan. 25 New Album

Some Kind of Trouble

Worst Secret Santa Gift?

55% Herpes Cream

James Blunt

18% A paper bag... for your face

The Kickapoo counseling center puts out a monthly bulletin with over 40 scholarships that students may apply for. Also, some institutions offer what is known as Need Blind acceptance, meaning that if you are accepted the college will work with your family to assure you can attend based off your estimated family contribution and any scholarships you may receive. Your best bet is to contact colleges you may be interested in early on so you find Photo by PN Media out all of the opinions available. It’s begun. Actually, it began Finally, a program known as about 18 months ago - the mass QuestBridge, grants scholarships marketing that hundreds of for students of financial need colleges push on millions of to be able to visit east coast high schoolers. It all starts when and Ivy League colleges. This students check that little box on allows students to see firsthand the ACT that says it’s ok to let what kind of experiences colleges contact them directly. they would be getting, in It begins innocently enough, addition to allowing them to one or two postcards a week talk face to face with college popping up in the mail. Then it representatives to learn about begins to increase; e-mails start plans for those in financial need. My advice would be for any to fill your inbox with reminders of deadlines and campus visits, student looking to their post and finally it turns into a full out Kickapoo education is to not flood of packets and brochures. be limited by where you live. Students feel an overwhelming David Awbrey, a journalist said push from many people, parents a friend who was an admissions being a big catalyst, to stay local. officer at an Ivy League college But why? Don’t go to a school recently talked about how solely because of location. Yes a student from Springfield, it plays a role, but it is far more Missouri often has more of a important to go some where chance be the “bible belt kid”, because it will provide you with or the kid from the rural area, the education you need. Part of because they offer a unique the experience of going to college demographic for the school that is to get out of your comfort many prep or private colleges in zone and experience new things. big cities can not offer. Finally, So many students from I think it is very important Springfield Public Schools students get out of Springfield, enroll at Missouri State Missouri and experience big University or Drury University city, urban life. How many because they feel this signifies students could survive riding a real accomplishment in their the bus day to day and end up scholastic careers. While there to work/school on time? What are nothing wrong with these is it like living for months at a colleges, I feel that a lot of time in a culture where you are students could be going to a minority, or people may not universities across the country even speak the same language that they are not even looking at. as you. Kickapoo pats itself on Financial obligations can the back for “preparing students also be a burden for many for a global society”, but what students. As someone not from good does all that so called an extremely affluent family, “preparation” do if they neglect I understand how cost plays to take theta opportunity. Never into decisions. However after feel obligated to go somewhere applying to institutions such as because you feel like your limited Harvard, I have learned that there by location or you’re feeling are a lot of resources available. pressure to not leave home.

14% A dirty hobo’s jacket 11% A Plunger Compiled by Emily Cowan. Based on a poll of 10% of the student body.

Prairie News Publication Policy Publication Policy The Kickapoo Prairie News operates as an open forum and intends to inform students, teachers, administrators, and other citizens of the community of the school and publish news on the basis of news value. The Prairie News, printed by Kickapoo High Schol, the District of Springfield, MO, is issued monthly during the school year. Students and faculty receive a free copy of each edition. Editorial Policies This publication reserves the right to edit all letters and quotes to insure that they contain no libelous material and no vulgarities. All letters submitted must be signed by the author, but names may be witheld upon request. Letters will be edited for grammatical errors. A chance for fair reply will be granted if necessary. The need for reply will be determined by the editorial staff. Letters may be dropped into locker 2001. Opinions presented on music albums, movies, the theater presentations, books, television programs, art work, etc. represent the opinion of the writer only and not necessarily that of the Prairie News, or Kickapoo High School. Likewise, all material in columns is the opinion of the columnist. Errors This publication strives for fairness and accuracy. The Editorial Board will print a correction in the following issue if it is determined necessary. Comments or questions may be directed to: Editorial Board, KHS Prairie News, and placed in locker 2001 outside of room 201, emailed to news@, or you may contact Mrs. Leslie Orman, adviser, at 523-8781.

The Staff Editor-in-Chief: Chase Snider News Editor: Courtney Hamilton Feature Editor: Allie Kane Opinion Editor: Ashley Dun Sports Editors: Spencer Price and Alex Brown Business Manager: Jon Hearn Pollster: Emily Cowan Staff Reporters: Mike Baker, Nick Kessler, Cody Carroll, C.J. Tice Columnist: Kate Hundley Adviser: Leslie Orman Principal: Dave Schmitz

Students should realize that they have choices beyond local universities. Photo Courtesy MCT Campus.

Our Apologies.... The Prairie News Staff would like to apologize for the following errors: In the November article: “Schools For Schools competition is making a difference in the international community,” Mrs. Nancy BrightKaufman was misquoted. Columnist Kate Hundley was not listed in the Staff Box. Pollster Emily Cowan was not credited for her poll “Most Disturbing Thing to See During the Holidays?” Our staff is sorry if they offended the respective persons; our publication strives to be as accurate and factual as possible when informing its readers. Please send corrections to news@ or put them in Locker 2001.


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December 21, 2010

The Clip Joint

It’s hard work being beautiful…. Let us make it easy Ceramic Flat Iron MSRP $120

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The Clip Joint 3310 S National Ave Springfield MO 65807 417.887.2855

5 Sports

December 21, 2010


Bringing out the big guns

Photo and Illustration by Spencer Price

> Senior Dustin Trebbe takes on the challege of wrestling heavyweight

by Alex Brown Coming into this wrestling season, senior Dustin Trebbe had a different view of the year compared to last year. Trebbe is a roughly 195 pound wrestler who has been put in the situation of wrestling heavyweight this season. Trebbe was given to opportunity to lose weight and wrestle at 189, but chose instead to wrestle heavyweight this season. Head coach Billy Buckley gave Trebbe the choice after Buckley had two heavyweights quit before the season started. The decision to place Treb-

be in the heavyweight division was also based on how Trebbe wrestled fellow teammate senior Clayton Allison. “I basically wrestled Clayton for the 215 (weight class) spot and lost,” Trebbe said. After the first three meets of the year for the team, Trebbe has composed a cumulative 4-6 record. “Dustin has wrestled very well lately. I think he will get get better as the season goes on,” Buckley said. Buckley also stated that he has had a history of coaching smaller heavyweights but that

they generally have done well and believes Trebbe can do the same if he continues learning. Trebbe has had difficulty gaining weight for his new weight class despite eating as often and as much as he can (I’ve witnessed this guy throw down three plates of pasta every Tuesday at lunch). “I eat a lot more than usual, but then I lose it at practice,” Trebbe said. Taking a step back and reviewing his unique situation Trebbe has seen some pros, such as the fact that he is very light and quick for a heavy weight giving

him the edge in getting around his opponents quicker and avoiding costly take downs and pins. But for every good side, there is a bad side, and in this situation it is pretty bad. “The worst part is having guys that weigh 90 more pounds than you laying on me and preventing me doing anything,” Trebbe said. Despite the usual weight differentials and the large challenge in front of him, Trebbe has made the best out of his position. Buckley finished his thoughts on Trebbe by saying, “If Dustin keeps putting the work in and continues to get better, the ‘pros’ will overshadow the ‘cons’ and he will be successful as an idividual and he will help our team.”

Nick Kessler talks College Football

> He’s taken the time to answer all of America’s questions

by Nick Kessler With this season’s college foot- Oregon has a solid defense that Oklahoma is set to win their first ball bowl season looming, there has only allowed 18.4 points per BCS game in over nine years. are many questions heading into game, however their weakness One of the more intriguing the key BCS bowl matchups. was their quality of schedule. games is the Rose Bowl matchCan TCU prove that they can They played in a quality Pac- up between TCU and Wisconplay with anyone and beat a pow- 10 conference, but they haven’t sin. This is TCU’s second aperhouse Wisconsin team, a team really played a team like Au- pearance in a BCS bowl game, that has scored over 70 points burn yet this year, but no mat- their first being last year in a in a game three times this year? ter their schedule, Oregon will loss to Boise State in the Fiesta Do the Connecticut Huskies be ready for their shot at the Bowl. The TCU Horned Frogs stand a chance against the Big National title against Auburn. are lead by the nation’s best de12 Champion Oklahoma SoonThe Oklahoma Sooners fense which only allows 11.4 ers in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl? showed that they were able to points per game. TCU also has And who will win the BCS take advantage of a down year the fourth best offense in the NaNational Championship game in the Big 12 as they went 11-2 tion lead by quarterback Andy between Cam Newton and the and made their way into the Fi- Dalton, however some of their Auburn Tigers and LaMichael esta Bowl after beating Nebras- success is credited to playing in James and the Oregon Ducks? ka in the Big 12 Championship. a weak Mountain West ConferThe Auburn Tigers and Oregon UConn showed that they could ence. TCU can prove that they Ducks have had nothing but ex- loose four games and still make should have been considered traordinary years on the offen- it into a BCS bowl game. UConn for a national championship apsive side of the ball. The SEC is a seventeen point underdog pearance by beating Wisconsin. Champion Auburn Tigers The Wisconsin Badgers are the number one team in have absolutely routed the country with a 13-0 reopponents this season. cord. Heisman winner and This due to there balAuburn quarterback Cam anced rushing attack Newton, has proven that he that features three runwas worthy of winning the ning backs that have over Heisman Trophy. Newton ten rushing touchdowns was the first player in SEC each, James White with history to rush for over 14, John Clay, with 13, 1,000 yards (1,409) and pass and Montee Ball with 17. for over 2000 yards (2,589). This is Wisconsin’s first Along with Newton’s imRose Bowl since 1999, pressive yardage, Newton a game which they won. has scored a combined 49 The Badgers will have touchdowns (20 rushing, 28 a tough time scoring passing, and one receiving). against the strong TCU However, Newton is not the defense, but if they can only reason for Auburn’s establish their run game, success. Auburn averaged Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton cele- they should be able to 42.7 points per game this brates after win over South Carolina to secure a control the ball and tire year, which was sixth in the spot in the BCS Championship. Photo by Robin out the TCU defense. nation. Auburn was able to Trimarchi/Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/MCT The Sugar Bowl matchdo this not just behind Newup features the Ohio ton, but also behind running State Buckeyes and the backs Michael Dyer and Ontero and for good reason. They av- Arkansas Razorbacks. The McCalebb who combined for erage just under 27 points per Razorbacks’ BCS hopes were 1,713 rushing yards, and 14 game. Quarterbacks Zach Fra- all but dead earlier this season rushing touchdowns. Receivers zier and Cody Endres combined after losses to Auburn and AlaDarvin Adams and Emory Blake have thrown only ten touch- bama, but after late wins against tied for the team lead in receiv- down passes. However, there is South Carolina and LSU, the ing touchdowns with seven a one bright spot on this UConn Razorbacks have found their piece. Auburn is the favorite to team, and that is running back way into the Sugar Bowl. Arwin the BCS National Champi- Jordan Todman. Todman has kansas is lead by quarterback onship, but with their explosive rushed for 14 touchdowns and Ryan Mallet. Mallet has thrown offense, comes a defense that for 1,574 yards. In what seems 30 touchdowns and has thrown is less than impressive and is to be one of the more lopsided for 3,592 passing yards. Mallet their main weakness heading games in recent BCS memory, leads the third ranked pass ofinto their game against Oregon. the Uconn Huskies realistically fense in the nation. However, The Oregon Ducks have an of- only have a puncher’s chance. even with their powerful passfensive that is just as dominant The Oklahoma Sooners have ing attack, Arkansas has a deas Auburn’s. Led by Heisman had little success in BCS bowl cent running game. Running finalist LaMichael James and games. The Sooners are 2-5 in back Knile Davis has rushed for quarterback Daren Thomas, the BCS bowl games under head 1,183 yards and for 13 touchOregon Ducks are first in the Na- coach Bob Stoops, with their downs. Arkansas is lead by one tion in points scored with 589. last BCS win coming in 2002. of the best quarterback’s in the James is the Nation’s leading However, the Sooners are prime nation in Ryan Mallet, who is rusher with 1,682 rushing yards. to end their BCS draught against poised to win the Razorbacks James is also first in the nation a weak UConn team. The Soon- their first BCS bowl game. in rushing touchdowns with 21. er offense is lead by quarter back Ohio State had their eyes on Daren Thomas has put up very Landry Jones who is second in a national championship at the impressive numbers at quarter- the nation with 35 passing touch- beginning of the year, but after back. Thomas has thrown 28 downs and second in the nation a loss to Wisconsin, those hopes passing touchdowns and for in passing yards with 4,289 were dashed. However, Jim 2,518 passing yards and has ran passing yards. Jones is accom- Tressel will have the Buckeyes in five touchdowns. Receiver panied on offense by running ready to play in the Sugar Bowl. Jeffery Maehl has a caught 12 back Demarco Murray who has Terrelle Pryor and the Buckeyes touchdowns along with 943 re- rushed for 14 touchdowns and will take the nation’s eleventh ceiving yards. Chip Kelly and by receiver Ryan Broyles who ranked offense into New Orthe Oregon Ducks have been has caught 13 touchdowns and leans. Pryor is one of the main one of the more dominant teams has over 1,000 receiving yards. reasons that the Buckeye offense in the country, scoring an aver- With their high powered offense has been so strong. Pryor has age of 49.3 points per game. and a very favorable match up, thrown for 25 touchdowns and

Talkin’ Noise?

by Clayton Allison How would you take it, if you felt single handedly responsible for destroying everything you had tried to help build? Well maybe you should ask Kyle Brotzman, Boise State’s kicker and all-time leading scorer in school and Western Athletic Conference history. Brotzman missed two late-game field goals in the November 26 game versus the Nevada Wolf Pack. The first one, a 26-yarder at the end of regulation, would have sealed a victory for the Bron-

Don’t Miss a Shot


Photo by Chase Snider

has run in four more. To add to their strong offense, the Buckeyes have a very dominant defense that only allows 13.3 points per game. If Ohio State can keep up their impressive performances on defense, they should be able to stop Ryan Mallet and the Razorbacks. The Orange Bowl game features the Virginia Tech Hokies against the Stanford Cardinals. The Hokies lost their first two games but have won 11 straight and represent the ACC in the Orange Bowl. The Hokies are lead by dual threat quarterback Tyrod Taylor who has thrown 23 touchdowns and has run in five. However the Hokies will have trouble facing a Stanford team that averages over 40 points per game. Stanford quarterback, Andrew Luck, has propelled the Cardinal offense with 28 touchdown passes and 3,051 passing yards. The Hokies are on a roll, but they will have a tough time trying to hold back Andrew Luck and the Stanford offense.

all of that was washed away and Brotzman reputation was ruined. cos as time ran out. The second Since missing those kicks failed attempt would have put against Nevada, Brotzman’s the Broncos ahead in overtime, life has been turned upside and was a 29-yard try. Ne- down. There have been numervada went on to win the game ous Facebook pages degrad34-31, dealing Boise State its ing Brotzman. There are pages first defeat of the 2010 season. such as, “ Kyle Brotzman sucks With those two missed field at life, and clutch kicks.” If goals, Boise State lost any shot you don’t like that one you it had at playing for the BCS Na- can always go with the clastional Championship game. It is sic, “Kyle Brotzman sucks.” so crucial because the Broncos “I was so mad when he missed would have been the first non-au- those two field goals, I was tomatic qualifier to have a legiti- screaming and throwing things mate shot at playing for the title. at my TV. They were only like In an interview with Brotz- 30 yards away, if you gave me man, according two chances I to voices.idahosam putting one, of them through “I teared up. Just the uprights,” the fact of what junior Ryan I felt I had cost Thornhill said. the team, as far With as many as a BCS game hate pages that or whatever was have been made, going to happen there have been down the road. just as many supThat was probporting pages ably the most from dedicated h e a r t b r e a k i n g Kyle Brotzman had success fans. “The Bronthing, that I had for most of his career at Boi- co Nation Loves let down my se St. Photo by Joe Jasze- Kyle Brotzt e a m m a t e s . ” wski/Idaho Statesman/MCT man,” Faeebook The Broncos page has over had been build9000 fans on it. ing almost a dynasty in the WAC People need to remember that and outside the traditional major football is a team sport, and the conferences. Since Chris Peter- kicking game is merely a porson took over as the head coach tion of an entire group effort. five years ago, the Broncos’ re- Kickers are already the smallest cord is 60-5. That is a winning players on the field, but a publipercentage of .923. And accord- cized miss can make them feel ing to they downright worthless. The next also have been the nation’s win- time you are prepared to jump ningest team since 1999. Boise down the throat of a college stuState entered the season as high dent for trying to do his job, just as the #3 ranked team in the think, how would I feel and react country in some preseason polls. if one of my failures was publiYet in less than 2 quarters of play cized for the entire world to see?

Is it all Kyle Brotzman’s Fault?

Prairie Panel

Just for verification, Nick is playing the numbers game on Facebook. “Hit Alex up my inbox fellas” -Nick Kessler

The Judges

National Champion



Best of 2010 Duke v Butler


Favorite X-Mas Flick




Evan Nolte at ToC

Christmas Vacation



First Monday Night Game: Chiefs 21- Chargers 14

The Grinch


Bad Santa

Andre Johnson Beatdown 8 Crazy Nights on Cortland Finnegan


December 21, 2010


Car of the Month

story and photo by Spencer Price

Tyler Molacek


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an erm p u S e: 00 nam : $35 k e c u i l a N ted V car: a m i the the t f s o e Gu all ition d d Con eat leane t in it” l a n i s I sa Orig original time y r e e “Th ack ev b way

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Everyone has a goal, what’s yours? Reporter Mike Baker cruises the halls to see what world-changing plans people have for next year.

Smith “Find time to do yoga at least four days a week”

C e s s y


D e v o n

A l e x


“To graduate from high school so I can have a bright future.”

“To join the Army in order to defend our country.”


December 21, 2010



Holidays are different for the disadvantaged by CJ Tice

“I want a car.” “Mom, I need that new dress from the mall.” According to Randy Coble, supervisor at The Kitchen, thousands of people in the area want something that many of us take for granted: a home and food. The Kitchen is a local organization that helps the less fortunate with food, clothing, basic household items, and assistance with utilities. “The need for assistance has increased 30 to 40 percent over the last two years, and with the state the economy is in, I don’t expect it to decrease in the near future,” Coble said. Last month, The Kitchen helped an average 175 households per day. As many as twelve people living in a single household is increasingly more common because of the economy. “Families will room together in the same house and split the cost of utilities to make living costs easier,” Coble said. 5,556. That is the number of people that The Kitchen helped in the month of November

this year and are expecting to help around the same number of people, if not more, in the month of December. Coble goes on to say that because of the large amount of need, The Kitchen gets help from another organization across the street from them to make handling such a large number of clients a little bit easier. The Missouri Hotel is primarily a women and children’s shelter that provides many services, including a place to live and a Fresh Start building for those who are under the influence. The Fresh Start building is an overnight shelter where those who are either high or drunk can stay the night to sober up. This is important during drastically cold nights, as many shelters turn away those who are obviously

certain criteria. They must either be married to someone staying at the shelter or be a father,” case manager at the Missouri Hotel, Carrie Ragsdale said. Along with providing a place to live the Missouri Hotel also provides a 40 hour per week work program, they help residents find jobs, provide counseling and substance abuse help, and they help people get their GED. Ragsdale stated that they also provide a shelter for homeless teens and provide assistance to children with disabilities. Though the exact number of homeless teens and children in Springfield is not logged, a recent study by the district estimates that around 200 students enrolled in the Springfield Public School district are homeless. that is 1% of the approximately 20,000 students enrolled in schools, according to Community Relations Manager Teresa Bledsoe, but to put that in perspective, 200 students is over half of Kickapoo’s current senior class, for comparison. Along with all the year-Daniel Courtney round programs offered by the Missouri Hotel, under the influence of drugs or they have special programs to alcohol. “Men can also stay at address the increased need for the shelter, but they have to meet aid during the winter and holiday

It feels good helping people that don’t have the things in life that we do,

Hidden Places

season. “We do several things less fortunate over the holidays provides a feeling of joy that as I have after knowing I’ve specifically for the holidays, then contact either the Missouri is unmatchable. “It feels good made a difference to someone but our most popular program Hotel or The Kitchen. “There helping people that don’t have who might have always felt is a gift shopping center for are many ways that teens can the things in life that we do,” overlooked. You never know residents and others to come and help. You can do anything freshman Daniel Courtney said. who you’re going to entertain,” purchase gifts for their families senior Connor Coday and themselves said. Coday said for Christmas,” his church youth Ragsdale said. group goes on choir One aspect that The tour every year, Kitchen is proud of is and part of that trip the fact that they are involves community the largest provider of service, usually services for homeless with the homeless. families and that even Even if there is though programs are not a school club or helping over 5,000 church group that people every month, you are a part of you between the two can still volunteer to shelters they only help. For information have about 25 paid on how to help out at workers; the rest of The Kitchen, contact the help comes from Volunteer Services volunteers. “The at 837-1590 and ask entire organization for Stephanie Pape . is thankful for all If you would like to of the community’s help with the Missouri assistance, but that Hotel, contact their The Missouri Hotel lobby has a festive touch added for the holiday to raise spirits of there is always a administration about the residents. photo by CJ Tice need for more,” volunteering at 837Ragsdale said. 1540. For more “The best way high school from working at the thrift One way that many teens information about either service students can help is by working store or food pantry, to simply volunteer is either through a club program you can go online to their with their Community Outreach making a donation,” Coble said. or with church groups. “A lot of website at www.thekitcheninc. program, which usually Many students at Kickapoo our volunteer assistance comes org, where you can find contact consists of serving hot meals, volunteer with the homeless from church youth groups and information for both The cleaning, or any other type of in some way, shape, or form. school clubs. Groups come to Kitchen and the Missouri Hotel. maintenance such as organizing Students that have already help clean up or to distribute food supplies,” Ragsdale said. donated their time, agree and supplies,” Ragsdale said. For those who want to help the that helping the homeless “I’ve never felt more fulfilled

All around the school are unknown closets, cubbies and cupboards. so we decided to figure out what was really behind those hard to find, hidden doors.

photos by Spencer Price and Cody Carroll

clockwise: The “darkroom” not really used for developing pictures, hidden within the journalism room. The woodshop classroom a few rooms down from choir and orchestra. Without taking the class, one would not know of its existance. The “slot” between the upstairs gym and the main gym bleachers. Skinny, smelly, and slot-like; hence the name. Mr. Lopez’s office next door to Mr. Fielding’s art room. Very decorative and very hidden.

Over 10 million illegal immigrants are living in the United States today, Could you pass a citizenship test? 1. In what month is the new president inaugurated? 2. How many times may a congressman be reelected? 3. Who is the current Vice President of the United States? 4. Who makes up the Legislative Branch of our goverment? 5. What is the supreme law of the land? 6. How long is one senators term? 7. How many terms can one president serve? 8. How many Supreme Court Justces are there? 9. Who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner? 10. What is the introduction to the United States Constitution called?

Check out your results on after January 7th to see how you did! For a chance to win a $15 giftcard to Starbucks, Turn in this cut-out, with your name on it, to locker 2001 deadline is January 7th


December 21, 2010

December Praire News  

The December 2010 issue of The Prairie News

December Praire News  

The December 2010 issue of The Prairie News