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==== ==== More information on how to download legal movies is available from Pete's website Online Free Movies where you will find more about legal movie downloads at: ==== ==== Online Free Movies: How To Download Legal Movies It is possible to download legal movies and enjoy online free movies, but you can also still download illegal movies. However, since the U.S. government decided to crack down on peer to peer file sharing sites, and the UK shut down the streaming site, it has become more difficult to find file sharing software sites that offer downloading membership sites - and even legal movie downloads. So let's not all cry over spilt milk, but check out what is available out there for those of us that are prepared to pay a lifetime membership to download unlimited legal movies - music is not so easy outside iTunes. Too many people are making too much noise, rather than keep their noses to the ground and download legal movies until all that noise settles down. The more people that stand up and complain about the legal closing of illegal websites, the more the authorities will believe there is a large number of such sites still to be dealt with. Whether there is or is not is immaterial to you - you can download online free movies from membership software that does not involve P2P file sharing, and enables legal movie downloads using software available from Clickbank. Clickbank was one of the first affiliate sites to shut down affiliate programs that involved file sharing - and that was a one of Clickbank's biggest selling products at the time. Now, Clickbank has removed all P2P software from its Marketplace, and instead offers a software system that enable legal movie downloads to be made without fear of breaking the law. You can still download online free movies, but without fear of being prosecuted for doing so. It is therefore still possible to download legal movies, although not using P2p software. The Richard O'Dwyer case in the UK was blatant use of software to break the law, and deserved to be taken down. Since then, other sites have been targeted and the day of free downloads of bootleg movies and music appears to be nearing an end. It is no longer possible to find affiliate programs online that offer such services, but instead most are similar to Capital Movies, where members can download videos from a massive database of movies that have been pre-approved for downloading - but only from a paid membership site. The payment is a single lifetime membership fee and it is not illegal to download the videos offered. There are also a few streaming sites online where you can watch individual movies streamed to your computer, and paid for on an individual basis. The traditional file sharing systems appear to be more or less dead and buried, which is a shame because the software itself is not illegal. Its like banning computers because some people use them illegally to steal money!

If these people could make fortunes selling licenses enabling people to download movies, why could the movie moguls not have done it better and made even more money themselves? Or even protected the files from being downloaded without a key? That's a question nobody will ever answer. Meantime, you can download legal movies online, and there are still many legal movie downloads to be found online. To repeat, these are not P2p file sharing sites, but legal downloading of online free movies that are only free for members to download to their own computers.

For more details on how to download legal movies check out Pete's website where you will find more information on legal movie downloads and many of the legal arguments for and against downloading movies and music online in general.

==== ==== More information on how to download legal movies is available from Pete's website Online Free Movies where you will find more about legal movie downloads at: ==== ====

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