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Halitosis or bad breath is a general complaint faced by many. The best bad breath cure evidently means the ways by which halitosis can be dissolved away permanently and within the shortest time. This article suggests that there is no single best halitosis cure. A really best halitosis cure should be a combination process of different methods to combat the problem. What this means is that, you have to apply to yourself a combination method of maintaining good oral hygiene and other lifestyle changes that will help you to get rid of the halitosis in the quickest interval of time. The first step obviously is to point out the reason or reasons that are causing the terrible smell in your mouth. Besides an ignorance of proper hygienic methods, there are several other reasons that are potential causes behind halitosis. Halitosis can also serve as an indicator to certain physiological problems like stomach ulcers and infections in the throat region. Excessive reliance on meat as a protein source can also cause halitosis. Sometimes a starvation condition of the stomach, called ketoacidosis also initiates the halitosis in the mouth. You have to identify what such reasons are acting in the background of your halitosis and then take proper best bad breath cure steps to combat halitosis. The basic is however to drink plenty of water, even while brushing. A dry mouth acts as a nuptial bed for the odorous bacteria and as a result they thrive in microscopic thousands inside your mouth. The presence of bacteria within the mouth can be verified if you have formed a grayish coating over the tongue. This coating is nothing but the mixed mass of food leftovers and mouth dead cells that serve as the food source of the bacteria. The stiff plaque around your teeth is also a probable inhabitation space for the bacteria like the S. Mutans and the H. Pylori, which releases mild sulfur fumes that causes the halitosis. Plenty of water will ensure that the mouth is properly cleaned and moistened and thus you will be able to fight your foul smell problem. While brushing you cannot allow the tongue and the inner teeth and the teeth in-between spaces to be neglected. The tongue, especially the back interior region of it must be properly cleaned to deny the bacteria of their thriving ground. In fact, the locationing of the main halitosis source in the interior tongue makes halitosis a peculiar problem, because the nose can not pick up the smells from this region. Make use of tooth floss and mouthwash to properly clean the mouth. Also equally important is to incorporate dietary changes, to complement the mouth cleaning schedule. This procedure is the actual best bad breath cure method that can be applied. Avoid potential halitosis food items like the onion, garlic, mustard, much spicy food and meat. Grow more reliance on a light organic diet with more preference to fresh fruit juices and vegetables to combat halitosis. Avoid sweetened beverages like the soft and hard drinks as much as you can. Syrups like salt water and lemon water and fruit juices like pineapple and apple juice can do wonders for halitosis. Organic mouth fresheners like mint, parsley, pudina, clover and cardamom can get

halitosis away from the mouth. Artificial mouth fresheners like chewing gums are usually sweetened placebos, try avoiding them altogether.

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==== ==== For a FREE Bad Breath Bible explaining the causes of of bad breath and how to cure it scientifically, visit: ==== ====

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Halitosis, otherwise known as bad breath, is caused by anaerobic bacteria in your tongue, gums and cheeks. Most popular pharmacy remedies a...

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