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==== ==== Atlanta furniture stores can offer you all the furniture in Atlanta you could want to have. Check out Patterson Furniture below for links to Stickley, Woodstock, Jamison bedding and many more: ==== ==== Buying Atlanta Furniture: Dealer or Manufacturer? When buying Atlanta furniture is it better to use a dealer or straight from the manufacturer? A lot depends on what you are looking for and whether or not a specific manufacturer can offer a product to meet your needs. It may also be that a specific manufacturer does not sell direct to the public, but only through authorized dealers: The Custom Shoppe is one such cabinet maker, and all their custom products must be ordered from an authorized dealer. Let's have a look at the benefits that dealers can offer you, and whether it is better to use a dealer by choice, or a manufacturer when the firm sells direct to the public. Advantages of Manufacturers. When ordering directly from a manufacturer, you can contact the maker directly when you have a specific technical question to ask. You might want information on the flammability of certain types of upholstery, for example - although that would generally have to meet national regulations in any case, but that's just an example. You may want to know if a standard product can be altered to suit your requirements, although your dealer should also be able to give this information. Many, however, prefer it straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak, and prefer to deal directly with the maker of their furniture and feel they get better information by doing so. Another benefit that some gain by purchasing from the manufacturer is the warranty: unless the actual maker closes down, your manufacturer's warranty will always be honored. The same is true if you buy your furniture through a dealer, but you must make sure that your warranty is not the dealer's own warranty, but is offered by the maker of the furniture. Otherwise your warranty might be invalid if the dealership closes, or the manufacturer changes dealers. Benefits of Buying Atlanta Furniture from a Dealer Buying Atlanta furniture from a dealer provides you with a much wider choice than if you chose from the range of only one manufacturing company. Some furniture distributors offer furniture from a wide range of cabinet makers and designers, and can provide you with a fabulous choice of furniture for every room in your house - even your home office and kitchen. This is particularly true when you buy your furniture online. Using the same dealership website, you can flip between the products on offer from the various furniture manufacturers until you find exactly what you are looking for - and if you can't, then you can have it made to your specifications. Many furniture firms now offer a custom service on a wide range of products, where

you can choose from a range of woods and wood finishes, fabrics and even dimensions. There are Atlanta furniture distributors that can offer you a bed from a range of specialist manufacturers such as Simply Amish, The Custom Shoppe or Stickley, and then the mattress from a mattress specialist such as Jamison bedding. That way you get your ideal bed along with the ideal mattress for a good night's sleep. As previously mentioned, some manufacturers will not even sell to the public, but only to distributors or dealers. That is because they keep their costs down by avoiding individual home deliveries, but instead deliver in bulk to dealers. They can also employ more intelligent manufacturing schedules such as campaign manufacturing, again helping to keep costs and prices down. Generally, if you have the option between purchasing furniture from a dealer or a manufacturer, you get a better level of service from the dealer because you have more choice. Dealers can also offer better prices than manufacturers in many cases, because they are purchasing more units with each order. The Choice is Yours Naturally, which outlet you choose depends a great deal on what type of Atlanta furniture you are looking for. Those seeking traditionally constructed and upholstered furniture will not be attracted by a modern furniture dealer, and somebody looking for reproduction period furniture will like be attracted only by specialist Atlanta furniture stores. However, if you find a good dealer or furniture distributor, then they may offer a wide selection of different furniture styles, suitable for different rooms and ranging from the period and traditional to the ultra-modern. The question is, would you rather access a website that offered you a range of possibilities, or one that offered you only one manufacturer's range of products? The answer would likely be the former, which is why you will find Atlanta furniture distributors that sell either from their physical store or from their website: you can choose from a range of manufacturers online and then visit the physical store to see the items in the showroom. There are Atlanta furniture stores that offer you exactly that: the ability to select from their website and then visit the store and make sure it looks as good as it seems online. More tips on buying your furniture from Atlanta furniture stores are available on where you will find a number of Atlanta furniture manufacturers and dealers to meet your needs.

==== ==== Atlanta furniture stores can offer you all the furniture in Atlanta you could want to have. Check out Patterson Furniture below for links to Stickley, Woodstock, Jamison bedding and many more: ==== ====

Buying Furniture in Atlanta: Atlanta Furniture Tips  
Buying Furniture in Atlanta: Atlanta Furniture Tips  

Tips on Buying Furniture in Atlanta Georgia: How to choose Atanta furniture