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I ask my friend , who is working as a banker at the moment,to do an interview about her working environment .I find the subject quite interesting,as Finance,or Economy in general,has been one of the hottest topic ever right now,and their environment and the people who are living and working in that environment fascinates me

Interviewee Miss A


30 mins

Interview Equipment

Video recording and Camera Recording

Location :

Miss A’s flat and the Starbucks Coffee nearby

Equipment :

Camera and a voice record ( using Macbook pro )

Budget :

ÂŁ5.30 travel fee .


I interview a young Research Analyst banker . She’s in her earlier twenties but has a solid career and a good view point of her surrounding environment . As we start , I ask her about the basic information , a bit of her personal details .Yes, she’s just like most of us , had been a student,working 5 days a week at the moment,has a very good sense of style , and a charming personality . Miss A enjoys living in London,as she comments : “It’s an international cosmopolitan city . It has everything from good Food to good Art. It allows you to balance your working life and your everyday life otherwise . It’s fantastic place for going out”

THE JOBS Miss A has worked for a bank for nearly 3 years , and you could tell with the current situation of the financial world , she’s indeed talented to maintain her job , not to mention moves up to a higher position as well . There’s lot of facts , a lot of numbers , and quite a few important conclusions to make from all these facts and numbers and it leads to our next favourite and most important process : making money from those conclusions .


THE ENVIRONMENT “Everything need to be professional” -that’s her first comment.”As an important industry dealing with people assets and what people care about , or in another word , money.It’s the backbone of the economy , not just UK economy , but the world economy , we take very serious approach in everything we do” .Every consideration,every thought need to be carefully decided so that their work could be helpful , be beneficial for not only the bank , but the society in a whole . Miss A describes her working environment as an “office environment” :“I work in a very tall building , with many floors and many layouts for each floor

.You will be sitting on a long desk with people around you , but most of the space around is taken by computers and mobile phones surrounding you.” Miss A explains : “You have to communicate with people through technology all the time because it’s a cross-border industry so sometimes you have to deal with people all over the world , so the easiest and fastest means of communication is either through the phone or internet , and it’s certainly not your normal Skype chat .” Miss A company building is located in Canary Wharf , in Zone 2 of London . “It’s a development complex , it has been started to be used in around

2000 . There’s a networks of shops and buildings in the complex . “It’s every compact , everything is very close to each other , everything is linked up.I think it’s quite convenience to work , it delivers on what it does” A place where you can working efficiently , seeing other people of the same profession walking around you and a good location for hanging out and meeting outside work , it works as it is .

Q : Do you think it’s a “perfect environment to work in” A : Well , I don’t know what is perfect , as I don’t know what’s your definition of perfection , but I think my environment ,as in the building and Canary Wharf ,does function . They have done a good job on what they’re supposed to do . Q: I couldn’t help noticing , in the current world of the banking industry , the ratio between genders is quite high , I see a lot of men in banking , but not many women , they say it’s a “dry industry” . Perhaps you know the ex-

planation ? A : Well , I don’t know if I’ve a full answer ,there’re many explanation.. Some of them might be company specifics ,personal choice …etc . To be honest ,the banking industry requires us to work very hard . A standard banker might work like 15 hours day . And I’m not saying it’s physically impossible for women to do that , but it’s not immediately appealing for women to try out when they first hear that . For men , they might find it ok .But there many other reasons , and it’s improving , people try to improve that to make the environment better

Q : So , Let’s just say if you could make your working environment become better , what do you wanna change ? A : I’d like to change the space and means of transport within the building .Lift isn’t really my favourite , and I think Escalator is a much better choice .Escalator doesn’t restrict your space ,you wouldn’t be pushed into the corner , and what’s really important is that you could see things around you when you’re moving, not just people’s backs . Also the windows , I would like to have bigger windows and higher ceilings , we need more light here. And the col-

Q&A ours . It’s kind of sad when you only see a theme of black/white around there , or occasionally grey , bright colours in the workplace would really do sometimes . A few paintings on the wall could also improve the theme . Bottom line , I think it could be better if you allow more creativity into the workplace , ask in design , not too much , but yeah , might be some . Q : Ok , last question . I think every Job is an Art , and there is an Artist inside everyone of us . So , what do you think , if you imagine yourself as an artist , and your art is dealing with numbers

and informations . What do you think about your Art ? A : That’s the first time I heard it (laugh ) . I would say that , my Art , is to inject , of course , would be subtractive opinions onto the numbers and the facts that I’ve so that the conclusion would not just a factor or fact and numbers along , but also a factor of my view and opinion . So , hopefully , by not taking anything on the surface , and by diving deep , my conclusion can be more precise , and can be more applicable and would bring better result . Investment and Finance is quite complex , and sometimes they could be

quite tricky. So,the Banking Art , my Art , is not just knowing the conclusion ,but also knowing you as a person , and the environment as living , active and alive objects , like it’s actually breathing ,so that you could treat the subject like a human being , and approach it seriously .

Interview based on HCD  
Interview based on HCD  

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