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Three Business Blunders You Can Avoid with Effective Project Management Training In a business landscape wherein resources are limited and clients are less receptive to apologies when deliverables are not met, the room for error is slimmer today more than ever. Clearly, the need for businesses and organizations to equip their managers with the best project management skills is more apparent as it spells the difference between a resounding success and plain, utter failure. In a nutshell, project management training gives managers with the skills and the knowledge to plan, design, execute and control a particular business function in the most efficient way possible. With exceptional project management, the following business brouhahas can be avoided: Business Blunder 1: Unmet Expectations Overpromising and under delivering – this is one of the most common mistakes managers commit. It really does not matter who the stakeholders are, whether internal or external. This lapse in judgment comes in many forms: undoable deadlines, impossible ROI, unrealistic results and so on and so forth. Project management training will help professionals set a strategic roadmap wherein expectations can be properly managed based on the scope of the project and the resources available. From the start, a manager can properly outline the project expectations and ensure that everyone is operating on the same page. Business Blunder 2: Staff Burnout Poor project management can lead to staff burnout. Bear in mind that one of the most crucial roles of project management training is for managers to correctly appropriate resources, which includes human resources. Underestimating the workforce requirement of a specific endeavor will create work overload on the staff. This can create a sense of resentment against managers aside from the physical, emotional and mental fatigue which can drastically reduce their efficiency. Through project management training, managers will be able to accurately scope out the magnitude of an endeavor and realistically project the number of staff needed to carry it out. This will have a halo effect as workers will have high regard for their managers for running the project efficiently without too much stress on the staff. Business Blunder 3: Losing a Client This is extremely critical for service providers. Remember, a happy client is a “repeat client.� Ask any business and they will say that they want to grow organically, meaning, they want more profit opportunities to come from their existing clients. Business development to get new clients can be expensive and with the highly competitive business landscape, a Herculean feat to do. Maintaining strong client relationships through exceptional delivery of services is something project management training can greatly help in. Happy clients will give your company more businesses and you can even generate new leads through their recommendations.

Clearly, project management training has become an integral ingredient to professional and business success in today’s business environment. Unlike before, managers who wish to further their project management skills no longer have to painstakingly attend classroom sessions. There are a number of online project management training courses you can take. An example of this is PM Training Online with over five years of experience of providing extensive and effective online courses for aspiring and established project management professionals. At your own pace and at your own time, at the comforts of your own office or home, your next career upgrade is at your fingertips.

Three Business Blunders You Can Avoid with Effective Project Management Training