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words from the president The beginning of a new semester would be seen by others as a “new start” – a start to change oneself into being their best selves. To others, their “best self” is related to getting the grade that would qualify as a Dean’s Lister for the second semester of SY 2013-2014, or, maybe, even just getting a grade higher than before. Some people associate their “best self” with being more sociable, mingling and associating with different people, and having friends that would help in growing the self. What the PMSA is trying to achieve, however, is a “best self” targeted into being holistically developed, into being leaders inside or outside of the Ateneo. This is through being socially aware of the different issues that can be eased through various medical applications, which then translates to the thrust of the organization for a more member-based approach, to reaching out to all of you members and helping you find yourself within the organization. This is coupled with experienced-based projects that would enable each member to see the reality that is being faced by different communities in the country. If you find that the exposure isn’t enough, then a lot of PMSA projects await you this second semester. Try exposing yourself through the community health talks, community health programs, medical missions and many more! If you are still battling with yourself if being a doctor is for you, then go attend our Medical Discernment Talk 2, and DOSE Part 1 and 2 and see for yourself! If you want to just chill and have fun, then attend the Tambay Week and PULSE. If you are resolute with your decision and/or just want to help others build the passion of being a medical doctor, then try taking in a leadership position here in the PMSA by participating in our PMSA Apprenticeship Program Initiative, wherein you could try on the different jobs that the Executive Board goes through and what it really takes to help inside the organizations. Don’t be afraid; immerse yourself in this organization. Let’s make this last semester for SY 2013-2014 count.

Yours truly,

Kurt Bryan O. Tolentino President

a sip from the fountain of youth by selin salih, iii bs life sciences


ast September 9, 2013, the Pre-medical Society held a talk regarding proper nutrition. The talk, entitled Eatcetera, was held in Sec B 201 and was given by one of the most accomplished medical doctors in our country, honorable Dr. Jaime Clavez Tan. The talk began with recognizing what we eat and how our eating habits can be linked to our over-all fitness with regard to age. Dr. Jaime then went on to share a few of his experiences and insights after living in Japan for a few months. He shared how, in Japan, people can live to a hundred and still walk and jog, and that in every corner of the city you will be able to find a person who is already a hundred but is as strong and healthy as a fifty-year old. Now you might be asking, what is their secret to this fountain of youth? It is simple: proper diet and exercise. What consists a proper diet? According to Dr. Jaime, nothing beats plant-based diets rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, complex carbohydrates, beans, lentils and deep sea fish. We must avoid meat, canned goods, shell fishes and animal milk. Instead, we should substitute animal milk with soya milk and replace our cooking oils with coconut oil or olive oil. We have to be conscious of what we eat, he reiterates; to eat is human but to eat healthy is divine. As college students and future medicine students, this poses a challenge. Our late nights are usually full of sugary treats to keep us awake. Most of us are also dormers, and dormer food is almost always equated to fast food and canned goods. But, Dr. Jaime also has some advice for us. He says, eat at least one vegetable or fruit a day. We might not be able to become vegetarians but we should always include a few greens in our daily meals. Also, instead of snacking on gummy bears and Doritos, we can snack on fruits, especially nuts which are said to improve our memory. To all the dormers, Dr. Jaime advised to eat canned goods/processed food only twice a week. We might prefer fast food and canned goods, because they are cheap and easy, but, in the long run, health is more important, because, as the clichĂŠ saying goes, indeed, health is wealth. Another important reminder is to drink water -water at room temperature, not cold water, because this affects our mental functioning, and in memorizing as much as we do, we would need the full functioning ability of our brain. Lastly, being healthy is not only about eating the right foods and exercising, but also about staying positive and living a happy life. Dr. Tan stressed that we have to think, feel, and act positive. It is about having good perspective and knowing the right concepts. We should not feel depressed about our weight and we should never starve ourselves. Health in not a size; it is a lifestyle because a healthy lifestyle and positivity are as good as a sip from the fountain of youth. â–


a : event photos

Monday opens a new week’s worth of TAMBAY. On the morning of September 9, 2013 the Pre-Medical Society of Ateneo, spruces up MVP’s 211 with gold letters, purple pillows and lively colored mats creating a homey Persian twist for the PMSA Tambay Week, “Splendor”. That Monday morning I was welcomed into the room by friendly upperclassmen, busy preparing for the week. I saw mats getting laid out and golden letters being posted, a load of food stacked up, and I was especially delighted to hear that an XBOX360 will be following the rest! There were singers and guitars, plus hula-hoops and jars of cookies and candies. Although preparations were still underway, one round of Monopoly deal with legitimate PMSA-ers made us freshies feel at home. The barren floors and walls, which were fawned over by logistics that morning, built up anticipation, but we got the message: “come back later when we’re done setting up.”

Coming back to MVP211 to visit “Splendor” midweek surprised me because, despite the room being smaller and warmer compared to the SEC B foyer, it allowed for the proper space to mingle with people. The sign-up table greeted visitors with purple sheets and raffle invites along with warm smiles. Inside, members sprawled over the laid-out mats and a couple of boys were playing Call of Duty on the XBOX. The movie area propped by the entrance, although suffering a few technical glitches at first, allowed for more tambay opportunities. Most of the movies had a Middle-Eastern setting, consistent with the Tambay Week’s theme. PMSA also had contests and raffles throughout the week. The raffle tickets were offered for P 25 at the sign-up table. If waiting around to win isn’t really your thing and you were still looking for a challenge, PMSA’s “Splendor” also held the hula-hoop competition. The 2-feet diameter rings made it to the floor fast, despite the efforts of the members to keep them balanced despite; the participants willed to remember that their hips don’t lie. If you’re not the athletic type and you believe that hips aren’t always so honest, then you could haven’t gone over to the Magic Jar and beheld its wonder. The jar’s shape puzzled people: did

the sharper angles create more spaces for the candies squeezed in or has the rounded bottom offset the angles? One could have only guessed. If done well and true, then you could have won them all Tambay week is created for people and the excitement incited by the people. Various performances graced MVP211: talents such as Anica Teano and John Almanza entertained with their music, singing Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”. All good things must come to an end, and it was only proper for the Tambay week to end with a bang. PMSA closes the week with a free pizza blowout and an awesomely awesome Belly Dancing performance by the Ateneo Illuminata. All in all, the PMSA’s “Splendor” catered to the entertainment needs of its members. Acquaintances were made, and games were played; not only was boredom extinguished, but the Tambay week experience allowed the ultimate bonding experience built by the atmosphere of the enclosed room. Throughout the week of fun PMSA continued to collect medicine for donation, which was what gave the event personality. In the end, even while having fun and creating fun, PMSA was still grounded in its duty to serve the community as aspiring doctors through the littlest of things. All in the entire weeklong event was very down-to-earth and straightforward when it came to the entertainment. People surely enjoyed themselves playing monopoly deal and getting to know the other members. It was basically what tambay was about, but with a twist that can only be given by PMSA. ■

splendid tambay week: splendor by mariel javier, i bs life sciences

“Unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling, soaring tumbling freewheeling through the endless diamond sky, A whole new world, that’s where we’ll be a thrilling place a wondrous place for you and me.” This brand new world, which PMSA created for this semester’s Tambay Week, certainly, made its members live in a dream where all their wishes came true. With a weeklong event filled with fun and interactive activities, PMSA members were able to unwind and enjoy in this new world, despite the intense workload due to the upcoming finals. For some of its members, the Tambay Week also served as their mini home in school, wherein they could just chill and relax from their busy schedules. However, although the event served as a getaway to transport its members to new world, their kindness and concern for helping others did not cease to stop as the members continued to show their full support for the second wave of the Medicine Drive. “Splendor” was the name of this semester’s Tambay Week and the Disney Movie Aladdin inspired it; where the goal of the event is to indulge its members with all the pleasures and luxuries they wish for. For this reason, everything about the event was shining, shimmering and splendid! There was an X-box and a Wii so that members could play and have fun. Lots of free foods were also given especially during lunchtime, and, on the last day, a special belly dancing performance entertained its members. Surely, everything about it was spectacular, but, at the same time, this pleasurable experience of its members was equally matched by their constant generosity to help others. Through this, it surely shows that the spirit of doing something worthwhile for others never stops for the PMSA members. The second wave of the Med Drive also lasted for a whole week, from September 9 to 13, 2013. In order for the organization to reach more people and to render a more efficient service, there is a need to maximize its existing resources. For this reason, PMSA decided to hold a Med Drive with two waves; in the interest of garnering as much monetary and medicine donations as possible from its generous members and even

the spirit of service that never sleeps by mar a tanchanco, ii ab communic ations marie therese romero, ii bs psychology big-hearted non-members who are eager to lend a helping hand. So what a much better way to encourage people to donate than to hold in at the same time as the Tambay Week. As the PMSA members unwound and immersed themselves in their “whole new world” that is found in MVP 211, the spirit of service and generosity remained very much alive and kicking. Although it was supposedly a week of taking things easy and leisure time for themselves, the call to aid those in need was not ignored and was keenly responded to. (Here we see being men and women for others at its finest!) Org members and even non-members were invited to donate cash and/or medicine for the Medical Mission last September 15, and also for the succeeding projects of Soln, which mainly concern community health series. Reinforcements such as one membership point per donation and a cookie for each P20 pesos a person donates coaxed even more people to take part in this cause. With the P12, 100 raised during the first wave, one would think that the org has already exhausted its resources, but keeping true to the spirit of Magis, people contributed more. Although it did not transcend the initial donation of P12, 100, the second wave managed to raise an additional quantity of P7, 600, making the aggregate amount of both waves an astounding total of P19, 700! Kudos to the project head, Marga Simbulan, the team and volunteers for making this event a successful one. We are certain that you have created a whole new world for your beneficiaries; a world where bleakness and despair are overshadowed by the light and hope you have given them. Once again, truly the Med Drive brought out the unending kindness and generosity of its members and the Ateneo students who were non-members by donating money and medicines that will be going to PMSA’S Medical Missions and SoIn’s community health series. With this, it shows that despite the five days of pleasure and luxury its members were able to experience because of the Tambay Week, this did not stop them from also thinking about others’ welfare and needs. Certainly, we can say that it is not change that is constant for the PMSA members but rather, it is the spirit of reaching and helping out to others. Hopefully, as future doctors, it is very important to keep this in mind. We are becoming the future doctors of this country not for money, power nor recognition, but we are doing this all for the well-being of others. We want to pursue this profession in the hope of, just by simply helping and rendering our services to others, we can make a whole new world in their lives. A world filled with happiness, joy and peace because they will be able to live fruitful and healthy lives through our help. Surely, as PMSA created a whole new world for its members, it also resulted to an even more shining, shimmering and splendid world to others because the spirit of kindness and generosity remained perpetually alive. ■

iron chef: the feeding program by celine itchon, i bs psychology

Last September 21, 2013, the Pre-Medical Society of the Ateneo (PMSA) headed by Anton Tensuan in cooperation with Med students rounded up by Aaron Young from the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH) and Chef Dhalia Conde joined forces to launch “Iron Chef”, a feeding program that aimed to promote healthy eating through a cooking demo and workshop about eating the right kind of food and its benefits, targeting mothers and their kids. As early as 6:30 am, the volunteers, including myself, met up inside Ateneo before heading out to the Gawad Kalinga village in Payatas, Commonwealth; having the things needed for the event such as rice and mineral water with us, we were all eager to get the job started. After a 20-minute drive, our group arrived at the venue, and as soon as we had arrived, we quickly set-up for the event. The group was divided into two: one group began to bring out the things necessary for the cooking demo and workshop, while the other prepared for the talk for the kids. Indeed, everyone was busy and immersed in the whole activity. A few minutes later, the cooking demo ensued and the kids with their mothers started arriving in their cooking attires. One can’t help but notice how excited the kids were to learn. At one end, the mothers were busy preparing the healthy and delicious dishes to be served to the kids later on, while the kids went on a fun and educational talk about the nutritional value of common vegetables and, of course, the benefits of eating healthy. During the talk, the kids were all so excited and full of energy. For the first few minutes, their Ates and Kuyas briefed them to what was going to happen. They were behaved all throughout the talk and were actively participating in the discussion. The kids were more than eager to share their basic knowledge of the vegetables and their nutritional benefits. It was a pleasing sight to behold when they were asked who among them eats these vegetables and all of them raised their hands. Along with their Ates and Kuyas, they sang the vegetable song in the tune of Leron-Leron Sinta and gleefully joined in in the coloring and story-telling activity that came after. This just shows how much these kids were well exposed to eating healthy by their teachers in the day-care facility, and, most certainly, their individual families; it was also plain to see how much they wanted to learn more about proper nutrition and good health, which are pleasant to witness. When the talk ended, the healthy and delicious dishes prepared by their mothers earlier on were readily waiting for them. Around 20-30 hungry kids patiently lined up for their share and cheerfully partook in the feeding program. Everybody was delighted and, soon after, the Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Chef Dhalia Conde for having joined the activity, which marked the end of another successful event hosted by the PMSA. The beaming smiles and exchange of Thank You’s took place when we had begun to wrap up for the day in Payatas. tI believe, this is just one of the many small instances where we can make a difference. ■

It was such a wonderful experience to be able make a difference in people’s lives even in simple ways like this feeding program, and, as future doctors,

operation: med mis by k aelyn yo gyo g, i bs he alth science s

In our country, the deterioration of health has been a long and ongoing problem. It’s not because we are living in a tropical country and are frequently exposed to heavy strains of bacteria and viruses (you can’t blame microbial things), but because we allow ourselves to be exposed to them. Nowadays, most people tend to self-medicate and self-diagnose themselves whenever they are sick. You have a cold? Take Neozep. You’re having a headache? There’s Biogesic in the cabinet. They wait until it gets worse before going to a doctor. Also, there are only a few people who make an effort to stay healthy by taking vitamins. When was the last time you had a check-up? Do you still take vitamins to boost your immune system or to add energy? Or is it too much of a hassle for you to take them because you need to restock after every two weeks or maybe because you spend too much money on it? When you had a fever, did you wait for it to last up to 3 days before you had it checked? “Prevention is the key”. This was what the Pre-Medical Society of Ateneo (PMSA) aimed to promote during their “Kanlungan: Medical Mission” last September 14, 2013. In cooperation with Gawad Kalinga and doctors from the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH) and dentists from University of the East (UE) and Centro Escolar University (CEU), “Kanlungan” offered free clinical services to the residents of Rovero-Cox, Payatas, Quezon City such as medical and dental check-ups and tooth extraction. There were a total of 11 Doctors and 10 dentists (licensed and interns) who catered to around 2,000+ residents. And how were the doctors able to manage all of those patients? Of course with the help of 30 PMSA volunteers. All donned in white shirts, the volunteers, who, beforehand, attended a General Assembly as orientation and received vitals training, sacrificed their Saturday to help out in the said Med Mission. They were divided into 5 groups namely: Doctor’s assistant, Dentist’s assistant, Ushers, Pharmacy (distribution of medicine), and Vitals (checking of blood pressure); 10 volunteers were placed under Doctor’s assistant, 8 for Dentist’s, 5 in Pharmacy, 5 for vitals, and 2 were the event ushers. The event started at 9am and ended at 12pm though there were still some residents who wanted to catch up, the time quota still had to be met. We only become aware of Med Missions when it is offered by the local government. At first, we don’t really know how it is. We just see people lining up, having their check-ups, children crying but everything comes to clarity once we truly experience it. The volunteers saw how much hustling, bustling and running they needed to do to serve the patients; from calling the next patient to getting supplies for the doctor or dentist’s use. When it to spreading awareness and reminding, we need not to knock As future health practitioners, comes on the door of every other home, it all starts by showing that health is health for us should be prioritized. Through this event, everybody was able to help in promothealth awareness. The doctors who diagnosed the patients, the something taken care of and ing volunteers who observed and assisted the doctors, the ushers who is treated as a responsibility. lead the way to the clinics, the pharmacy that gave out medicines to those who needed it and the vitals who did a preliminary assessment of the patients. As future health practitioners, health for us should be something taken care of and is treated as a responsibility. Hopefully, in the future, when we become doctors, we’ll be like the doctor’s present in this event who gave up their time, supposedly, for rest to raise health awareness and promote early prevention through free clinical check-ups. ■


medical sch

hool primers J o h n A l m a n z a , III BS L i f e S c i e n c e s G i o d e L u n a , III BS L i f e S c i e n c e s J u d e M a s c a r i 単 a s , III BS L i f e S c i e n c e s K i k o M i l o , I BS H e a l t h S c i e n c e s K a r S a e n z , III BS L i f e S c i e n c e s W i n o n a h S i y , I BS H e a l t h S c i e n c e s D y a n U y , III BS L e g a l M a n a g e m e n t J e r o m e Z u l u e t a , I BS H e a l t h S c i e n c e s

ateneo school of medicine and public health I. GENERAL SCHOOL INFO

C. Documents to submit

The Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH) opened its 5-year professional phase in the third quarter of 2007 beside the Medical City in Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City (Metro Manila, Philippines).

1. 2.

The Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health aims to train the best and brightest students to become future physicianleaders. It seeks to educate physicians who will be outstanding clinicians and, beyond that, be leaders who will influence how health in the Philippines (and in the world) is accessed and delivered.

3. 4.

Online application form Application fee (in cash or check payable to: “Ateneo de Manila University”) - PhP 2,500.00 for local applicants - USD 300.00 for foreign and non-resident applicants** Official Transcript of Records – Undergraduate and Graduate (if any) Certification of General Weighted Average (GWA) or Quality Point Index (QPI) if not included in the Official Transcript of Records Official NMAT Results Recommendation Letters (2) from the following: - Dean or College Secretary - Department Chairman Personal essay about yourself and how you envision yourself 10 years from now. Guidelines for the essay: - 3 pages - Double spaced - Times New Roman, size 12 2” x 2” photo - to be uploaded in the online application - must follow photo guidelines indicated on the online application.

Thus, the ASMPH is committed to molding outstanding clinicians, who will also be dynamic managers and social catalysts. This is done through three important teaching and learning strategies – interactive classroom learning, practical application and leadership formation. First, students will be trained in the best possible way as clinicians, in the basics of medicine and curative care. Second, they will also be taught how to understand health and health systems from the wider vantage point of organizations, populations and society. In the third and fourth years, students’ application of clinical knowledge in the hospitals, clinics, communities and other health facilities is complemented by courses in management and in the understanding of social determinants that affect the public’s health. At the end of the five-year Professional Phase, the graduate is awarded a degree of Doctor of Medicine and Master in Management.

5. 6.


Admissions Officer Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health Don Eugenio Lopez Sr. Medical Complex Ortigas Avenue 1604 Pasig City Philippines

II. APPLICATION PROCEDURES A. Eligibility - BS or AB Degree (graduate or graduating 2nd Semester of SY2011-2012) - Applicants should complete college/university requirements by March 2013 - Those who will complete college/university requirements beyond March 2013 can apply on October 2014 for SY2015-2016 - Satisfactory performance in the following required courses: - General Biology or General Zoology or General Botany (3 units lecture; 1-2 units laboratory) - Cell and Molecular Biology (3 units lecture) - Biochemistry (3 units lecture) - General Physics (4-5 units lecture and laboratory) - NMAT score (with a percentile rank of 85 or higher) B. Important dates to remember - Application Period ¬ 14 OCTOBER 2013 to 10 JANUARY 2014 - Admissions Results on or before 15 MARCH 2014

7. a. ¬ ¬ ¬ 8.

D. Contact Details

Admissions Hotlines: - Trunk line: (+632) 7063085 to 87 loc. 3012 - Mobile No.: (+63923) 7068038 E-mail: Office Hours: Mondays to Fridays (except holidays) 9:00 am to 12:00 pm 1:00pm to 4:00pm Website: III. SNIPPET OF SCHOOLING LIFE “To be a medical student in ASMPH is to be constantly surrounded by inspiration, the kind that sometimes breaks you down first before you realize so—as you pass by white coats along the corridors, your eyes half-open after a sleepless night, on a night of drinks and dancing for the board-passers after weeks of burnout, through batch unity as you go through a difficult module, or as a patient smiles "Thank you" after you've wondered what it's worth—once you find it, you realize it's everywhere, and it slowly becomes the reason why you wake up every day.” – Nina Ayala Dasal, YL5, First Year

cebu institute of medicine I. GENERAL SCHOOL INFO The Cebu Institute of Medicine is one of the recognized five Centers of Excellence, nationwide. Its over-all passing percentage in the Philippine Medical Board Examination is 95.37% from 1994-1998 and 96% in the February 2005 Examination. CIM’s quest for excellence can be traced back from its very inception as exemplified by its stated VISION: Physician with a HEART - Healing with God’s grace using the best practice in Medicine. - Executing and administering all their transactions in the true CIM spirit with honesty, truthfulness, ethics, reliability and mutual respect to each other. - Advocating meaningful healthcare reforms. - Responding to the needs of the sick especially the underserved aided by Research and - Teaching and learning through interaction with their peers and the people they served.

- Personal interview - The application is processed only after a personal interview is completed. A telephone interview cannot take the place of a personal interview. - The interview is scheduled during office hours. Last day for interview is May 16th. Note: For applicants outside Cebu who wish to apply to the Cebu Institute of Medicine, please enclose a manager’s check worth five hundred pesos (P500.00) for the application form or filing fee. C. Contact Details Dean’s Office Telephone No.: (+63 32) 253-7412 CIM Admissions Committee Email: Telephone No.: (63 32) 253-3124 Fax Nos. (63 32) 255-5756 or (63 32) 253-9127

And its MISSION: To produce graduates who are professionally competent, socially concerned and guided by a correct conscience in all their actions.

CIM Registrar Telephone No.: (63 32) 253 3124 Email:

Founded on this notable intent, CIM has steadily advanced to a heightened excellence in medical education.


II. APPLICATION PROEDURES A. Eligibility - Academic requisite: Must have a Bachelor’s degree. - National Medical Admission Test (NMAT): Must take the NMAT. B. Documents to Submit - Submit an accomplished application form (Can be downloaded at with the following: - Transcript of records (TOR) - Two (2) letters of reference from professors - Payment of P500.00 for application and filing fee. Deadline for accepting applications is April 30th of each year.

pamantasan ng lungsod ng maynila I. GENERAL SCHOOL INFO

C. Documents to submit

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila is where the brightest of scholars from the financially strapped spectrum of the society are educated and are steeped in golden values to become “Pantas” or “men of enlightenment and wisdom.” This institution has been acknowledged as the premier scholars’ university of the capital city of the Philippines whose academic excellence the Commission on Higher Education recognizes as “beyond reproach and a class by itself.”

1. Each applicant must prepare and submit the original and the duplicate copies of the following for the initial screening - Birth Certificate (NSO Copy) - Official Transcript of Record/ Special Order Number - Two letters of certification of Good Moral Character - Certificate of General Weighted Average from the Registrar or College - Diploma or Certificate of Graduation - National Medical Admission Test Results - Manila Voter’s ID or Voter’s Certification issued by the Commission on Election or COMELEC - Student’s Residence Certificate (Cedula) - Baranggay Clearance in the Place of Residence - NBI Clearance - Any other document to prove Manila residency - Parents’ latest Income Tax Return or ITR and/or Affidavit of Support and ITR benefactor - Enrollment form for supplemental subjects required - Self–addressed stamped envelope - Long brown envelope and long file folder 2. When the applicant has been qualified to take the Medical College Admission Test, he or she shall obtain a certification from the college and pay the MCAT fee at the Cashier’s Office 3. The applicant shall then claim the MCAT permit and application form at the College of Medicine Office 4. The applicant shall take the MCAT examination as specified in their given schedule; afterwards, they shall present themselves for an interview. The schedules for the interview will be given after the MCAT examinations.

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila College of Medicine was established in 1984 and provided degree programs such as Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Dental Medicine. It began earning distinction in its constant pursuit of excellence in the development and formation of compassionate and competent medical practitioners delivering healthcare to meet the needs of the City of Manila, the Philippines and the world. Today this institution is proudly considered as one of the top three medical schools in the nation. II. APPLICATION PROCEDURES A. Eligibility - BS or AB Degree - Satisfactory performance in the following required courses: - Sciences (35 units) - Chemistry (10 units) - Inorganic Chemistry (5 units) - Organic Chemistry / Biochemistry (5 units) - Natural Sciences (15 units) - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy / Human Anatomy (5 units) - Physiology (5 units) - Physics (5 units) - Microbiology or Elemental Genetics (5 units) - Mathematics (6 units) - Algebra (3 units) - Elementary Statistics or Biostatistics (3 units) - Language and Communication (9 units) - Social Sciences (9 units) - Humanities (3 units) - Natural Filipino Citizen - GWA of 2.50 or equivalent - NMAT of at least 45 - No record of being dropped from any medical school - No record of having been denied admission to PLM - No criminal records - Passed panel of interviews - Willing to sign a memorandum of agreement B. Important dates to remember - Application Period ¬ begins August 2013, ends January 30, 2014

D. Contact Details PLM Mailing Address: General Luna corner Muralla Street, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines 1002 PLM Telephone Number (Trunkline): (+632) 527 7941 to 48 College of Medicine Telephone Number: Trunkline 1: (+632) 527 7941 to 48 Local: 29 Trunkline 2: (+632) 527 9071 to 73 Local: 529 Direct Line: (+632) 527 9067 PLM Official Website: III. SNIPPET OF SCHOOLING LIFE “It’s already a given that you have to study a lot. As long as you work out a system with your classmates regarding sharing notes, group work and meeting deadlines, you won’t get lost. You’ll find that tablets, Dropbox and Facebook are all pro–student platforms of technology.” –Aura Azarcon, PLM CM Student

st. luke's college of medicine I. GENERAL SCHOOL INFO St. Luke’s College of Medicine - William H. Quasha Memorial is the first JCIA accredited medical school in the Philippines. With its vision of becoming the leader in innovative medical education by the year 2020, they are committed to hone young medical professionals through their academic and scholarship programs. The college also offers an MS in Molecular Medicine that aims to apply molecular researches to clinical settings. II. APPLICATION PROCEDURES Eligibility will be granted to graduating or graduated students with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Arts who took units in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or other related fields (see website for a complete list:, has a 90% NMAT percentile rank taken within the last two years and is not over 36 years old. Application forms are available at the Registrar office or may be downloaded from the website linked above for free. A Certified True Copy of Transcript of Records up until the 1st semester of the graduating/4th/5th year, photocopy of NMAT results, a Certificate of Good Moral Standing, Birth Certificate, Certificate of Naturalization for Filipino applicants, four copies of 2x2 recent colored photographs with white background and a processing fee of Php 2,500 for local applicants and US$300 for foreign applicants will also be required from the hopeful. Those that would not be able to meet the deadline of the Admission Committee on January 31, 2014 will have to pay a compensation fee of Php 500 or US$50. Foreign Applicants would have to include photocopies of their passport pages with general information regarding the person; Police Clearance Certificate issued by the National Police authorities and duly authenticated by the PFSP in the students’ country of origin (Those who have stayed in the Philippines for more than six (6) months must submit the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance); Notarized affidavit of support and proof of adequate financial support to cover expenses for student’s accommodation and subsistence, as well as school dues and other incidental expense; For non-resident aliens: submit student vis issued by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate in your country of origin; For resident aliens: submit Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) and Immigrant Certificate of Residence. Those holding SRRV visa and SRRIV visa must secure a certificate from the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) that he/she is a holder of the said visa. Payments will be accepted in cash, cheque (made payable to St. Luke’s College of Medicine) or via bank transfers. For bank transfers, you may contact the Finance and Accounting Office at (+632) 7230301, Local 3901 and look for Mr. Moises Culala for details. You may also e-mail your queries at accounting@

Reapplication is allowed and transferees are accepted as long as they belong to the top 20% of their previous class, did not incur a failing grade and have a good moral conduct. Full scholarships (including book allowances) will be granted to accepted applicants who graduated with any Latin Honor. Other scholarship grants can be viewed through their website. For questions and/or inquiries, one can visit the campus in Sta. Ignaciana Street, Cathedral Heights, Quezon City 1112 or contact them through Telefax No. +632-7277610 / +632-7230301 Local 3808; Email Address: III.


“Lectures ay systemic, hindi regional…Sobrang importante ng acads, (duh, school nga), pero importante ding mag-recharge at mag-chillax after a gruelling battle between them subjects. Aside from personal lakads you may (dapat WILL plan or SHOULD plan) plan after the exams, the council, our wonderful and devoted council, planned events after exams that will surely refresh your tired and injured minds…i want others to know how much I appreciate and love our school, kasi it deserves to be recognized talaga.” - Jed Jumarabon, St. Luke’s College of Medicine-2016.

university of the east ramon magsaysay memorial medical center

I. GENERAL SCHOOL INFO The University of The East- Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center is one of the three campuses under the University of The East and was founded in 1956. It currently has four academic units namely the College of Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Graduate School. There are 8 departments under the College of Medicine: Department of Anatomy, Department of Biochemistry, Department of Pathology, Department of Microbiology and Parasitology, Department of Pharmacology, Department of Physiology Department of Preventive and Community Medicine and Department of Medical Humanities. The College of Medicine has a four year curriculum with the first to second year focusing on classroom teaching and laboratory skills, the third year focusing on bedside teaching with patients from the ward and the fourth year focusing on clinical clerkship. II. APPLICATION PROCEDURES A. Eligibility - BS or AB Degree - Interview upon submission of required documents - Must have taken NMAT within March and December 2012 and April and November 2013 - NMAT score must meet the prescribed NMAT percentile cut off score B. Important dates to remember - Application Period ¬ ends December 20, 2013 C. Documents to submit - Application form for College of Medicine duly Accomplished - Original/Certified True Copy of the Transcript of Records - Certified copy of AB/BS Diploma/Certificate of Candidacy for Graduation - Original Certificate of Good Moral Character from two former Professors - National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) Result - Birth Certificate authenticated by National Statistics Office (NSO)

- Marriage Certificate, if married - 2x2 Pictures (2 Pieces Colored White Background) - Application and Processing Fees: Php 1,500.00 (NON-REFUNDABLE/NON-TRANSFERABLE) D. Contact Details Official Website: Registrar’s office Telefax: (632) 713-3315; 715-0861 Local 261 E-mail: College of Medicine Trunk line no.: (632) 715-0861 Admission office: (632) 713-3315 College of medicine: (632) 713-3302 III. SNIPPET OF SCHOOLING LIFE “Being a med student in UERM is difficult and timedemanding. Yet the school helps bring out the best in me, both as a student and as a future 5-star physician.” - Benz Alonzo, 1st year Med, BS Lf Sci ‘13

university of the philippines college of medicine I. GENERAL SCHOOL INFO

NON-REFUNDABLE Note: The Application Form is valid only for the Academic Year applied for - ORIGINAL/OFFICIAL Transcript of Records for at least the first three and one-half (3-1/2) years of Baccalaureate Program. - Four copies of 2x2 pictures signed by the applicant on the front of the picture. - The interview is scheduled during office hours. Last day for interview is May 16th. - Certified true copy of NSO Birth Certificate. (A photocopy is acceptable provided the original is shown for verification). - Original Certificate of Naturalization for naturalized Filipino citizens. ONLY original Certificates of Naturalization and other documents issued by the Commission on Immigration and Deportation shall be acceptable. Applicants with PENDING naturalization papers and documents are NOT eligible for admission. - Latest True Copy of Income Tax Returns (ITR) of both parents. (A photocopy is acceptable provided the original is shown for verification) - Original plus a photo copy of the NMAT result. - DOST Clearance for students who have availed of DOST scholarships in their baccalaureate degree course.

Established at 1905 as the Philippine Medical School, and by 1908 it was integrated into the U.P. System as the College of Medicine and Surgery The dual MD-PhD (Molecular Medicine) program of the UPCM aims to train aspiring physician-scientists for careers dedicated to the pursuit of basic and applied biomedical research towards the advancement of health from individual to global levels. The prescribed program of study comprises eight years: one year of graduate level coursework and research, five years of medical education (LU III –VII of the INTARMED program) and two years for completion and defense of a PhD dissertation. Applicants are expected to clearly demonstrate their aptitude and motivation for advanced study in molecular medicine and related areas. II. APPLICATION PROCEDURES Only applicants who will have obtained their Baccalaureate degree (Bachelor in Science or Arts) by the end of school year 2013-2014 or earlier are eligible. Applicants who will obtain their Baccalaureate degree in the summer of 2014 are NOT eligible for admission. The applicant must have a valid National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) score not lower than 90 percentile taken April 2012 to December 2013. ALL APPLICANTS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN A RETURN SERVICE AGREEMENT (RSA). a. FOR ALL REGIONALIZATION PROGRAM (RP) & INDIGENOUS PEOPLE (IP) APPLICANTS: - ACCEPTANCE TO SERVE AND ASSUMPTION OF LIABILITY (ASAL) AGREEMENT & REPLY SLIP (Refer to Primer on the Regionalization Program) b. FOR ALL OTHER APPLICANTS: - RETURN SERVICE AGREEMENT (RSA) & REPLY SLIP (Refer to Handbook on Return Service Obligation Policy) B. Important Dates to Remember

D. Contact Details Dean and College Secretary Phone: +63(2) 526-4170 Fax: +63(2) 526-0371 Admissions Office Mailing Address: 547 Pedro Gil St., Malate, Manila, Philippines Website:

- Application Period ¬ September 2 - December 11, 2013


C. Documents to Submit

“Medschool is a daily grind. You just have to find your WD40.” – Niccolo Agustin, Student

- Submit all requirements in a long brown envelope with your printed name (surname first) written in pencil only: - A properly accomplished application form of the UPCM Application forms will be made available upon cash payment of an application fee of PhP 1,500.00, which is


university of santo tomas faculty of medicine and surgery I. GENERAL SCHOOL INFO The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Royal & Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, commits itself to the pursuit of excellence in medical education, scientific research and community service, guided by Christian ethics and values. The school affirms its task in the development and formation of competent and compassionate Thomasian physicians who are committed to health care delivery of global standards and in accord with the needs and goals of the nation. The undisputed Center of Excellence in medical education with a distinct Thomasian medical curriculum that balances traditional and innovative approaches that instill lifelong selfdirected learning discipline; with a passing rate in the licensure examinations not lower than 95% and with not less than six slots in the top ten positions; with excellent credentials of the faculty, 30% of which are MS holders, 10% are Ph.D. holders, 100% are fellows or diplomates of their specialty, and 10% have education credentials; with a state-of-the-art Medical Informatics Center with extensive IT infrastructure and offering web-enhanced courses; with a dynamic continuing medical education program offering quality postgraduate courses in every field of specialty, including Bioethics; with trend-setting postgraduate programs in basic and clinical sciences, Bioethics and Medical Education, leading to Masteral/Ph.D. degrees; and with linkages with leading medical schools abroad for exchange of faculty and students and for collaborative works. II. APPLICATION PROCEDURES A. Eligibility - Strong foundation in the Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics - B+ average in scholastic performance, NMAT score of at least 80th percentile - 80-85% of accepted applicants are UST graduates B. Important dates to remember - Application Period ¬ October 15 - November 15, 2013 C. Documents to submit 1. National Statistics Office (NSO) certified true copy of birth certificate. Photocopy is acceptable provided true copy is shown for verification. 2. Certificate of naturalization for naturalized Filipinos. 3. Two (2) signed most recent 2 x 2 colored photographs. 4. Certified true copy of transcript of records (Note: For those students graduating in March or April, grades for your final year may not have been encoded yet at the time of application. This is allowed. However, please note that if you should get a failing

grade on your last year, you may forfeit your slot.). 5. Photocopy of parent’s/parents’/sibling’s/s’ diploma/s if UST graduate/s. 6. Photocopy of NMAT scores. Please check the list of NMAT dates that we will consider for the present application process. 7. Two certificates of good moral character (cf. Admission Policies #6 above) 8. Accomplished printed copy of the Online Application Form 9. Baptismal certificate 10. Certifications of extracurricular activities (leadership/civic/ volunteer work) 11. Professional Licensure certificates; post-graduate (masters/ doctorate) diplomas. Photocopy is acceptable provided true copy is shown for verification. 12. Processing fee of three thousand pesos (PhP3,000) D. Contact Details Admissions Office 2nd Floor, Dean’s Office, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Santo Tomas, Sampaloc, Manila 1008 Philippines Telephone: (632) 406-1611 local 8381 Fax: (632) 731-3126 III. SNIPPET OF SCHOOLING LIFE “It’s gonna be a nightmare. If you want to survive, the most important thing is time management.” – Lui Encarnacion, Student

west visayas state university I. GENERAL SCHOOL INFO West Visayas State University College of Medicine, the pioneer medical institution in Western Visayas was established in 1975 and is situated in a two storey Roxas Hall inside the 17-hectares main campus. The institution aims to produce a community of physicians who are socially accountable, competent, committed to serve primary health care with sympathy, determined to pursue medical research, and devoted to meet the health demands of the Filipinos. Moreover, it seeks to provide exemplary students an affordable medical education in coherence with the idea of producing socially accountable primary health care physicians equipped for post graduate studies, research, teaching, and specialized training. The College of Medicine, as a response to the rigors of medical education, adapted the Problem Based Learning approach where small student groups tackle problems under the tutelage of a professor. Through this scientific reasoning, students will learn in context and integrate the ideas to relevant professional dilemmas. II. APPLICATION PROCEDURES - BS or AB Degree (graduate or graduating 2nd Semester of SY 2011-2012 or earlier) - Weighted average of 2.5 (80) or better in all subjects for the degree attained. - NMAT score (with a percentile rank of 60% or higher) B. Important Dates to Remember - Application Period ÂŹ January 2 - March 31 of current year C. Documents to Submit - Certificate of Good Moral Character from two college professors - Application form - Official Transcript of Records. (For private schools, TOR must be validated by CHED) (For public schools, the diploma and Certificate of Graduation must be presented - Application fee (Php 400) - Certified machine copy of NMAT result

- Certified machine copy of TOR - Certified machine copy of latest income Tax Return of parents - Certified machine copy of live birth certificate - 2 pieces 2x2 ID picture - Self-addressed stamped envelope - Foreign students must comply with CHED requirements. D. Contact Details Admissions Officer West Visayas State University College of Medicine La Paz, Iloilo City Philippines 5000 Admissions Hotline (063) (033) 320-0870-78 E-mail: Website:

events to look forward to: PMSA B o n d i n g Ta m b a y W e e k w/ t h e T- S h i r t D e s i g n i n g C o n t e s t a n d t h e Th i r d Wa v e o f t h e M e d i c i n e D r i v e PULSE DOSE ( D o c t o r O v e r s h a d o w E x p e r i e n c e ) T h e M e d i c a l S c h o o l T o u r : ASMPH , UP, a n d UE S p e c i a l i z at i o n s Ta l k M e d i c a l D i s c e r n m e n t Ta l k 2 Chris tma s Give away Caroling CHS 3 a n d CHS 4

RESETA - AY 2013-2014 ISSUE # 3  

RESETA is the official newsletter of the Pre-Medical Society of the Ateneo (PMSA). This issue comes with the Medical School Primer. We woul...

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