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Located in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, Paulie Gee’s Logan Square is a 75-seat restaurant with a full bar area that provides seating for an additional 20 guests.

due to city construction problems. We investigate the issue all day, and we stress-test the system by running water for four hours and flushing the toilets regularly to see if there’s still a backup issue. About one hour before we open, we see the rising waters again and have to shut down again, but at least this time there were no guests to kick out. Finally, after a full morning of fixing some of the issues and stress-testing the system for eight hours—which produced an insane water bill—we opened our doors again on Saturday, July 9. In Chinese culture, water represents good fortune, so my parents firmly believed this was a good omen for the restaurant. But I don’t think the omen accounts for sewage water. Porter: What are the similarities and differences between the various Paulie Gee’s locations? Tung: All the locations offer wood-fired

pizza that has nearly the exact same dough recipe at each location. We’re all playing Paulie’s greatest hits, so pizzas like the Hellboy, Cherry Jones, Greenpointer and others are ones that we want everyone to experience. But from



Clad in a pizzafied Wayne’s World T-shirt, Derrick Tung gets ready for a night on the town with Jonathan Porter and Chicago Pizza Tours.

“Once we hit a certain target, our pizza makers begin earning a bonus per hour based on house sales. Our first-tier target is $2,500, so any time we hit that, they make an additional $1 per hour for that shift. For every $1,000 more we hit, they make another $1 per hour. So, at $5,500, each pizza maker is making an additional $4 per hour.” — DERRICK TUNG

there, each location definitely has its own persona. The salads, desserts and many of the pizzas reflect a lot of what each owner feels is best for their community, along with their personal interests. For instance, I’ve always loved kimchi on pizza, so we make a housemade kimchi and top it on our pizzas, as inspired by my wife’s favorite pizzeria in the world, Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis.

Growing up, I’ve always loved the allmeat pizza from Pizza Hut, so the Big Bad Wolf was an ode to the all-meat pizzas I remember—but dressed up using sopressata, local Italian fennel sausage, and housemade bacon jam. The biggest difference at Paulie Gee’s Logan Square is the Detroit-inspired pizza that we offer, which has become our topselling pizza. After a side trip to Detroit


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