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OLD-SCHOOL VS. ONLINE MARKETING: GETTING THE BEST OUT OF BOTH From flyers to Google Ads, Think Tankers share tips and tricks for marketing your pizzeria. Sowilso11: I’ve started a new pizza shop in my town, and I’m looking for various ways to promote it. I have already approached a flyer distribution service, but I’m worried whether these flyers are still a popular promotional tool. Should I try more advanced strategies, like internet marketing, email marketing and SEO? How do you think the results will differ in each of these strategies? royster13: Every shop is different in terms of location, style, competition, etc., so every method of marketing can bring different results. In my opinion, nothing beats a nice-looking shop with “curb appeal” to bring in customers that travel past your store. Also near the top of my list are wrapped delivery vehicles with your restaurant’s logo. These extend your “curb appeal” to a wider audience. Distributing menus still works for

many operators. But they’re not a one-hit wonder—they need to be distributed on a sustained basis. Some stores circulate menus as often as every four or five weeks to stand out from their competition. Others do it only a few times a year if they already have an established client base or don’t have to worry about aggressive competition. I’m not sure if SEO and email marketing are necessarily “advanced” or simply different. Some shops rely solely on those methods and do quite well without any traditional marketing. Samantha T.: Tried-and-true methods of printing menus and flyers are always a good bet, but they are very expensive and provide limited return. SEO marketing is key so that you can show up organically when someone searches for pizza in your town. Make sure that you or a trusted third-party partner

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