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The Law of Magnetic Attraction Members of PMQ’s Think Tank explain why they stick with refrigerator magnets as a must-have—and cost-effective— marketing tool.


adrone’s Pizza East: Does anyone have experience with refrigerator magnets? What was your success rate?

Patriot’sPizza, Lake Mary, Florida: Every order gets a magnet, period. I’ve got customers with 20-plus magnets. Paul 7979, Gainesville, Florida: I, too, give a magnet with every order. I go through nearly 5,000 a month, and they cost less than 10 cents each. I order them in lots of 20,000 and try to change up the design with each order. Daddio, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada: Every order gets a magnet (tucked in the front of the box by the tab). I have had people call me when moving into an apartment because the previous tenant had left a magnet on the fridge. I have a customer that has his man cave covered with my magnets. [For] each order, he specifies which of the three colors of magnets he wants to fit his design.


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Tony Maronni, Sussex, Wisconsin: I use pizza slice magnets. There are eight magnets per wheel, and every pizza [gets delivered with] a pizza slice magnet. Collect eight magnets, and you get free pizza. The eight-slice wheel costs around 68 cents, so [it comes to] around 8 cents a slice. The best thing about this reward program is that you get your magnets back to reuse again. It works really well because guests see [your magnet] every time they go to the fridge, [and] they see how close they are getting to a free pizza. It’s a little motivation to buy more pizza sooner. People get really mad if we forget to give them a magnet with their pizza, so if you do this, make sure you’re in it for the long haul. Get answers to your most perplexing problems and swap moneymaking tips and ideas with the experts in PMQ’s Think Tank, the pizza industry’s oldest and most popular online forum. Join the Think Tank today and start learning from the real pizza experts—owners and operators just like you! Register for free at

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PMQ Pizza Magazine March 2016  

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