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What’s good separately but even Better Together? PMPA and You. (Oh, and burgers and fries)

At PMPA, our organization and its members believe that the strength of our industry relies on what we can achieve Together. Like Feeds and Speeds, PMPA and you can work Better Together. We know it’s not easy to be in an ever-changing

industry faced with constant pressure from global competition and government regulations. But what if you had the ear of more than 400 other companies across North America going through the exact same issues? What if you had constant access to the most up-todate, specific and actionable business information and insights designed to make your company better from top industry leaders? For more than 85 years, PMPA has provided its members with countless resources and networking opportunities to ensure they have all the tools to improve their business practices and achieve long, sustainable success.

National & Local Events

Legislative & Regulatory Updates

Networking, Resources & Problem-Solving Trends & Benchmarking

Health & Safety


Networking, Resources & Problem-Solving PMPA’s email listserves are just some of the ways PMPA members can access all the information they need, whenever they need it.

Manufacturing & Technical List For Operations level discussion of machining, tooling, materials and machinability, CAD/CAM, attachments, support equipment, maintenance, engineering, etc.

Information Technology List

For discussion of Information Technology (IT) issues, products, policies and support questions.

Quality List

For Managerial and Operational discussion of quality systems, measurement, SPC, quality software, inspection, etc. Your difficult Quality issues will be resolved here!

Corporate List NextGen List

An information-sharing and relationship building network used as a platform to connect our Next Generation members to converse, share ideas, and support the mentoring and development of our future industry leaders.

For Managerial and Supervisory discussion of general and financial management, benchmarking, computerization, government/ legislative affairs, sales and marketing, trade issues, etc.

PMPA Chapter Lists

Subscribe to these listserves to network with PMPA members in your area, receive reminders of upcoming local meetings and share up-to-date information about local and statewide issues in your PMPA Chapter.

Women of PMPA List Human Resources List

For Managerial and HR professional discussion of human resource management, recruiting, training, workplace laws and regulations, OSHA, EPA, etc.

An information-sharing and personal development network for women in our association, used as a way to help build relationships between and among female PMPA members who share common interests, attitudes and challenges.

Future of Manufacturing List

For discussion on emerging trends that affect your business now (and into the future), as well as the evolution in technology, culture and economics.

PMPA Weekly Reports List

Provides automatic email notification whenever new items are posted to the online Material & Equipment Exchange. (Only Active and Associate Members may post items on the M & E Exchange.)


Why we are Better Together

Having access to the listserves has been great for us. To be able to get those immediate answers has been one of the biggest advantages of our membership. To be able to solve problems without reinventing the wheel is a huge benefit.


Material & Equipment Exchange List

A weekly email broadcast of Association news, tech tips, Internet news and business intelligence reports to keep members posted on developments affecting their shops and markets.

- Brian Smith, Vice President of Sales, Prime Engineered Components


Trends & Benchmarking Monthly Business Trends


your reality check?

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Where do you get your reality check? Your shop’s sales were up 5% last month. How do you know what that really means? What if the industry’s sales were up 9%? What if the industry sales were actually down 2%? PMPA’s Monthly Business Trends Report provides you with a monthly comparison of your sales and scheduled hours to your peers in the industry. It also provides sentiment indicators for the next three months regarding their expectations for sales, lead time, profitability and employment.

And provides you a forecast for the future!

Why we are Better Together

Whether it’s finding information on machining or changes to federal labor laws, you can go to PMPA’s website or its members and get answers. PMPA members are friendly competitors who are willing to share their knowledge with each other on virtually any topic from training to machining methods to material sources to legal issues. The association membership is an invaluable resource for a small company like Lovejoy.

- Peter McGuire, President, Lovejoy Chaplet Corp.

The PMPA Business Trends Index has been shown to correlate closely to end of year sales. In May of 2018, we forecast that industry sales, as shown by the index, would finish up 8% for the year. The final numbers came in at up 7.2%, a remarkably close estimate. So our Business Trends Report provides business intelligence about your future sales as well.

How do you compare your shop to the sales of your peers? PMPA Business Trends gives you a monthly look at your shop, and compares it to your industry peers, as it gives you a glimpse of the future.

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Since 2007, PMPA members have come through a great recession, tepid recovery and a sudden resurgence in economic demand for their products. How have you done? Through PMPA Benchmarking reports, our members have learned that, in general, their shops have reduced direct labor, total factory labor, factory-expense, and total conversion costs over the past decade. They have also realized the magnitude of the increase in their operating profit, as well as how much they have outperformed their specific NAICS industry competitors.

Are you competitive with the industry in these operating benchmarks? Through PMPA Benchmarking reports, our members KNOW that they are competitive and they KNOW in which areas they are outperforming their industry competitors.


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Wage Survey

What are the wages paid for operators, setup operators, programmers, team leaders and trainees in precision machining shops like yours? PMPA focuses annually on reporting the wages paid in our shops for these positions and many more, based on machine type, and classifies the wages by all shops, by shop sales volume and by number of shop employees. In order for North American manufacturing to thrive, we all need to know the actual wage in the marketplace. Our report of typically more than 100 shops gives a laser focus to the prevailing wages on the jobs that you have in your shop.

Why fly blind? Participating in PMPA’s members only Wage and Benefit surveys gives you actionable wage information to assure that you remain competitive on your workforce compensation.


Legislative & Regulatory Updates We’ve Got Your Back! There are so many legislative and regulatory issues that affect your company. How do you meet the challenge of keeping up with them? European environmental regulations such as End of Life Vehicles, RoHS, REACH, WEEED and U.S. regulations including Conflict Minerals under Dodd Frank, Global Harmonized System, Online Injury and Illness reporting, California Proposition 65 and many more. PMPA has your back! We monitorlegislative and regulatory issues and notify members of any news, updates or changes.

Why we are Better Together

We see PMPA as a voice for all the small shops that provide representation at a bigger table. We as members are competitors, but everyone involved with PMPA is willing to help each other. Collectively, we can achieve a lot more.

-Brian Scalf, Vice President, Ashley Ward Inc.

PMPA is Precision Machining’s Voice in D.C. PMPA represents you in Washington D.C. to keep you abreast of issues that could affect your operations and your bottom line. Twice a year, PMPA members go to Washington D.C. to speak directly to legislators, staffers and officials to give voice to our concerns. PMPA members have spoken with congressmen, senators, cabinet members and testified before committees. In 2018, former Speaker, Paul Ryan, personally visited the facility of now-PMPA President and President of Precision Plus, Michael Reader. The two discussed and analyzed the impact of the tax legislation and reform in our industry, a meeting which likely influenced several important lines of our most recent tax code. Let PMPA be your voice in Washington D.C.!


Health & Safety

Machines require maintenance, but what about your employees?

Why we are Better Together

It’s important to know and understand the recent changes with TRI reporting requirements, OSHA directives and the new poster rules. PMPA does a very good job helping members stay on top of things, because those changes are coming fast and furiously. Without an organization like the PMPA to help, it can be very hard for manufacturers to keep track of new regulations. -W. Richard Hoster, President & Chief Operating Officer Smith & Richardson

OSHA requires machines to be guarded and employees to be trained. Do you know the mandatory training required by OSHA for shops in our industry? Where do you turn for best practices and practical advice on shop operations where men/women and machines come together? PMPA can help you assure that your people and processes work together safely. We are on a constant watch for developments in the health and safety regulations. Distracted driving as an OSHA emphasis? Online injury and illness reporting? PMPA members were among the very first to know.


National & Local Events Update Conference

Attendees are updated on issues of concern to owners and managers of metalworking companies. Programming includes training, motivation, information, roundtable discussions and breakout sessions. Peer-to-peer networking is a hallmark of this conference and brings members together for casual discussions and mutual problem-solving.

National Technical Conference

Networking, knowledge and “ah-ha” moments are abundant at PMPA’s annual National Technical Conference. Interactive speaker sessions cover relevant and dynamic topics all about precision machining. Topics range from hands on shop floor issues through management discussions, training topics, best practices, and much more. Just as beneficial is the chance to meet and network with peers and suppliers, exchange war stories and forge new relationships during breaks, meals and receptions.

Annual Meeting

The PMPA Annual Meeting brings together member company owners and top executives and offers them an opportunity to attend high-level management business sessions, to reconnect, reflect on the year, take stock of the year ahead and renew industry relationships that just may have spanned three or four generations. The meeting culminates with the annual awards banquet, recognizing the achievements of our members.

Precision Machining Technology Show

PMPA chapters cover the United States and Canada to provide local programs and networking for the Precision Machining industry. These events are opportunities to connect with other manufacturers and share best practices. Members may attend any chapter meeting across North America.

Why we are Better Together

What you don’t expect is the friendships you form and the openness between members. From the Tech Conference to the Update Conference, the knowledge you pick up is amazing. Once you’ve made that leap of faith, it’s easy to see there’s something for everyone. -Raymond Schaer, President, Hannes Precision

Every other year, you can walk the vast trade show floor to see the latest technology and talk to the experts! Precision Machining Technology Show is the only show in North America dedicated to the precision machining industry. More than 300 exhibitors and thousands of manufacturing attendees make this the preeminent show for manufacturing professionals from across our industry. With topics like CNC, CAM, EDM, cutting tools, rotary transfer, workholding, software, inspection, grinding and cleaning, there’s not an aspect of the precision machining industry that’s not represented on the show floor!

Chapter Meetings

Let’s be Better Together! Apply online at www.PMPA.org to become a member and take advantage of all we have to offer. Feel free to call with questions: 440.526.0300 info@pmpa.org

National & Local Events

Legislative & Regulatory Updates

Networking, Resources & Problem-Solving Trends & Benchmarking

Health & Safety

Like Feeds and Speeds, PMPA and you work Better Together.

National & Local Events

Legislative & Regulatory Updates

Networking, Resources & Problem-Solving Trends & Benchmarking

www.PMPA.org phone 440.526.0300 6880 West Snowville Road, Suite 200 Brecksville, Ohio 44141

Health & Safety

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What's Good Separately But Better Together? PMPA and you!  

Discover the many benefits enjoyed by members of the Precision Machined Products Association.

What's Good Separately But Better Together? PMPA and you!  

Discover the many benefits enjoyed by members of the Precision Machined Products Association.