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This anecdote is written at the risk of my sounding pompous; however, I feel that this is the only way to demonstrate my learning and my progress as a student. First, let it be known that intimidation is no stranger to me. The show at the Art Directors Club was one more instance of it. After having spent days prior setting up and the months prior to that conceptualizing, producing, reevaluating and reconstructing pieces, I found that all confidence that I had gained had gone out the window. I arrived, fearful that I’d overhear criticisms and insults. As a result, I did my best to avoid major players and faculty. The evening progressed (as most evenings do) in a relatively seamless fashion. After weaving through the crowd for a good deal of time, Kevin O’Callaghan grabbed me by the shoulder. He has a straight face and a serious tone, which I found alarming. “The chess amplifier...” He pulled me aside; I was wondering, “Who knocked into the case? What’s broken? What could’ve gone wrong?” He looked at me and said, “I’ve had six different people come up to me tonight and tell me that this was the best piece in the show.” This was truly one of the most flattering things I had ever been told. I had never been more elated with my own work. After years of training, it finally felt as if my training was paying off in a big way. This truly was my moment, and I share this story with you not as a badge to behold, but as a prize to be divided. I carry forward as a designer to share the elation that I felt by creating the sense of enjoyment that those six people felt. The greatest thing that this has taught me is that all designers have the ability to spread this joy, given they assess themselves and know that in their heart of hearts, they love what they do. I’m now only more certain, and all I can do only hope that I can continue to spread a boundless happiness in the process.

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