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Welcome to Ms.. Mooty’s Classroom 2008-09

Important Success Tips: 

Respect school property.     

Books Computers! Chairs and tables Supplies Building, restrooms, doors, walls, lockers

Important Success Tips: 

Respect others     

Students Teachers Administration Staff Visitors

Important Success Tips: 

Computer Use  

A privilege, not a right Only under direction or instructions of teacher Not a toy or for entertainment Only with authorized log in – and YOURS With Care!!

Important Success Tips: 

Games  

Only educational Only when teacher directs, usually last five minutes No downloading!

Important Success Tips: 

Internet and Email:   

 

A privilege, not a right. Far from private! Only when directed or instructed by teacher, usually last five minutes Use only school email Use only your own account

Important Success Tips: 

The “Serious Six” 1.

2. 3. 4. 5.


Both mouth and hands are quiet while teacher is talking Raise hand before talking Stay in your seat Respecting others and property Remember rules out email, games and Internet (last five minutes, only approved sites) No misuse of any computer accounts

Consequences    

May get a verbal warning, depending on incident Name on “Step It Up” Chart Any incident while name on chart results in name moving down Each day of “success” you move up on the chart

Uh-Oh! Four Spots means.. Immediate e-mail suspension

If a second paw is in order, immediate email suspension

Success! – Olympic Gold for you..       

Being kind to others Helping others Respect for teacher Hard Work Staying on task Being on time Contributing to class, not distracting from it!

Ms Mooty's Classroom  
Ms Mooty's Classroom  

For 8th Graders' First Day