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NILE NETWORK NEWS Cosmetics….What Can They Do For You? By. Cheyenne plaugher and Nevaeh- “I was messing around with my father’s stuff like his anLoran Loving timony, burnt almonds, lead, oxiThe pharaoh’s daughter, dized copper, ochre, ash, malaNevaeh, was spotted at a chite, and chrysocolla. When I long distance race wearing mixed them together it just crea never before seen blue ated a magnificent mixture.” Recolor around her eyes and porter Cheyenne- “What is the a bright red on her lips. purpose of this creation?” NeShe was attending the race vaeh- “Well, I was actually just in Alexandria, Egypt to bored but after I had created it, I support her father and applied it to my eyes and lips I brother who were going had felt so much better with myto be racing the past winself.” Reporter Loran- “Do you ners. She was appearing to want this be a big hit for everyact more confident and one to wear?” Nevaeh- “Yes I feel good about herself would because if I feel better even more so than normal. about myself with it on I’m alWhen we spotted her we most 100% positive that others just had to get the facts. will feel better.” Reporter CheyAll we were thinking is enne- “Who do you want it to be that this could be the new directed to?” Nevaeh- “I actually big thing. Our reporters want it to be for the women and Loran and Cheyenne even the men as well. It is a good pulled her to the side for way for everyone to feel better an interview because peoabout their selves and fit in but it ple were curious. Reportis not mandatory. Reporter Cheyer Loran- “Good afterenne- “What are you going to noon Nevaeh, what hapcall this mixture?” tory .” Nevaeh pens to be this new look - “I have decided to call it make you have?” up but it’s also classified

in a broader name of cosmetics.” Reporter Loran- “Are there any other cosmetics you have created yet or plan “ I love that confidence on cre- that make-up gives me.” ating?” “It makes my eyes pop.” Nevaeh“Yes I have made oils and creams to apply on their skin to make their skin smooth and protect the skin against the hot sun and the dry winds.” Reporter Loran and Cheyenne“Well thank you for your time and I’m sure this will be a very big hit.” Cosmetics look like they are going to be a huge hit and definitely be around for a while. The simplest resources can become such a big thing. Our very own Nevaeh has just created a product that seems like they will make you feel more confident, as equal as everyone else, and feel better about yourself.

The game of twenty squares and how it came along Pedestrian Mickley was playing a game with his friends throwing dice up a against the wall another pedestrian Jackie Chan saw him and thought maybe this would be a great game for his kids and him and his wife. But the thing was that the king wouldn’t accept the game without a special board. To make it look nicer. He had to think of the name there were twenty squares on the board so he called it the game of twenty squares. Jackie Chan thought that it would be cool if the king plays it so he presented the game of twenty squares and the king like it so Jackie Chan gave him the game so he can play it. Jackie Chan got famous and made lots of riches. The king plays the

The object of the game is to make it to the other side of the board without letting the opponent make it before, you have to make precise movement so they don’t get there before you.

This game is also known as The Game of Ur the game is also very close to the game Senet also made by the ancient Egyptians. The game of senet was also very popular back then. So any-

The game is made of wood and the tiny pieces are made from tiny pieces of shells. This is how you play; you must use a 14 sided dice. The player with the gold piece gets the first move after you roll the dice you must move the The game of twenty squares piece to make the right move, but you can way the game twenty also block the player blocking squares are very popular him in. If a player lads on a roand many people play it sette (good luck square) the opponent must give the other usually little kids because player a gold piece. By then many adults work. you should be close to the end of the board but if you roll over the amount of spaces there are you must go to the

Glass making comes to Egypt? By: Zachary Warfield & Clayton Lineweaver, reporting from Woodstock, VA. Have you ever heard of “glass?” According to a local farmer in Cairo, a small fire, started by a spooked ox and a nearby torch, shows heating sand makes some weird crystal-like material that experts are calling “glass,” for lack of a better term. The farmer discovered it after he slid on it and fell, which resulted in a broken arm. Could this be a new industry in Egypt? Experts say that with the right tools, we can take the sand, make it into glass, and then shape it into whatever shape we need. “This is a great new discovery that people can make a living off of,” says Pharaoh. “Also,” says the Pharaoh’s scribe, who has chosen to withhold his name, “we can color this glass, so instead of dull paint, ladies can wear smooth, shiny glass beads in any color imaginable!” This was later proven to be false, since we do not have the tools to make it any color, though most people, the Pharaoh included, say that blue is indeed the most exquisite color. But, there are those who think that this is dangerous. “I’m not going to send

my husband out there to make something we haven’t even learned about yet!” says Lessie Benson, a clay pot maker in Luxor, while molding clay into a pot, “The man who discovered it broke his arm for what? Just to have Pharaoh say which color is his favorite?” So, is it worth the risks? Civilians have gathered outside Pharaoh’s palace protesting that this should be banned because of all the safety hazards. Sadly, Pharaoh says that they will begin the process of turning sand into glass by next week.

We just need to build up our facts about this, then tell the people what the real advantages about this are. It may take some time but I’m sure by the end of the year people will be making money and as happy as ever,” Pharaoh concludes. Nile News Network went back to the farm where the farmer first saw the creation of “glass.” There, they discovered that the sand will have to be in a container that can withstand high amounts of heat, and we “I think these people are crazy!” may not be able to access this bellows local bartender Max Ed- level of heat. But, the rewards. “ There hasn’t been this searchers working on this much opportunity since the last have said that they have pyramid was built! No risk, no remade great achievements in ward!” Even though many people the art of glassmaking. disagree, this has been proven to “Those who think we may be true. When the last pyramid was built, thousands of jobs were have this as a major industry in a year, they are looking too created through bakeries and far ahead,” Researcher Jack doctor’s offices. Experts predict that this new industry will not on- Tucker stated, “we will have this mastered in half a year, if ly get people back to work, but that!” Of course, the only boost the economy back up. “Our future with this new discov- way this is possible is if the people of Egypt accept it, and ery lies in the hands of our people. If they protest and disagree, even then, willing to work with an extremely hot liquid. the likelihood of this ever happening is slim to none.


Help wanted for mining Last week in Egypt a miner discovered a new vein off gold in one of the tunnels that he was working in with another miner looking for copper deposits in the rocks on the mountain of the gods. Since he found the new vein of gold, he was given the job of mining the gold with a small group of men on the mountain by the pharaoh and we would like to know if you would like to be part of the mining force that is getting the gold in the mountain you and your loved ones will be paid by having a better chance in the afterlife. We can use a new way of mining that was discovered in a

to use on the pyramid that he is building to get him to the afterlife The way we are going to get the gold out of the mine is we are going to have men go in the tunnel with torches and picks to free the gold. Then children will pick it up and take it out side, where it will be broken into small pieces. Then we will take sheep skins with the wool on the inside and make a bag. Then we put the gold bearing dirt in the bag and have older people shake it and add water to trap the gold and get ride off the dirt. The way this gold is going to be used is that most of it will

neighboring city to have about a ton of gold for the pharaoh

be in the pharaoh's tomb and to make his jewelry, .

But we will trade some of it to get supplies to build the pyramid Where it will be put in the pyramid so the pharaoh will have something to trade in the afterlife. If you collect an amount of 500 pounds of gold you will be treaty with a dinner with the pharaoh. If you come out and help your pharaoh collect some more gold, you will be given a chance to go to the afterlife. We will provide food and water to the entire worker crew and provide shelter. There is also going to be a place where you may speak to the god but only for a few moments. There will be a guard watching you so if you take any gold you will have your head chop off, because that would be stealing from the pharaoh which is punishable by death. Our other mining operations that need help are our copper since it is in a high need because of all the tools needed to build the pyramid and to run all of the other mining operations in the area. We think the mining will last for a few years unless we find a new vein of gold in the area we are mining.

New Military Invention By Dillon & Corey Woodstock, NNN

The chariots were invented in In the battle of the Mesopota- the town of Mesopotamia because a man was late for a temmia we were defeated beple ceremony and he needed to cause the Hyksos were adget there fast. vanced in technology. He got one of They had something the horses from called a chariot. The his field and military said they are wood and quargoing to take their ry rocks left from building a idea and improve it by pyramid. He deadding a steel plate in Chariot Design cided to take the front and have better trained horses. General UkuNomuku quarry rocks and make circular object and attached them to said “We could use them for wood to his horses. Then he throwing spears of the back took that and attached it to be and its faster mobilization so horse and it worked. On his way we can cover distance in a to the ceremony everybody was shorter amount of time, we amazed and shocked it went all can also improve it to make it over town. The Hyksos general the ultimate war machine”. turn the chariot into a war maWe asked a carpenter and he chine and completely changed it. said “They are really easy to He added 2 more spokes for make the wood is easy to get support. Adding the 2 extra and since we found all of that spokes made it lighter and was better supported than the 4iron ore in the desert we have spoked wheel. If they were about more metal for the black to overturn they would be able to smiths to make the metals jump off while the horses drags plates”. The local blacksmith it to safety. The men that were CinosdosQinos says “I better riding in the chariots would carget a profit out of this, I’m ry whips. They would also carry not working this hard just to a war weapon which was usually win a war. The plates the ar- a bow and arrow.

my wants are expensive to buy in the market and I’m not getting any profit”.

The 4-spoked chariots are still used, but they are used to transport people from place to place they are not used for war. They are called ceremonial chariots and are mainly used for the pharaoh. Chariots are very expensive and they break down all the time. Most people do not have the amount of money needed to purchase and own their own personal chariot. If they did have enough money to buy their own chariot they would not have enough money to pay for the repairs if it broke down. The pharaoh would have the best chariot so when he went to ceremonies he would look the best when he shows up to them. Pharaoh said, “These chariots are very comfortable and they make you look like you could be the pharaoh.” If pharaoh rides in these then everyone wants to so get a chariot and look like a pharaoh.

The calendar exist By Colton and Brian Today in Cairo, the Pharaoh Pablo learned how to tell time. “We are going to use something called a calendar” said the Pablo. “We will break it down into 12 months and in each month there is three weeks and in each week there is ten days plus our five holy days. This will be the first 360 day calendar known to mankind”. “We have made up the names of these seasons; they are Akhet, Proyet, and Shumno. The seasons will have four months in each. The first four are Tekh, Menhet, Hwt-Hrw, and Ka-Hr-Ka. The next four are Sf-Bdt, Rekh Wer, Rekh Neds, and Renwet. Finally the last four Hnsw, Hnt-Htj, Ipt-Hmt, and Wep-Renpet”. The way that we have figured out how to make the calendar that is 360 days is by something called lunar time. It is when we look at the moon at night and decide the phase of the moon. If our calculations are right then every New Year on June 21st is also going to have a new moon on that night.

We will be able to tell when the day is half way over by when the sun is facing west. The season Akhet will be named after our god Thoth, and Shemu will be named after our god Khonsu

Every four years our calendar will advance and have another day. Our way of time is better called as astronomical time. We will observe that rising star of Sirius and the sun which will always coincide with the beginning of the inundation of the Nile River. We will calculate dates according to our calendar system. Certain rituals will have to be performed at certain times. To be precise about our rituals our priest will keep track of thing known now as lunar phases according to which month coincide with one lunar cycle. Our special five days of the year are known as epagonenal. These five days are really special because they are, Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis, and Nephthys. These seasons that were made are our festival seasons.

The new ancient Egyptian calendar

Our year is almost ¼ of a day shorter than the solar year that’s why we add a day every four years . Our pharaoh The Pablo will have to swear on an oath not to change it because it will be so important to us.

The season Akhet will be when the Nile river floods, Peret will be the time when the fields could be planted. Shomu will be the time We also will have Sothic cycle. when the crops dry up and the plants need to be harvest. Shomu Our Sothic cycle is going to be made up of 1461 Sothic cycles which equals also means summer. The word day means both the time between sun1460 years plus one year gives you your Sothic cycle. These are better de- rise and sunset. So at the end of the day they world put an x though the fined as the cycle of the sun, moon, day. and stars.

Cure your infections, pain, and diarrhea Some doctors in Cairo have discovered a few remedies for diarrhea, pain relief, and preventing infections. Whether you are a slave, military man or even the pharaoh you will benefit from reading on and discovering what you can do to protect yourself from the nuisances and dangers of the problems listed above. Over the past few years doctors have been overrun with patients suffering from awful pain, burning diarrhea, and infections that can be life threatening is some cases. First off, let’s talk about infections. Many people in our military are injured whether they are in training or in battle. These injuries usually lead to infections, and these infections lead to pus and pain. The infections are very easy to prevent.

All you need to do is get some honey from a bee’s nest. To get the honey out of the bees nest you will need

some smoke to calm the bees, after they are calm quickly remove the honey and take it home to rub into the wound. Don’t touch the honey in your wound again until it has hardened, that way it will stay in place and you won’t have to apply more. It may sting but this will help keep you in fighting condition.

Last on the list is diarrhea. We all have had the awful burning feeling left by diarrhea after it has passed through and recently as we all know, the pharaoh was very sick. He had an especially awful case of diarrhea while he was sick, and when a maid served him soup with acacia gum in it he noticed he was relieved of his diarrhea. If you are in need of some acacia gum, then go out and find an acacia tree, scrape off some tree-bark, and collect the gum. Then use it in some soup and your bowels will be relieved.

Next up we have pain. Pain can be as mild as a sore back or as strong as being run over by a bull. Whatever type of pain you are feeling can be at least helped by using I hope this article has corianhelped you with some of der. Coyour health problems riander and will in the future. is dried Thanks to all the doctors seeds included in these studies (Clay from the cilantro plant. If you eat Linwaver, Mike Fisher, John coriander some pain will be reYoung, and Zaff Winfeld). lieved. If you want to use coriander then just get some cilantro, take the seeds and grind them up. Once the seeds have been ground you can spread them into any food you want. So if you have an injury, rub your wound with honey and have some coriander, you will be infection free, and pain free.

Egyptian Handball BY: AJ Crider, and Aaron Taff. Today, Pharaoh saw a few kids, tossing rocks back and forth, running away from the thrower, as if they were not trying to get hit by the rock. Pharaoh was curious, and approached the kids, introducing a new way to play the game, instead of throwing rocks, because they were dangerous. He had his servants create a ball, consisting of soft leather; the insides consisted of “chaff”, dried papyrus leaves tied tightly together. Pharaoh himself, was suffering from boredom, because of all of the games has been around for a while and was getting very boring, so he decided to adopt the sport, known as handball. The rules of the game are: You’d have a partner vs. another team; you could either stand on the ground, or sit on your partner’s back. Pharaoh didn’t think about having a scoring system, just to have fun with the newly adopted game. However, Pharaoh recorded that “handball” was not the only game that caught his attention. Pharaoh said that he saw 2

girls playing a board game. I asked him what the main objective of the game was and he said he wasn’t sure, but each player had 5-7 pieces. Pharaoh also added that the board was made up of wood and rocks. He said said he wasn’t sure, but each player had 5-7 pieces. Pharaoh also added that the board was made up of wood and rocks. He said that it was a game that looked “To his taste.” He also included that he requested his servants to gather up the pieces required to play this game, as if he wanted to play it. I asked Pharaoh if he saw anything else and he said he saw one more thing. He said the board had one leg and a top. Pharaoh said it kind of looked like a mushroom. “The top of the board looked like snake skin.” Pharaoh said. Six players were currently playing and they were playing with 3 lions and 3 lionesses as their pieces. Pharaoh said he didn’t really know how to play, but he would like to know. On to the physical activities like handball, that the boys always played rougher and tougher than the girls, since the males are more aggressive than the

females, but as we all know, it has been this way for a while. We interviewed Pharaoh, on his opinion of the games in Egypt and if there was a great variety of them, and he said that the games that we have now are fun, but they are very old and it’s the same thing every time I play it, and it’s good to see the younger generations coming up with new games, and hopes to see them grow/ improve in the nation of Egypt. He said that he takes walks around his temple, and always sees the citizens constantly playing these games that he mentioned earlier in the interview, and that he was glad to see the new games accustoming. that the games that we have now are fun, but they are very old and it’s the same thing every time I play it, and it’s good to see the younger generations coming up with new games, and hopes to see them grow/ improve in the nation of Egypt. He said that he takes walks around his temple, and always sees the citizens constantly playing these games that he mentioned earlier in the interview, and that he was glad to see the new games accustoming. The “toys” or “game pieces” that they were using to play these games, consisted of clay. There were also rag dolls stuffed papyrus and rags.


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