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EVA is a mixture of high technology Ethyl, Vinyl and Acetate. Known among craftsmen and artists as EVA or foamy, Ethyl Vinyl Acetate is known for being: Non-toxic - Washable and color resistant. EVA sheets are highly versatile: can be obtained in various colors, thicknesses, and with different textures, and even patterns. EVA craft is a contemporary craft and it can create beautiful pieces to decorate book covers and notebooks, frames, pillows, slippers, bags, dolls, keychains, well, anything the imagination can reach!! Whether you choose easy projects or more difficult ones, EVA is an endless world of creativity. It is so much fun that one can easily get “addicted� to it.

Creative EVA



Creative EVA

The following pictures will teach you the basic ways to go about making an EVA doll. The “skeletons” are usually the same. Heads and bodies might vary a bit but you will see that as you go along.

To make dolls with 3D cheeks, you have to start preparing the Styrofoam balls. Divide the ball no. 10 in half by removing a slice of about 1 cm, which will be the head (most of the heads are made with a whole ball). Make the feet by cutting in half a ball no. 4 and no. 5. In each half, remove about 2 cm. For the body, measure and cut about 2 cm from the tip of the cone (most of the bodies don’t use the styrofoam cone).

Glue the two halves of the ball no. 10, using hot glue. Then cut in half one ball no. 4. With hot glue, glue the halves of the no. 4 balls to one half of ball no. 10, just a little below the middle, and almost touching the connection of the two no.10 halves.

With the help of a barbecue skewer, transfer the pattern on to the EVA sheet and cut. Place the EVA sheet on top of a board, protect with a sheet of paper and iron, keeping the iron always in movement. Don’t use steam.

Once the EVA begins to curl, it means that it is hot enough to start modeling. Place it on top of the face and slowly begin stretching to give it shape. Cut the excess, and glue bit by bit around the union line of the no. 10 ball. Creative EVA


MATERIALS Styrofoam balls Head Ball no. 10, egg no. 10 and no. 3 Feet egg no. 8 Body Cone 32 cm EVA TOWEL White and Fuschia EVA Pink, Skin, Green Face Skin square 20x 20 cm Head White Square 20x20 cm Hair Pink piece 5x30 cm Feet 2 squares 15x16 cm Strips in rose and green for the shoes Wire for ears 2x 22 cm Acrilex Jacarelado Glue Bristle flat brush Precut flowers Assorted flowers Fabric Hot glue Lace Blush 14

Creative EVA


HOW TO MAKE IT 1. Prepare the head with the EVA white towel.

For the rabbit cheeks, change the balls for an egg of 3 cm.

2. Following the instruction photos on the right, for the face, cover it with the skin color. 3. The body is a 32 cm cone from which you have to cut out 4,5 cm from the top. Cover it with the white towel EVA. 4. The shoes are made with egg no. 8 cut in half. 5. To make the tail use the other half of egg no. 10. Cover it with white towel. Make little white curly tails and glue all around it. 6. Cut the ears (4x), glue all around, two by two, except on the base. Here insert a wire on each. Push the remaining wire into the head and glue.

Heat well the EVA and cover the face. If necessary heat a bit with an embossing gun. It helps to smooth the wrinkles and to stretch a bit more if necessary. TIP To keep the rabbit standing, you must glue half a ball to the base of the cone near the tail.

Creative EVA


The bedroom of the princess will be more colorful with the presence of this cute elf on the wall. In this project the entire structure rests on the dress. The legs are glued to the back of the dress, and it does not need styrofoam balls A little bit of fiber filling for the legs, arms and head, will give volume and make the project more attractive. Give special attention to finishing touches: the flowers on the booties, 3D glitter Acrilex on the dress and a big bow on the head. 16

Creative EVA

MATERIALS Styrofoam balls Face no. 10 Feet no. 2 and no. 5 Base of body 1/2 ball no. 9 Halloween is back every year and so are the witches. Note the accessories: small spiders decorate the shoes and the false eyelashes are the same as hair color. The broom is made with little bits of straw. A unique skirt painted with Nature Colors Acrylic paints. An alternative is to stamp. It also looks super and you can use acrylic paint, applied with a sponge brush.

EVA Skirt 20 cm ø purple Face Skin square 18 x 18 cm Head Purple square 18 x 18 cm Hair Purple piece 5 x 30 cm Feet 2 squares 15 x 15 cm Strips in orange for the shoes Acrilex Jacarelado Glue Bristle flat brush Precut flowers Creative EVA


a l i e h S MATERIALS Styrofoam balls Head no. 10 Base 1/2 ball no. 10 Feet balls no. 5 and no. 6 Legs Brown EVA 25 x 5 cm Wire Legs 30 x 2 cm Arms 35 cm EVA Orange, Dark Brown and Light Green EVA Towel Light green, yellow and dark green, black


Creative EVA

To make this type of hair you need to heat and curl a long strip of Black towel EVA. After it curls, cut bits of about 10 cm and roll. Glue to seal. Around each one glue colored EVA pre pretending it is a bead. Glue one by one to the head.

MATERIALS Styrofoam balls Face no. 10, no. 2 and no. 4 Feet no. 4 and no. 5 Body 1/2 ball no. 10 EVA Skin, Black and Red Face 21 x 2 cm Skin Head 21 x 21 cm Black Legs 2x 23 x 10 cm Black Wire Legs 2x 29 cm Arms 25 cm

WINGS The wings are double and can take a bit of filling to give them a different structure.

Acrylic Paints Acrilex Nature Colors White, Green, Black and Brown Black permanent pen Felt flowers Fabric Hot Glue Blush

Creative EVA


Cowgirll MATERIALS Styrofoam balls Face Ball no. 10 Feet 2 Balls no. 6 Body Cone 19 cm EVA Skin, Cream, Brown, Ochre, Redish Brown, Red and Black Feet 2x 10 x 15 cm Brown Legs 2x 10 x 10 cm Skin Sleeve 2x 11 x 17 cm Cream Hat Ochre 25 cm ø Hair 13 x 30 cm Redish Brown and 10 x 30 cm Dark Brown Flowers for the hat

Creative EVA


The mother chicken in this project was totally decorated with stamps. This note book is ideal for the kitchen.

HOW TO MAKE IT 1. Head: cut to the EVA for the head, glue on the sides and fill with the fiber filling. Do the same to the nozzle and earrings. 2. Cut in the mold of the breast with in cardboard and cover with fabric. 3. Make the skirt and glue on the waist. Finish with the buttons. 4. Cut wings in EVA. 5. Glue the fabric to the wings with Acrilex Jacarelado Glue 6. Attach the rope to the back of the card with tape. Wrap tightly. 7. Make socks and feet. Glue to the rope. Hang and admire your artwork.

2828 Creative Creative EVA EVA


Bee´s Hand 4X

Bee´s Short

Bee´s Sleeve 4X

Bee´s Body Cone

Bee´s Headband


Creative EVA

Creative EVA by Paula Mendes  

Book Creative EVA

Creative EVA by Paula Mendes  

Book Creative EVA