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What skills do project managers need to jump into the booming big data sector? 8 January 2013 Every minute, 204 million emails are flying around the world, 100,000 tweets are posted and consumers spend US$272,070 online, according to tech company Domo. Google alone receives over 2 million search queries in those 60 seconds. As big data continues to flood servers, organizations are scrambling to find professionals who can harness, analyze and monetize the information deluge. The promise of big data could drive US$34 million in IT spending in 2013 and create 4.4 million jobs globally by 2015, according to an October 2012 report by IT research firm Gartner. But only one-third of those jobs will be filled, says Gartner, because of the dearth of professionals with the “data management, analytics and business expertise and nontraditional skills necessary for extracting the value of big data.�


Synergy Sept 2014, Page 10

Synergy Issue 11 - Sep 2014  

September 2014 11th Issue of PMI North India Chapter's Quarterly e-Magazine @PMINIC #Synergy

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