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Global Project Delivery — Understanding of human psychology & culture - Brinda Sharma


he business world has never been more

time zones. This landscape is very often the breed-

dynamic and diverse than it is today. As

ing ground for challenges that may not be measur-

the business world turns global “Language, Com-

able in manner that most PM’s are equipped and

munication or Culture” barriers have been re-

attuned to handle - such as DOPs and cost over-

ported to be the biggest hurdle and cause for Pro-


ject failures. One World One Project is the new norm such as projects are created, operated in

In more than one of these settings, one has

multiverse of regions, across various cultures and

witnessed teams turning into high pressure

with clients and teams spanning over multiple

vessels with not many outlets to let out the


Synergy Jul 2017, Page 8

Synergy-PMI NIC Publication Issue 18  

Synergy-PMI NIC Publication Issue 18

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