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Why Projects Fail? Tools of titans in ensuring project success By—Sandeep Srivastava


projects. Since this topic is subject to a lot of debate, before going forward, let’s take a moment to define a project manager, your whole sense

what success or failure in project management.

of accomplishment and contribution comes from the success of the projects undertaken. There are times when even the experts lead unsuccessful projects that


usually follow lots of struggles for the people involved.

Budget or timeline overrun

Project failure can cause frustration and loss of re-

Project Cancellation before deployment

sources, money, time, puts strain on relationships and

Change in project requirements or scope

an unmistakable dent in the curriculum vitae!

Low Customer Satisfaction

Change in project leadership

It is not necessary that all the projects that are initiated will be successful. There is no guarantee that certain people or companies will always lead successful



High Customer Satisfaction Synergy Jul 2017, Page 14

Synergy-PMI NIC Publication Issue 18  

Synergy-PMI NIC Publication Issue 18

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