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And the hard work pays‌ Vimal Khanna— 2010 to 2017


et me take the honor of narrating a story back

fifty. Second phase, was to conduct online session to as-

from 2012. PMI North India was gearing up

sess presentation skills and filter down to handful few.

for the National Conference 2013. Under Mr.

For us, it was an achievement in itself.

Piyush Govil (then VP Communications), was setup a team to review close to thousand articles that came in as

But for the speakers, this was only the entry to Olym-

an opportunity for unknown or new speakers, in the Na-

pics aka PMI Conference. Every speaker was evaluated

tional Conference.

by different Presidents, Vice Presidents, esteemed guests on material, knowledge, presentation skills, able

Surrounded by tonnes of article, multiple reviews, brain-

to answer questions and so forth. I remember very well,

storming, head banging; our team shortlisted to around

introducing a lean but energetic & confident person by


Synergy Jul 2017, Page 12

Synergy-PMI NIC Publication Issue 18  

Synergy-PMI NIC Publication Issue 18

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