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round of bidding Reliance Jio garnered licenses for 14 circles, thus having a complete foot print of its own. The licenses then acquired could be used for next 20 years

Te c h n o l o g y A d v a n c e m e n t s

execution of this mammoth project such as  Having excellent communications with all stakeholders at every stage of the project.  Extensive planning and detailing of project including documentation

In the intervening time the  Frequent meetings to incorporate technology changed and the quality of changes as needed based on the voice calls using the IP (data dynamics and changes in network) instead of conventional deliverables As this was a new voice network changed positive technology tremendously in endeavor, progression from his is a multi-wave identification of 2.5 G to 4G by g a m e w h e r e t h e c o m p a critical resources advent of VoLTE n y w i l l h a v e t h e o p p o r was critical to the (Voice over LTE). tunity to delight cussuccess hence This does away tomers with digital life periodiexperts from with conventional c a l l y, M u k e s h A m b a n i t e l l s R o domains were on circuit switched m i t G u h a a n d R S r i r a m o f E T. boarded well in technology, advance. being used by


likes of Bharti Airtel, Vodafone etc.

 Clearly defined SLAs with all business partners , vendors and suppliers

Regulation Changes In Apr 2016 DoT (Department of Telecom) amended the terms of Unified Access Service License Agreement allowing convergence of traditional networks with current state of the art technology, thus removing the last barrier in launch of Reliance Jio 4G services.

Adoption of best practices of Project Management Reliance Jio followed the best practices of project management in


Due Diligence, Strategy and Planning (In-house plus 3 rd p a r t y p u r c h a s e ) Reliance team headquartered in Navi Mumbai had done due diligence by roping in top class professionals and advisors to work in their premises for development of certain in-house technologies at Ran Core (a subsidiary of RIL) while inviting top vendors to their premises for demonstration of capabilities of their equipment to meet the bigger objectives. Thus, a complete history of every equipment Synergy Oct 2016, Page 5


Synergy-PMI NIC Publication 2016 Q3 Issue 16


Synergy-PMI NIC Publication 2016 Q3 Issue 16