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Spirituality and Project Management By—Asim Prasad Background


sion into reality. Even though the endeavor while managing the risks and uncertainty in the remote and operating environment is temporary but the

roject Management is the art and sci-

effort always aims to ensure that the cost of ser-

ence of converting a vision into reality.

vice to be borne by the end user is affordable. Bal-

It is the process of managing several interrelated

ancing stakeholder’s expectations is the primary


focus of all Project Managers.





knowledge and resources to obtain tangible results. The application of managerial and technical

As the project transitions from a state of infancy

concepts along with fundamental principles from

to maturity, the interaction of project elements

both Engineering and Management disciplines

with one another as well as with extraneous fac-

apart from the soft skills such as Ethics and Hu-

tors like environment increase by many folds. This

man Psychology results in transformation of vi-

results in increase in project entropy leading to an


Synergy Oct 2016, Page 14


Synergy-PMI NIC Publication 2016 Q3 Issue 16


Synergy-PMI NIC Publication 2016 Q3 Issue 16